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Parrotlet on the way

It's taken me three days to recover. I've been so tired since I got back. I hope by tomorrow I'll have normal energy again. It seems it takes me three days to recover from a trip. I'm sure it has to do with being an introvert as well. The Mr. Burns icon was perfect for me the last few days. I'm slowly trying to get my routine back online too. Chris is better too but also came home early as he's not fully recovered yet. I got my plant order in the mail today that I mailed myself. It was funny seeing a package in Chris's name with my writing and the two addresses the same. Got three hybrids of truncatas. truncata x aristolochides, truncata x tentaculata and truncata x vogelii. The last one I'm most interested in as I've seen a video of someone that has an adult plant. Huge long skinny pitchers with mottles. I had forgotten I had truncata x tentaculata already. Oops. Now I have two. But my other one isn't doing so great so maybe it's good I have a back up. The weather has been so nice that I put those outside on the shelves along with half the other nepenthes. I'm seeing signs on Spring here like the tabebuia tees are in bloom and phlox are starting to pop up along the roads. They are gorgeous when in full bloom.

But the biggest news is that I placed an order for a parrotlet today. But instead of being happy it got me really sad. I thought I was done with that and I had mourned Bullet properly already but I've just been thinking about her and was very sad today. This new bird won't replace her but poor guy has a lot to live up to as that's the big void he's filling. Also new species for me. I'm not sure what to expect exactly. I hope they'll be bold and feisty like some videos I have watched. I wish I could just see a bunch of babies in a flock and pic one after observing. I wasn't even sure what color yet. But I chose a yellow one. Wish I could have afforded a turquoise or something really colorful, but I love yellow too in birds. So tomorrow I may go to the pet store and buy some supplies like toys and his food. I get to pick him up on Sunday. That will be great. For now he'll live in Bullet's old cage which is 24" x 16" x 16". Those are the minimum dimensions for a parrotlet and eventually I plan to upgrade the cage to something bigger. A new friend for me and hopefully by having a new bird to give my love to I can stop hurting about Bullet. Oh and his name will be Ahab. I hope he'll fit his name. Though Bullet didn't fit hers like I wanted her to. I named her Bullet so she would fly like a bullet but she was always a bad flyer. Haha. Well this guy I don't care about flying. He'll be clipped when I get him anyway. I hope he'll talk. I know they don't talk as clear as budgies. They have very bad voices but I hope I can teach him some words clearly. I guess must learn phrases and words are
I love you
Come 'ere
Gimmie a kiss
Pretty Bird
Walk the Plank
Ahoy there
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