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07 February 2019 @ 09:22 am
I got a commission from a buddy on youtube the other day. I'm working on drawing his jeep for a T-shirt design. I hope that it can get done in time before I leave on my trip. Last time I went on a trip I said I would start to pack seven days before so I would have plenty of time. I had every intention to do so this time but then Bullet suddenly passed away and just totally messed up my schedule. So I am behind on packing and everything else. I spent half of yesterday our last day off before I go working on the commission and packing. Right now I'm in the approval stage before I finish it up. Hopefully there won't be too many changes and I can proceed with coloring. This will turn out nice once it is done. As for the packing, I'd say I'm 60% percent done. I think this will be the most minimal packing I have ever done I'm proud of myself.

One of the things I got behind on were my plant chores. Plants are pets too. Well apart from carnivorous and creepy strange plants I do love the Spring bulbs as well like tulips and hyacinths. Unfortunately they don't grow in Florida because it's too hot and they don't get the chill period of two to three months of hard winter. But I am trying thinking if I put them in the veggie drawer of the fridge for two months they might be ok. I have two hyacinth bulbs from last year that are coming up though I did not chill them last year. But Chris and I bought a bunch of hyacinths and two small pots of tulips from Walmart. They had a rack where everything was a dollar and every time we would go I'd pick up two or three. Could not help myself. All the hyacinths have bloomed. I love how they smell and funny enough I had one in my room. My room is super bright in the winter because it is on the south side. I love that and means I can over winter plants in here. What I had not counted on was how powerful hyacinth scent is in a tiny room. I couldn't keep it here. Too powerful. To the point you can taste it. Bleh. So it got kicked out back to the living room where it is ok to be "smelly". But what was neat was that for the first time I picked up some Grape Hyacinths Muscari armeniacum. I knew of these but had never paid attention to them. For a dollar I figured why not. I had no idea they were so tiny. In photos they are super close up and look huge. I thought they were the same size as regular hyacinths and the flowers would literally be like grapes. I imagined them like fox gloves with bees going into them. Nope. Super tiny. More like gnats could go into them. But they have a very light scent that is nice and not over powering for a small room. I loved my one little pot I had. So I went to Walmart the other day for supplies and all the bulbs are in bloom there. Make sense since mine are. But what bugged me was that the poor grape hyacinths had been stuffed into dark tiny shelves. They were all bent over and the soil was totally dry. These poor plants have a long drive in a truck and get dry. Then Walmart just puts them out for sale and doesn't water them. When I got mine the soil was bad and water is the first thing I do. But now it had been weeks and these poor things were limp and dry. I bought three and watered the poor things and gave them bone meal and fertilizer. I was worried about them, but after a day and some went under lights they have recovered and are fully upright. I wish I could buy all of them just because they will die. What a waste to grow them, ship them then they die from neglect. And I don't think they will sell like the big hyacinths and tulips because they look like grass and people don't know what they are. I wish they'd give them to me. But then there's the whole lack of winter here and I don't know if they'll make it til next year. Poor things. I found out they also come in pink, white and blue. But they only had the wild purple ones. Anyway here's a pic.

The plant on the left is the first one I got weeks ago. The two on the right are the new ones that are in recovery. They aren't flowering as well but they look way better than they did. I don't know why they sell Spring bulbs in winter for Valentine's. I wish they'd keep them out through Easter. You only find lilies in Easter. I'm going to miss the blooming of my tulips. Too bad. Notice the cute flamingo mail box. I got that one and a cartoon Narwhal one from Walgreens. They came with Valentine's and I put the other one in Chris's room so we can give "mail" to each other. We have to watch for when the little flags are up. I already put two Valentine's in there for him. It's a fun little game.

