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Christmas Decor and Red Dead 2

I am still sick. I have had some bad few days yesterday and the day before. Itchy runny hose, watery eyes and coughing. Can't breath and had to use a lot of nasal spray. I actually drew Scary Fear sick in my condition. Poor guy. He looks how I feel. I don't know when I'll get around to inking and coloring it though. I did feel well enough yesterday to pull out my LED peacock and my light up fluffy chick. We don't have much in the way of decorations but my room is the nicest looking room since we cleaned it up so well. We were so close to finishing the house before new years but with me getting sick for over a week it has messed things up and I don't know if we can meet the deadline now. I'm still not well but today is the best I have felt. My nose and eyes aren't on fire. I was quoting the Grinch a lot. "I'm leaking." Anyway, does anyone remember what year we got the fluffy light up chick? I don't think it was later than 2016. I know Chris bought it for me because I really wanted it and knew it would be gone the year after. And with 2016 being the start of the mess with my mother's house and business there was no rest for two years and the chick was probably lost all that time. I can't find pics of him on Flickr or DA though I do remember posting one. So maybe I posted it here. Unfortunately for some stupid reason I tagged very few of m posts as Christmas. I must rectify that. If I have time I must finish those last two years of tags that are still not done and still do some more organizing of my older entries here. The cards should be ready today. Chris will have to pick them up because I'm still in no condition to drive.

Anyway here are pics of my cute decorations.

The chick and the peacock.

I think we've had this peacock since 2011. That's insane because I don't remember it being that long ago. It's sad the stuff that's been in storage and forgotten. I love this thing.

And the chick first time being out and put together. These things are too cute or too pretty to be put outside. They could also get stolen which I definitely don't want. And the rain and sun would destroy them. I love them too much for that. So they are inside decor.

Ok so mostly I've been playing Red dead so time to share some pics of Arthur as George.

Early on in the game. I hadn't gotten his whole outfit yet. Here he is with a Fereginus hawk. I think it's way too big but made for a neat pic.

One thing I love is that "George" is an artist in this game. Whatever animals I hunt or see or people I meet he draws in his journal. Sometimes I go out hunting just so there are no blank pages because if you don't do anything he will leave blank pages. Here we have some ducks.

A woodpecker and a loon. He also draws plants that are new. I love that.

George picks up a scarlet tanager. Sooo cute. I love picking up small birds because he doesn't skin or pluck them. He just puts them in his bag and they still look alive. So cute how he holds them. But small birds are the hardest to hunt because they fly out of nowhere, you never see them in trees or bushes and if they fly directly overhead you can't look straight up so you can't get them.

The eagles are the right size in the game but wrong color. I guess this is supposed to be a juvenile but it's too pale. Looks more like a European White Tailed Eagle. I don't like that. Juveniles are very dark with white between the feathers. Adults are unmistakable dark brown with bright white heads.

Ring necked pheasant male. The birds in this game are better done than in the first game.

Early on in the game my black shire horse Thunder did this weird thing where he was standing on his hitch. That's pretty scary how big and tall he was. Bipedal horses are a scary idea. Arthur hadn't grown his hair yet. Too bad his hair doesn't grow right til chapter 3. And I didn't have the right outfit yet. I didn't have enough money to buy clothes yet. This was before I found out about the gold exploit.

Chicken drawings. I found out you can watch domestic animals too and ID them so I pulled out my binoculars and started watching chickens. Only found three breeds though. Leghorn, Dominik and something else. I can't remember.

I met this lady who's a paleontologist. Arthur drew her and she asked him to find dinosaur bones. I've found all that can be found up to this point in the game so far.

I love glitches like this. Floating beer bottle.

Great horned owl. This was hard to find and catch. I think it's accurate. I can't see the feet though.

I just thought the scenery here was amazing, so I took a pic.

A successful day of horse robbing. I spent all day trying to get my fave horse but I didn't get it. I got these two. The one in the back is a red Andalusian war horse I named...War. My only female. Females are rare in this game I have noticed. I think it's because males have accurate anatomical parts and the designers want people to see that and laugh all the time. The one I'm riding is a gold Turkoman. It's a GOLD horse. I had to have it so I kept it. Good stats. I had every rare horse in the game turn up except the one I wanted. I had to call it quits for the night. I was at it all day spawning horses to steal.

