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19 June 2018 @ 07:11 am
I had this dream two days ago. Should have written it down then but it was Sunday so I was super busy all day and then yesterday was a very low energy day for me. I don't have much of the dream left now but I'll try to write what I can remember. This dream was like watching a movie. I wasn't any of the characters I don't think which for me is very strange as I always participate in the dreams. It took place in modern times in a big shinny city with tall buildings. Possibly Dallas. George was with Leeanix and they were enjoying their time together. They were inside a restaurant or a bar or something. There were glass windows and you could see outside. This was on the first floor at street level. Someone must have threatened Leeanix or started it with George because it turned into one big fight very quickly. George took hybrid form and I was just amazed at his awesome fighting skills. He could block, evade and use his tail as a shield. I don't remember if this dream became gory. I don't think it did. I remember George rolling over a counter top to avoid an enemy. And his thick plates protected him the few times he took a blow. His fighting style is just brutal. Nothing graceful about it. Power hits, punches, kicks and tosses. He killed everyone by the end of this fight and I think he just walked out.

Not much else going on at the moment but I had a great Sunday and will make a separate post about that.
16 June 2018 @ 01:05 pm
Here is a video I made after I unlocked all the jeeps in the new game.


I am very excited and going to make a prediction. I hope I am right. I have a feeling the JL will be in the movie that comes out on the 22nd. The creators know how much the fans love the jeep. They were cool enough to put the classic one in Jurassic World 1. They can't get away with it again sadly because why would anyone on the park be driving the outdated jeep as cool as it is? You guys know this jeep was in the super bowl commercial with Jeff Goldblum and now it's in the game officially. The new JL 2018 that is. Two official Jurassic World cameos. So I think it will be in the movie. I hope this is true. There was a rumor a while back that Jeep will do some limited editions Jurassic World and Jurassic Park jeeps. Since there's a red (Jurassic Park) and a blue (Jurassic World) in the game I wonder if this is a hint to what could be available if that rumor is true too? I hope it's all true but there's a good chance that 1028 JL could be in the movie. I sure hope so because it would be easier to build or buy one than to make the old version. Though I like the old version better my problem is I need all my modern gadgets and comfort in the interior like GPS, computer, mp3 player etc. Let me know what you guys think of the look of this game.
13 June 2018 @ 07:21 am
First off Bullet is back in her normal cage and doing "good". I'm keeping an eye on her but I'm still very worried. We all know birds hide illnesses and that they feel bad until they can't fake it anymore.

So I pre-ordered Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe edition a few days ago. I've decided I'm getting both the digital download and the hard copy when it comes out in July. I just couldn't wait til July with the game coming out before the movie. Also it's not fair the disk version doesn't have a deluxe edition. Disk buyers are getting ripped off. The disk should have come out at the same time with a regular and deluxe version too. That's really stupid what they did.

