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Scary Fear Christmas Winter

I uninstalled, backed up and reinstalled my game last night. The gold glitch kind of works. I got two gold bars out of the box but not 32 like last time. The horse glitch I couldn't get to work. Only Tennessee Walkers and Morgans kept appearing still. I just wonder if the glitch started after the one day patch which I can't get now. If I allow updates I think it will put in the latest one not put them in order again. I wanted a horse called Missouri Fox Trotter. It has the best stats and is grey with dots and white mane and tail. It looks very cool but you don't get it til the end of the game when there's nothing to do. Kind of pointless. I hate games that give you the best stuff at the end.

Well, I have finished this year's card. Here it is. I'm quite happy with this.

If you remember I drew this before and called it Fear in the Clouds. It was a sunrise drawing. Well the intent with that drawing was always to keep changing the background and lighting to all the seasons and weathers. So I figured today I should make the winter one and make it this year's card.
Here's the original. I gave him more of a smile this time too since in the original he's just blank. I want my boy happy in these no matter what's going on around him. I'm so happy I have solved the problem this year. It always amazes my how I manage to pull this off at the last minute. This is my 12th card for the 11th year. Amazing I have been doing this for 11 years. Now the next step is to get these printed out. So it's not over year. Now I have to make them real.
Tags: christmas cards, scary fear
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