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New Scribbles That Matter Journals

kabuldur the journals you sent me finally arrived today. I am SOOO happy with these. Especially the Mint colored one it is my fave. Check out how pretty these are.

They come in these clear boxes which I love. I call them Force Fields. They really helped protect them on their long voyage here. No damage at all.

They come shrink wrapped too. My main Bullet Journal will be filled up I'm guessing come May or June and I'm going to need a new one to transfer into. My next one will be the mint one. I love all the cute icons on both covers. That's why it's called the Iconic Version. The pages seem of good quality so I think it should take my coloring well and hopefully not many pens bleed through. I hope to use these not just for Bullet Journaling but for my other things like sketch book art, idea books and such. I'm on a notebook kick right now. I'm loving collecting different ones and I do intend to use them all eventually. I will do a video review but still waiting on a few more colors coming in from other countries still. It's crazy that these books sold out all over the world. None of the Amazons had it. Then Australia suddenly got some colors in though I missed out on the Lavender. Then Canada got a few. I don't use instagram but on there and on their other sites people from all over the world are complaining that the stores are all out of stock. We're half way done with January already and I think it's pretty bad that it happens now when everyone is starting a new year and needs new journals. I'm glad the company is actually doing well, I think, but they didn't take into account the demand from Christmas and New Years more importantly. I think they need to think about growing and open up manufacturing plants in more locations. Funny enough I found the lavender one in Mexico but they are stupidly over priced there. So the final colors for me to get are Lavender, black and yellow I think. I wouldn't mind having a few more mint ones on back up. My other fave colors I have coming already. They are pink, light pink and turquoise. Funny enough for once I think I will like the Mint more than the turquoise because it's two of my fave color combinations. Turquoise/aqua and pink. The turquoise one has yellow as it's highlight color. I can't wait to get them all in so I can do a review and show that the Scribbles That Matter famine of 2019 won't stop me. Ha.

In other news. It's been darn cold here. Two nights in the upper 30's. Not happy about that. Chris and I had a nice day off. Funny yesterday was kind of notebook related too. The company Lemome sent me all this cool new stuff because I left them a nice review on Amazon. Oh and remember the problem I had with Amazon and the jeep handles review? They wrote me back and apologized. There was nothing wrong with my review and they pushed it through. Ha, of course not. My reviews are always helpful.

And Bullet is doing well. She is feeling ok. She had a few bad days but is better now. She will be showing up in the new reviews. I have an over head camera arm now so I can film my desk from overhead. I'm still learning how to use it though. I haven't quite mastered it yet. Hard to tell what my area is to keep things in frame without standing and looking at the screen.
Oh and I forgot to mention Chris helped me build a shelf over my art table so I can get all unnecessary books off my work space. I LOVE it. I just hope it won't fall. It's on the outside block wall of the house so we never found a stud. I don't know if there is one. It is for books so I do worry about the weight. So far it has gotten most of the stuff off my work table. It has green hooks I painted and the shelf is hot pink on the edges.
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