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01 December 2018 @ 10:40 am
If anyone wants to get me anything for Christmas here are some ideas. This year I mostly want stuff off my Amazon lists. No one is obligated to get me anything of course. But I'm grateful to any that do.

Plant Supplies
Travel Stuff
Art Supplies
Etsy List

Gift Art of Scary Fear, https://www.flickr.com/photos/thagirion/29172611127/sizes/o/
George Smith/Gallemotch https://www.flickr.com/photos/thagirion/42179022644/sizes/o/
Fear messing with Gord. https://www.flickr.com/photos/thagirion/42702789320/sizes/o/
09 December 2018 @ 06:49 pm
I uninstalled, backed up and reinstalled my game last night. The gold glitch kind of works. I got two gold bars out of the box but not 32 like last time. The horse glitch I couldn't get to work. Only Tennessee Walkers and Morgans kept appearing still. I just wonder if the glitch started after the one day patch which I can't get now. If I allow updates I think it will put in the latest one not put them in order again. I wanted a horse called Missouri Fox Trotter. It has the best stats and is grey with dots and white mane and tail. It looks very cool but you don't get it til the end of the game when there's nothing to do. Kind of pointless. I hate games that give you the best stuff at the end.

Well, I have finished this year's card. Here it is. I'm quite happy with this.

If you remember I drew this before and called it Fear in the Clouds. It was a sunrise drawing. Well the intent with that drawing was always to keep changing the background and lighting to all the seasons and weathers. So I figured today I should make the winter one and make it this year's card.
Here's the original. I gave him more of a smile this time too since in the original he's just blank. I want my boy happy in these no matter what's going on around him. I'm so happy I have solved the problem this year. It always amazes my how I manage to pull this off at the last minute. This is my 12th card for the 11th year. Amazing I have been doing this for 11 years. Now the next step is to get these printed out. So it's not over year. Now I have to make them real.
08 December 2018 @ 12:01 pm
Been a while since I posted something. Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Optic my sweet blue budgie girl died yesterday Dec 7th. She was old and had been sick. She had a bad leg and wasn't eating much. I brought her inside and had her in a special cage with a carpeted floor so she could move around. I had a very shallow bowl she could easily reach. I had just started to put her on the hand feeding formula that I had had Bullet on but she didn't make it. She had lost too much weight. So that really sucks. But Bullet is doing quite well. She's gained weight and acts like a normal budgie now. She's back to her old self and is quite active. I hope it will stay this way for years to come. I just have to do some extra maintenance with her.

I've mostly been gaming in my free time. I think I'm done with Forza and may only pick it up once in a while. So now I'm just focused on Red Dead 2. There used to be two great glitches in this game. One was a gold bar duplication glitch and the other was a horse loading glitch where you could get rare horses. They patched those and now they don't work. I hate patches that "Fix" stuff like this. If they didn't catch these errors in beta testing and the game went out to the public they should deal with it. People should not complain and mind their own business about fun exploits like this in an offline solo game. You can't remove individual patches on PS4 like you could on PS3, but I'm thinking of uninstalling my game and reinstalling it. That would get rid of all patches but what came with the disk. And this is another reason why having a physical copy of a game is still best since you can't do this with a digital download. The only thing that sucks it's a huge game and takes 2 hours to install. I need to back up my saves before I try this too in case something goes wrong. Then I need to either stay offline and make sure to not allow auto downloads. I hate that too because nothing should be downloading without my permission anyway. I'm not happy about the talking going around about the next generation consoles coming out that might be download only. That would destroy places like Game Stop. I personally love buying and selling used games, but that's what the game companies hate and they've been trying to destroy stores like Game Stop for years. I think if they do this with the consoles then it might be the end of stores which would totally suck. Well I may quit gaming if that happens or just only play rarely if a game comes out that I think is special enough to warrant my attention.

I'm still stuck on ideas for a Christmas card. This majorly sucks and the first week of December is gone. This is bad. I'm having a vague idea of Scary Fear in his cloak walking through the snow. That's the only image I'm getting and I don't even know what captions to put. It's more of a mood piece with him being the light source if he's holding a lantern at night.

My plants are doing well. Oh Wednesday was an amazing plant day. Chris helped me dig up the corms of the Amorphs in the front yard. My gosh. When I put them in the ground in 2015, the biggest one was abut 3 inches in diameter. These things were huge. About the size of a small jackolantern pumpkin. I don't know why they have not flowered for me. They are most definitely flowering age. I will make a video shortly on them. I was just waiting for them to dry out after having washed them. One has a lot of babies attached. Those will be good for trades later on. I am amazed. That made my day. I've got plant monsters on my self right now. Literally.
01 December 2018 @ 10:17 am
Winter is now here as it is the start of December. I don't know why but I'm ready for it. I've kind of been done with November and wanted to get December started. I love Christmas. So I posted two chapters on Triangulum today. I just wanted to finish those up now that they are revised. From here out the rest is new and I'm working on another outline for the characters. I'm excited how Triangulum ties into another Thagirion Realm story and want to write those ideas down. But well all my stuff is tied together as it's Thagirion Realm and one massive time line.

