Des (thagirion) wrote,

January Bullet Journal

Want to say thanks to Calzephyr. I finally got my Christmas gift. It's this awesome mug with three lovely budgies that says "Beware Crazy Budgie Lady".

And as the title of this post says I have finally finished my January journal. Want to show my fave page from it.

So at last I introduce you guys to RipTalon the Captain. He is a cyborg Velociraptor that hates his own kind for forcing him and all his people to become cyborgs once they come of age. RipTalon lost his whole body and mostly only his head is organic. But he continues to defy the government, builds a ship with stolen parts and escapes the planet vowing revenge. INTJ personality type. In the lower left we have the Doc. INTP who becomes close friends with RipTalon later on. You guys know George and Scary Fear already. ISFJ and INTP respectively.

So here is a video flip through of this month.

Tags: bullet journal
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