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23 April 2019 @ 12:34 pm
Just posting this list so I have easy access to it from any computer.
Lotus and Carnivorous Plant Wishlist

This is currently my favorite shop. Awesome prices, awesome customer service. You guys know how hard it is to win me over and these guys did it fast which is unheard of. I'm also posting a list for myself so I can cross stuff off. I'm trying to get at least one of every color lotus. I really want the Empress lotus but all stores are sold out of it. Such bad luck.


White: First Fall
Pink: Misty Rain
Red: Real beauty
Yellow: Little Green Lotus
Versi: Dream of Yaotai


White: Song of Moon
Pink: Purple Fairy 2
Red: chu Chu
Yellow: Snow white fragrant sea
Versi: Mist in Zhongshan


White: Taoxi Flying Snow
Pink: Little Giant Lotus
Red: Love Sick Red
Yellow: Apricot's yellow
Versi: Dwarf Red Lovesick Bean


White: Flying crane lotus, Jade Autumn
Pink: Space 36, Flying in autumn
Red: Chinese Red Beijing
Yellow: Dream of Sixth Dynasty
Versi: Big Versicolor, Empress
22 April 2019 @ 01:54 pm
I'm very happy to have gotten my new chair today. It looks beautiful. I already put it together. But before that. I think I figured out what's going on with pics on LJ. It has something to do either with Firefox's adblockers or flashblocker. I logged in with IE and it told me flash was being blocked when I went into the photos here. The only option is allow once instead of just ignoring this site. I also noticed that I couldn't see the free music on youtube which made me think it was the adblocker. I have two for ads in general and then one specifically for youtube. I can see the music files on IE. So to upload pics I have to be on IE, get the url's and then post on firefox. What a hassle. I fixed the pics in the last post though I don't know why the pic of Nautica is sideways when in the thumb nail and in the image it's fine. I'll have to fix it in photoshop but not today.

Ok so here's the big box that arrived.

Almost 60 lbs. I skooched it along the ground and got it into the bedroom.

More cool picsCollapse )
21 April 2019 @ 09:01 pm
So today was a good day. My poor room is a mess. I started painting the trim along the bottom and around the closet. I can't do it all because things like book shelves are in the way ad so far I have nowhere to put them. But tomorrow I get my chair. I hope it will work out for me. If I like it then good bye to the couch and I'll have way more space in my room. I had a printer on my Amazon wish list that I've been watching. When I added it it was 60 dollars. Then it dropped to 50 dollars. I thought that was great and didn't think it would change. Had it there for weeks. Then a few days ago it went up to 80. Nooooo. But today I guess for Easter it's back at 50. I ordered it afraid it would go back up before my next pay day. I'm cutting it close and don't have much after the computer purchase so I hope that will work out too. Sorry the photos didn't work on the last post. I MIGHT fix them later on or no. For now I'll concentrate on just showing everything in videos. So here are a few.


Relaxing video showing my new fish and lotuses. For a short time you can see the new tan pot and blue pot. Those have the lotuses Dreaming of Sixth Dynasty and Lovesick Red. Can't wait for them to make the first leaf.


A short Easter Greeting to everyone. Chris and I only went out for a short time to Dollar General. We'd never been to one and it's a bigger store than Dollar Tree. Also has more stuff that's more than a dollar. I picked up more paint supplies for my room there. We found a larger than average Jolt Cola can. I didn't think they made that anymore. Happy blast from the past. Unfortunately when I opened it at home it tasted terrible. I hope it wasn't a original from the 90s, though the expiration date said it was this year. They sell kiddie pools there which is great for use with lotuses and Sarracenia.
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20 April 2019 @ 10:04 am
Something is wrong with Live Journal's photo hosting right now. I hope it's not that I'm on Windows 10. I can't upload images. When I try it shows a window with a folder select and a save button at the bottom. If you push the save nothing happens. I thought it was because I'm on the new computer but I tried it on my tablet and the right window pops up but the browse button is clear and you can't push it. I've sent a help request to tech support. This is very annoying. I have to host the photos on dreamwidth and they only give you 500 mb. That's nothing and I don't know if I can buy more space or if I'm stuck with that. I can make icon file sizes smaller. Been doing that since the 90s. I hope LJ fixes this issue. I need my space. Luckily I have several DW accounts I can add them all up for hosting, though I haven't logged onto some in decades.