Got some nice new orders in. I was recommended grow lights by a brand on Amazon called JCBritW. They are LED's that are full spectrum for plants. I have one and was impressed with how tiny it was. It turns everything pink and I have some of my nepenthes under it. Two of my plant grower buddies on youtube use these so I wanted to get some. I might be able to put them in some small spaces like over the kitchen sink. I got Chris a new controller and also a small purple travel sized Bible. He was very happy with those. I had one but he needed his own.

I'm still stuck for a card idea. I don't like this as it's now December and I'm very behind on stuff. Chris gave me the idea of Fear with a scary snowman. I'm considering that but not totally sure. I have a few things I need to do practice sketches for.

Bullet is doing well. She has ugly tumors round her legs now. She had such cute budgie drum sticks before. But the good thing is she seems better. She's gained weight, not just from the tumors but she seems a little more plump in the breast so I hope she is getting better. A long time ago I had a budgie male with a huge tumor between his leg that lived a long normal life. I don't know if he was related to Bullet but I think so which sucks. I'm not having such good luck with Optic. She's old but she had a leg broken. I've added budgie "carpeting" to the floor of the cage and she and her mate Budgie man live alone in there now. But she's so thin and always fluffy. I may have to resort to hand feeding her. Bullet hasn't had to have formula since before the trip in Oct which is wonderful news.
29 November 2018 @ 11:00 am
I always loved in the SpongeBob episode Wormy when Patrick says, "Why must the sun set on such a perfect day?" Chris and I have been saying that a lot on our days off. We have had such good days these past months that we don't want the day to end. I think that's the sign of a great relationship and yesterday was again one of those days. It's been cold and we have nearly all the plants and all the birds inside. After our normal errands we went out to sell some of my old toys and Chris's DVD's. This is part of emptying our house out. We're still getting rid of my mom's things but now we've started to get rid of our own stuff too. It was sad to part with so many of the Pixar Cars figures I worked so hard to collect over the years but they've just been sitting in a box for over a decade forgotten. That means I don't need them. We took them to a comic/toy shop and the owner took most of my stuff. I was thrilled about that because we got rid of like five big boxes. The funny thing was he kept asking how much we wanted and I really had no idea. He was looking stuff up on ebay and I finally got sick of all the back and forth and just told him to make me an offer. He said X amount. "Deal." I said rather quickly. His face fell and he goes, "Oh man I should have said X amount less." I just smiled. Yeah well he screwed up. We took the movies to the DVD place but didn't get much on those. There was a thrift store next door to it and we just dumped off the movies that they didn't take because no one would take them, they weren't selling in the garage sale and we need less stuff. So that's two more boxes that were gone. I'm sure over the year's we've made lots of people happy that find stuff at the thrift shops that we've given. So it was a profitable day for me.

We ate a Longhorn and had some of the new stuff there. We were amazed by the new stuffed mushrooms and I had the squash again. So good. We have't found any home made ones that are as good as Longhorn's. Chris also bought a new pair of purple ear buds. They work and we'll be able to use those to talk while playing Forza. Speaking of Froza, I got some funny pics to share.

I managed to pause when these chickens were flying away. I love that they look like they are floating. So cute.

The closest thing in the game to Bruce and Fear. There are no Toyota Tacomas. Or many Toyotas really because they were jerk and pulled most of their cars from the game. There is this thing called the Arctic. Is that even a real truck? Never heard of it. But Chris got one to represent Bruce. And I got my two door Jeep. I need to learn to use the art program. It's hard as it's shape manipulations. I might be able to make a simplified version of my Fear hood but it won't be as good as the real deal. I wish you could just upload images to this game and use them on cars.

jokerforever, I found this comic and thought of you. I Love this.

Can you imagine of Ronald and Joker really were brothers? That's such a great idea. A good clown and a bad clown. I like Ronald. Always have but well I think I have to side with Joker if that were a story.