Here's his in his game room. It's too bad this is the first Valentine's EVER we won't be together but it's ok we already celebrated. He's totally backing me up on this trip and wants me to go. Well I have to go and get back to work now.
06 February 2019 @ 10:01 pm
I got a call from the Pet Funeral home today and they told me Bullet was ready for pick up. I'm so glad it was when we were already out so my phone worked. Also a few days before my trip so I'm very glad it has all worked out.

Here she is. This is lovely. They did a great job and gave me this lovely little card. I had this little figure of Bullet I had bought years ago so it was perfect next to the tiny urn. The urn is about 3 inches tall. It still looks so nice. I'm very happy about this because now even if I move I will still have Bullet with me no matter what. I have a few more pics of the awesome things they did. Bullet's name is on the bottom too.

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04 February 2019 @ 07:10 am
Today is our 23rd anniversary. We celebrated yesterday because it was a day off. We had a very nice day though I'm still up and down about Bullet. I haven't finished my journal but went ahead and made the Feb update because I had to start writing in the layouts.


This will be so nice if I can get around to coloring it. Got a bunch of errands to run and be finished with by Thursday night. I hope I can do it all. I'm not sure I'll have time to draw or do any other fun things like that.

I found this great 18 minute documentary on Parrotlets on youtube. It was very informative for some of the details I did not know about this species like it's a bird best kept alone because they are aggressive and can kill other birds. I love how opposite it is to the wrong advice they give about budgies that you should have at least two. People that have two Parrotlets have two cages so each bird gets their own space.


I still haven't decided what color I want. I have narrowed it down to light yellow or turquoise. I hope none of those are too expensive. I'm not used to such small birds being so expensive. I've also narrowed it down to two names. Ahab or Starbuck. Both names from Moby Dick. I was very tempted to get an American white which is all white with black eyes. I talked to Chris about this and he said I should start fresh whole different new bird. Yes it looks like Bullet but it won't ever be Bullet and I shouldn't do that to myself. As lovely as the whites are I think he's right so it's yellow or turquoise then.
02 February 2019 @ 06:15 pm
I hate the crappy quality of this video but it was either film my TV or no budgie video at all. I'm working on getting a new computer. Chris already has the case for his. I am getting mine soon. So hopefully I'll have it by the end of the month and editing will be easier.


This has been quite heartbreaking and that's a lot from someone cold hearted. Boooollet.

EDIT: Since ACTiption and I were talking about this I figured I'd show you guys. When I went to the pet funeral home they showed me some pictures of different urns. I was amazed how small they were, but then budgies are tiny. They showed me one in blue called Going Home that had white birds on it. I personally like blue but this is for Bullet and she's definitely a girly girl. They told me it was made in pink too and she'd love that and it would match her feet. The white birds can represent her. I kind of bought it sight on seen as they didn't have a pink. Only the blue one but it sounded great. Here's what it will be like.

Guys I'm also thinking about my next pet. I'm starting to think I may do something other than a budgie. Thought about
Peach Faced Lovebird
White Bellied Caique

Don't know. Need to read up on all of these. But Parrotlettes are like smaller budgies with Amazon personality.
EDIT:EDIT: Ok I have chosen. I DO want a Parrotlet. I want a male. BUT I don't know what color. They have as many color mutations as budgies almost. There's an American White, American Yellow, Turquoise, White turquoise and yellow fallow. Oh such hard choices. And I must think of a name.

02 February 2019 @ 09:53 am
This post is a bit late. Bullet died yesterday morning in my hands on Feb 1, 2019. If you saw her video on youtube I posted she got sick on the 31st. She was ok on the 29th as the video before shows her very spunky but she was acting a bit off. I'd had her in my art room to keep her warm as it's been so cold lately in the main living room. She'd been sleeping with us in our room. The night of the 31st she got really bad. I had her on her special medicated formula but had a feeling this time it would not work. She slept on my night stand. The morning of the 1st she was on the ground with her wings out on her tummy. The tumors between her legs had gotten huge too. She was kind of paralyzed. I put her on her back in my hands and petted her head. Told her she was the empress, my fave and that I loved her very much. "I love you" was the last thing I said to her then she died. It's been awful. I took her to a pet cremation place later that day. A first for me as I've always buried my pets before. But I wanted to keep her.

