Des (thagirion) wrote,

Good stuff for the most part

Been a while since I posted something. Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Optic my sweet blue budgie girl died yesterday Dec 7th. She was old and had been sick. She had a bad leg and wasn't eating much. I brought her inside and had her in a special cage with a carpeted floor so she could move around. I had a very shallow bowl she could easily reach. I had just started to put her on the hand feeding formula that I had had Bullet on but she didn't make it. She had lost too much weight. So that really sucks. But Bullet is doing quite well. She's gained weight and acts like a normal budgie now. She's back to her old self and is quite active. I hope it will stay this way for years to come. I just have to do some extra maintenance with her.

I've mostly been gaming in my free time. I think I'm done with Forza and may only pick it up once in a while. So now I'm just focused on Red Dead 2. There used to be two great glitches in this game. One was a gold bar duplication glitch and the other was a horse loading glitch where you could get rare horses. They patched those and now they don't work. I hate patches that "Fix" stuff like this. If they didn't catch these errors in beta testing and the game went out to the public they should deal with it. People should not complain and mind their own business about fun exploits like this in an offline solo game. You can't remove individual patches on PS4 like you could on PS3, but I'm thinking of uninstalling my game and reinstalling it. That would get rid of all patches but what came with the disk. And this is another reason why having a physical copy of a game is still best since you can't do this with a digital download. The only thing that sucks it's a huge game and takes 2 hours to install. I need to back up my saves before I try this too in case something goes wrong. Then I need to either stay offline and make sure to not allow auto downloads. I hate that too because nothing should be downloading without my permission anyway. I'm not happy about the talking going around about the next generation consoles coming out that might be download only. That would destroy places like Game Stop. I personally love buying and selling used games, but that's what the game companies hate and they've been trying to destroy stores like Game Stop for years. I think if they do this with the consoles then it might be the end of stores which would totally suck. Well I may quit gaming if that happens or just only play rarely if a game comes out that I think is special enough to warrant my attention.

I'm still stuck on ideas for a Christmas card. This majorly sucks and the first week of December is gone. This is bad. I'm having a vague idea of Scary Fear in his cloak walking through the snow. That's the only image I'm getting and I don't even know what captions to put. It's more of a mood piece with him being the light source if he's holding a lantern at night.

My plants are doing well. Oh Wednesday was an amazing plant day. Chris helped me dig up the corms of the Amorphs in the front yard. My gosh. When I put them in the ground in 2015, the biggest one was abut 3 inches in diameter. These things were huge. About the size of a small jackolantern pumpkin. I don't know why they have not flowered for me. They are most definitely flowering age. I will make a video shortly on them. I was just waiting for them to dry out after having washed them. One has a lot of babies attached. Those will be good for trades later on. I am amazed. That made my day. I've got plant monsters on my self right now. Literally.
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