In gaming news I'm very glad the game Fallout 76 is doing so badly. Chris and I watched the announcement about it on E3 and when they said it would still be a single player game we never believed the guy. Sure enough as release date got closer it was confirmed it was online only. Sorry be we refused to be forced to socialize so they lost us right there just for that and I'm sure lots of other people. But the problems didn't stop there. The game has tons of glitches that weren't known from the last game and never fixed. They've totally ignored the story's time line. That was the reason we gave up on Star Trek. To us it's TNG - Voyager. The new stuff is garbage liked only by idiots.And on top of that they don't allow returns on their games. There's a video going around about a black customer that trashed a Game stop when he could not return the game. It's not game stop's fault and though what he did was totally wrong it's also funny because it shows how pissed all the fans are. If he used that energy to go after Bethesda for what they are doing that would be great. But seems they are under a class action lawsuit now for this very reason of not allowing returns. The fact they out right lied to the fans is technically fraud. You say you have a product that does one thing but sell one that does something totally different and is defective. Yes that's ripping off the customer. I'm glad I didn't buy it but then Chris and I just have that intuition. But it boggles my mind why this even happened when Bethesda has always been a great company that has heeded its fans. I guess they finally got greedy like Nickelodeon did with SpongeBob and have ruined the one good thing they had going. Killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. This makes me afraid that I can't trust them on future games like Elder Scrolls because they'll just mess it up again. This was a company I stood behind but now after this, I'm glad they're getting so much flack.

I have been re-writing my notes on Triangulum. One reason is because as you guys know ex partner gammara was never on board though she asked me to be. Those lose ends have long since been fixed but seeing the old notes an updated log is needed. Not only that Chris and I have added A LOT of awesome new material. I'm proud this story has never skipped a beat but then I've been working on it alone with only Chris's help from the start. So I will be posting a lot about this game concept and well you saw the art from yesterday. I'm loving this and would be great to see this as a real game one day. An example of one of the major changes is no more Gord. Including him before was a hard thing that never made any sense. The bad part is that his story was important. But it needs to be scrapped because this screws up the timeline majorly and why is an Earthling in the Triangulum? Hard enough getting George out there but his story made sense. Gord's was a stretch of the imagination. There really are no humans in this game. So Gord will have to be replaced, like the other characters were, by some new alien I have to make up with the same vendetta against Fear. Gord's story on Earth takes place AFTER Triangulum Resistance as does Schuyler's who I am toying with adding to the Gord story line. But I'm getting off topic. So yes changes like that that will keep the story believable and intelligent. Poor Gord has had a hard time from the start figuring out where he belongs on my story, but he'll always be a villain that thinks he's a good guy. His story is almost hammered out now.
27 November 2018 @ 04:19 pm
At last I have finished this drawing. I drew this last year but only now am I finally finishing it in color. So this is the scene from the Triangulum Resistance story. If you have not read it please do so and comment HERE

So this is the scene after Fear is beaten by the aliens. George kills them all and carries his fallen comrade out of the area. It was a heist gone wrong and the only reason they went in there was because they needed the special fuel for their star ship the Rising Star. What a long way it's come from the pic I posted where Fear wasn't even colored. I am thrilled with this because at last the scene from my story is made real. That third floor catwalk was where the fuel was. Where Fear was ambushed and he was thrown back down to the second floor. Luckily he didn't land in the vats. I love how the acid turned out. It was fun working with all those greens and giving everything including the guys a green glow. The pics I upload aren't even full size. Fear is so messed up but you can't see some of the details in this smaller version like you can on the PSD. George is evil but he has honor and loyalty. He cares about those he works with and those that are on his side.

Well now for some crappy news. This year seems to have been bad for celebrities. I'm sure most of you know about Stan Lee the creator of Spiderman passing away a few days ago. I only just found out that Stephen Hillenburg the creator of SpongeBob passed away today. Oddly enough I was talking to someone through email about SpongeBob and he sent me a link to a blogger. When I went there I found the news and was shocked. I've been on a SpongeBob kick lately reliving the 00's. Chris and I are about half way through season 1 and we only care for the first three seasons which were the Hillenburg era. When he left the show the episodes became terrible. The show is now dead to me as without him they can't ever bring it back to be as good as it was. They really should just end it. Lots of people have been calling for a final episode. Ok here's how to make a great final episode. Just give the show the ultimate Happy Ending. Mr. Krabs retires after having made loads of money from the Krusty Krab. He marries Ms. Puff and they live happyily together. He let's Plankton have the formula and Plankton finally starts a good restaurant of his own. SpongeBob finally passes his driving test and becomes CEO of a chain of restaurants. Patrick gets hit in the head and becomes smart so he goes back to community college to finish that. Sandy moves back to Texas. And Squidward finally becomes a good and famous Clarinet player. There are no hard feelings, they have a final farewell party and they all go their separate ways happily. The End!
23 November 2018 @ 08:23 am
Late Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you had a good one. Mine was great. We had Wed off and mostly worked around the house a bit. Had some errands to run like going to the bank and the post office. Glad those are out of the way now. But the coolest thing was we took advantage of the early Black Friday sales and Chris bought me an Xbox 1 X. We set it up but had a problem that there was no sound. It worked on the head sets but not on the TV. Chris finally found a video that explained how to fix it. You'd think it would be a setting under audio but it's not. It's a setting under Video. How dumb is that? For some reason in video the sound to the HDMI cable is turned off. And the HDMI that comes with the Xbox is not powerful enough to handle 4K. WTF? Why sell a 4K system if it doesn't come with the right parts. Luckily cables aren't that expensive so I'll get a nice one later for it. Chris bought a bunch of them for his system a few months back so I want a pretty green one for my Xbox. I may buy some back up HDMI's. I need one for travel too s it would be nice to have a nice yellow or red so I can see it easily in my black bag instead of everything being black. I used to love black electronics. Not a fan of it anymore. They are too hard to find in the dark and everything being black you can't see anything.