I then spent the whole day working on her tribute video in Sony Vegas movie studio platinum 11. And when I went to render it kept crashing saying there was a low memory error. I emptied a lot of files so my computer has enough memory. I tried making them into smaller shorter files and that didn't work either. I tried it on Chris's computer and same issue. I'm stuck and I had this lovely 13 minute video that should have gone up yesterday. I'm very upset over this. From what I've looked up seems it's an issue with it being a 32 bit program on a 64 bit computer.

But the link for the update doesn't work anymore because Movie Studio is no longer owned by Sony. This new company does not support programs 12 or older so I'm really screwed. My last recourse to get this done in time is to learn Adobe Premier and that probably won't happen either. This is a complex video and just opening permier I have no idea how to do anything. And .vf sony files won't open on that or any other program I don't think. I'd have to make the video from the source videos from scratch again. This is not good. It has not been a good few days. I miss Bullet very much.
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19 January 2019 @ 03:12 pm
I'm very happy with the progress I have made in my room. It's starting to look really nice and is really becoming my own little oasis that I enjoy locking myself into and taking refuge in. So I finally have a pic of the shelf Chris helped me build.

It's so pretty and colorful. Though the wall is blue it's a pale bland blue. I hope to repaint it at some point. Notice the brackets holding the shelf up are green. I painted those. I love the pink stripe on the edge too. Now originally that was going to be a coral color. But when I went to the paint section of Walmart it had been ransacked. There were hardly any paints left. They had three neon pinks left so I went for that since pink and green is also a great combination. It took several coats but finally got it done. Thank you marchskies for the awesome camera arm. You can see it in the center of the shelf. It's a gorgeous blue. And it will help me make videos of my art from an over head view. But I'm still getting used to how to position it.

I got these raven book ends yesterday and I love them. They are baby ravens. They are anatomically correct but because they are fat, short and stubby billed these are babies. They aren't very heavy though so I would not use them with heavy books.

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17 January 2019 @ 04:21 pm
kabuldur the journals you sent me finally arrived today. I am SOOO happy with these. Especially the Mint colored one it is my fave. Check out how pretty these are.

They come in these clear boxes which I love. I call them Force Fields. They really helped protect them on their long voyage here. No damage at all.

They come shrink wrapped too. My main Bullet Journal will be filled up I'm guessing come May or June and I'm going to need a new one to transfer into. My next one will be the mint one. I love all the cute icons on both covers. That's why it's called the Iconic Version. The pages seem of good quality so I think it should take my coloring well and hopefully not many pens bleed through. I hope to use these not just for Bullet Journaling but for my other things like sketch book art, idea books and such. I'm on a notebook kick right now. I'm loving collecting different ones and I do intend to use them all eventually. I will do a video review but still waiting on a few more colors coming in from other countries still. It's crazy that these books sold out all over the world. None of the Amazons had it. Then Australia suddenly got some colors in though I missed out on the Lavender. Then Canada got a few. I don't use instagram but on there and on their other sites people from all over the world are complaining that the stores are all out of stock. We're half way done with January already and I think it's pretty bad that it happens now when everyone is starting a new year and needs new journals. I'm glad the company is actually doing well, I think, but they didn't take into account the demand from Christmas and New Years more importantly. I think they need to think about growing and open up manufacturing plants in more locations. Funny enough I found the lavender one in Mexico but they are stupidly over priced there. So the final colors for me to get are Lavender, black and yellow I think. I wouldn't mind having a few more mint ones on back up. My other fave colors I have coming already. They are pink, light pink and turquoise. Funny enough for once I think I will like the Mint more than the turquoise because it's two of my fave color combinations. Turquoise/aqua and pink. The turquoise one has yellow as it's highlight color. I can't wait to get them all in so I can do a review and show that the Scribbles That Matter famine of 2019 won't stop me. Ha.

