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Bullet Journaling

Been a while since I posted. Been very busy mostly Bullet Journaling. I'm ALMOST done with January. I'm majorly behind as the second week is almost over. I finished all the inking last night finally. I will try to finish the coloring tonight. Though I love the look of colored pencils I'm going to color half my stuff with markers just for time's sake. Then I can take a short break and get back to stuff that's been neglected because art is all I have been working on. This not only includes my chores and work but fun stuff like gaming. I haven't played Red Dead in forever. It would take up too much of my time. And I still have to finish the art for Novemember because I want to do a 2018 video flip through. Then I have to start on Feb so I can be ahead. I think most people make their journals in the last week. They make the next month. I can't do that. As an art journal too I need two weeks to finish so I need to be several months ahead. But I've always been the unique one that doesn't do anything like anyone else. And I'm nothing like other Bullet Journalers I have found as they are all girly girls. I wish more guys did Bullet Journaling and drew cool stuff like I do with darker themes and action themes. But like most of my art I don't watch other artists, others watch me. I'm always the trail blazer. So it will be nice once this is done. It's a nice theme with Solan and George, but my Year At At A Glance is cool as I have officially drawn RipTalon finally and can imagine what he looks like. Chris and I came up with some great ideas for him in Triangulum. I'll have to log those here soon.
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