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New bird and budgie toys

The weather was nice today though a bit cold in the morning with lows in the upper 50s. I think I can say Spring is here now. I've been seeing phlox along the road. The Tabebuia trees are in bloom, even my fallen one. So I think it's save to start putting all the plants back outside. I can't wait to plant my American Beauty and Frankie's red dragon fruit cuttings. And finally all the plants can go back outside. Today I started treating my nepenthes for scale might as I have an infestation of those blasted things. This is what the sprayer that Joker got me is for. I hope I can kill off those little jerks and they'll never come back. Here's the article on how to treat scale on nepnethes.

I got a new hybrid today. I got N. merrilliana x campanulata. Both lowlanders so I hope it will get the size and pink color of merrilliana with the wide mouth of campanulata. It's a baby plant so it doesn't look like much at the moment.

The new parrot is doing ok. I haven't been too happy with how afraid he is. He seems cage bound which is not good. When I put my hand in I have to grab him because he won't step up. He just runs away. And when I have him out of the cage he tries to fly back in. He's done better when I take him into other room. Tonight in Chris's room he showed some progress but I want him to play with his toys more and not run from my hand in the cage. From what I've seen of the videos the breeder hugs and kisses them too much. I don't think anything is wrong with kissing pets but when it's all the time that the bird is in your face and covered they become afraid to be far away and is counter productive. This bird has not learned how to be independent. I want a companion and a friend. Not a clingy needy bird. Hate clingy people and I guess I don't like it in animals either. Nor cowards. I chose a parrotlet because they are supposed to be so brave. I know I haven't given him enough time but I just have a feeling. I don't know, but I'm worried. Also been trying to teach him how to use the water bottle. I ordered a bag of food. Can't wait for it to arrive this Wed.

ACTipton called me today and we talked a lot about birds. I mentioned these old classic budgie toys that used to be around in the 80s. It was a plastic budgie on a spring with clawed feet. I had several as a kid. Here's a pick.

The problem with them was the plastic peg in the spring was too short so they'd fall off once the budgie punched it and could never be fixed. Later on a design came out where it had a ball underneath as a counter weight. But I loved these original ones because they looked the most realistic and I loved how they bobbed when they did work right. I had one as a toy for myself. Don't like the new versions that are out.

While I was looking for this pic I came across something I didn't know existed and now I want it. I'm impressed with how the Japanese love budgies and small pet birds. There are these little capsule figures that are budgie mushrooms.

Who would have thought these two things would combine so well. So budgies and cockatiels that are mushrooms and wearing hats. This is so cute and I'm going to try to track these down. The one thing annoying about Japanese figures is they only have a one year run. I don't know what year these are from but they might not make these anymore. I'm so glad I got my budgie charms and budgie pillows from Japan when I did years ago because there are none left and they're super rare now. Hum, I see these are from 2014. Yes these will be very hard to track down.
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