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22 October 2018 @ 10:42 pm
Today's been a productive day. I went to the bank to make a deposite. But I had to go all the way to Tampa's main branch because I had a bunch of dollar coins. The bank in my area won't take coins of any kind which is annoying. But they weren't too happy either since these dollars don't have rolls you can put them in. When I left I could still hear them sorting all the coins. Well not my problem anymore. They are legal US currency so they have to take it. I guess they'll probably send those to the government to be reused and made into new coins. I also went to the post office. jokerforever I sent you a birthday gift. They said it should arrive Thrusday so be on the look out for that.

Bullet is doing great today. She was all tight feathered and flapping her wings. Her crop was full of seeds. I was so happy about that. I hope she'll be in the best of health for the trip.

I put up four Jurassic Park posters in my room today. It looks way better. I haven't had these out since I lived in my last childhood home. I've got a few big tubes full of posters I need to go through. This house is smaller so I need to pick the best of the best to display.

The birthday dinner went well yesterday. Chris was totally surprised. I had told his mom he wanted Forza Horizon 4 for the Xbox. I was glad she was able to get that. I showed them my Bullet Journal and they really liked it. We had a very nice time.

The game is really fun. I've watched Chris play a few times. I might play this. I made a new Xbox account today. I made one for Scary Fear. I prefer PS4 but one thing he Xbox does better is it lets you upload your own icons. So I added my drawing of Gallemotch to that account and I added the default Scary Fear icon. Xbox wants you to have art that's 1080x1080, I hadn't expected to open photoshop today but I made those and it looks great. Plus it was nice to pick a background color for each of them. I might use my Scary Fear account as my main Xbox account. I don't know. We'll see.

So that's been about it for now. Hopefully no more driving this week. I'm so tired when I get home. I need the rest of the week to get ready. Don't know if I can get my mask done in time. Mostly for the eyebrows. I may try to add the dendrites since they are ready. Sigh I still need a ninja mask. Can't afford it at the moment. Oh and if you haven't thumbsed up stuff on my Amazon profile please do. I've already gone up the ranks again into the 290k's. Woo hoo!
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21 October 2018 @ 10:30 am
So what's been going on? Busy fun few days. Same stuff but I'm really enjoying it. I've made some progress on the Bullet journal. I'm working on the layouts for November and hope to have it finished in a few days. I hope. The theme is Carl and Ellie with some Fall leaves and flowers thrown in. I've only drawn them twice so far. Since I'm new to Bullet Journaling I really don't know what I'm doing and what's the best way to approach something. I was thinking to try to get one month ahead so if I finish November this week then I can rest and not start drawing December until the third week of November. OR, should I just keep going and draw as often as I can and try to fill out the whole book and then enjoy the rest of the new year with a finished book? Both have pros and cons. I'm not sure what way is better. I'm certainly not lacking for theme ideas for each month, that's for sure. I also want to make one big sticker of Fear for my cover. Any ideas on what pose to put him in? So far I'm thinking of drawing him landing with his wings forward curled over him like a cloak. Since it's a tall skinny book I don't have room for fully spread wings but don't want to do closed wings you don't see much since the cover needs to be eye catching.

Bullet is doing ok today. She looks better than a few days ago when she was pretty bad, but still is fluffy. She eats very little so I still probably have to keep making formula for her. We both hate that. I had washed her whole cage and all the perches and it's a mess again. Her tumor's gotten bigger too. Poor budgie. Today feels a bit cold. It's in the low 70's this morning. But things should warm up starting tomorrow.

We're going out this evening with Chris's parents to celebrate Chris's birthday early. I think that will be really nice. Been working on videos as you guys know.

Oh here's my third week of Inktober.


The first one for Weak is one I might color. I like it a lot.
12 October 2018 @ 09:55 am
I'm thrilled that we got our HP printer to work finally. The new cartridges for the Epson didn't work. It read that it had full ink but printed blank pages. I did all the tests on it and not sure what would fix it other than a pro taking it apart and putting it back together. I hate that I have to keep it around because it's an awesome scanner. The HP has a crap scanner I can't use for my art, but it prints well. So after getting ink all over us and ending up with rainbow hands we now have a lovely printer again and yesterday I ran some gorgeous prints off of it.

Look how nice these are.