So on to the post. I'm loving my new pets. They are lots of fun. Nautica is this mustard yellow with a little bit of green on her rump. She reminds me of the second budgie I ever had as a kid that was a heavy yellow recessive pied with no black and tiny amount of green on the tummy and rump. She was a mean nasty budgie but I loved her. My first budgie was a recessive pied the color that Phage was and hence why that will always be my fave budgie color.

Here is Nautica on my finger after a feeding. She's all scruffy and messed up. These pics are older and out dated already. I need to take some new ones, but where to host them?

Minion in Nautica's cage preening her.

They go into each other's cages though he mostly goes into hers since she has more toys. I'm hand feeding her three times a day. It was four times when I first brought her home and they seller had told me it was twice a day. No way. She needs more. She's very smart and I can grab her and pet her back but she won't let me scratch her face. Sigh, just like Bullet. I can scratch her as well as Minion does. Don't know how to convince her of that. Minion has broken nearly all his tail feathers. They were breaking when I got them. He's lousy at landing and jumping. I clipped both my birds and they are way easier to train and manage this way. I bought a large colorful ladder and have already taught them how to use it in case they fall off the cage. The stand for the cage is so nice. Ha, Nautica just fell as I type this. But she got back up. I'll film the set up soon. I found videos and pics of Nautica on the facebook page from the petstore and downloaded them. So nice to see my baby that little. When I bought her she was in a little clear box with a yellow male, I guess her brother, and a cockatiel. I found pics of the male too so I know those are the same birds as they were posted a few days before the show. It bugs me I don't don't her birthday and parantage though. No leg band and they told me they didn't breed her but got her from a breeder and they don't know which one. Something's fishy about that. Sloppy record keeping if it's even true. I don't know of any breeders that ell unweaned babies in bulk. It's rather unheard of. Most of us are reluctant to sell unweaned babies. A lot of these sellers are Spanish and I have noticed they don't get it about pet care the way we do, that they aren't just a business product to be sold. I've dealt with a lot of them and hate how impersonal they are with the birds. So good thing she ended up with me.

On the computer front, I'm loving my new computer. I love how quiet it is and how colorful. I ordered the pink and black chair. Can't wait to get it. They say it will arrive Monday and is coming from Fortworth Texas. I hope I will like it as far as comfort and durability. I hate that these chairs are online only so you can't try them out in a store. I bought white paint and hope to paint the trim or base board around the room. Then I can prepare to paint the whole room light blue.

I'm loving the lotus plants I have gotten too. What fun they are. My Space 36 Lotus is doing great and my fastest grower. My First Fall Lotus is older but only has two leaves. Space is producing five I think and the first two are bigger than when they opened. I can't wait for the first areal leaves. I also got some feeder guppies and two silver mollies for mosquito control. Chris bought those mosquito cakes and I am floored by how they work. There were lots of larva in one of the pots and I tossed in a cake over night. The next morning they were all dead but the plants and fish are unharmed. But with a lack of mosquitoes I have to feed the fish now so I got some flake food. My silver mollies are beautiful and I will take videos of them soon too. I picked up two other lotus breeds. I got a large one named Dream of Sixth Dynasty. It is a large yellow flower verging on green. Very rare color. And I got one called Love Sick Red that is a medium plant but has bright red flowers. Bright red is kind of rare. I see many called Red something but they are pink. Same for purple. They are pink. I don't think purple is in the genes for lotus the way it is for water lilies. I'm loving having found the plant store Bergen Water Gardens. I found them searching for Nepenthes but they have gotten me hooked on Lotus. This last order they send me an extra tuber of Sixth Dynasty. It's funny these plants are Asian and all mostly from China so they have funny names like that. I'm not into Asian stuff but I do like these plants from a botanical and scientific standpoint.

It's been cold for us with nights in the 50s and upper 40s. I hope that will end for good already. I've put all my plants out and don't want to bring them in on an emergency frost or anything. It's almost May for Pete's sake.

Happy early Easter if I don't post tomorrow. Easter totally snuck up on me this year. I partially decorated for it but am not ready. It's a shame because it's one of my two most fave holidays. I feel I got an early Easter gift with Nautica my yellow baby chick.
16 April 2019 @ 08:52 pm
I finally got my new computer last night. Chris went to pick it up on his way home from work. I was not on the way and it would have been to hard to pick me up and take me. I'm very happy with it and as you can see in this video I'm also very happy with my new birds.