So yesterday was Thanksgiving. I set out my cute inflatable turkey. Finally I had room for it this year. Here is a video.


I don't know if we can meet the goal of having gotten rid of all my mom's junk before the new year but we have a little over a month to do that. We also watched the Presidential Turkey Pardon. I love that tradition. It was started by Abraham Lincoln.


Though I'm not a fan of texting I do enjoy sending holiday greetings to the few friends and family I have on my phone. Chris and I spent the morning sending Happy Thanksgiving and cute icons to everyone. I keep in touch with some of the raptor pack this way too. It's fun to send a photo about pets and plants and art.

It's interesting how the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, has gotten so big over the recent years and changed so much. It's always been a big shopping day because many popular items are majorly discounted. But it's spawned things like Cyber Monday and Early Black Friday which I do and don't like. I remember that for Thanksgiving if you didn't buy food and supplies you were out of luck because nothing was open on Thanksgiving. I think it's good the whole nation took off to give thanks and relax. Same thing with Easter. It was total shut down. But now stores are opening early in the evening to get in some last minute sales before the official Black Friday. I don't want to be anywhere near stores today. But we did take advantage of that. Chris bought me the Xbox but I had no games so we went to Gamestop to get me my own copy of Forza Horizon 4. There was already a big line. I had to go back to the car. I didn't want to wait, I was tired and low energy despite having fun. Also too many smelly nerds. Chris toughed it out and got the last copy in the store. What luck. That was too close. So it worked for us but, it still seems wrong since it's supposed to be Friday when the sales happen so that game is gone for the shoppers today. Well I am happy with the deals we got. There are a few more things I wish we could have gotten but we can't afford it even at sale prices. So we're done.

We spent the rest of the day gaming. We had a blast. One of the funniest thing was I crashed and my car went flying over the tunnel for so many yards. I was launched. I had a corvette that was Lightning McQueen so it looked funny. If only the Xbox recorded better like the PS4. PS4 is always recording and if something happens you can save the last fifteen minutes of footage. The Xbox only records forwards so when you press the button it records what happens next. I hate that because you don't know what will happen next. You want to record what Happened most of the time not what will happen. So we don't have a copy of that unfortunately.

I hope today I make progress on the George and Fear drawing. I've been so busy with gaming and last month's vacation really messed up my time. I have no finished this month's Bullet journal which means I'm now behind on December. I'm not happy about this. I hope I can make something in time for this month.

So on that note I'm thinking about Chritmas cards but I have NO ideas. I'd like to feature Fear this year, but any of my other guys will do also. So PLEASE comment. I'm open to ideas. Fear, George, Schuyler. Hum, maybe even Gord ha that would be an ugly Christmas card. But I would like it to be Fear this year.
19 November 2018 @ 10:05 am
So in our free time Chris and I have been busy gaming. I mostly want to talk about Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox 1. I love this game and there are very few things I don't like so I'll get those out of the way first. The menu system sucks. Everything is buried and confusing. It's as bad as the layout for the Xbox dashboard. I wish they would quit making things look like cellphones. PS4 is better that way. Easy menus. I hate finding my cars, my points and other things in this game. I hate that when you pick a GPS point your car is facing the wrong way 95% of the time. The wheel spin. This is a love hate thing. The concept of winning cars and money slot machine style is great except that's not the only thing on the spins. There are also car horns, dance moves called emots and clothes. It's so annoying to "win" pink shoes when you wanted a Ferrari, or clown dancing moves when you could have had 250,000 bucks. I also hate that you can't use the money you have to buy clothes or horns. All characters start with jeans and a T-shirt. But you can't buy specific clothes you want. You have to win them in a wheel spin. So if you have characters like mine that have specific outfits good luck getting any part of the suit you want let alone the whole suit. I'm playing Schuyler so I actually want a black top hat. No luck on that yet, but I did end up with a silver top hat. I'm using it but it irks me that it's wrong. And last complaint is ugly males. You guys know I prefer male characters but since they are pre-made you are stuck with what the game gives you. This is the first game where all the males are ugly and I haven't liked any of them so I've been using females that kind of look like my guys. Schuyler is a girl. The only two guys I chose were Solan and Ophidius and only Solan kinda looks like himself. Oh there is a fake plastic mustache you can win but for Ophidius I've been having the opposite luck and winning cars and money and not ugly clothes for him. Of course that's how this stupid stuff works. I wish I could give cars away too. I got spoiled by Dragon's Dogma where you could give away weapons and armors so Chris and I were trading back and forth. There is an "auction" but you can't sell a car for a dollar on there. The game gives you a set minimum and maximum price so I don't care about that too. But worse than that is that you sell the cars to other gamers. There should be a computer vendor that buys back the cars like every other game with a market system. So selling cars is not something I will do much of.