Here's a close up the Staples Print. These were terrible. The color was nice but it's all grainy and blurry. Also it has red and blue lines through it. They told me the paper was glossy. That's not glossy at all. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for these but I don't want to even give them away or display them. What a waste. They have fancy expensive printers and my cheap $50 one once it works has way better quality.

The contrast is better on the Staples one on the left but I'm willing to trade that off for these high gloss, in focus, sharp and vibrant prints. I have to remember to lighten everything then when I print my stuff but these are display worthy and gift worthy. Unfortunately my computer is in the red on memory. I'm getting scratch disk errors and can't open photoshop. So I'm backing up videos which I think may be the culprits taking up the room on my C drive. I SO need a new computer. I just hate that I'll be forced to have windows 10 if I do that. Ever since I got the GoPros it's amazing how much space videos take up. I've already filled an external drive that I think was 1 TB with just redundant back ups. I've got one left and who knows if it won't be full after this transfer. I hate backing stuff up. I'm just waiting for it to clean so I can open photoshop.

I finished October for the Bullet Journal. YAY I'm so happy about that. I need to start working on November right away and try to finish it. Seems it takes me two weeks to finish a month. I might be able to do this one faster since now I kind of know what layouts I like and what to do. I still dont' feel fully confident since I am new to Bullet Journaling. I'll post pics soon of the new journal pages since I won't be making a video on it until the end of the month.

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04 October 2018 @ 08:03 pm
First off I want to say Happy Birthday to Calzephyr. I sent you a little something. It will be in two parts so they're going to be late too. I hope you had a great day today.

I've had a very nice day. I've drawn the four drawings for Inktober so far. They are turning out nice. Tomorrow's drawing is Chicken, so I want to draw a cute Salmon Faverolle. What is annoying about this thing is that it's just inking. I feel these drawings are incomplete. I want to color them either with pencils or digitally but the darn rule is ink only. I just imagine the salmon faverolle in pretty tan colors. So cute. I drew more in my bullet journal today. I got the next week drawn out as well as the prompts for inktober so I can cross them off. Bullet is doing good. She took a nap but has been pretty normal energy which I'm happy about. I'd like to eventually set up a playgym in my art room so she can be with me during the day. I bought a little budgie figure from Hobby Lobby and plan to repaint it and turn it into Bullet. My Fear plush is in NY right now. I can't wait to get it. They'll probably hold it in customs there for days for no reason. It's annoying how they do that. He arrived there yesterday. I'll have to do a few things to fix him up once he arrives. The main things are paint his skin and redo his wings. I don't know how tall he is or I'd start to redo his wings now.
22 year 8 month anniversary today. Yay!
03 October 2018 @ 09:29 pm
At last here is the video on the Bullet Journal.


I made some mistakes but loving how this turned out. I have now learned rulers get dirty with ink and I have to be careful as it went all over my hands, smeared on my journal and messed up the tips of my markers. I love how the cover with Bullet and the drawings of Fear turned out. This whole thing has been so fun to make. I have to finish the rest of the weeks still. Then I can think about what to do for November. May-be I'll do a nepenthes theme or try to do something with Solan and George. They both have Fall colors and are best friends.

Today was a nice day off. I didn't do much but Chris worked on his own closet. The living room is again a disaster but it's on its way to it becoming better over all for the whole house. As you saw my art room is becoming so nice. I love my table. And I hope to repaint the walls and eventually put up my posters and framed art. I had another great dream about a pirate king that I need to post here soon. So many fun dreams lately. But I'm keeping this post short for now.
02 October 2018 @ 11:16 am
My Bullet Journal is off to a great start. I got it yesterday and started late on it. I also had to go out and got more art supplies. I mostly picked up a big thing of 50 generic gel pens from Hobby Lobby. I drew an awesome pic of Bullet for the inside cover of 2018. I'm still working on my October cover. One big problem I have is I don't know what kind of layout I want for my weeklies. I noticed that everyone starts with Monday for those. I used to have a weekly planner in high school and boy did that help me. I NEEDED one each year so I never missed an assignment and was always on time. Because school, and most work, is M-F Saturday and Sunday were small sections at the bottom and that's how most layouts I've seen are. I had forgotten so I was confused why it didn't start on Sunday. But our work week is different. It starts Thursday and we have Wed and Sunday off. We didn't want two days back to back because it's nice to break up the weak and also have a weekday when we can get stores mostly to ourselves. So it would be funny to start the week on Thursday. People would freak out seeing that. But I have decided to go with the Monday version only because Oct 1 when I started happened to be a Monday.

