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14 June 2019 @ 06:54 pm
So things are finally getting back to normal here after Peregrine left. I've started training Nautica to do tricks. I've never trick trained any bird so this will be a first. I am finding that doing so causes our bond to strengthen and she's learning to associate her little perch with good things. When I pick it up to clean the table she gets all excited. This is good. So she has mastered the command "Turn Around". We are now working on "Hang" and "Flip". Hang is her hanging upside down from the perch. Flip is an extension of Hang where she will come back up the other side of the perch. So far she sort of gets Hang and can do about a 270 degree flip but hasn't figured out how to come back up. Here is a short video of her doing Turn Around.


I'm also trying to catch up on driving compilations. This is the one for Feb 2019 so I'm finally in this year. I'm very happy with the editing on this one.


Chris and I love watching dashcam and crash videos. I've noticed I'm relying less on text and visual effects like adding little traffic lights and arrows in this. The reason is we both are now better at anticipating what will happen and turning our radios down and narrating. That way if we say "Red light runner" I don't have to put a little red light to make things easier to see like before. Of course we can't always do that but it helps and that's less background music I have to find which is becoming very hard without having to use the same pieces over and over again. Dashcam Australia is still our fave though and then trying to find decent ones of stuff from US and Canada.

The other day yahoo finally got me. I have been avoiding the update to the email. I hate the new inbox. I kept saying No for months and blocking the pop ups with ad blockers and such. But they finally got me where they didn't even give me a choice. I guess they figured out how I was holding out and that I knew how to switch back to the old style. That's gone. Sucks but I'm proud of how long I resisted.

I miss doing art but still can't because I don't have a scanner. I'm also getting really sick of the "art collection" I have amassed over the decades as a traditional artist first. I wish I could draw 100% digital but I'm starting to think that I need to make good scans, keep the good digital in work and crazy enough just throw out the paper version. I'm quite happy with how I've gotten junk out of my life. I don't consider my art junk. I'm my biggest fan after all, but it's eating up my space and really in the end I'm a digital artist. I don't know. It's something I need to think about. Not sure how to go about it. Once I know I have several back ups perhaps do an end of the year toss out? I don't know.
10 June 2019 @ 09:44 am
I'm back. Sorry to disappear for several days but I had a very fun week since Peregrine visited me. Before I get to that want to show the final touches that were made to the Jurassic Park bathroom.

I got the decal for the mirror and it's perfect. Hardest thing was lining it up. I don't see why the other two companies I tried to commission failed at something so simple, but at least this person that did it did a great job.

Sauropod toilet paper dispenser. This is not his permanent place but I put him on the sink for this photo op. He's made of iron and front heavy. I'm going to have to add a weight to his tail because he tips over when you pull on the paper. He's on the floor in front of the toilet. I also put him on a Styrofoam pad because I didn't want him to stain the tiles. I think he fits in well with the JP theme.

Jeep, Art and stuffCollapse )

So we had a very fun time.

Then yesterday, Sunday was another day off. Chris and I had a good time. We were both beat for different reasons. Though I enjoyed the company even positive socializing takes it out of me as an introvert. Plus all the crazy driving I did. We spent the first half of the day dead on the couch just watching videos about Myers Briggs. We found a cool new channel to watch called NT Support. We finally went out for lunch. We went to Earth Fare and I bought some sesame and chia seeds as treats for Nautica and Minion. I want to start officially trying to train them to do tricks. Easy cute stuff like spin on the perch and flip around. We ate at Longhorn after that and bought some cool heirloom tomatoes at Earth Fare. That night we watched Gremlins 2 and that was so fun. I like that one better than Gremlins 1.

So yes I have been busy. I'm so tired still. Today if I have energy I need to clean up my room and try to get back into the swing of things. I need to have Alex look at my computer because it's having issues where it shuts down. It's new. This should not be happening. I hope nothing major has to be done to it. It's been a pain installing all my programs.
02 June 2019 @ 12:16 pm
Hey everyone. Happy June and happy summer. It sure is hot already. Hurricane season has officially started for us now. Starts on June 1st. Well Chris and I have been busy working on the house and mostly I have been working on the Jurassic bathroom. It's basically done now so I want to share the before and after photos.

