Des (thagirion) wrote,

December Bullet Journal

I finally finished the December page spread. Here it is. Hopefully I can get January done soon. The first week is almost over so I need to get moving on that.

We had a funny incident last night. It's getting cold again so the frogs get into the house when that happens. I have a wind chime by the kitchen window. There's no wind in the house so it shouldn't make noise. The first time this happened I heard it go off during the day. I yelled, "BULLET!!" Thinking Bullet had flown onto it. I went into the room and she was innocently standing on her play gym. It wasn't her. It was a lizard. So I caught the lizard and put it outside. I apologized to Bullet. Last night it happened again. This time it was a green tree frog. We were happy because those are our native frogs and they are so much prettier than the introduced Cuban Tree Frogs. So Chris caught it and put it outside. The reptiles get in the house when things get cold.
Tags: bullet journal
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