I finally have a chair at my art table. It's temporary though. Chris put one of the dinning chairs there for me. I REALLY need my gaming chair though. I hope I can order it in Nov and not wait til Dec. Though the dinning chair is comfy and doesn't hurt my back I have a new problem. It hurts my arm and neck. I think this is why my arm is so bad this morning. It's too low and my art table is too high. Really I've never used a table to draw in ages. I always draw on my lap. I may just sit at my table and work on my trusty clipboard like always. Dinning table can't be raised like an office/gaming chair. The annoying thing about an office chair is that then my feet would dangle and hurt my back so I need a step for my feet when I get that because I'm a shorty, haha. Other than that I LOVE my set up. My art table is actually a drafting board but I can't draw with it raised like an easel. I never understood that whole concept. So uncomfortable. Plus it's a working table so all my books and pens would slide off it.

And this is hard to believe but I'm going to do inktober this year. I "blame" Peregrine for "twisting my arm". You guys know how much I hate inking. Hate it being either traditional or digital. I don't know if I'll do all 31 days. But I already drew yesterday's. I'll try though. I hate stupid rules though and one is no digital art. Screw you man. Digital art has inking and it's just as big a pain as it is in traditional art. I may do a few digital ink posts just to protest the idiot rules. Though digital is more work really not just counting the scanning part. Here's the promt list for this year.

1. Poison ..... 11. Cruel ..... 21. Drain ..... 31. Slice
2. Tranquil ..... 12. Whale ..... 22. Expensive
3. Roasted ..... 13. Guarded ..... 23. Muddy
4. Spell ..... 14. Clock ..... 24. Chop
5. Chicken ..... 15. Weak ..... 25. Prickly
6. Drooling ..... 16. Angular ..... 26. Strech
7. Exhausted ..... 17. Swollen ..... 27. Thunder
8. Star ..... 18. Bottle ..... 28. Gift
9. Precious ..... 19. Scorched ..... 29. Double
10. Flowing ..... 20. Breakable ..... 30. Jolt

I originally thought about doing these in my bullet journal but then was worried I'd waste all my lovely pages. They are limited after all. So I've decided to draw them on index cards because I have tons of them lying around for years now. I'll put this list in my bullet journal though. I'll probably color some of these in pencil after it's over to break all the rules and well inks should be colored. To me inks are just outlines or highlights for colors. The chicken one I'm imagining a lovely Salmon Faverolle in pretty light tan colors. A great job for my colored pencils. STUPID LJ didn't put the spaces in for my list. Sigh! Well adding dots made it a bit better.

Anyway. Some people do themes. I think I'll try to feature Fear and Bullet as much as I can. Same goes for my Bullet Journal. Today is another great day for Bullet. She was flapping her wings and slamming her door today. Ok I better get to work on all this art now.
29 September 2018 @ 08:24 am
I have two dreams I have to log down before I forget them. A few days ago this week I dreamt about Thagirion for the first time in ages! I was him but walking through a city in human form. I could feel my incredible powers within me. But some stupid old woman was following me and kept coming up behind me and poking me in the arm. I was getting very pissed off. When she did it one more time I turned on her, took true form and grabbed her by the throat with both hands. I slammed her against a wall and watched her struggle for a second. Black smoke came out of me and went into her. Long black strands began to come out of her neck. I was giving her throat cancer. I dropped her and then went on my way.

This dream was very powerful and I liked it for a short time. I'm surprised Thag wanted my attention. He rarely intrudes on my dreams the way Owen and Ophidius do. They are my attention hogs. But I suspect it was because he was glad I had given him attention since I had just drawn him with Fear in No Hard Feelings. As for the strands of black rope in the dream I have no doubt that was influenced by the craft project I'm currently working on that involve paracords.