In other news. It's been darn cold here. Two nights in the upper 30's. Not happy about that. Chris and I had a nice day off. Funny yesterday was kind of notebook related too. The company Lemome sent me all this cool new stuff because I left them a nice review on Amazon. Oh and remember the problem I had with Amazon and the jeep handles review? They wrote me back and apologized. There was nothing wrong with my review and they pushed it through. Ha, of course not. My reviews are always helpful.

And Bullet is doing well. She is feeling ok. She had a few bad days but is better now. She will be showing up in the new reviews. I have an over head camera arm now so I can film my desk from overhead. I'm still learning how to use it though. I haven't quite mastered it yet. Hard to tell what my area is to keep things in frame without standing and looking at the screen.
Oh and I forgot to mention Chris helped me build a shelf over my art table so I can get all unnecessary books off my work space. I LOVE it. I just hope it won't fall. It's on the outside block wall of the house so we never found a stud. I don't know if there is one. It is for books so I do worry about the weight. So far it has gotten most of the stuff off my work table. It has green hooks I painted and the shelf is hot pink on the edges.
13 January 2019 @ 01:09 pm
Want to say thanks to Calzephyr. I finally got my Christmas gift. It's this awesome mug with three lovely budgies that says "Beware Crazy Budgie Lady".

And as the title of this post says I have finally finished my January journal. Want to show my fave page from it.

So at last I introduce you guys to RipTalon the Captain. He is a cyborg Velociraptor that hates his own kind for forcing him and all his people to become cyborgs once they come of age. RipTalon lost his whole body and mostly only his head is organic. But he continues to defy the government, builds a ship with stolen parts and escapes the planet vowing revenge. INTJ personality type. In the lower left we have the Doc. INTP who becomes close friends with RipTalon later on. You guys know George and Scary Fear already. ISFJ and INTP respectively.

So here is a video flip through of this month.


12 January 2019 @ 08:07 am
I made LOTS of progress yesterday on my journal but I did not finish. I colored a drawing of Sorath in marker and though it looks nice I'm not doing that again. The reason is that my markers though they are supposed to be safe sometimes bleed through. I was constantly checking the next page and using a lot of effort to make sure my touch was super light. I have a light touch but you have to be extra light with marker and only pass over once. It was causing me too much stress and didn't turn out to be faster at all. So I'll keep them just for highlighting boxes and coloring banners in a solid color. I finished seven drawings and have seven to go, so in theory I could finish today. I will try but two of the ones I have are hard drawings. George as a hybrid and Gallemotch. So we'll see how much time they take up. I'm thrilled to have also finally colored RipTalon for the first time. I was worried about how I would color his metallic parts in pencil but it actually turned out great. He really does look metallic. I couldn't believe I did so amazing for my first time. So far he's my fave drawing of the month. I can't wait to make a nice full body drawing of him and color him. I should do that in my sketch book. Chris got it for me last year and I haven't even used it yet. Doc turned out pretty neat too. I love his pose. But I need to think of a name for him. He needs a name. It's fun calling him "Doc" but that's his title not his name.

Another thing I'm very happy about is I have been taking caffeine well lately. You guys know I couldn't have it as it would give me chest pains and breathing problems. I hated to give it up especially coke and coffee. I have just been drinking herbal teas which I like but not the same. My Bigelow tea boxes sometimes have a caffeine chart on the back that I really love. Here's one for example.

I kept mentioning to Chris I wish they showed where Cola falls into this as that was my fave and main drink.

Well I just found this chart.