So I've named the parrotlet Nautica. Chris came up with that. And I named the budgie Minion. I'm excited about working on so many videos too. I'm so behind and now have to catch up. I've spent the day today doing my fave things. Working with my plants, playing with my birds and doing computer work.
Ok I finally have pics to share and I'm so tired. Been working on my room, dusting, vacuuming and moving furniture around. So let's post those pics first.

My desk was all pretty. I liked how it was set up but the new puter won't fit so I figured for now until I get my other desk just take the top half off. It was sad to do this last night as this desk was part of my 20s and 30s growing up. It bothers me that it still works and is in fine shape but will have to go because the new set up just won't work with this.

Here it is half way finished. I got rid of the white printer. I hate that thing. You can't refill the cartridges and still too big. I'm getting a new printer anyway.

Finally done. It's so bland without a top. The big black printer has outlived every computer I've ever owned. I think I have had it since the late 90s. The printer part is broken, but I only keep it because it has an awesome scanner for my pencil art. No other scanner out there makes my art so nice to work with in photoshop. All others wash it out. I don't know why HP printers can't be of this quality? But it's so big and in the way and may have to get rid of it. Getting this computer has been both exciting and heart breaking at the same time. I just wonder if I can do art without this thing.

Now for the computer and its partsCollapse )
13 April 2019 @ 08:59 am
I finally have a vision of what my set up should look like. I took you alls advice and started to look on Ikea. I found they sell these single table legs for only $4 each. The best thing is they are cylindrical and a very pretty blue. I was in love. They also have a white table top. But it's big. I think it's 73 inches. That means for sure I have to move to the other wall of the room. It's gonna suck but I'll have more room and a better view out the window. And it's not that expensive compared to buying a real desk. I've seen some amazing set ups people have on youtube. Kabulur was right. Getting a computer has completely rearranged my room. I want to paint the walls like I have been saying for years. and then I'd like to draw on them. I think Fear will be the theme of my small room since I eventually want to make the bedroom into Jurassic Park. I definitely need to get a cheap projector that can put my art on the walls so I can trace them.

I got my tower in yesterday which was the last part I needed. Very exciting. Chris came home and we took verything to Alex's. I'll edit this post later today with pics. Gosh my new tower is ridiculously huge but it's beautiful. Can't wait to see it all lit up. And then we got home and sadly began to take my old desk apart. We took off the top shelves and now its a flat desk. I guess once the new one is made I'll be getting rid of this one. Chris said keep some of the wood since I like it and make shelves out of it. Yes that's a option. It's a shame though because I build that desk in the early 00s if not the late 90s. It's been a big part of my life. I will be sad to see it go. I'd love to go to Ikea today and pick up the new desk but it won't fit in my little jeep.

Ok so tomorrow is the bird show. I don't know why I was confused and I thought yesterday was Saturday. I'm taking the gopro and want to film because it's been forever since I went to a bird show. I miss going as a vendor. I hope I can find all the birds on my list and all the supplies I want. I hope there are are budgie breeders there.

I forgot to to mention that I have named most of my Titans. I'm keeping them in groups of siblings.


Noname (needs name)

11 April 2019 @ 09:32 am
I haven't been on much but things have been good this time at least. I am still getting mild tummy aches but nothing like it was. I'm better and would rather have this any day than what I went through last time. Chris and I have been having very good days. I've gotten lots of new plants in that I'm quite happy about. I got a new lotus called Space no. 36. There's a funny story behind it that I don't buy. It goes: the Chinese took a seed into space and grew it on the space station. Then they brought it back and now it is being cloned and sold to growers. Because it was born in space it's an alien. The radiation from outer space caused it to mutate and now it grows huge. I love this story but well, there's limited room on the space station and I looked up what plants have been grown in space. Nothing about a lotus. I know the Chinese put plants on the moon and they all died. The only place I keep hearing this story is from plant nurseries which makes me think the companies made this up to sell more plants. Though I don't believe it (I would love it if this were true though) apparently it still worked on me as I'm a sci fi lover and I ended up buying the darn plant anyway. But giant plants are fun to grow. I can't wait for the first leaf to come up on this one. I also got a new amorph called A. fuscus.

Ever since my computer broke and I've had to move into Chris's room temporarily we've kind of quit playing Subnautica. We still love the game but we're just too busy with other stuff now. I hope we aren't done with it as we both did pretty much everything we wanted to do with it. We're still watching Danger Bay on youtube. Chris bought some Batman cupcakes out of the blue the other day. I was so amused by this and we've been eating them while watching eps.