Ok and just last night I had a very fun Jurassic Park dream. So much happened I hope I can remember it all. This dream was focus on meeting the actors, but was unrealistic in that they hadn't aged and all still looked like they did in the movie. It was so wonderful to see everyone from Jurassic park there at this indoor museum like place. I think there were props from the movie on display in cases. My mind focused on Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and Genaro. Sadly Hammond has passed away and part of me knew this in the dream but I still didn't realize I was dreaming. The guy that was Genaro was very nice. I think I dreamt about him because I had seen that fan made video he was recently in. I thought it was great he did that since he'll never bee in a Jurassic movie again. Oddly enough when he was looking at the props he reached for one and some kind of venomous bug bit him in the hand. I didn't see what it was, if it was a spider or something else but he had to leave. That sucked and we were all worried. Eventually he came back and everything was fine. I told him about some of my ideas I had for my stories and art and showed him some drawing. I also told him how I thought an action figure of him would have been one of the greatest ideas ever and he thought it was funny. I'll go into that later.

Then the scene changed and we were all getting into a Jurassic Park jeep. Of course I knew we wouldn't fit. But I had an idea of how it would work as one of the jeeps was an automatic and had a center console like my modern JK. Grant had gotten in the back seat and I told him no he was the driver and had to get in the front. He's kind of a big guy compared to the others so I wanted him in the front. It's only two people up front and maybe three in the back but I knew I could get more in the back by having the two kids go there, one adult and then myself facing backwards sitting on the center console. That worked and no one was cramped. Ellie was in the passenger seat. I forget who else was in the back. Possibly Muldoon. But the weird thing was that in the "trunk", a small storage space in the back that's open, was a raptor. She was an actress too. She only played the role of an evil dinosaur but was actually very nice and friendly. And she could talk a little like a parrot but had a limited vocabulary. She understood and could use words in context. She started talking and said, "Raptor want weapon. Humans all have weapon." She was talking about all the props used in the movies. I was looking right at her since I was facing backwards and she was more on the driver back side of the jeep. "What do you want?" I asked her. Her eyes lit up all happy as she thought about it. "Want magic staff." Oh boy. How do I explain to a talking raptor that magic isn't real and fantasy weapons aren't part of Jurassic Park which is science fiction. She can't have a magic staff. HAha, but luckily I didn't have to explain anything since the dream ended there and I woke up.

Oh man I loved that a lot! I was definitely in a happy place last night.

Here's the video I was talking about that had Genaro's actor. I totally respect he did this for the fans.


Ok now about my toy ideas. Jurassic World released the Legacy collection which had Dr. Grant, Ellie, Muldoon and the jeep. The figure are smaller than the original Kenner figures but so nicely made. They are movie accurate when the others were not. I hope they'll make a series too and release all the JP figures. But what the characters I REALLY wish they'd release are these four, John Hammond, Donald Genaro, Mr. Arnold and Dennis Nedry. Nedry already had a figure but it was terrible! It wasn't fat and looked nothing like him. He was too skinny and looked more like Doc Oc from Spiderman. What's worse Kenner had a chance to redeem themselves and when series two came out they released another Nedry but it was the same only painted his clothes different. NOOO WTF? Hammon never had a figure. He needs one. Genaro and Mr. Arnold never had a figure either but these two would be so fun from an action figure point of view. Mr. Arnold could come with "Arm ripping action!" since his arm was taken off in the movie and all that was ever found of him. The Nedry figure has arms that rip off. I didn't even find this out until recently and I've had it for years. They could do the same thing. But I think the Genaro figure would be the most fun as an action figure. He could come with a toilet. That would be so funny then you could recreate the scene when the T-rex eats him. And there's a new T-rex out now that's big enough to eat figures so it would work. So those are my ideas and the two dreams I had this week that were a lot of fun.
21 September 2018 @ 08:29 pm
As the subject says, I've had a very good day today. If you didn't see yesterday's post please check it out and comment. No progress today on my mask though. But I got some great stuff in the mail. Chris bought me a pretty turquoise blank journal for me to write verses and stuff in. I love it. The cover says Everlasting Love on it. So then I had the song in my head by Carl Carlton. I got my cuttings today of the dragon fruit. I'm thrilled too. The seller was super nice and because he got delayed shipping he threw in extra cuttings. I mean he was really generous. I ordered 1 Frankie's Red and now I have 4!!! I will plant them in pots tomorrow so they start to take root. I also got 1 American Beauty bonus. YAY!! So here are the types I have so far plus the three unknown types I bought years ago.

Bruni - White
Frankie's Red - Red
Condor - Purple
American Beauty - Purple.