Boring ugly door. This has not changed. It will eventually so no bathroom sign on it yet. I have to have that laminated anyway. And on the back there will be a T-rex so when you wash your hands with the doors closed looks like he's coming through the door like in the movie. But that won't happen til I save up for a new door. All the doors in the house need to be replaced because they look like this and suck. This is the smallest one being 24 inches wide. The rest I think are 30 inches.

And with the door opened. This is how it looked before. Old toilet. I'm so glad we replaced the toilets. It's so much nicer.

All wallpapered up. The sink was fixed so the leak stopped. Minimal damage to the cabinet so I think I won't buy a new one. I just have to change the faucet. Love this wall paper though being peel and stick it doesn't stay well and I had to buy regular wall paper glue to hold it all in place. It's starting to look like the JP outhouse now.

This is the look we're going for.

More JP bathroom picsCollapse )

So that's just some of what's been going on. Oh also bathroom cabinet pulls will be changed out for green bubble knobs. I'll have to patch the second hole. I think I can do that. So next will be the guest bath which might take a very long time as it will be my first paint job of a mural. And once I get used to how to do that start on the first wall in the master bedroom with the JP theme. Just a few minor details to go like toilet dispenser so the paper isn't also on the sink. Can't wait to be done with this.
29 May 2019 @ 07:53 am
I'm still here. I've been having a very good time. Trying to get the house fixed up before Peregrine's visit. The Jurassic Park bathroom is almost done. I got all the wallpaper up finally and it looks cool. Got the T rex shadow shower curtain up. Only a few things left like get the text decal for the mirror that will say

Objects In The Mirror Are
Closer Than They Appear.

I have a very annoying story about trying to place this simple order. I had two stores on Etsy that had good reviews. I wrote to Store A and asked the guy if he could do this with the text alignment like THIS. Notice the bottom line is wider. I wanted it all caps in Arial font 21 inches wide 6 inches tall. He sent me back a sample but the bottom line was the same spacing at the top. They're not supposed to be even. I asked a few more questions never heard back. So I wrote to Store B and asked for a price and the same thing. Oh and color white. Didn't hear back til the next morning. Every time I asked a question I heard nothing back til the next morning. Slow communication is better than no communication but still annoying. And then they vanished on me. I don't have time for this. So Store C seemed competent. They were good and I have officially hired them and been working with them. This time I drew my own sample in photoshop and told them to make it exactly as in the pic and told them about the issue with row 2. I think this will work out. Stores A and B finally contact me. I had to tell them, "Sorry I hired someone else."

I got the bathroom sign. It's very nice.

But I need a new door first. That will be a long time. I don't have the money for that and will have to hire someone to install it as that's not something we can do. I want a decal of a T-rex busting through the door for the back. I'll probably have to have that custom made and draw it myself. I hope that the place that does my car wrap can do it. And I want to get a little sauropod toilet paper holder. I think those details will make the bathroom very nice. One more pic that's a sample of what's going on. I'll show full pics once I get most of this other stuff done.

Chris helped me put the shelf back over my art table so that's going well. My computer room is almost done. I did go to the bird show last Sunday and it was great! I got almost everything I was after. I picked up all the cages I needed. I had to replace almost all the old ones. I got toys and supplies. And I picked up a new budgie. Got a female English budgie. She's a blue spangled. Cobalt possibly as she's not that pretty sky/budgie blue though. I thought she was the same color as Minion though he's more on the purple side so his color is nicer. Unfortunately she's not doing so great. I have separated them and she is eating very little and has poopy tail. I will have to put her on antibiotics and see if this can't be fixed. I had her in with Minion because I wanted her to learn to eat pellets but for now she needs to be fixed first. Of course she looked fine at the show. I know it could just be stress from the show and being moved around.

I love the size difference. This one is a mate for Budgie Man; Bullet's dad.

Last big piece of news is Mova Globes finally released Uranus. I got mine in yesterday. I think I'm one of the first in the country to own one. It's lovely. I'm proud I played a small role in this becoming a reality as well. It was just wrong to have a missing planet. If you guys want to see my review it is here.