So those are the things I don't like about the game. I do have way more pros than cons for it. I love you can drive anywhere. I love the variety of cars though not many Toyotas. That's not the game's fault. That's Toyota being jerks and having pulled out permission to use their cars. I think there are only three Toyotas in the game and none I had ever heard of. So no Tacoma or Tundra or Supra. Really stupid. You'd think they'd want the advertisement. I love that you can paint the cars and the missions and races are fun. There are also stunt jumps which are fun and point billboards you have to find and smash. And I LOVE that your avatar appears in the game when you win. I'm glad I updated all my accounts. You can make your own art in the game but it's done by putting shapes on top of each other. I think it will be really hard to make quality art like I do normally. I'm amazed people can make things on such a hard program. I don't know if you can save a project and then keep working on it or if you have to finish in one go. That would suck and I fear that may be the case. Of course I want to recreate my own jeep and have Fear on the hood but that will be super hard for me if not impossible. So I found someone made a perfect JP Jeep and have been using that. I do want to make a Bullet car with cartoon Bullet as the empress. Any suggestions on what car should be the Bullet car? That's if I can even make her, but budgies should be easier shapes to make.

Here's the JP Jeep. I tried to make this photo look like the cliff called Top of the World in Utah. Do a google search for that. It's an amazing scary place to park your jeep. Oh this game takes place in England btw. Another great feature about it is it has changing seasons that last seven days. I hate winter. We were counting down the days. The only good thing about it is the frozen lake you can drive across. The only time of year that's a short cut because it's a huge lake. Right now the game is in Spring and I'm LOVING the colorful flower fields. But here's mud everywhere. Summer will be the best driving season. Dry and green. And Fall is my fave for the leaves and it's fairly dry too with little rain.

This is Chris's Ram truck. He found a Jurassic World color for it. The dinosaur isn't as good as the jeep but well I understand this is a hard program to make complex shapes with so I'm not too critical. You can still tell what it is.

More picsCollapse )
15 November 2018 @ 09:32 am
So I have been very busy lately. Chris and I had a day off yesterday and we spent it mostly gaming. I'm playing two games right now. Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox 1. I had some problems with the xbox because when the Xbox 1 came out they changed things on how you log in. It used to be you could log in with just your user name and password. That's how it was for every thing. But now they made it so that you have to log in with your email. There's no option for user name. That's really stupid and though I write down all my info I didn't write what emails went with what accounts. So my older accounts were lost for years. I finally had to go through all my emails and request passwords and then log in and find out what account that was. It took forever but last night I had everything but one account back. As a last resort I had to get my old xbox 360 out of storage since it still had my old accounts logged in and I found out what my email was for my last account. I finally got that one back this morning. I'm so happy. And then began the whole gamer pic change.

The old Xbox 360 forced you to have gamer pics of those cartoony characters. I always hated that. Luckily this is one good thing about the new xbox. You can upload your own pics which means my custom art. I'll get to why that's so cool in a bit. But the problem was that they want you to upload pics in

1080 x 1080

I have premade icons and all are 100 x 100 because of LJ and that's the size most sites take. But since Xbox 1 is such high definition it needs a bigger higher quality file. That's huge! So I had to remake all my stuff. Luckily I always keep my photoshop files which are huge just for reasons like this. You'll never know when you need full size images. Unfortunately I only have stuff on my computer as far back as 2013. I made pics for all my accounts except Owen. His best pics are actually my really old pics. The ones I use here on LJ. Though I do have the photoshop documents for those they are on CD's SOME WHERE. So for him I had to blow up a small image and it looks bad. Everyone else has nice new icons. This means I need to make some nice new drawings of Owen and get him up to date. Luckily I had new awesome pic of Thag from No Hard Feelings. So that fiasco is almost done.

