Des (thagirion) wrote,

Parrotlet and anniversary

Today is our 23rd anniversary. We celebrated yesterday because it was a day off. We had a very nice day though I'm still up and down about Bullet. I haven't finished my journal but went ahead and made the Feb update because I had to start writing in the layouts.

This will be so nice if I can get around to coloring it. Got a bunch of errands to run and be finished with by Thursday night. I hope I can do it all. I'm not sure I'll have time to draw or do any other fun things like that.

I found this great 18 minute documentary on Parrotlets on youtube. It was very informative for some of the details I did not know about this species like it's a bird best kept alone because they are aggressive and can kill other birds. I love how opposite it is to the wrong advice they give about budgies that you should have at least two. People that have two Parrotlets have two cages so each bird gets their own space.

I still haven't decided what color I want. I have narrowed it down to light yellow or turquoise. I hope none of those are too expensive. I'm not used to such small birds being so expensive. I've also narrowed it down to two names. Ahab or Starbuck. Both names from Moby Dick. I was very tempted to get an American white which is all white with black eyes. I talked to Chris about this and he said I should start fresh whole different new bird. Yes it looks like Bullet but it won't ever be Bullet and I shouldn't do that to myself. As lovely as the whites are I think he's right so it's yellow or turquoise then.
Tags: anniversary, bullet journal, parrotlet, video
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