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Budgie commissions in the works

Today has been a decent and slow day for me. I keep forgetting to mention that I have been drinking caffeine and doing very well. I had a few coffees in the past month and a few colas. I'm afraid to say I'm cured. I don't know if I am. I'm still very cautious when I have it but I'm so thankful and happy that I have not had any pain. I have enjoyed two yummy lattes. Oh how I missed cola and coffee. But I'm going to try to take it easy and drink only in moderation.

Today I set up a cage for my light yellow lacewing female budgie Pistol. I clipped her and have started to try to tame her. She was a hand fed baby but has lived in an aviary and has reverted to wild status. She also has a bad let that set improperly from having had splayed legs. She functions fine. I just hope she can breed one day. Well she's way worse than Melville in the scared department. And without the confidence Bullet had (half sister to Bullet) she bites really hard. But it's nice having budgie chirps in the background again. So I have two scared birds I'm working with. Not so good.

My commission on the budgie plushes is coming along great. Here they are. Gaus yellow. Bullet White.

I love these. Bullet looks spot on! These were filled and mailed today. I can't wait for them to arrive. Oh shipping says a label was made but not yet shipped. Well I hope they come soon. The Bullet one will probably be my new travel buddy until I can get the issue with Fear sorted out.
Unfortunately I have another order that has gone missing sort of. I order a rare record that is like a little radio show of a budgie and a canary talking about bird care. Side A is on youtube but no side B which drove me nuts not knowing the ending. I found the record on Ebay. It's very rare from 1970. The tracking said it should have been here Wednesday. It never came then it said it was delayed and in Jacksonville FL. Finally today the tracking updates and it's in Washington DC. WTF? Why did it leave the state and go back up north? Is it going back to the seller? I never got anything saying I had to sign so I haven't missed it. I was home most of the day Wednesday because I was sick and I was here the last two days too. I wrote the seller about this but haven't heard anything back yet. Such a rare thing I don't want to miss out on this.

But I found another neat find on Ebay. The guy that sold me my Titan seeds is back and I ordered six seeds from him. I hope these will arrive safe and healthy. Last time one died. And those plants are still doing great. The best titans I have ever had. One is making a third spike. I found out that it's normal for them to make several. I'm not used to that since A. paeonifolius only makes two then goes dormant. I've been told they can make up to 7. That's insane!

I really want to try sculpting again. I did a little a few years ago and liked it. I think with the right tools, space and ideas I could be good at it. I tend to have a knack for most forms of art.
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