The cool thing about Xbox is not only can you have custom art, in the newer games your art appears in the games. I'm loving every time I win a race in FH4 that my drawing of Scary Fear is there. For Chris it's my drawing of Malidicus attacking George. I will never get sick of that. It amuses me to no end. I also love that you can pic your color for your account. So of course for Fear I have turquoise and the background is turquoise and the highlight and spinning load images are turquoise. For Chris they are green and all the other characters they are appropriately color coded. Love it! But that's about all that's good I can say about the Xbox. I totally hate their interface. Everything is so buried in menus and makes no sense. Things are so hard to find and settings are very hard to change. PS4 has way better interface. Very minimal, BUT they are jerks and don't allow customization. You can put your art up for your background which is nice but you can't upload custom user pics. You have to use the boring ones they offer so no one is unique on PS4.

Tonight will be a cold night in the 40's so I need to bring in all my lowland plants. I hate this time of year for having plants go in and out. I put in an order for a new LED grow light. I hope it will work out and be better than changing flourecent lights once a year. I'm still going to need flourecent because these are purple, blue and red lights so things will look terrible. But they are full spectrum and many of my plant growing friends on youtube have recommended these. I'm upset though because yesterday I lost a rare plant. My truncata F alba died. I noticed it was wilting and turning brown. It also had scale. I treated it, and did my best but could not save it. Very upset as not only was it a rare plant but an expensive plant. Also it was last year's Christmas gift from Chris that was quite a struggle to get from vendors. I have no idea what happened as all the other truncatas in the same conditions are thriving and doing well.

I'll stop here for now. Got to get to work. I'll edit if I left anything out.
12 November 2018 @ 10:47 am
I'm very happy that Chris found a song for me that fits Gord perfectly. Lyrically it's almost perfect but the song had to grow on me. It's Metallica's Frayed Ends of Sanity. I love that it mentions Fear and even that he has wings. So cool. But one line says it's a she. Bugs me a bit but well, he takes the form of whatever his victim fears so this singer is afraid of a female entity. Though it does fit Gord so well being a lonely needy extrovert as well. Here's the lyrics video.


Time to share those awesome Fear photos from our trip. You get to see Fear's silly side in these pics. He's not always evil and scary. He does know how to have fun.

Fear creeps around through the woods.

"Hum, I could hide under there and scare someone."

Fear's photo shootCollapse )

Yeah some of these were just so fun to do. I can't wait to make more progress on this costume and do another filming and photo shoot.
10 November 2018 @ 02:12 pm
Day two was a day to do whatever. We decided to go back to Burt's Pumpkin Patch. What's funny is that the point was to bring the Scary Fear plush for photo ops, but we forgot him again like we forgot him the first time. Oh man! Well you know at that point in the parking lot I realized I DON'T like the new plush at all. He's poorly made and I've been calling him "Another pretender to the throne". So he was boxed and thrown in the back of the jeep for the rest of the trip. No travel buddy this time around sadly. But we got a second chance to take videos and photos.

They had rows of this mini Indian corn for sale. I didn't buy any but I loved the purple colors of this group. Third from the Left if my fave.

We drove to the Burnt Mountain over looks. Still not fully Fall. Lots of green. We LOVE that pointy mountain. I wonder what it's called and if you can get up there hiking or driving?

More mountains and FearCollapse )
10 November 2018 @ 10:33 am
Ok got some pics to share finally. I need to get all my days into a post as well as make videos. So I got ready the day before which was Oct 27. I had ordered a new cage skirt for Bullet's travel cage. It was a bit expensive but worth it in the end. I tested it out and it fit perfectly. I put Bullet on top of it for her approval.

I love the blue color and it had little bird and moth swirls on it.

Bullet actually looked at it. That was great. I've only had one other bird that understood what the command "Look" means. That was my blue and gold macaw Joel. I used to say to him, "Look!" and he would look where I was pointing. Most birds stupidly look at your hand when you do that. Joel actually learned to say "Look!" and used it when he wanted me to see something. So I knew he knew what it meant. That's a complex cognitive function for an animal because in means they have to understand the thoughts of someone other than themselves.

So we left on Oct 28th. An 8 hour drive but much longer than that with all the stops we made. We stopped every two hours to stretch our legs and walk around. I wanted to drive through Atlanta because despite my phobia I actually handle low speeds very well because if traffic stops it gives me a chance to breath and think. I'm not in a hurry so I don't get mad about not getting anywhere. The only thing that was stressful about this was I didn't know what lane to be in front the start. If I know which one it is so I don't have to change then this would be very easy for me. I did have to change a few times because I don't know this city. We made it though and I think I drove another half hour after that then traded places with Chris. We stopped at a Longhorn and had a yummy meal. This is where I discovered spaghetti squash. They were offering it as a side dish and since it's the Fall I said why not? Try something new. I didn't like it at first but after stiring it up all the sweet stuff was at the bottom and I really liked it at that point. So we made it to our aunt's house in Georgia and by then it was night time. So we didn't do much else but unpack.