So I am very much enjoying the game. Once you get past the learning curve of how to control the game and where everything is in the menus it is a lot of fun. My first dinosaur was a Struthiomimus. And he almost died because I didn't know I had to feed him. He was starving and Claire got on my case about it. Ooops. So I put a cute little bush in there for him to eat and that fixed the problem. I made more dinos but my strutio died anyway. I don't know why. It bugged me. He had food and water and he didn't have a disease so I don't know what happened. Poor thing. My worst peskiest dino is my ceratosaurus. He keeps escaping and he's eaten a few guests. The good thing is I build his cage next to the security station so as soon as I hear a fence broke the helicopter goes out and tranquilizes him, fence is fixed then he's flown back in. But this is happening way too much. I'm just going to have to rebuild his cage completely. I hate that I'm not allowed to buy better fences yet. They aren't unlocked and I don't know what you have to do to unlock them. I also have goats running around free all over the park because the creatosaur has broken the fence so much all his food has escaped. I think it's funny since the goats don't hurt people no one cares they are free. One of the things you get with this game is extra skins for the vehicles. There's a blue helicopter and a blue "jeep". I didn't care too much at first since the jeeps look terrible but then I found where the other skins where and I was floored. Of course they have the original 1993 jeep we all love. But what really surprised me is the new 2018 JL is in the game. There's a blue one and a red one. But guess what? You have to unlock them. You can't just buy them. I had not idea how you do it so it's the one time I cheated and I went online to look it up. Or you can see the names of the trophies. So for the blue JL I found out you have to do a few fast hand break turns. Super easy. I got that one. I'm loving it. I'm amazed it's a real JL even says Jeep and Rubicon on it. But the 1993 one is very hard because you have to make a jump where you are in the air for 5 total seconds within a 20 second time frame. The trophy for that is appropriately called "Hold on to your butts." It is the hardest vehicle to unlock. I think I have to build a series of hills. One guy on youtube built a small hill and then a big hole but that hasn't worked for it. Ok and my biggest complaint about the game is that you can't stop time. Time should not keep going when I'm reading a mission, making an expedition to a dig site or reading info on dinosaurs and characters. The pause screen stops time but you can't do anything in it game related. I was reading about the character when I got a notification about busted fence. WTF? Why is the park still running? I hate this and that's really not fair and I'm a very slow reader and there's tons of text to read. There is neat history about the dig sites that exist in real life and when they were discovered, by whom and what bones they yielded. When will I get to read about that without stuff happening? Anyway back to the jeeps. I'm very surprised about the JL's and I wonder if the new movie will have a new JL Jeep in it. I have been wondering this ever since I found out about the commercial with Malcolm and the T-rex.

If it's canon in the movie that means it would be real easy to build a new JP jeep by just buying one. Yes I'm considering selling mine. Bad thing is I'm half way done paying mine off and would have to start over again. What to do? What to do? Such hard decisions. I should go test drive one. The fact they made a commercial with Jeff Goldblum and it's in the game makes me think it will be in the movie and that would make it official.

So yes I am having great fun with the game. Some things are vague and I don't know what to do yet. I'm still on the first island. I may scrap my game and just start over since I can fix the beginner mistakes I made the first time around. Yes I will have screen caps and videos soon. I just got to get them off the playstation which takes time.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I LOVE the attention to detail this game has. It really is made for the fans. Not only are the trophies quotes you would get if you're a hardcore fan but even things in the back ground like the music are hints. When you drive the jeeps or you listen to someone's radio they play Mexican music. And they do play the one song called Que Milagro Chaparita. Which was the song playing in the background of the famous "We've got Dodgson here." scene with Dennis Nedry.
Dodgson scene https://youtu.be/e6FXdloCUOM
Que Milagro Chaparita https://youtu.be/tStlQN_2Cl4

Another little detail is when you build a gift shop you can sell either Lunch Boxes, Barbasol or night vision goggles. It's that kind of thing true fans love. Malcolm was complaining that Hamond was slapping things on a plastic lunch box and selling them. Yep. Barbasol is a reference to the cryocan which is also so iconic to Jurassic Park. And night vision goggle are also a prop made by fans like the ones Tim had during the T rex attack. They were found in Jurassic World in the ruined visitor center. So yes this kind of detail just makes the game so fun.
11 June 2018 @ 06:18 pm
Malcolm's favorite Phrase should be my new catch phrase too. "Boy I hate being right all the time." I can relate to that ENTJ on this one. But before we get to the bad news here is a nice photo of Bullet in the brooder I set up for her.

jokerforever I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing a bird in a reptile box with reptile lights. Bullet has a hot day light, a florescent light and a hot night light. Day and florescent light are run at the same time. Night light is run alone at night of course. I can get this brooder to 85 degrees which is not bad, though it's much hotter outside. I had considered putting Bullet outside though at night it's not hot enough so she had to stay here. Anyway no egg was ever laid so I knew something was wrong. If this was a tumor like I thought earlier hot box won't do any good.