This is an awesome chart and at last all my questions have been answered. I'm surprised that Coke is only halfway down the chart. I thought it would be under coffee. I'm surprised energy drinks like red bull are under coffee. I thought they'd be above. I learned a lot of things I didn't know. Wow. Nothing beats true coffee for mega caffeine content. I knew it had a lot but had no idea. I also thought Espresso was stronger than coffee. I am very surprised by this but good to know. If I can get a working printer I want to print this and put in my Bullet Journal or Travel Journal so I can have it with me on trips. I lump chocolate candy into the raw cocoa part of this. So I am very happy because over December I allowed myself to have some chocolate bars and hot chocolate drinks. I was afraid to eat them but enjoyed them very much. I had no ill effects and was very happy. Since then I have had some Decaf coffee (Which I was surprised was so far down the line) green tea. So far I am ok. I hope I can get back on caffeine. I would love a real coke. Don't know if I can do a real coffee though. Yet I wonder if this was tied to my issues with my gallbladder and appendix? I was having a lot of food issues before the surgery. I couldn't eat eggs and now I can again. It sucked my lovely chicken eggs were making me very sick. But I need to lay off caffeine for a bit or stick to the low ranking stuff before I try I coke. I'd love to say I'm cured. That would be so wonderful because it was one of my few food pleasures.

Chris and I have been dieting since the new year too and we're doing well. Though we're "skinny" by everyone's definition we hold ourselves to a high standard. At our age we really have to watch our weight. Gaining even a little is too much for us and we end up having lack or energy or back pains. I am doing well and down to the 104's right now. My goal is 100 which was my high school weight. I think I can do it. I've been eating nothing but fish and salad and sugar free cookies with my teas.
11 January 2019 @ 07:54 am
Been a while since I posted. Been very busy mostly Bullet Journaling. I'm ALMOST done with January. I'm majorly behind as the second week is almost over. I finished all the inking last night finally. I will try to finish the coloring tonight. Though I love the look of colored pencils I'm going to color half my stuff with markers just for time's sake. Then I can take a short break and get back to stuff that's been neglected because art is all I have been working on. This not only includes my chores and work but fun stuff like gaming. I haven't played Red Dead in forever. It would take up too much of my time. And I still have to finish the art for Novemember because I want to do a 2018 video flip through. Then I have to start on Feb so I can be ahead. I think most people make their journals in the last week. They make the next month. I can't do that. As an art journal too I need two weeks to finish so I need to be several months ahead. But I've always been the unique one that doesn't do anything like anyone else. And I'm nothing like other Bullet Journalers I have found as they are all girly girls. I wish more guys did Bullet Journaling and drew cool stuff like I do with darker themes and action themes. But like most of my art I don't watch other artists, others watch me. I'm always the trail blazer. So it will be nice once this is done. It's a nice theme with Solan and George, but my Year At At A Glance is cool as I have officially drawn RipTalon finally and can imagine what he looks like. Chris and I came up with some great ideas for him in Triangulum. I'll have to log those here soon.
05 January 2019 @ 09:13 am
I finally finished the December page spread. Here it is. Hopefully I can get January done soon. The first week is almost over so I need to get moving on that.


We had a funny incident last night. It's getting cold again so the frogs get into the house when that happens. I have a wind chime by the kitchen window. There's no wind in the house so it shouldn't make noise. The first time this happened I heard it go off during the day. I yelled, "BULLET!!" Thinking Bullet had flown onto it. I went into the room and she was innocently standing on her play gym. It wasn't her. It was a lizard. So I caught the lizard and put it outside. I apologized to Bullet. Last night it happened again. This time it was a green tree frog. We were happy because those are our native frogs and they are so much prettier than the introduced Cuban Tree Frogs. So Chris caught it and put it outside. The reptiles get in the house when things get cold.
03 January 2019 @ 08:38 am
The year is off to an exciting start so far. Yesterday we went to AAA and book our Alaska Cruise. We'll be going on Norwegian. First time on that cruise line. I know it won't be as good as Royal Caribbean but I look forward to it anyway. It's over a year away in 2020 so I have time to get ready for it. I've done a lot of research and will keep doing more. I love looking stuff up, watching videos and learning new things. I hope I get the wardrobe right when we got. I know it's Cold in Alaska, and possibly even snow. Definitely rain. I'm just way more cold sensitive than most so I have to make sure I'm comfortable. What someone thinks is a warm jacket may be too cold for me. I've also never done a flight like this but nothing can be done yet because no airlines can be booked that far in the future yet. Intersting cruises book years in advance but not flights. So I'll have to wait a few months to figure that one out. My travel agent will help me with that too. She is nice and was very happy to see us come in. I gave her one of my cards.