Day off today, I'm looking forward to getting more progress done.
20 May 2019 @ 10:58 am
So lots of changes going on. I'm almost done with wall papering the bathroom. I ran out and there was a big hole that needed to be fixed. We got some drywall yesterday and Chris and I patched it up. I ordered two more rolls from Amazon but only one shipped. They were at a discounted price but only had one. I don't think I can finish with one roll and will probably have to order the last one. But it's looking really cool. Chris has ordered some of the parts for his computer already which I think is great. We can't watch youtube as easily without it now. Sucks using the built in youtube the TV came with because we can't read descriptions or read comments. To find my channel we have to type in "Scary Fear Parrotlet" everytime. I also bought Chris a hand vacuum and he loves it. I found it amusing how he grabbed it and started to use it right away ha ha.

Today I am washing out the bird cages. First time doing that since I got Nautica and Minion. Nautica is in Minion's cage and her cage is out drying in the sun. I washed all her toys. Once it's put back together I'll do the same to Minon's cage. I have a feeling budgies are messier than Parrotlets. We'll see. But the playgym is also on top of his cage so it may be hard to tell. I got them a new wheel but they don't like it as much it seems. Too bad.

My lotus still has not opened. This has been so trying on my patience. It has gotten bigger though and a second bud has surfaced. My Dream of Yaotai lotus has two buds too, but really I'm only waiting for that first one to open already. I also wish some of my big lotuses would make flowers. Space 36 is the second one I got and hasn't made buds yet. Dream of Yaotai is one of the last ones I got and it's making flowers. It's crazy.

Peregrine is visiting me in June again. I'm very happy about that. We're both very excited about it. I ordered a galaxy curtain for my room since there's no door and I hope I can find a way to install it since the door is not centered in the wall. So adding a curtain rod of some sort will be tricky. But we have the coolest house. Up mailbox, Jurassic Park Master bedroom, game room/collection room and my cool little office/art room that's Fear themed. We haven't figured out what we will do yet but I know we're going to Tarpon Springs and also do a drive across the Skyway. I've got some suggestions so I'll come up with an itinerary eventually.

There's a bird show coming up again on the 26th I think I want to go as I need a few more cages still and hope I can get some English budgies finally. My two males need mates and though Minion is supposed to be a mate for Pistol he's too young and I really need her breeding now as she's the most likely and possibly last hope for me to pass on that Lacewing gene. So green or blue English male for her would be great. Adult preferably.

Here are some pics of Minion. Close up of his eyes as they are starting to change into a grey ring. I will miss the cute baby black eyes.

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16 May 2019 @ 09:50 am
I just edited this short video. I'm very happy with how funny it turned out. Amazing how editing always takes way longer than what a video is.


Nautica Body Slams Minion.

So yesterday Chris and I had a nice day off. We got a lot accomplished. We did some yard work and for me I'm about 40% done with wallpapering the bathroom. It's amazing how it's looking so much like Jurassic Park. I will have progress pics soon. But for now no wall is completely done so that's why I haven't done any yet.

I got my disk drive the other day so I have now installed my art tablet. I just need to get a new scanner and I should be back in business with my art.
I'm impatiently awaiting for plants to bloom too. My first lotus is still a bud though it has gotten bigger. And my two A. paeonifolius are still buds too but I think they also have gotten bigger. Gosh hurry up already. Wish these guys would open.
13 May 2019 @ 02:52 pm
Well it has been crazy here in a good way. Since Chris works in the plumbing business he asked one of his plumber friends if he could help us fix stuff that needed lots of work. He came over last Saturday. I had bought two toilets to fix both bathrooms. But only one fit in my jeep. He helped me off load it. Luckily the people at Lowes said it was ok to pick it up later. The plumber helped me get it out of my jeep and put it in the garage. Then we drove to lowes and he loaded the second one on my jeep and I took it home while he picked up some parts for the jobs. He installed the toilets and fixed some problems the previous owner had done "fixing" the bathroom. I hate how the last guy thought he was a handyman but we've just had to fix everything he's screwed up. So we got a new toilet, new shower and valves. The plumber had to cut a hole in the wall but we didn't mind. So long as it fixes it. He installed a panel so in the future we can easily access it if it needs to be repaired. He said it can be painted which is great. I will definitely paint it. I finished the first wall in the master bathroom with the bamboo wallpaper. It is looking great! It will definitely look like Jurassic Park once done. I think the hardest thing now will be replacing the door. But I'm looking forward to painting the door and putting the custom sign I bought for it.