We've mostly been focused on getting the parts for my new computer. Chris was awesome and gave me an advance the other day as I need only 3 more essential parts. I am waiting on the hard drive to arrive today and tomorrow I will get the case and that should be everything. Other than the OS I haven't bought that yet. I left the keyboard at Alex's already but wish I had taken pics as it's so darn cool and has so many color options and effects to choose from. I did get our new RGB mice. Mine is a white rainbow strobing one. I didn't know that. I thought I could pick the color and am disappointed I can't. I like the colors it makes but my theme for my desk will be white, blue and a hint of black. I can't find any wireless white mice you can set the colors for. They all are rainbow only. WHY? I want a white case mouse with icy blue lights. But it is a cool mouse still.

I love the turquoise of course but also the pink.

More glowing computer stuffCollapse )

Yesterday was a day off and we went out to Walmart to get some supplies. Chris and I are openly loving in public. We had our arms around each other walking into the store and this older black lady was coming towards us. She smiled and jokingly said, "No hugging!" We busted out laughing. Chris said it was a half hug so that's allowed. Now I randomly say, "No hugging" when we hug. Hee hee. One of the things we got at Walmart was a power supply. Chris needed more outlets. We found this yellow one that looked cool on the box. But when we opened it at home it was this ugly industrial yellow. I told Chris I would be glad to paint it if he could take it apart. He did and I had left over lime green paint. So I ended up with an unexpected fun art project. It turned out way better and now matches everything in his room. But it was designed stupidly. You're supposed to be able to hang it on the wall but the way the screw hole is, it's upside down. The text on the lights is also upside down and just very poorly designed. It works though, but clearly the manufacturers didn't know what they were doing. Seems like a case of too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

The bird show I have been waiting for is almost here. It is this Sunday and I hope they'll have some special budgies for me there. I'd love to find a personal pet for me but also some breeder budgies. Here's who I'm hoping to pair up.

Budgie Man. A male ranbow like budgie. Bullet's dad.
Little Blue Brother. A normal blue budgie. I hope he's split to lacewing
Pistol. Female light yellow lacewing. I hope she can breed with her bad leg.

Speaking of bird. Chris and I are fixing up the house and yard. We've made some decent progress but have a long way to go. We have talked about this in the past but we're considering getting a small flock of emus again. The fence needs to be fixed first of course. We'd put in a secure fence they can't jump over. Other than the fence the most expensive thing about this project might be the incubator. I'm amazed how expensive large incubators are. I have always wanted an incubator since I got into bird breeding back in the 90s. But this is a far future project. I hope we can do it sometime. I'd even build a Jurassic Gate from them.
07 April 2019 @ 09:28 pm
I took my computer to Alex's today. He can save my files but it won't turn on. It's dead. I got the processor and graphics card today. I'm waiting for some things to clear at my bank then I'll know what I can order next. I got my keyboard in the mail today. It's gorgeou. I have never had a keyboard like this. It has so many modes to choose from when selecting the lighting. I'm loving that my computer will mostly be white. And I love that the inside will be so glowy with RGB fans and RGB Ram memory. I have the side to work with as a canvas so I need to come up with an idea for a drawng of Fear. Any suggestions on him pose? I am so excited about this but it will also be hard going a few days without a main computer. Also Windows 10 sucks.
06 April 2019 @ 01:10 pm
I have been holding out for years with my old computer. It has windows 7 ultimate on it. But it's been having issues with shutting off and not able to run programs well like Vegas Move Studio. It's been shutting off on its own for months now. Yesterday it had trouble powering on. Today it did it again but I think it's over now. I hear stuff moving in there but it never turns on to display on the monitor. I wanted to make it last as long as possible because I love Windows 7 and had not wanted to learn to use Windows 10. But everything happened at a good timing. I got my tax return yesterday in the evening. And this morning my computer will not turn on no matter what I do. I have ordered some new parts and Alex said he will build me a new one. I'm excited about a lovely new modern computer but not happy about Windows 10. And there is a scary chance that photo shop and illustrator won't work. In fact I didn't finis a commission and worry I'm going to have to refund the customer because I can't get to the files. I'm typing on my table which I hate. It's not that great as a computer but good for energency like this.