Here's another rare horse. The white Arabian. This is the first rare horse everyone gets because you find it out in the snowy mountains at the start of the game. Not me. I had one spawn many times at the glitch barn as I'll call it. I don't like Arabians though. Everyone online loses their lunch about them because they are the fastest horses in the game but they are cowards and they buck you. No matter how fast a horse it, it's no good if it throws you during a gun fight, an ambush or a predator attack and leaves you for dead. Plus look how tiny they are. They get freaked out about the dumbest things. Oh by the way. I named my gold horse Ingot. Until I can think of something better. Having high end horses I get tons of compliments from the NPC's. "I wish my horse looked that good." and "That's a fine steed" are some of the comments I often get.

That being said I did keep this Rose Arabian because 1. It kept popping up and 2. It has the best stats in the game. Fastest of the fast, best stamina, best healthy etc. I kept him for bragging rights. I named him Famine. I tamed him to the max level of level 4 then put him away for good. I only ride him on days I know I'm not on a mission and nothing "Scary" will happen. Which is almost never. Oh I also took the photo because I love that the horse hitch is a horse head. This is in the town of Saint Denis. I pronounce is Dennis. I don't care because all letters should be pronounced. Screw the French.

I finally got my special horse the next day. This is the Missouri Fox Trotter. I forgot the name of the color. Something something pinto. I agree with the video that this is the best horse in the game not the Arabians. First off the color is awesome. My only complaint is the pupils in the eye are goat shaped and not a normal dot. But I love the blue almost white eyes. I love the pied and pear color. It's big. It's fast. I think speed is an 8 maxed out. All the stats are nearly maxed out so though the Rose Arabian has better stats still, it's smaller, uglier and well this horse is brave as it's half war horse and half work horse giving it great bravery and great stamina. You also don't get this horse til the end of the game which is stupid I think. I need an awesome horse now so I'm happy to cheat the stupid game. Was worth all those hours trying to get him. I named him Patchy the Pirate. That was supposed to be a temporary name but well I still can't think of another name and I'm starting to like it a lot as it's a patchy horse.

"That's ma boy!" Yes he says that. And oh gosh he sounds very close to George's voice too. Though he's too skinny. I haven't been able to fatten him up no matter how much I feed him and I buy him junk food like candy, chocolates and biscuits.

Flower picking is fun too. I have found some rare orchids that went into a special inventory so I hope I will meet a botanist later one and hand them over.

Many areas of this game are gorgeous. I love it when I can see the Milky Way at night.

Bobwhite female soooo cute.

OMG I figured out to look at the birds in first person before he puts them away.

There are male and female cardinals in the game. Sometimes together. I love this kind of detail and accuracy in games. It's such a rare thing.

OMG she's so cute. And I love that I found black gloves so it's like George since he wears one on his right hand.

Blue jay

Blue jay close up.

I didn't take this pic, but I decided to keep it since the background looks so much like Florida. There are parts of the game that look so much like my state though they are supposed to be Louisiana.

Skinning a large alligator. I LOVE that they got the glow of the eyes they have at night. This was a cool creepy scene so I had to get this pic.

Ok you're only allowed to have four named horses you can stable and name at the stable. But you're allowed a temporary horse at camp. So here's Patchy with a leopard Appolussa that I kept. Another female. I hope she won't disappear on me. I can't name her though because she's not an offical horse and they won't let her in the stable because it's "Full". I wish you could keep unlimited horses. I got spoiled in Forza with unlimited garage space and I keep every car I get. I'd like six horses. Then I would get the colors I want and name the Death, War, Famine, Pestilence, Life and Fear.

A boat in a tree. This really feels like Florida being the work of a hurricane most likely. I found a box under that tree. It had ancient pirate rum. Sigh. I would have preferred ancient pirate gold.

Last pic is of a cat at the town of Strawberry. He caught a rat so I thought it would make a funny pic.

And that's what I have been up to the past weeks. It's been a good game to play while sick.
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