Here is a screen cap of the JP bathroom. It's all bamboo. The door has a sign and two sections of Bamboo.

Here you can see a close up as Donald Genaro shuts the door. What's nice is my bathroom has white tiles like that already so just adding the Bamboo wallpaper will make it look just like this. I can't wait to get that sign.

Ok so next is my couch.

My budgie couch! I got these budgie pillows a few years ago. I had to cover the couch because the fake leather was peeling. I might cut those sheets and make them into custom pillow cases so it will be cleaner and easier to sit on. This also folds out into a small bed for one person. So our house is guest ready.

New Closet and my room on a dark rainy dayCollapse )
I have been wanting to post but just been so busy with everything. Chris and I had a nice time off on Weds. We went and saw Avengers End Game. I don't follow the Marvel stuff. I just know the most popular characters like Spiderman. I knew I wouldn't like this one as much because being the dark personality I am, I was happy with how the last movie ended. The bad guy had won. I knew they'd undo all that in this one. And of course to quote Malcolm, "Boy I hate being right all the time."
Things are going very well here. Chris and I are both working on our room. He installed some cheap black carpet in his room but it looks so good. You wouldn't know it. I bought a bird kabob for Minion since he likes the one Nautica has. But he needed a smaller one for him. And I've been repainting the closet doors finally. I'm half done. It hasn't been easy and annoying unseen issue arose while painting that made this go much slower than it shoudl have. I LOVE the round blue knobs with the bubbles in them. But his one was dumb because the screw didn't go in all the way in the knob. So I had to add a bunch of washers in the back to make it fit. But look what a difference and how pretty this is.

And eventually I plan to paint the closet in blue and white too. I've never been a fan of the wood look. It works only in a few places.

Here's a close up of the new knob. So cute! Everything is budgie blue. I love it.

First lotus budCollapse )
05 May 2019 @ 08:06 pm
Sorry to disappear again. Been so busy with painting the room, the new computer and the new desk. So much new stuff. New birds too. I'm loving them. Here is a video showing all the crazy progress and how nice my little room looks now.


My lotus are doing great. I got two more coming and I think this is the last lotus purchase for the year. The rest in my wish list are not priority at all and the ones I really want are sold out. I won't be able to get those til next year or preorder in the Fall. I'll be getting one called Ultimate thousand petal lotus. Here is a video if you want to see what it looks like. It's a weird one.

We got a new mailbox. You guys know how much I love the movie Up. I had it customized to look like the one that was in Up.


So things are starting to look better around the house. I have ordered the disk drive for my computer so hopefully I can get my tablet installed so I can start making art again. I also still need a scanner.

Nautica and Minion are doing well. Both seem to be eating pellets very well finally. I think she's fully weaned onto them. I bought them a little fountain. I hope they'll learn to use it for bathing in.

Chris is working on his room too. He's got the big project that he wants to carpet the floor with cheap black carpet. He's already started and it looks great but the last half will be hard to do.

So all is going well. Though good things are happening I really hope things settle down for me and I can get back to my normal routine of working on art.
29 April 2019 @ 07:16 am
I'm typing this from my tiny tablet this morning. I miss my awesome computer already. So yesterday Chris came home with lots of energy. The night before I had asked him to help movemy old desk so I could finish the last of the trim on the last two walls. But he wanted to do more. He asked if I wanted to finish the whole room. Paint it blue and set up my new desk on the other wall. YEAH! I hadnt expected that but sure. Well we didn't finish but we got very far. I took down all my posters. We took my new chair out and the birds. Poor birds ended up in the guest bath haha. Chris had to use the other bathroom because of that. We put the old desk, art table and couch in the center of the room and started. We finished the trim. Then I started doing the edge work with the angled brush. Just doing that was amazing. The new color is so beautiful. I will post pics. I just don't have a way to transfer them yet from my phone to the tablet. I need to buy a direct link. But that yucky blook on the art or west wall really showed the difference when I put up blue trim. I sent texts to most of you at that stage. I was so excited. But we had to go to Lowes because I got cheap and bought a super cheap roller at the dollar store that broke right away. So we picked up a new roller and finished most of the walls. We took a break and went to eat at Saigon Cafe. I ordered Pho because I knew the left overs would last me a few days. We came back to finish work. There are some holes in my window though and the bull ants were swarming and were getting it. Of all the nights. I didn't need giant stuck ants in my paint. Chris thinks he found all the holes and filled them in with putty. I don't know if we need a second coat. There's not much paint left. We might. The sun isn't up yet but I'll know once some natural light comes into the room. I just don't want to buy another gallon. If I do need another coat maybe two pints will work. I feel like you waste more paint using a roller but it goes way faster than a brush.

