Des (thagirion) wrote,

Good day and future plans

It's cold but I see today and the rest of the week will be better. I hope that will hold. I forgot to mention a few things in the last post. I've commissioned two budgie plushes on Etsy. One is of Bullet and the other is of Gaus. So that will be a white lace wing and a yellow lacewing. I suspect that the Bullet one might become my new travel buddie until I can get the Fear plush issue sorted. They are supper skinny budgies about six inches tall. They are meant to be a toy for your bird. It hangs from the cage about the same size and shape as a cuttlebone. But I want these for me not for my bird. Since they are flat they should fit perfectly into pockets and backpacks. I can't wait to get these.

My shelf project is on hold because it's too cold to work outside. So that's a bit annoying. Yesterday was a day off but I ended up getting sick. You guys know I had my gallbladder out I think last year. I have a pill that allows me to eat fatty foods like a normal person, but I have a hard time swallowing so I have to crush them up. Also I did manage to swallow one once but it takes longer to digest and I ate too soon after taking it and and it did not work. My doc even said it's better for me to crush them so it will work instantly. But this time I didn't have anything to put it in. I usually use applesauce for that. The waitress suggested mashed poatoes and I agreed that was a good idea. I took them with that. Boy was it hot. BTW this was a new restaurant I wanted to try. Ford's Garage which has a Ford auto theme. I liked that a lot. I had a huge cheeseburger, French Onion soup and a keylime pie for desert. I rarely make it to desert but I saved room for it. Unfortunately it wasn't as good a pie as other places like Longhorn. But my pill didn't work and I got sick half an hour after the meal or less. I was in pain a lot and we had to go home the rest of the day. Chris came up with the theory that the mash potatoes were too hot and destroyed the pill. So basically I ate that meal with nothing. I think this is right. So no more mixing with hot foods. But after the pain stopped I got super weak. All I did was watch Chris game. Which wasn't bad but my J nature hates wasted days where I don't do anything. Still I think we had a good day. We watched Danger Bay and I helped Chris in Subnautica. In fact when he was out of the room I built a mess hall in his game. He loved how I set up the cafeteria area in his game. He added the final touches by adding windows and plants. I like this game just for the building aspect. Here's another trailer that shows the game play so you can see why this is so fun.

Starting this month I have adopted a new strategy to saving money. When I get paid I will save 70% and only use 30% that week if at all. I've always been good at saving and conserving money but I think last year I was a bit out of control. So self discipline will be added and I will see if I can manage with just 30%. Also after Feb unseen bad expenses I need to recover from that majorly. BUT I do want to get somethings I'm thinking about. I'd like to get a small cheap projector. The reason why is I still want to paint my room in a JP theme. Instead of drawing on the wall directly where I can really mess things up I figured I can just project my art on the wall and paint over that instead. That would be a huge help. It's the only reason I want this. I won't be projecting movies. Not interested in that. But helping myself paint my own art is something that I'd love very much.

So over all yesterday was a very good day. I have lots of ideas I want to try. I feel a lot better today but don't feel like doing much still because of the cold. So perhaps tomorrow I'll be active again and can work on projects.
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