Des (thagirion) wrote,

Cold days

The weather has been really up and down which is typical this time of year. We've had some very cold nights where I've had to cover the dragon fruits and bring in the birds then things get decent again. We're in a cold spell right now. It's annoying and wish it would make up its mind. Stay cold or stay hot. Though I wish we didn't have any cold at all. I wish we were year round tropical.

I ordered a custom coffee mug of Etsy since I have not been pleased with the old DA ones from the start. From the bad quality of the mugs themselves to the way the art printed. This one is white but blue on the inside. So I used the What Powers Will You Give Me Tonight pic on blue background with his text and two other pics of Fear. So far I'm not happy that I sent an email with a link to the image to use and I just now get an email saying they have not gotten my art. WTF? I contacted them. So I sent the same email again today. If they do a good job I'll remake the black one with Conspiracy. For once can I get a commission without any issues? It's not too much to ask for. So I can't wait and hope that will turn out well.

I've gotten most of the Christmas shopping out of the way now. I went to my optometrist to get new glasses and contacts. But gosh, glasses are so expensive. He's great. I always get a nice discount and I kind of knew it would be expensive but was still very shocked when I got the bill. It would be even worse if I go anywhere else which I won't because I've been going to him for 34 years. This is what I mean by loyalty. I'll stick with a company, a person or anything so long as they don't change and are loyal back to me. Chris can attest to that as can all my longest running friends. I have to get new glasses for Chris too but that will have to wait a bit longer as I can't afford another bill like the one I got for quite a while. I'm still waiting on the card paper to arrive. It should be today and hopefully I can take them to the print shop and get the Christmas cards taken care of as well. So cards will go out separately from gifts and will probably be late.

Chris and I are still watching SpongeBob. We've been having so much fun with that and it really brings back memories of the days of the SquareBoard. We're almost done with season 2 and that was the peak of the show. It had the majority of the best episodes of any season. Just reading the list from season 3 I can sadly see it starting to go down but still had many great episodes. By season 4 the show was ruined with only one good episode and that's when I ditched them. I downloaded a bunch of background music from the show off youtube. I've been wanting the background music for years and glad some people were finally able to extract it. I had a short CD I had made in the 00's trying to record the music where there was the least talking and sound effects. But now I have most of the pieces and am looking forward to making my own SpongeBob Soundtrack. I was disappointed when the first official CD's came out they didn't have these, just the ones that had singing. Soundtrack means background music and I think that's a rare thing to find now a days for any show or movie.

I hope things settle down a bit for me soon. I need to get back to writing about Triangulum Resistance and making new art. Though I have finished a December drawing I'd like to get one more new one this month.

I breathed in too much cold air last night. I have a sore throat. I hope I don't get sick but it hasn't gone away. It hurts to talk.
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