I'm excited too about possibly painting Fear up on the wall hough I don't know how I'm going to do that yet. Too bad I don't know anyone that paints murals so I could get some advice. But ILOOOOOVE the new color. It's gorgeous. My childhood room was this color and this makes me very happy. And I'm excited about a new floor in the future too. Instead of doing boring tiles I was thinking of doing something really cool. Maybe a water floor like the ocean waves or space with planets. I don't know. Any ideas? Why have a normal boring room. It's my house I can make it look like a museum if I want. I'm just open to suggestions is all. I'm thinking of asking the guys that wrapped my car if they do floors. I know they do windows, but wonder if they do floors and if they have anything to protect the art since chairs will be rolling around on it. Well I can't wait to finish. Typing on this tiny keyboard sucks.
25 April 2019 @ 12:50 pm
I've made some progress on my art/computer room. I've started to paint the trim white. The walls will be a bright sky blue. I have picked up a gallon of Valspar's Sea Wave if you want to look that color up. But first I have to finish the trim. One nice thing about his project is I don't care at all about the carpet. So I'm not bothering to lay down newspaper. It's getting paint all over it but the carpet will eventually be replaced with tile or vinyl that looks like tile. If I can't afford the tile then I will get the cheaper vinyl. We went to Ikea. Not fun. We were excited about going until we remembered why we hate that place. It's a rat maze and you're forced to go through all the parts. I guess it makes people do impulse buys and sells more. There's no one around to help and when you do find someone it's like you're bothering them. No one knows about what's on the website even if yous how them on the phone. And other customers are annoying and in the way. BUT we did find my desk. It has a white table top and blue metal legs. It will be so nice. But I can't put it together until I finish with the painting. The worst part is the book shelves and books. There's nowhere to put them at the moment. I'll figure something out. I always do. I've gotten rid of a lot of books, but need to get rid of more still. It would be great if I could condense my collection down to one shelf. I don't know if I can but I will try. I guess I should toss all the text books though I don't want to let some of them go. I don't know. We'll see.

On the pet front, Nautica is driving me insane. She won't wean although she knows how to eat. I've seen her cracking and eating pellets. She ignores other birds eating so having Melville or Minion eat with her only helps sometimes. I found out though that the bowls were too small. She doesn't like that and some progress was made when I put her in Minion's cage and she ate with him in his bigger cat dish. So I will get more cat dishes. But it doesn't always work and I think it has to do with parrotlets not being social like most parrots. Budgies and almost everything else are social eaters. I think this makes things much harder. I think she will be very slow to wean, but I want her on a healthy diet. I don't want her eating seed mixes which I'm sure she would wean to instantly. Learning to eat veggies is not going well either. But so long as I can get her on pellets that will be good. Without her being weaned she can't be trained because she doesn't get the concept of treats and rewards. At least Minion and Melville are weaned on pellets. Other than that she's a great little pet.

I have learned how Lotuses are sold here in the US. Spring is the big sale and shipping time and then there are no more the rest of the year. So I got into this right at the start of the season. And not knowing this some of the types I wanted have sold out all over the nation. I'm not happy. Just three but I really wanted

Chinese Red Beijing - large
Real Beauty - micro
Big versicolor - large

I keep checking. I don't know maybe one will come back, but they only sell the tubers when they are dormant and things are coming out of dormancy now. I did pick up some good ones for this first year though. My little collection is quite nice. But these would have been great to have. Especially Chinese Red Beijing.

