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Bullet's Tribute Video

I hate the crappy quality of this video but it was either film my TV or no budgie video at all. I'm working on getting a new computer. Chris already has the case for his. I am getting mine soon. So hopefully I'll have it by the end of the month and editing will be easier.

This has been quite heartbreaking and that's a lot from someone cold hearted. Boooollet.

EDIT: Since ACTiption and I were talking about this I figured I'd show you guys. When I went to the pet funeral home they showed me some pictures of different urns. I was amazed how small they were, but then budgies are tiny. They showed me one in blue called Going Home that had white birds on it. I personally like blue but this is for Bullet and she's definitely a girly girl. They told me it was made in pink too and she'd love that and it would match her feet. The white birds can represent her. I kind of bought it sight on seen as they didn't have a pink. Only the blue one but it sounded great. Here's what it will be like.

Guys I'm also thinking about my next pet. I'm starting to think I may do something other than a budgie. Thought about
Peach Faced Lovebird
White Bellied Caique

Don't know. Need to read up on all of these. But Parrotlettes are like smaller budgies with Amazon personality.
EDIT:EDIT: Ok I have chosen. I DO want a Parrotlet. I want a male. BUT I don't know what color. They have as many color mutations as budgies almost. There's an American White, American Yellow, Turquoise, White turquoise and yellow fallow. Oh such hard choices. And I must think of a name.

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