That's a very good garden for a beginner like me really. So I have two purples. I'd like to get one more red so I hope to get Lake Atitlan Red. But it's not a priority right now. My neighbor down the street called and asked if I'd found anymore costume jewelry. No, not much. I did have a very small pile and I was waiting in case I found more but she came and bought it anyway so I was happy about that.

Guys remember that "simple" Fear drawing? Well it's not so simple really but I finally finished it today.

I guess with Fear there's never anything simple. This one had a lot of layers and masks because so much stuff was both in front and behind like the table, the arm which is in two parts, the wings and the pencil. I guess I didn't make it simple after all. I'm starting to wonder if any fear drawing will ever be simple. But I'm very happy with how it turned out. I wanted the background to look like it was a traditional drawing. So I went for that paper look. I really like how this turned out. So Fear is annoyed that someone has failed him. "If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself." is the cry of many INTJ villains. Two other phrases I could easily replace in there and they'd work would be "Good help is hard to find." and "Next time."

My arm seemed better this morning. I think I was able to put it in a pose next to me that I have not been able to do for months. It did finally start to hurt but I hope this means I'm on the mend. Bullet is doing good today. She screamed happily in the morning and flapped her wings. I was thrilled about that.
17 September 2018 @ 10:04 pm
I'm very happy that Bullet has made it to her 5th birthday. I ordered a cake for her yesterday and it was ready for this morning. It had fall colors and a pumpkin patch. It turned out really nice though the pumpkins weren't shaped like the display pumpkins for some reason. Still it was a nice cake. I spent the day working on the living room sorting through boxes. I got about 3 emptied and took 4 to Goodwill. That finally made some room in the living room. I've decided one way to make room is just to hang pictures I find anywhere instead of reboxing them. I found my old Audubon wall clock which makes me happy. This one has a Canada Goose on it which I love that sound. None of the later versions had that. I also got Chris's Bible in the mail today. I had no idea he didn't have once since he got rid of all the ones that weren't KJV, which means that there were none left. That's not good. I had one but he didn't so I got him a very nice turquoise one with big print and nice maps. He liked it a lot.

Then Mike came over and we had a small budgie party. Here's some of how it went.


Oh man that photo for the thumbnail turned out so funny. I love she has an angry or disgusted expression. She did not want the icing. But she did eat a tiny bit of strawberry.

I have felt pretty good today. I think I'm recovered from the sleep I lost the other night. My ears feel a lot better too. I only get pain in them once in a while.
14 September 2018 @ 03:30 pm
Today has been an excellent day and though it's far from over I had to post about this now. I planted my cutting of my Dragon Fruit today. It's a variety called Condor and is purple.

Here it is at the base of the purple Sully post. I took this through my window looking down. So nice to be able to get to the window of my room. It looks tiny but most of it is buried underground. I hope it will grow huge. It has new growth already. And while I was planting this I saw a pair of Baltimore Oriels in my tree. I was so happy. I haven't seen one in years. Such bright orange birds. I just stared at them. I didn't have a camera unfortunately.

Then I got to work on the garage.

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14 September 2018 @ 07:42 am
I worked all day yesterday by myself. I can't believe I've gotten nearly the whole garage cleared out. I'm very excited that this stupidity with the estate is nearly over. But we're not there yet. So garage and my room are way better now. Most of the stuff is now in the living room. It's very possible that the jeep can go in tonight or this weekend. I'm looking forward to turning my computer room into an art room.

I have been watching the radar closely. I see Hurricane Florence is making land fall. Good luck to those of you in the Carolinas. Luckily it's down to a Cat 1 right now and will continue to weaken once it's on land. I found this article showing beautiful photos of the hurricane from space.

I'm hand feeding Bullet again. She got pretty bad for a while so I fixed up her medicine formula. No fun for any of us. She hates being force fed, but she was so hungry she took some of the formula the first time. I felt like she was a baby again, but then she started to fight me. But the change was instant. The tumor hasn't grown any I don't think but who knows what's happening inside how it's pushing on her intestines. Poor budgie. Her birthday is getting closer though. It's the 17th, this Monday. I want to do something for her. Some kind of budgie party, even if she's the only one there.
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09 September 2018 @ 05:59 pm
I'm thrilled that this is at last done. I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

Click for full size.