Oct 29th. Chris's birthday. We decided to go check out Burt's Pumpkin patch which is something we've wanted to do for years now.

It was beautiful. One of the owners told us this was nothing with how many pumpkins they had in September. With Halloween only a few days away I hadn't thought that yeah probably most pumpkins would be sold out or the best ones were gone. It's not a pick the pumpkin from the vine farm but still I was thrilled to see so many pumpkins, Indian corn and other Fall related things. Also we were starting to see some of the leaves change colors. And this cold air was a bit new to us. Luckily I had bought us all new winter clothes though we still hadn't figured out what jackets went with what to make us feel warm.

Fall picsCollapse )

So that was the end of our first day. Chris had an amazing birthday. He loved it. I'm so happy I could put this trip together as his birthday gift.
05 November 2018 @ 09:47 pm
I spent most of today editing this. I'm quite proud of it. So the only thing missing is his eyebrows and his claws. I'll work on those next. I will be getting his wings eventually and that will be the icing on the cake.


It's too bad I couldn't find a metal song to go with this instead but this piece is good enough. I loved the name so I named the whole piece after it. Forest of Fear was appropriate. Though Fear is just as at home in a big city as in nature I wanted this to have the feeling of being far from everything modern.
05 November 2018 @ 08:59 am
Ok I have some major catching up to do post wise. The last post was the morning of the 31st. We had a long drive of four hours. I hate passing through that section of South Carolina. Even though it's few miles it's longer hours because South Carolina as slower speed limits than Georgia and North Carolina. Plus they've got a long stretch of nasty construction that's been going on for over a year. Chris and I were taking turns but I ended up driving through the worst of it. Fear got the best of me and we had to pull over and get me food. I love him but sometime's he's a bastard. We ate at a Bojangles. We like those because we don't have them in Florida. Also they carry these yummy fancy coffee creamers that Chris loves. They come in different flavors like hazelnut, French vanilla, mint etc. We arrived in North Carolina around 1:30 which wasn't bad with all the stops we did. I'm glad we took turns because Chris wasn't too tired.

We arrived at actipton80's house and I gave her a long pumpkin as a gift. It was funny because her mom liked it so much she took it. It's a breed called Pink Banana Pumpkin.
Scientific name is Cucubrita maxima which is the same as jack o lantern pumpkins. So it's just a different breed. Most Halloween pumpkins are either C. maxima or C. pepo. I also gave her a rooted cutting of Nepenthes x. ventrata. I hope it will acclimate and do well in her climate. The poor plant had a rough trip over being in a plastic cup so long. Once we got settled in we took Actipton out to Starbucks. I wanted her to try the purple dragonfruit drink that I love so much. I'm glad she liked it. We let the budgies play together. Bullet was feeling pretty good and even flew to their cage once. That night I dressed up as Fear and posed for pictures. It was a fun Halloween.

November 1st. We got ready and went out to Crowders Mountain Park. It wasn't too far away. About a 40 minute drive. It was nice and I liked the nice display they had at the visitor's center. The trail we chose was hard. We had no idea it would be climbing over boulders so we did not make it to the top of the mountain. We only made it half way. I wasn't disappointed though. I enjoyed the scenery and all the cool leaves we saw. We found a few little creeks too that were making the babbling brook sound that I love so much. So we went back home after that. It's too bad we didn't have time to do everything. I had brought some movies to watch but this time we didn't have time.

November 2nd. We left early and headed back to Georgia. The drive on I85 south is always easier through South Carolina than the drive north. I don't know why but I did notice that. One thing we did was we stopped at the Peachoid. I had seen that peach shaped water tower last year so I had to stop there this year because who knows when you'll get another chance. It's like The World's Largest Peanut Monument in Georgia we stopped at last year. I'm so glad we did because one of the hurricanes knocked it over. It was so sad. I hope they fix it. Anyway I had the great idea to dress up as Fear and have some pics taken as well as some video. Quick side note. Flickr has been bought out by Smug Mug. Never even heard of that site. Sounds stupid. Well the changes will be forced on us next year and those with free accounts are getting screwed. If you have over 1000 pics you'll lose all of them but the latest ones and if you hit the limit you'll be stuck and not be able to upload. You'll lose the free 1 TB Flickr offers. That's really screwed up and those that have been here from the start should be grandfathered in. I'm hesitant to put up pics now. Why should I bother. So it may be a while before I post any until I can figure out where to host them. I do have my own website of course, but that's not so great because I don't have time to make a photo gallery. The pics would just be dumped there to be hosted here. So I haven't figured that out yet. I don't want to do DA because DA doesn't allow private folders like flickr did. I'll figure something out but I have to do something about moving the old pics. My old posts here will end up with broken links which will suck and other websites use my pics and tutorial folders. So it will be a bit before I post these vacation pics.