So today I went to the vet and this has been the worst vet visit ever. The waiting room was super busy. More than I've seen it before. Dogs going in and out. I couldn't sit by the window because there are always cats in a cage there. Last time one wanted to eat Bullet and Bullet was too big headed to know to be afraid. I ended up with a guy that sat next to me that had the stinkiest dog ever. I was getting sick. I had to put a tissue over my mouth. And he was stroking it making more stink go everywhere. Luckily he finally moved. Then a baby started crying after waiting over an hour from my appointment time. That's typical. I don't understand why doctors being human or animal make you wait crazy amounts of time from when you're supposed to show up. Finally I got my own room. I was happy to talk to the Vet lady. Her and I get along great. But we were both worried when I told her what was going on with Bullet. She went to X-ray her. She came back later and there's no egg. It is a tumor as I feared. Vet Lady was most worried it was blocking her digestion but Bullet poops well and normally. She took a sample and that was good news the poop is healthy. But we don't know what's up with the tumor if it will get worse or what. At the moment it's not life threatening but it looks bad with her poor tail bulging. She told me she could recommend a specialist if I want to try and have it removed so she's going to get me the name but I'm hesitant to do that because budgies are frail little things and surgery is something they don't do well with. The procedure could kill her before the tumor does. These things are common in budgies but Bullet is only the second ever budgie I've had that has had a tumor, and I have been raising birds for 30 years or more now. I think I got my first budgie in 1980. A great track record but not good when it hits a fave bird. But Bullet is acting fairly normal. I was given antibiotics for a secondary infection. She eats well and poops well and flies. So as it stands I don't know if I will lose Bullet or if she could live a rather normal life despite this. I hope it won't affect her organs or her life. Well I am sad about this now and quite founded. My poor Miss Priss.
04 June 2018 @ 07:28 am
Today is another anniversary. But it's also a work day so we can't do much. We will celebrate later on this year but here's to 22 years and 4 months. The rain finally stopped for a bit the day before yesterday. It was nice to have some sun finally. During our free time Chris and I have been having fun watching dash cam videos of crashes on you tube and videos of people that fight back against criminals and win. But the dash cam videos have mostly been from Russia and those suck and are boring. It's usually the same stuff over and over. Turing from a non turn late and hitting the person in the turn lane. Not using breaks when you know an accident is coming. And hitting on purpose when an accident is coming. We've learned two bad words watching those. It's been hard finding normal ones in America/Canada probably because North Americans just don't use a lot of dash cams. After that annoying frustration I finally had a great idea. "Search for Australian Dash cam". Other than trying to get used to the rules of driving on the left I think we hit gold. There are a decent amount though not listed in compilations for some reason, and they are great. It's funny to me how angry Australians get on the road and there's some messed up stuff that makes for entertaining watching unlike the North American ones. It's just so interesting. So we've been watching those. Some of the best fun we have is trying to figure out who was wrong or what exactly happened.

So we finally had a garage sale yesterday. I've been trying for three weeks but haven't been able to because of the weather. We did ok. Got rid of some things so it was good. But we had a rain storm come and we had to close out an hour early. Darn it. The radar was totally clear that morning. I hope we can try again next week and start to get rid of some of the stuff that was my mother's. Pixar's Coco is on Netflix now so we watched that. It wasn't bad. Not one of the best but different. But I could relate to so much of what happened being that I'm from a Latino family. I might watch it again and look at some of the details of the backgrounds this time. I don't know what the short film was that came with this one because they aren't included on Netflix. I wonder if Pixar will make a DVD release of all the shorts. An updated new one since many have been made since the last compilation of shorts.
01 June 2018 @ 04:08 pm
New drawing. Just a quick and simple drawing of Fear in time for the end of last month.

I did a very basic shading job, easy background and just didn't go all out on him. Just wanted to get something that looked nice and woudln't take me two days or more to complete.

Now it is June 1st. It's been two straight weeks of rain. At least now it's summer and the official start of Hurricane season, but the weather got a head start on the rain. Well with this project out of the way perhaps I'll get back to working on the driver side door again. That's so close to being finished. Darn it, I see I forgot to make his right wing messy. I draw his wings pristine so I have to remember to mess both up. It's something I have a hard time with haha.