This is the final scene of Triangulum Resistance. Fear has had all his powers reinstated and he is once again one of the Life Ancients. After everything Thagirion put him through he asks him "No Hard Feelings?" To which Fear replies, "I'm not a hard feeling." He holds no grudge against Thagirion though he could have died during the time he was mortal. But Fear knows he's no match for Thagirion. Even day dreaming about defeating him or getting him back is pointless. Thagirion can not be defeated that way. Thagirion loves the response the emotion gives him and sees Fear has learned his lesson. The two move out leaving behind a ruined galaxy.

This was my first time coloring a black word bubble and I like the effect. I chose fonts that represent their voices too. Thagirion speaks with a screechy voice. Fear actually has a pretty normal voice. He's clear vocals when he sings. This is also my first time shading fear with yellows and oranges. He's in Thag's glow which over powers his own. So no blue highlights for him this time.
09 September 2018 @ 08:51 am
I made a cute video of my Macatoo. I really miss seeing these guys in stores.


I did order the other blue one and hope I can learn to make my own.

I am working on the drawing No Hard Feelings and it's almost done. I have finally finished coloring Thag so the worst is over. It's possible I could finish that tonight.
04 September 2018 @ 10:58 am
Usually I'm good at keeping track of the weather but I haven't paid attention to it for a week now. So yesterday afternoon a huge storm came in that's very unusual for our area. It's not like Tampa and Lutz that get the dangerous lightning storms that cause you to lose power and fries all your electronics. So the wind kicked up, the rain was heavy and the lights were flickering. Three circuit breakers went out so I lost power in the living room and kitchen for a bit. But I kept right on working. Chris later told me about tropical storm Gordon. What? I had no idea. So that's what that was. Haha. By the time I checked the radar it was already out in the gulf heading north west. Oh well not my problem anymore. Most Floridians don't freak out about storms anyway until they reach category 2 hurricane. I even mentioned to Chris it was only 60mph. Not so bad. Makes me think of the scene in ID4 where Will Smith wakes up and asks if there's an earthquake. His wife goes, "Not even a 4 pointer. Go back to sleep." And he does. That's what it's like here with storms.

Our land line is back. Chris found out what was wrong. We have a wall mirror. It had fallen over and pulled the cord out of the wall. I knew the mirror had fallen but didn't think anything of it. I'm glad it wasn't something that the service provider had to fix. It was nice having peace and quiet but I'm glad I don't have to use my crappy cell phone anymore in the house. It works great everywhere else but my house.

And more good News. Bullet seems better. Yesterday I was very worried but last night Chris pointed out she looked almost normal. The other night she did throw up one seed that I saw. But last night she stuffed herself. I think her strategy is to eat everything. Her crop sticks out and is round and hard. She hopes SOMETHING has to pass through. So I was happy to see her tight feathered and slightly active. Today she looks good. So I have to make sure to keep her food filled so she can just constantly eat and stay full. So I won't be posting the depressing video I had filmed yesterday but I will post an update video on her soon.

So time for some photos.

Hoya archiboldiana finally bloomed for me. I call this plant Octopus suction cups. It's waxy and hard feeling. Biggest hoya. I've had it for years so I'm glad it's finally bloomed.

Starfish plant bud. This thing is huge. About the size of a tennis ball. I can't wait for it to open.

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03 September 2018 @ 09:33 am
I had a very nice time yesterday. Chris only had one job in the morning. After he came home we went to pick up some supplies at Walmart. I got some washi tape for the first time and some little note books. I had mentioned to Chris now that I'm working on traditional art that it would be nice to actually use my art table for art. Radical concept! My room is a disaster full of boxes. You can't walk into it only reach the couch at my computer. While I was watching Chris game he asked if he wanted me to have him pull all the boxes out so I can reach the art table. He'd have to put them in the living room so the living room would be a disaster. I thought about it for a while then said yes. We've been trying to empty the garage but it's been very hard. Perhaps working on my room would be easier. So he did that and I did a lot of cleaning and dusting. I threw out stuff that was just lying on my table and on my desk. Open surfaces here tend to turn into shelves and that needs to stop. We're both bad about it. We're trying to change that for the better. I was thrilled to have my room back. I can walk around now. The art table was under the window. I have moved it on the back wall opposite the computer desk.