I have ordered the case, keyboard, usb hub and soon to order a mouse. Everything will be a white and turquise theme. It's going to be beautiful. That part I'm excited about. I don't know what it will cost when it's over as Alex will have to get list for me of what to order for the inside. Check out some of the stuff Ive already ordered from my wishlist.


There's even a pretty white and blue printer. My set up will be so pretty. YAY! But it sucks not having photoshop for now. I'm not to worried about my files because I think Alex can save them off the old tower.

I also ordered several plants I have been wanting with this return. So exciting. It will be like Christmas when all this stuff comes in. Chris is going to start ordering parts for his computer soon too. He has the green and black case that is very pretty too. So what should I name my new computer? I'm thinking of calling it Voyager. But I am open to suggestions. So that's what's been going on. I'm not completely cut off from the internet but it sucks not having my computer I know so well and all my programs and links.

EDIT: Chrs and I have been doing well. I'm feeling much better though still have some physical issues. But I'm well enough to work again. We've been working in the yard. Chris has done an amazing job clearing out the back yard. I did the front garden and now I'm working on a small bed on our bedroom side of the house. Everything has been way over grown but it's looking way nicer out there. I need to work on the inside though since I want to meet the June goal. I'm loving how the place is starting to look up.
03 April 2019 @ 07:36 am
Sorry I have not been on much anywhere. I think I'm finally getting better. I still wake up with mild tummy pains but they are so much better than what was going on last month and other things seem to be getting back to normal. I'm actually doing quite well. I've had energy to work in the garden. I've been weeding the front garden and am half done with it. I planted four A. paeonifollius and four tomatoes. I pruned one one tower of dragon fruits because they were growing too many side shoots at the bottom and they need to focus on their main stalk. My other trellis is doing well. I have four types on that. Brunei which is the fastest growing and almost to the top. Condor is also growing well. Amazing to me how this tower with single stems right at the base is doing better than my other one that is chaotic. Frankie's red took a burn from the cool but is still growing. American Beauty got burned badly. I hope it recovers. If not I have one cutting left to replace it with.

I've gotten my first lotus plant. It's a micro lotus. Here is a short video
Not much to see yet and I am new and don't know much about these plants. It is a micro lotus called First Fall and supposed to be able to grow in a tiny bowl. But the tubber I got was too small for my first tiny pot. I was a bit disappointed in that because I have seen photos of them in very small pots with tiny leaves and flowers. I don't know if those are real photos or I just got a root that was too big. Speaking of water plants, some of you might remember that years ago I picked up some really cute mini water lilies Nymphoides spp. I had at least two types. A white flower and a yellow flower type. Unfortunately we stopped doing our yearly pond clean up and they all died from leaves falling on them and then duckweed covering the surface. We will clean the pond again this year but I had something very rare. It's been so hard finding a store that carries them that is legit. The place I got them from last time has a bad reputation and my experience with them was not so good, but not as bad as what they have done to other people. I had found another one called Arizona pond or something like that. I even went as far as registering, but then something told me it was odd they had everything I wanted. I decided to check for reviews and oh my gosh they had worse reviews than the other place. I kept finding others and then read a review they were all the same company. WTF? What is it that these kinds of plants attract psychotic people that just lie and rip people off. I don't understand how companies like this stay in business. When I sell something I give my best customer service. When I sold birds my babies were the best and my customers were always happy. In theory bad companies should bust but they don't. I don't get it. Anyway, I found one other place that looks legit. They even have a youtube channel. They are PongMegaStore. I ordered Nymphoides geminata, N. indica and N. crestata. I have to be careful to not confuse these N's with Nepenthes. They had mostly good reviews on Dave's Garden Watchdog. So I ordered. I hope they ship soon within the week. As for where I bought my lotus from, Begen Water Gardens, I am nothing but pleased with this company. I wish they carried Nymphoides.

As for art I am majorly behind on projects. I am working on a commission that should have been done by now. Got a nit picky customer and hopefully the last version I sent is finally right and things aren't a millimeter off. This is the first month I have not finished a Bullet Journal which sucks. And I basically missed all of last month as far as writing in it. I was going to do Gilligan's Island but that will be too hard for characters I don't know how to draw yet. So I will do a fast layout with easy drawings. This month's theme will be budgies and I'll draw and use stickers mostly to try to get it done soon. I will still do Gilligan's Island. It will just be for another month.

