Des (thagirion) wrote,

Bullet Passed Away

This post is a bit late. Bullet died yesterday morning in my hands on Feb 1, 2019. If you saw her video on youtube I posted she got sick on the 31st. She was ok on the 29th as the video before shows her very spunky but she was acting a bit off. I'd had her in my art room to keep her warm as it's been so cold lately in the main living room. She'd been sleeping with us in our room. The night of the 31st she got really bad. I had her on her special medicated formula but had a feeling this time it would not work. She slept on my night stand. The morning of the 1st she was on the ground with her wings out on her tummy. The tumors between her legs had gotten huge too. She was kind of paralyzed. I put her on her back in my hands and petted her head. Told her she was the empress, my fave and that I loved her very much. "I love you" was the last thing I said to her then she died. It's been awful. I took her to a pet cremation place later that day. A first for me as I've always buried my pets before. But I wanted to keep her.

I then spent the whole day working on her tribute video in Sony Vegas movie studio platinum 11. And when I went to render it kept crashing saying there was a low memory error. I emptied a lot of files so my computer has enough memory. I tried making them into smaller shorter files and that didn't work either. I tried it on Chris's computer and same issue. I'm stuck and I had this lovely 13 minute video that should have gone up yesterday. I'm very upset over this. From what I've looked up seems it's an issue with it being a 32 bit program on a 64 bit computer.

But the link for the update doesn't work anymore because Movie Studio is no longer owned by Sony. This new company does not support programs 12 or older so I'm really screwed. My last recourse to get this done in time is to learn Adobe Premier and that probably won't happen either. This is a complex video and just opening permier I have no idea how to do anything. And .vf sony files won't open on that or any other program I don't think. I'd have to make the video from the source videos from scratch again. This is not good. It has not been a good few days. I miss Bullet very much.
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