Des (thagirion) wrote,

Bullet is Home

I got a call from the Pet Funeral home today and they told me Bullet was ready for pick up. I'm so glad it was when we were already out so my phone worked. Also a few days before my trip so I'm very glad it has all worked out.

Here she is. This is lovely. They did a great job and gave me this lovely little card. I had this little figure of Bullet I had bought years ago so it was perfect next to the tiny urn. The urn is about 3 inches tall. It still looks so nice. I'm very happy about this because now even if I move I will still have Bullet with me no matter what. I have a few more pics of the awesome things they did. Bullet's name is on the bottom too.

This is a paper heart I got on a book mark. What does this do? Here's what's on the back.

So the heart is made of paper and has wild flower seeds that will grow as a memory to Bullet. I will plant them when I get back. The weather should be better for flowers by then too.

This is the card they gave me. The Rainbow Bridge poem is on the front. But what is the best thing is those little black things. Those are stamps of Bullet's feet. That was such a lovely surprise. I will be sending them a thank you card with my art for sure. They gave me a cute gift bag with everything. I didn't open it at the place. I opened it in the car and when I saw those feet I cried again. I will make a good scan of the card so I will have her feet forever. It's been five days since Bullet died and I've had a lot of ups and downs. Poor Chris is worried about me. I think I will get over this soon though. I never liked the idea of cremation but I think I will do this with special pets from now on.
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