I'm thinking also of trying something. Of getting a cushy gaming chair. The reason I use the couch at the computer desk is because of my back. I started doing this when I developed fibro back I think in 2012. I could not sit on a normal chair and it hurt having my arms up. But I wonder if I'm past that now and can do a normal chair where I can work at home for 8 hours a day. Back then I bought the "gaming chair" I have in the bedroom. That chair is so comfortable and I sit in it whenever I have back pain and it helps straighten me out. I also had noticed back when I had the camaro no matter how much my back hurt if I sat in my car that chair made me feel good and I had no trouble driving with a hurt back. Both are car seats or racing chairs. Many gaming chairs are racing seat style. I saw two at Staples but wasn't too keen on them. They are expensive, my tan one was, but for what it does for my back it was worth every penny then. The couch is good to keep because it has a small fold out bed. I'd like to be able to have guests over even if it's once in a blue moon. (I have found blue moons are not as rare as people would make them out to be.) So if all goes well it would be ideal to get a gaming chair for me to use in my works pace. The only problem I have left now is I have two printers. I have an old Epson that I LOVE that has been my fave for scanning. But I don't print with it because ink is so darn expensive and generic cartidges don't work on it. So I got a cheap HP for printing. It has a scanner too. Hard to find just a printer now a days. The scanner sucks for art. So I have two printers for two different things. I hate how they eat up so much room. It would be nice to find one that could do it all without being a wallet killer when it comes to ink refills. I'm of the mentality too that when it comes time to buy new ink to just buy a new printer. You spend $40 on a cheap printer then to get color and black you spend $60? A brand new printer's a better deal. Just sell or give away the old one. Sheesh.

But I'm very happy with the room though. I will go through the boxes in the living room and see about what can be given away. I may go out later today and see if they have some of the chairs I saw on the website of Office Depot. The reviews on youtube suck. People don't know how to make chair reviews. They act stupid or just say it's good without saying why or take forever and talk about nothing to do with the product. Very annoying. Even if it got great reviews a chair, like a backpack, is something you have to go to a store an try yourself and be your own reviewer. What is soft for someone may not be soft for me. And I hate those posturpedic chairs with a pillow in your back. Those hurt. I need my back to curve out not in. Most are made with that crappy part in your back. But yeah I'm very happy and excited to have a work space that is fun to use again. OH one other crazy idea I want to do as well. I want to paint all the rooms in my cool art with my characters or fave things. My little office would be the best to start with and practice because it's small. The walls are bumpy though. I don't like that. If money was no option I'd have all the walls replaced. I'm not sure how to go about this. Painting is not my forte and also one wall is already blue. I'm thinking maybe making everything white and then getting colors and doing my drawings over that. Definitely something to ask about and talk to an expert at Lowes or something.

We had a weird problem happen a few days ago. Our land line phone stopped working. There's no dial tone. We're caught up on bills so it's not that. If that were the issue then we'd also have no internet. I don't know if it's the phone or the service that's screwed up. I don't have another phone to plug in and test out. I don't think I do anyway. I'll have to look. Maybe there's one in the mess of boxes. So I've had to rely on my cell phone which sucks as it gets terrible reception out here. Funny enough Chris's phone works better though mine is supposed to be newer and more advanced. Go figure. If anyone needs to call me perhaps at night when Chris is home would be best. He'll have to call the phone service and find out what is going on. I'm happy the phone isn't ringing off the hook from robots. It's been peaceful actually. But the few times I have had to use it it's been annoying using my cell phone which pretty much is just for emergencies and for me to text with Chris.

Bullet is hanging in there. She seems to be keeping her food down. I'm so happy about that because force feeding her twice a day was not fun for either of us. She's making decent poops so now I know stuff's getting into her at least and I haven't seen anything thrown up on the bars of the cage. No new tumors so I hope things will get better and not worse from here out. Her birthday is the 17. We have to make it there so she can turn 5.

EDIT: I just realized it's September. The first month of Fall. YAY!! Fall is officially here. I am always fascinated by my seasonal rhythms and one of them being I become very artsy in the fall. It seems to go away in the Summer. So, yes I have once again become very artsy and have so many projects I want to work on. I have a bunch of stuff I want to do with Fear and George. I can take down the summer stuff and start to decorate for Fall now too. Halloween can start now since there aren't any real holidays in September.