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Travel Plans

The year is off to an exciting start so far. Yesterday we went to AAA and book our Alaska Cruise. We'll be going on Norwegian. First time on that cruise line. I know it won't be as good as Royal Caribbean but I look forward to it anyway. It's over a year away in 2020 so I have time to get ready for it. I've done a lot of research and will keep doing more. I love looking stuff up, watching videos and learning new things. I hope I get the wardrobe right when we got. I know it's Cold in Alaska, and possibly even snow. Definitely rain. I'm just way more cold sensitive than most so I have to make sure I'm comfortable. What someone thinks is a warm jacket may be too cold for me. I've also never done a flight like this but nothing can be done yet because no airlines can be booked that far in the future yet. Intersting cruises book years in advance but not flights. So I'll have to wait a few months to figure that one out. My travel agent will help me with that too. She is nice and was very happy to see us come in. I gave her one of my cards.

Speaking of cards, I got some new international stamps and I should finally be done with the last few international stamps. I hope they all make it.
Today I plan to work on my Bullet Journal. I have chosen a theme for January. Moby Dick. I love that story and apparently whales are easy for me to draw. I hope I can draw Captain Ahab though. He looks like Abraham Lincoln. Just do a search for Gregory Peck Captain Ahab so see the most famous look for him. And I need to come up with an interesting pose for George for my cover of the year. I'm still not sure what.

Last night I had a scare. I heard a crashing sound in one of the other rooms. Chris went to go look and some of his shelves with his kaiju had fallen over. The ones on his west wall. That sucks. He's going to have to put them back together. Makes no sense why they'd fall when they've been fine all these years. It's a lot of figures and DVD's to pick up and organize. So the year has been exciting.

Cards are done! Woo hoo! I love it when I meet a goal.
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