Today is a day off and I'm looking forward to going out some places. We are celebrating our monthly anniversary a day early. We're still playing Subnautica. I need to find time to make a video for that too. But right now I'm also super behind on videos. I have sorted the driving videos for Novemmeber and need to start editing those. I'm doing a two part packing travel video. Need to finish part 2. And a bunch of plant updates also need to be done. This year has been nothing but delays. Oh and one bit of bad news I'm not happy about. I missed my April 1st deadline for my resolution. Not happy about that. It is not bumped to finish the stupid house by June 1st. I hope we make it.
12 March 2019 @ 10:59 am
I got the budgies in the mail yesterday. They came in a day early. That's always a good thing. Here's the video review.


Only two things bother me a little bit. Bullet is made of a cottony fabric that gets dirty real easily. She's not as soft a Gaus that's made of a soft furry material. Oh I guess I mentioned both things at once. The other is that Bullet will get dirty. But that's the nature of white anything. If she'd been made of the stuff Gaus is she'd be perfect. I'm happy with these and will definitely order more in the future.

I keep forgetting to post this dream I had at the start of the month. It's one of those dreams that made me wake up laughing because I was laughing in my sleep. I lost most of the details but here's the punch line. I was visiting SamanthaFalco at her house and I'd gone to pick up some supplies. Mainly a big bag of flour. I don't know why. I guess we were going to bake something. There was transporter technology in this dream. I was driving to her house and the transporter started and transported the bag of flour. "NO Stop!" I yelled but it was too late. I was driving around 50 mph so when the flour materialized in her house it was still in motion and smashed into a wall and exploded into a huge white cloud. It happened so fast and so loud. Someone could have been killed but I just busted out laughing because it WAS so fast and violent. And that was the whole dream. I was laughing so hard in my sleep I was laughing in real life and it woke me up. I'm sure Chris was confused why I was laughing in the middle of the night in the dark.

My budgie figures should come in the mail later today. I can't wait!
11 March 2019 @ 03:05 pm
I'm so behind on my art again. I got some inking done on my Bullet journal today. Inking is almost done and I can finally start to color it. I hope I can get it done soon so I can post a video about it already. Chris bought me some colored clay. I am looking forward to start using it and will try to make a figure of Scary Fear. I hope I can make one half as cool as I imagine him. I just have to pick a pose for him. Not sure what. I'm considering the Storm Crow pose.

Playing Subnatica with Chris has been a lot of fun. We've recorded some funny glitches that I hope to make a video about soon. Yesterday we played all day and I helped him build the coolest garden in front of his base. We collected all the plants in the game and planted them. Except the Tiger plant which shoots thorns at you. I wish if you planted it that it would be on your side and not attack you.

The Ebay guy that I bought the budgie record from wrote me back and told me that sometimes items going back happens and to be patient. See communication is important. That calmed me and I told him I would wait. I then had the realization that I think I know what happened. It made it to Jacksonville but might have been missed and left on the truck and the truck went back to DC. So it is coming back now. I saw it pass through Greensboro NC and now it's in Jacksonville again. I'm guessing I'll get it tomorrow. As well as getting my budgie commissions, both the plush budgies and the budgie sculptures. I can't wait. I think tomorrow will be a big budgie mail day for me.
08 March 2019 @ 07:00 pm
Today has been a decent and slow day for me. I keep forgetting to mention that I have been drinking caffeine and doing very well. I had a few coffees in the past month and a few colas. I'm afraid to say I'm cured. I don't know if I am. I'm still very cautious when I have it but I'm so thankful and happy that I have not had any pain. I have enjoyed two yummy lattes. Oh how I missed cola and coffee. But I'm going to try to take it easy and drink only in moderation.

Today I set up a cage for my light yellow lacewing female budgie Pistol. I clipped her and have started to try to tame her. She was a hand fed baby but has lived in an aviary and has reverted to wild status. She also has a bad let that set improperly from having had splayed legs. She functions fine. I just hope she can breed one day. Well she's way worse than Melville in the scared department. And without the confidence Bullet had (half sister to Bullet) she bites really hard. But it's nice having budgie chirps in the background again. So I have two scared birds I'm working with. Not so good.

My commission on the budgie plushes is coming along great. Here they are. Gaus yellow. Bullet White.