Speaking of cards, I got some new international stamps and I should finally be done with the last few international stamps. I hope they all make it.
Today I plan to work on my Bullet Journal. I have chosen a theme for January. Moby Dick. I love that story and apparently whales are easy for me to draw. I hope I can draw Captain Ahab though. He looks like Abraham Lincoln. Just do a search for Gregory Peck Captain Ahab so see the most famous look for him. And I need to come up with an interesting pose for George for my cover of the year. I'm still not sure what.

Last night I had a scare. I heard a crashing sound in one of the other rooms. Chris went to go look and some of his shelves with his kaiju had fallen over. The ones on his west wall. That sucks. He's going to have to put them back together. Makes no sense why they'd fall when they've been fine all these years. It's a lot of figures and DVD's to pick up and organize. So the year has been exciting.

Cards are done! Woo hoo! I love it when I meet a goal.
01 January 2019 @ 08:07 pm
So today is January 1st. The year is off to a very good start for me. Chris only got one job today and they let him off early. I was so happy he came home in the afternoon. We then went out to dinner. Yesterday we celebrated by listening to Spanish Christmas and New Years songs from my childhood. I translated a lot of them for him and had fun looking up Spanish words I heard every year but never knew what they meant. Lots of fireworks went off in our neighborhood at midnight.

I also started working on my Bullet Journal again yesterday. I did my best to finish December in one day. Not happening. Even with the simplified layout I made I could not finish it. I love the cover I made for it though with Fear and the motto being "The Hopes and FEARS of all the YEARS". Today I worked on the inking and finished the layout finally but still am not finished. I don't know if I'll have time to work on it tomorrow but I'm sure with one more day I can finish it. I missed my November video update because of this. It's not finished either but it's laid out. It just needs to be colored. I want to finish December then do a flip through of 2018. All three months of it.

And I already have a dilema. I need a new cover drawing for 2019. Remember the old one was Bullet on a 2018 banner. Chris suggested George. I'm not against that, but what would he be doing? What pose? AND I also need a cover idea for January itself. Any ideas for that? Please comment. I also have to pick a theme for January. Hum one of my theme ideas was Solan and George so that could work. Here are some other themes I have considered.
Nepenthes, SpongeBob, Jurassic Park, Jeeps, Moby dick and Stunt Scabs. Probably most of you won't know what the last one is. The Stunt Scabs were the villains from an obscure 90's cartoon called Stunt Dawgs that was very smart. Lots of play on word and intelligent humor. Most likely why the show did so poorly. Too fast and too intelligent for the audience. One of my all time fave shows. So yes please comment. I do need some help coming up with two cover ideas for the 2019 page and the January page.

And tomorrow I'm excited. We might be booking a cruise. Wish me luck on that. It's only 2019 by I'm alraedy thinking about 2020 which is when I want this to take place. It's so far in the future I can't even book a flight if we get this. An Alaska cruise. One of my dream destinations. I can then cross that off my bucket list. I really do have a bucket list. It's in one of my idea notebooks. I have always been a long term goal setter. So that's the plan for tomorrow and then the rest of the day off. The year is off to a great start. Hope it keeps going this way.
01 January 2019 @ 06:46 pm

You can get card with your statistics here!


Ha this is great. I will do better next year. Been a pro "blogger" for over a decade. Journalist as this is a journal. Blog is such a lame word.