So that's what's been going on. I'll be posting pics of my room slowly. I really need to get the projector too because I want to draw Fear overlooking the city on the wall over my desk.
23 April 2019 @ 12:34 pm
Just posting this list so I have easy access to it from any computer.
Lotus and Carnivorous Plant Wishlist

This is currently my favorite shop. Awesome prices, awesome customer service. You guys know how hard it is to win me over and these guys did it fast which is unheard of. I'm also posting a list for myself so I can cross stuff off. I'm trying to get at least one of every color lotus. I really want the Empress lotus but all stores are sold out of it. Such bad luck.


White: First Fall
Pink: Misty Rain
Red: Real beauty
Yellow: Little Green Lotus
Versi: Dream of Yaotai


White: Song of Moon
Pink: Purple Fairy 2
Red: Chu Chu
Yellow: Snow white fragrant sea
Versi: Mist in Zhongshan


White: Taoxi Flying Snow
Pink: Little Giant Lotus
Red: Love Sick Red
Yellow: Apricot's yellow, Golden Monkey
Versi: Dwarf Red Lovesick Bean


White: Flying crane lotus, Jade Autumn
Pink: Space 36, Flying in autumn
Red: Chinese Red Beijing
Yellow: Dream of Sixth Dynasty
Versi: Big Versicolor, Empress
22 April 2019 @ 01:54 pm
I'm very happy to have gotten my new chair today. It looks beautiful. I already put it together. But before that. I think I figured out what's going on with pics on LJ. It has something to do either with Firefox's adblockers or flashblocker. I logged in with IE and it told me flash was being blocked when I went into the photos here. The only option is allow once instead of just ignoring this site. I also noticed that I couldn't see the free music on youtube which made me think it was the adblocker. I have two for ads in general and then one specifically for youtube. I can see the music files on IE. So to upload pics I have to be on IE, get the url's and then post on firefox. What a hassle. I fixed the pics in the last post though I don't know why the pic of Nautica is sideways when in the thumb nail and in the image it's fine. I'll have to fix it in photoshop but not today.

Ok so here's the big box that arrived.

Almost 60 lbs. I skooched it along the ground and got it into the bedroom.

More cool picsCollapse )
21 April 2019 @ 09:01 pm
So today was a good day. My poor room is a mess. I started painting the trim along the bottom and around the closet. I can't do it all because things like book shelves are in the way ad so far I have nowhere to put them. But tomorrow I get my chair. I hope it will work out for me. If I like it then good bye to the couch and I'll have way more space in my room. I had a printer on my Amazon wish list that I've been watching. When I added it it was 60 dollars. Then it dropped to 50 dollars. I thought that was great and didn't think it would change. Had it there for weeks. Then a few days ago it went up to 80. Nooooo. But today I guess for Easter it's back at 50. I ordered it afraid it would go back up before my next pay day. I'm cutting it close and don't have much after the computer purchase so I hope that will work out too. Sorry the photos didn't work on the last post. I MIGHT fix them later on or no. For now I'll concentrate on just showing everything in videos. So here are a few.


Relaxing video showing my new fish and lotuses. For a short time you can see the new tan pot and blue pot. Those have the lotuses Dreaming of Sixth Dynasty and Lovesick Red. Can't wait for them to make the first leaf.


A short Easter Greeting to everyone. Chris and I only went out for a short time to Dollar General. We'd never been to one and it's a bigger store than Dollar Tree. Also has more stuff that's more than a dollar. I picked up more paint supplies for my room there. We found a larger than average Jolt Cola can. I didn't think they made that anymore. Happy blast from the past. Unfortunately when I opened it at home it tasted terrible. I hope it wasn't a original from the 90s, though the expiration date said it was this year. They sell kiddie pools there which is great for use with lotuses and Sarracenia.
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20 April 2019 @ 10:04 am
Something is wrong with Live Journal's photo hosting right now. I hope it's not that I'm on Windows 10. I can't upload images. When I try it shows a window with a folder select and a save button at the bottom. If you push the save nothing happens. I thought it was because I'm on the new computer but I tried it on my tablet and the right window pops up but the browse button is clear and you can't push it. I've sent a help request to tech support. This is very annoying. I have to host the photos on dreamwidth and they only give you 500 mb. That's nothing and I don't know if I can buy more space or if I'm stuck with that. I can make icon file sizes smaller. Been doing that since the 90s. I hope LJ fixes this issue. I need my space. Luckily I have several DW accounts I can add them all up for hosting, though I haven't logged onto some in decades.

