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Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope everyone had a very good Christmas this year. Mine was great. On the 24th, I got to open one gift. I chose the gift from my half sis, S. She sent me these cool stencils for my Bullet Journal. I also got some clear stickers I can print on. These are for a project where I want to try to make a custom PS4 controller. Chris got his early gift too. He got a Patagonia jacket and shirt like the one I have from me and his mom. We went to his parents house and had a nice time there. We opened gifts from them and got some very nice things. I got lots of gift cards for Amazon. I really needed those this year. Chris brought his guitar and his dad pulled out his harmonica and they played Christmas music together. That was cool and I felt left out and wished I had brought my bass. Whenever there's is live music I always feel like joining in and not just listening. Bands are the few times I become very extroverted and want to be part of a group. Then we got a call from our friend Mike to go to his party on the 25th. We said yes because he's been awesome to us over the years helping us when we go on vacation. So the least we could do is go to his party. Anyone else and we'd have said no.

The next morning we had our own Christmas.

Here are the gifts we saved for actual Christmas day. We opened them in Chris's room.

This is my nativity set I have had for a very long time now. I pulled out that cute little tree since we didn't set up a tree this year. So we had that to open presents under.

And here's our haul picture. Almost everything is here, but I forgot a few things. Not pictured is the new clothes Chris got and my gifts from S. I guess because we opened them early and put them away we forgot. So let's see. From the top is my new Xbox 1 X. Though technically a Thanksgiving gift I threw it in there as "The Big One". Far left is a new head set stand for Chris's head sets. A sprayer from jokerforever for my plants. That was very cool. I DO need that to spray meds and fertilizers on them. It's the perfect size and shape for me. Not too small and not too big. Chris got a Jurassic Park shirt from his aunt. A different aunt not the one in Georgia. She knows I'm the major JP fan. I was a bit bugged that someone doesn't know how huge a fan I am when I have a jeep half decked out in JP stuff. Unfortunately the shirt is an XL so I can't steal it. I can do a L but not an XL. XL is too big even for Chris though. I am considering wearing it with a belt as a dress and leggings. 80s style. Next is Ian Malcolm Chris got me. I had no idea there was a Malcolm figure out. Now if only they'd make a Hammond and a Nedry it would be great. A Mosasaur for me. I had given up on getting one of those but Chris surprised me with that. I had not expected it. That's great. I look forward to putting him together once our house is more organized. It's a huge 26 inch figure. Jurassic World employee handbook from Joker. That's so cool. Hot sauce and dishes for Chris from hi mom. Cards. The black one is for me from Chris. I love on the envelope he posted it as "Scary wife" since I am Scary Fear and he knows how much I love and relate to him. The blue one is from Drafthorse trainer, and the owl is from actipton80. She also sent me an Amazon card. The Lord of the Rings Game was for me but I don't like those movies at all so I ended up giving it to Chris. It's like we got backwards gifts this year. Chris got a nasal spray thing. I also got him that charger for PS4 controllers. It can charge 2 controllers at once. It's pretty neat. he got some kind of little mini guitar too. More gift cards and the round things are for ear buds so they don't get tangled up in stuff. The purple one is his and the blue one is mine. I still have stuff coming in from Amazon so I will have to do a part 2 photo to this.

And here is a video I want to share with everyone.

I am very tired from all this today. I want to drive out and pick up the cards but I may not. I'm in no condition to drive and I've had too much socialization the last two days. I feel bad about the cards being later and later but I am technically still sick with a stuffy nose, so I may just stay home as I have the house all to myself and it's quiet.

Happy birthday to samanthafalco

EDIT: kabuldur, I got your gift today. That's great. I love the Australia Birds calendar. I'm glad they are listed as the species they are because I didn't know some of them. I will definitely be using it. It's so nice to have something so different next year.
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