Chris got a new bluray player the other day. We picked one up and didn't notice it was a used one. It had no remote, so we went back and exchanged it and finally got a new one. It looks very nice. It's an LJ and I like that it's basic. The reason it looks so good and was cheap is because it's just a player. It doesn't have netflix, youtube or any of that unnecessary stuff. It's annoying all electronics seem to come with these things whether you want them or not. TV's already do this so no need for more stuff when that and your tablets and other things do it too. A player should play disks only, so yeah we like this. Maybe I'll get one for myself since I've never liked the Sony one I have. I also ordered a bunch of colored HDMI cables. Can't wait to get those in. They'll come in different colors so we'll know what goes to what system.
25 May 2018 @ 07:35 pm
I have been meaning to share this video for a while now. Google Home added new voices a while back and I was very happy that voice 8 sounds so much like the computer from Jurassic Park.


I bought a dash cam for myself and it arrived the other day. Chris helped me install it in my jeep. Funny because I had bought him the same one and liked it so much I had to get my own. I installed his in his truck. But it's been raining so much I haven't had a chance to go anywhere and really test it out. The rain finally let up for two days after coming down non stop for just over a week. Interesting stuff tends to happen on the roads so I'm sure once I get around to driving again that something is bound to happen.

My projects are all going slowly but surely. I'm getting close to finishing my driver door. I hope this is the last time I make it. I'm really getting sick of how much I've done it and don't really feel like doing the passenger door now. My project with painting the Newman figure into Nedry is going well finally. I had problems with the paints I bought. I've had to redo this figure way too many times. The tutorial I was using was crap and everything in it is wrong. I suspect the guy had it professionally painted now because it looks too good and his past custom projects look like crap. But now I know from now on if I make another one I'll just use spray paints. The problem was with his pants and how long to let them dry. When I added the clear coat it melted the paint and made it wet again. WTF? Also when I would add a new coat it would activate the paint and make it wet again despite having dried for the time it said. And then when it was "dry" and I was holding him my heat melted the paint. I had to sand all the paint off and spray paint finally worked. If I had known all this I would have started with that. But at last he looks good and I may buy another one just to have him look right all around. I have to make some custom decals now because he needs the JP logo on the front and back. Decal paper is expensive though I need to make some drawings to make into stickers to fill the whole sheet. I already know what will be the hardest thing. Cutting the stickers out. Naturally I'm going to draw Fear in some cool poses. I just need to think of what.
10 May 2018 @ 10:16 pm
I had a nice phone conversation today with actipton80 I mentioned to her I was making some paracord grab handles for my jeep. She wanted to see pics. I just finished one side today. This is for the drivers side and I'm quite happy with how they turned out.

This is the same one. They can be turned to either side. I love this yellow and pink combination but it is temporary as I want to get black and turquoise for my jeep eventually. I can make almost any color combination, be it single color or two colors. I will be selling some of these once I make more. If you know someone with a jeep that might like these pass my info along please.

I had fun making these. I did make some beginner mistakes but not as badly as I thought I would. I'm still learning but think I have a knack for it. The hardest part is joining the paracords with fire. They don't want to stick sometimes. I like that they look like centipedes. Perhaps I'll try to make a centipede like Gallemotch and use his colors which would be brown, yellow and light orange.
10 May 2018 @ 08:53 am
Things are going quite well. I'm very creative right now and enjoying customizing my things. I few days ago I bought some fluorescent yellow and pink paracord rope. I have been making paracord grab handles for my jeep. I learned how to make the knot and am having fun with it. It's an easy knot but it's time consuming. The hardest part is burning the ends so I can stick rope together. I hope to finish my first set today for the diver side roll bar. I don't know if I'll like the way these feel better than the plastic ones I have in there now but they sure do look way better. They didn't have turquoise in Hobby Lobby so I bought these just to practice. I figured I'd be making mistakes and waste lots of cord too so it's a color I don't care if I mess up. They are very pretty though. Once I get some confidence I can then make the colors I want and not worry about wasting them. They are so bright and pretty though. Any florescent combination is good; green, pink, yellow, orange and white. I almost went with orange and pink. It's too bad I can't think of a way to make these for Chris's truck since he doesn't have a roll bar I don't know where I could attach them on his.