We finally got to Georgia but my uncle forgot to unlock the door for us. We were stuck out in the cold for an hour or so. We took advantage to film more Fear videos but it really sucked. We were very tired after that. I brought up the idea to go home a day early because Chris's boss always makes him work extra after a vacation. Not complaining but it is kind of like pay back for taking a week off since Chris is the best employee. I didn't want him to be exhausted then have to work right away. Plus we were both pretty home sick at that point and going into game conniptions since we hadn't been able to play our games we had just started.

Nov 3. That morning we had a final breakfast with our aunt and uncle and loaded up the jeep. That was a long drive. The longest part of the trip. We took lots of turns driving almost every two hours. It got dark on me so Chris had to drive the last hour home. I just can't see at night even with the awesome headlights I have. We got home around 8:30 pm. We were sooooo glad we came home a day early.

Nov 4. A day to do nothing. And it was a low energy day for me. Also it was another anniversary. 22 year 9 months. Chris FINALLY started Red Dead Redemption 2. That's pretty much all we did all day. I watched him play and really enjoyed it. It's a prequel to RDR so it was cool to hear familiar names that we know what will happen to them in the future. You play as the outlaw Arthur Morgan. Unlike John Marston from the original game Arthur is a total S type. Personality wise he's so much like George that I'm very much enjoying the game. He kind of sounds like him and there are a few suits that kind of look like George's. He questions things but always follows orders. He's loyal to his boss and he's very experienced having been with the gang since he was a boy. One mission's dialog really made me think of George. A guy's cart broke down and his horse escaped. The girls riding in Arthur's cart told him to go help. So he did. The guy was very thankful and Arthur didn't like that. He told the guy he only did it because the girls asked him to. The guy didn't care why he did it he was just glad he did. The girls then told him he had a heart even if it was a small one. Arthur told them if they hadn't been with him he'd have robbed the guy and one of them replied, "But you didn't." Yeah that really reminds me of George. He's an evil cowboy demon but sometimes he does good things though he's reluctant to and then feels bad about it as it goes against his nature. I'd say George is 90% evil 10% good. Fear on the other hand is more like 70% evil 30 % good maybe 60/40. He's way more unpredictable.

So today I'm feeling better. I hope to unpack and work on some art. Maybe. I still feel a bit sluggish. But I'm very motivated to work on the drawing of George rescuing Fear. It still needs an official name. I really need to work on my Bullet Journal too since it's late into the first week of November now and it's nowhere near finished. I got behind because of the vacation and wish I had brought my color pencils and pens with me.
22 October 2018 @ 10:42 pm
Today's been a productive day. I went to the bank to make a deposite. But I had to go all the way to Tampa's main branch because I had a bunch of dollar coins. The bank in my area won't take coins of any kind which is annoying. But they weren't too happy either since these dollars don't have rolls you can put them in. When I left I could still hear them sorting all the coins. Well not my problem anymore. They are legal US currency so they have to take it. I guess they'll probably send those to the government to be reused and made into new coins. I also went to the post office. jokerforever I sent you a birthday gift. They said it should arrive Thrusday so be on the look out for that.

Bullet is doing great today. She was all tight feathered and flapping her wings. Her crop was full of seeds. I was so happy about that. I hope she'll be in the best of health for the trip.

I put up four Jurassic Park posters in my room today. It looks way better. I haven't had these out since I lived in my last childhood home. I've got a few big tubes full of posters I need to go through. This house is smaller so I need to pick the best of the best to display.

The birthday dinner went well yesterday. Chris was totally surprised. I had told his mom he wanted Forza Horizon 4 for the Xbox. I was glad she was able to get that. I showed them my Bullet Journal and they really liked it. We had a very nice time.

The game is really fun. I've watched Chris play a few times. I might play this. I made a new Xbox account today. I made one for Scary Fear. I prefer PS4 but one thing he Xbox does better is it lets you upload your own icons. So I added my drawing of Gallemotch to that account and I added the default Scary Fear icon. Xbox wants you to have art that's 1080x1080, I hadn't expected to open photoshop today but I made those and it looks great. Plus it was nice to pick a background color for each of them. I might use my Scary Fear account as my main Xbox account. I don't know. We'll see.

So that's been about it for now. Hopefully no more driving this week. I'm so tired when I get home. I need the rest of the week to get ready. Don't know if I can get my mask done in time. Mostly for the eyebrows. I may try to add the dendrites since they are ready. Sigh I still need a ninja mask. Can't afford it at the moment. Oh and if you haven't thumbsed up stuff on my Amazon profile please do. I've already gone up the ranks again into the 290k's. Woo hoo!
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