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My room is coming along!

I'm very happy with the progress I have made in my room. It's starting to look really nice and is really becoming my own little oasis that I enjoy locking myself into and taking refuge in. So I finally have a pic of the shelf Chris helped me build.

It's so pretty and colorful. Though the wall is blue it's a pale bland blue. I hope to repaint it at some point. Notice the brackets holding the shelf up are green. I painted those. I love the pink stripe on the edge too. Now originally that was going to be a coral color. But when I went to the paint section of Walmart it had been ransacked. There were hardly any paints left. They had three neon pinks left so I went for that since pink and green is also a great combination. It took several coats but finally got it done. Thank you marchskies for the awesome camera arm. You can see it in the center of the shelf. It's a gorgeous blue. And it will help me make videos of my art from an over head view. But I'm still getting used to how to position it.

I got these raven book ends yesterday and I love them. They are baby ravens. They are anatomically correct but because they are fat, short and stubby billed these are babies. They aren't very heavy though so I would not use them with heavy books.

Here they are on the shelf close up. I love all my cute colorful books there. From right to left. My blue and purple pen cases. I made those snake knot zipper pulls for them. My two newest Scribbles That Matter journals waiting to be used. Can't wait to start using the mint one. My two Clever Fox journals in yellow and peach. The yellow one is my travel journal that I've already started on. The black one is just like my main Lemome journal and the company sent me that one and a bunch of other neat stuff for having left them a nice review. A pink sketch book Chris got me. I need to start using it soon and try to fill it up. My turquoise Bible journal and the My Creative Bible. The point is not to fill this shelf up. In fact I hope to keep it as empty as it is now as long as I can. The purpose of this shelf is to hold the stuff I use the most and literally have it within arm's reach. All these things were taking up my work table space. I love how free my table is now in the first pic I posted.

This is my newest Bible called the Sword Study KJV in dark and light purple leather. It's a huge Bible. I though this would be my main reading one but I hadn't taken the weight into consideration. It's hard to hold in my lap or lift. It's like a text book but I love the giant print. 15 point font.

It's got a lot of cool bells and whistles but the main reason I wanted it is because the words of God are in red in the Old Testament, not just the new. I LOVE that. Why don't all Bibles do this?

Lastly we have a pic of our small dinning table. I just put the table cloth out for Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's and decorating for it. So fun and so happy. These are heart birds.

I'm having sinus trouble with my ears again. I hate this happens so often now. The pressure is all screwed up and they sound like wind is going through them from the inside and when I talk I hear myself inside my head. Yawning to pop them doesn't hurt. I've had this for two days now. It messes me up because my hearing is my best sense. Other than that things are going great. Today the temps are finally nice both inside and outside the house. This is how I was finally able to get some work done but well it won't last. Tomorrow night we'll be at 32. That means cover the outside dragon fruits and bring in the birds again. All the plants are already inside but I hate this time of year for this kind of thing.

I'm loving my Bullet Journal hobby. I think it really is helping me to be more productive and manage my time better.

Sorting through Oct's dash cams. Hope to make the next compilation. I was going through some old posts and found an old flamewar from 2010 I had forgotten all about. Oh man always fun to read the archives. So many idiots, so many victories.
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