Chris took me to the print shop yesterday and I showed them my art for the door. There is a big problem. It's not the right scale and I think it's at the wrong resolution. I didn't measure my door and now thinking back. I think I did measure the hood. The other problem is that when I made the hood art I did it specifically for my hood. This art was made just as a gallery piece so it's the wrong shape and I've really had to work it. So from the start it wasn't measured to be for a tall door. They said they can work with it but at worst I'm really afraid I may have to do the whole thing from scratch. That would suck and that means it's the same problem for the other side too. I don't know I'll email him again. The price I was quoted was what I expected though. I can save up for that no problem. But the work has been the hardest part. I'm not quite sure what the next step will be. I'm kind of getting tired of this and because of this I'm extremely behind on new art.

On the toy front I have ordered a figure of Newman from the show Seinfeld. I've never watched the show. I remember it being on in the 80s but never wanted to watch it. It seemed dumb and boring and back then if it wasn't a cartoon it was hard to get me to watch stuff on TV. Anyway the actor that played Newman also played Dennis Nedry on Jurassic Park and there's never been a decent figure of him. The two that came out were totally wrong and not even fat. The series one looks more like Doc Oc from Spiderman. I call him my Doc Oc figure. But I plan to repaint New Man and turn him into Nedry. That will be a fun project. I'm waiting on the paints to arrive and I also want to make a little diorama with plants and dirt so he will have something nice to stand on. He comes with a nice base but I would like him to have a bit more than that. I also plan to customize a few other figures like Muldoon and make a Mr. Arnold out of a totally different figure. I've been trying to find a decent figure to change into John Hammond. I have wanted a nice Hammond figure since forever. And I have been joking with Chris that they should make an official Donald Genaro figure. His accessory should be a toilet and his arms and legs should come off the way "Nedry's" arms come off so you can re=enact the T-rex scene where he is eaten. I bet that would sell like hot cakes among the fans. Mr. Arnold also needs arm ripping action because the raptors ate him.

I need to get back to working on my small Fear plush too. It's been on hold for month but yesterday Chris got me some fabric I was missing for him, and I've been thinking a lot about him. I want to finish the small travel buddy version and also make a larger version to sit on my bed. In the 90s these soft bean toys made of stretchy soft fabric (not that furry stuff you find in all plushes now) were popular. I'd love to make a soft floppy Fear in that style since he is a cell and would be all loose and soft that way.

Chris has been working on his room. He's added more shelves and it's looking nice in there. We're sorting out things we no longer want to keep and things that are priority to display.
04 May 2018 @ 10:48 am
So Chris is all anxious for his TV and can't wait. Constantly checking the tracking and website. I know exactly what that's like as I was the same way impatiently waiting for my Jurassic Park Cryocan to arrive. I got it on Wednesday. It was a day off and we waited at home for the mail to arrive. We filmed the unboxing so you get to hear my excitement.


At the end I try to do a reference to Nedry's squeal when he is show one the cryocan works by Dodson. But gosh I don't know how he did that and I can't squeak that high no matter how I tried. We did a few takes and this was the best I could do. What's great is he sounds like a raptor. I wonder if the creators noticed that.


I don't know why this scene is such a fan favorite. I have found many fan recreations of this. Some good some bad. But the amount is funny to me. Even two great techno songs have come out of this both called "We've got Dodson here." That I ripped for my JP playlist. I find this scene fascinating for the exchange between Nedry as an jerk ENTP and Dodson as the stoic ISTJ. You get to see a pinch of emotion in Dodson when he asks how he's going to beat security but that's about it. I also love how Dodson tries to go invisible and folds his hands when Nedry points him out "We've got Dodson here!" I think all introverts do that.

Nedry Steals the Embryos


Here you can see close ups of the vial that Nedry steals and I love the thumping music in this that's just soft enough to cause some tension. You know something bad is going to happen.

So back to my Cryocan. I love it. I am still extremely happy about this. I now have a new goal. I plan to collect more props. I've been focusing so much on the Jeep, but that's a difficult and expensive prop to own. I will get one eventually. I'm tenacious like Ellie. All good INTJ's are. But for now I think I want to own another hand held sized prop like this. I may try to find someone to commission to make me John Hammond's cane. I now own two Park brochures also which are amazing. We're still in the slow process of getting rid of the estate stuff and fixing up our house. Getting rid of our own stuff too we just don't use or need. I hope to get some glass display cases and have one of my living spaces be dedicated to my fave movie of all time.