So on to the post. I'm loving my new pets. They are lots of fun. Nautica is this mustard yellow with a little bit of green on her rump. She reminds me of the second budgie I ever had as a kid that was a heavy yellow recessive pied with no black and tiny amount of green on the tummy and rump. She was a mean nasty budgie but I loved her. My first budgie was a recessive pied the color that Phage was and hence why that will always be my fave budgie color.

Here is Nautica on my finger after a feeding. She's all scruffy and messed up. These pics are older and out dated already. I need to take some new ones, but where to host them?

Minion in Nautica's cage preening her.

They go into each other's cages though he mostly goes into hers since she has more toys. I'm hand feeding her three times a day. It was four times when I first brought her home and they seller had told me it was twice a day. No way. She needs more. She's very smart and I can grab her and pet her back but she won't let me scratch her face. Sigh, just like Bullet. I can scratch her as well as Minion does. Don't know how to convince her of that. Minion has broken nearly all his tail feathers. They were breaking when I got them. He's lousy at landing and jumping. I clipped both my birds and they are way easier to train and manage this way. I bought a large colorful ladder and have already taught them how to use it in case they fall off the cage. The stand for the cage is so nice. Ha, Nautica just fell as I type this. But she got back up. I'll film the set up soon. I found videos and pics of Nautica on the facebook page from the petstore and downloaded them. So nice to see my baby that little. When I bought her she was in a little clear box with a yellow male, I guess her brother, and a cockatiel. I found pics of the male too so I know those are the same birds as they were posted a few days before the show. It bugs me I don't don't her birthday and parantage though. No leg band and they told me they didn't breed her but got her from a breeder and they don't know which one. Something's fishy about that. Sloppy record keeping if it's even true. I don't know of any breeders that ell unweaned babies in bulk. It's rather unheard of. Most of us are reluctant to sell unweaned babies. A lot of these sellers are Spanish and I have noticed they don't get it about pet care the way we do, that they aren't just a business product to be sold. I've dealt with a lot of them and hate how impersonal they are with the birds. So good thing she ended up with me.

On the computer front, I'm loving my new computer. I love how quiet it is and how colorful. I ordered the pink and black chair. Can't wait to get it. They say it will arrive Monday and is coming from Fortworth Texas. I hope I will like it as far as comfort and durability. I hate that these chairs are online only so you can't try them out in a store. I bought white paint and hope to paint the trim or base board around the room. Then I can prepare to paint the whole room light blue.

I'm loving the lotus plants I have gotten too. What fun they are. My Space 36 Lotus is doing great and my fastest grower. My First Fall Lotus is older but only has two leaves. Space is producing five I think and the first two are bigger than when they opened. I can't wait for the first areal leaves. I also got some feeder guppies and two silver mollies for mosquito control. Chris bought those mosquito cakes and I am floored by how they work. There were lots of larva in one of the pots and I tossed in a cake over night. The next morning they were all dead but the plants and fish are unharmed. But with a lack of mosquitoes I have to feed the fish now so I got some flake food. My silver mollies are beautiful and I will take videos of them soon too. I picked up two other lotus breeds. I got a large one named Dream of Sixth Dynasty. It is a large yellow flower verging on green. Very rare color. And I got one called Love Sick Red that is a medium plant but has bright red flowers. Bright red is kind of rare. I see many called Red something but they are pink. Same for purple. They are pink. I don't think purple is in the genes for lotus the way it is for water lilies. I'm loving having found the plant store Bergen Water Gardens. I found them searching for Nepenthes but they have gotten me hooked on Lotus. This last order they send me an extra tuber of Sixth Dynasty. It's funny these plants are Asian and all mostly from China so they have funny names like that. I'm not into Asian stuff but I do like these plants from a botanical and scientific standpoint.

It's been cold for us with nights in the 50s and upper 40s. I hope that will end for good already. I've put all my plants out and don't want to bring them in on an emergency frost or anything. It's almost May for Pete's sake.

Happy early Easter if I don't post tomorrow. Easter totally snuck up on me this year. I partially decorated for it but am not ready. It's a shame because it's one of my two most fave holidays. I feel I got an early Easter gift with Nautica my yellow baby chick.