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Grape Hyacinths And Cute Mailboxes

I got a commission from a buddy on youtube the other day. I'm working on drawing his jeep for a T-shirt design. I hope that it can get done in time before I leave on my trip. Last time I went on a trip I said I would start to pack seven days before so I would have plenty of time. I had every intention to do so this time but then Bullet suddenly passed away and just totally messed up my schedule. So I am behind on packing and everything else. I spent half of yesterday our last day off before I go working on the commission and packing. Right now I'm in the approval stage before I finish it up. Hopefully there won't be too many changes and I can proceed with coloring. This will turn out nice once it is done. As for the packing, I'd say I'm 60% percent done. I think this will be the most minimal packing I have ever done I'm proud of myself.

One of the things I got behind on were my plant chores. Plants are pets too. Well apart from carnivorous and creepy strange plants I do love the Spring bulbs as well like tulips and hyacinths. Unfortunately they don't grow in Florida because it's too hot and they don't get the chill period of two to three months of hard winter. But I am trying thinking if I put them in the veggie drawer of the fridge for two months they might be ok. I have two hyacinth bulbs from last year that are coming up though I did not chill them last year. But Chris and I bought a bunch of hyacinths and two small pots of tulips from Walmart. They had a rack where everything was a dollar and every time we would go I'd pick up two or three. Could not help myself. All the hyacinths have bloomed. I love how they smell and funny enough I had one in my room. My room is super bright in the winter because it is on the south side. I love that and means I can over winter plants in here. What I had not counted on was how powerful hyacinth scent is in a tiny room. I couldn't keep it here. Too powerful. To the point you can taste it. Bleh. So it got kicked out back to the living room where it is ok to be "smelly". But what was neat was that for the first time I picked up some Grape Hyacinths Muscari armeniacum. I knew of these but had never paid attention to them. For a dollar I figured why not. I had no idea they were so tiny. In photos they are super close up and look huge. I thought they were the same size as regular hyacinths and the flowers would literally be like grapes. I imagined them like fox gloves with bees going into them. Nope. Super tiny. More like gnats could go into them. But they have a very light scent that is nice and not over powering for a small room. I loved my one little pot I had. So I went to Walmart the other day for supplies and all the bulbs are in bloom there. Make sense since mine are. But what bugged me was that the poor grape hyacinths had been stuffed into dark tiny shelves. They were all bent over and the soil was totally dry. These poor plants have a long drive in a truck and get dry. Then Walmart just puts them out for sale and doesn't water them. When I got mine the soil was bad and water is the first thing I do. But now it had been weeks and these poor things were limp and dry. I bought three and watered the poor things and gave them bone meal and fertilizer. I was worried about them, but after a day and some went under lights they have recovered and are fully upright. I wish I could buy all of them just because they will die. What a waste to grow them, ship them then they die from neglect. And I don't think they will sell like the big hyacinths and tulips because they look like grass and people don't know what they are. I wish they'd give them to me. But then there's the whole lack of winter here and I don't know if they'll make it til next year. Poor things. I found out they also come in pink, white and blue. But they only had the wild purple ones. Anyway here's a pic.

The plant on the left is the first one I got weeks ago. The two on the right are the new ones that are in recovery. They aren't flowering as well but they look way better than they did. I don't know why they sell Spring bulbs in winter for Valentine's. I wish they'd keep them out through Easter. You only find lilies in Easter. I'm going to miss the blooming of my tulips. Too bad. Notice the cute flamingo mail box. I got that one and a cartoon Narwhal one from Walgreens. They came with Valentine's and I put the other one in Chris's room so we can give "mail" to each other. We have to watch for when the little flags are up. I already put two Valentine's in there for him. It's a fun little game.

Here's his in his game room. It's too bad this is the first Valentine's EVER we won't be together but it's ok we already celebrated. He's totally backing me up on this trip and wants me to go. Well I have to go and get back to work now.
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