I love these. Bullet looks spot on! These were filled and mailed today. I can't wait for them to arrive. Oh shipping says a label was made but not yet shipped. Well I hope they come soon. The Bullet one will probably be my new travel buddy until I can get the issue with Fear sorted out.
Unfortunately I have another order that has gone missing sort of. I order a rare record that is like a little radio show of a budgie and a canary talking about bird care. Side A is on youtube but no side B which drove me nuts not knowing the ending. I found the record on Ebay. It's very rare from 1970. The tracking said it should have been here Wednesday. It never came then it said it was delayed and in Jacksonville FL. Finally today the tracking updates and it's in Washington DC. WTF? Why did it leave the state and go back up north? Is it going back to the seller? I never got anything saying I had to sign so I haven't missed it. I was home most of the day Wednesday because I was sick and I was here the last two days too. I wrote the seller about this but haven't heard anything back yet. Such a rare thing I don't want to miss out on this.

But I found another neat find on Ebay. The guy that sold me my Titan seeds is back and I ordered six seeds from him. I hope these will arrive safe and healthy. Last time one died. And those plants are still doing great. The best titans I have ever had. One is making a third spike. I found out that it's normal for them to make several. I'm not used to that since A. paeonifolius only makes two then goes dormant. I've been told they can make up to 7. That's insane!

I really want to try sculpting again. I did a little a few years ago and liked it. I think with the right tools, space and ideas I could be good at it. I tend to have a knack for most forms of art.
07 March 2019 @ 11:55 am
It's cold but I see today and the rest of the week will be better. I hope that will hold. I forgot to mention a few things in the last post. I've commissioned two budgie plushes on Etsy. One is of Bullet and the other is of Gaus. So that will be a white lace wing and a yellow lacewing. I suspect that the Bullet one might become my new travel buddie until I can get the Fear plush issue sorted. They are supper skinny budgies about six inches tall. They are meant to be a toy for your bird. It hangs from the cage about the same size and shape as a cuttlebone. But I want these for me not for my bird. Since they are flat they should fit perfectly into pockets and backpacks. I can't wait to get these.

My shelf project is on hold because it's too cold to work outside. So that's a bit annoying. Yesterday was a day off but I ended up getting sick. You guys know I had my gallbladder out I think last year. I have a pill that allows me to eat fatty foods like a normal person, but I have a hard time swallowing so I have to crush them up. Also I did manage to swallow one once but it takes longer to digest and I ate too soon after taking it and and it did not work. My doc even said it's better for me to crush them so it will work instantly. But this time I didn't have anything to put it in. I usually use applesauce for that. The waitress suggested mashed poatoes and I agreed that was a good idea. I took them with that. Boy was it hot. BTW this was a new restaurant I wanted to try. Ford's Garage which has a Ford auto theme. I liked that a lot. I had a huge cheeseburger, French Onion soup and a keylime pie for desert. I rarely make it to desert but I saved room for it. Unfortunately it wasn't as good a pie as other places like Longhorn. But my pill didn't work and I got sick half an hour after the meal or less. I was in pain a lot and we had to go home the rest of the day. Chris came up with the theory that the mash potatoes were too hot and destroyed the pill. So basically I ate that meal with nothing. I think this is right. So no more mixing with hot foods. But after the pain stopped I got super weak. All I did was watch Chris game. Which wasn't bad but my J nature hates wasted days where I don't do anything. Still I think we had a good day. We watched Danger Bay and I helped Chris in Subnautica. In fact when he was out of the room I built a mess hall in his game. He loved how I set up the cafeteria area in his game. He added the final touches by adding windows and plants. I like this game just for the building aspect. Here's another trailer that shows the game play so you can see why this is so fun.

Starting this month I have adopted a new strategy to saving money. When I get paid I will save 70% and only use 30% that week if at all. I've always been good at saving and conserving money but I think last year I was a bit out of control. So self discipline will be added and I will see if I can manage with just 30%. Also after Feb unseen bad expenses I need to recover from that majorly. BUT I do want to get somethings I'm thinking about. I'd like to get a small cheap projector. The reason why is I still want to paint my room in a JP theme. Instead of drawing on the wall directly where I can really mess things up I figured I can just project my art on the wall and paint over that instead. That would be a huge help. It's the only reason I want this. I won't be projecting movies. Not interested in that. But helping myself paint my own art is something that I'd love very much.

So over all yesterday was a very good day. I have lots of ideas I want to try. I feel a lot better today but don't feel like doing much still because of the cold. So perhaps tomorrow I'll be active again and can work on projects.