After having a Jeep and seeing other JP fans that make their own realistic props I have started thinking what is it that drives us and causes us to do this. Other fandoms that have fans like us are Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. I think of it that we were all kids growing up in the 80s and 90s. These movies were so important to us that they just weren't movies they were a way of life for us. They were constantly in our heads when we weren't watching them and we had many of the toys. And many of the toys were disappointing as they did not look like the movie counterparts. So we grew up and many of these kids became wood workers, metal workers, engineers, scientists etc and still inspired by our fave films. We love them so much we don't just want a fantasy in our heads or a badly made toy. We want to own a part of the real movie so making screen accurate props and vehicles is our way of making the fantasy a reality. It's the closest we can get to having been in that story. I think that's a wonderful thing and like I said in the movie I'm thrilled to own a piece of Jurassic Park.
04 May 2018 @ 10:35 am
So I think I'm caught up on almost all my youtube videos now. Here are the updates on my jeep. The interior color update is the one I'm very proud of.


And the interior blue color.


It took me a long time to do the trim. A few days because I didn't have the right tools to remove some of the parts. I also forgot about the clear coat which was very important. It looked better without it but felt sticky and delicate. With the clear coat I'm not afraid to touch it.

Bullet has been extremely friendly lately. I'm loving my sweet pet budgie. I don't know what happened to the attitude she used to have. It's still there but she is a middle aged budgie now. She'll be five in Sept. I can't believe that. Does not feel like five years. She has been flying more which is also very strange for me as she never flew around much. But it's good exercise for her. She was too fat before. Today she gave me a kiss. A real one. She reached over to my cheek and made the "chip" sound of a kiss. I was so happy and kissed her back. She gets very hyper when she sees me and runs back and forth in her cage til I let her out.

Today is another monthly anniversary for us. 22 years 3 months. I hope Chris can get out early today so we can do stuff. His TV is finally arriving today so I'm kind of waiting around for that. He's so excited. I know he's been very excited as I was like that too. Oh I don't want to post too many videos in one post so I'll make another one after this for my other major update and why I could relate to him. Since most of my jeep projects are done I hope to work on the door art today. I hope I can make some good progress. It would be nice to finish one already. I'm looking at my own post in the preview. Looks like youtube codes the embed now to add a link so not necessary that I do it manually I guess?
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02 May 2018 @ 07:24 am
Happy May everyone. It's been a while since I posted. Just been busy mostly with Jeep stuff. I ordered a lovely turquoise sunshade from Alien Sunshade a few days ago. I was so excited to get this thing so I could drive around with the top down but not get burned by the sun. They had very good reviews and some youtube videos. But when I got mine it just has not worked out. The shade is a very pretty blue and good quality. But the Bungee cords they give you are not good. The extra long ones just aren't long enough and now that I'm paying attention to the few negative reviews they got I'm having those same issues. Seems it's people with 2016 and up jeeps that have the bungee problem. The back roll bar with the speakers/soundbar and the padding is too wide. The bungees don't go around it. Here is the tutorial video.

In fact when you first see the jeep in that video the sound bar on that version, I bet it's pre 2016 is way thinner for the back bungees. The bungees are nowhere as easy to pull as in this video either. I knew I don't have any strength, I always say I'm Mr. Burns. But Chris couldn't do it either and even if we got someone super strong to do it like our friend Erik I think the bungees would break. Another annoying thing is I don't think you can do this without taking the back off which I have never done and is a big hassle. They say you can do it without taking off the back but that would work if the bungees were longer. They also say you can put the hard top back on by only unlatching the front bungees. That would be awesome and the one concern I had before I bought this. But I don't know if that is the case now that this whole soundbar issue has come up and I'm not sure how to get around it. I don't know where I can find a long bungee that's a loop. I could attach that to the existing ones. I can't use another one they make because of the two balls I really don't want to return it but if I can't use it I need that money back. It wasn't exactly cheap.

The good news is I have been adding other accessories successfully and yesterday I finished a big project I'm very proud of it. I painted the inside trim of my jeep turquoise. It looks beautiful. Yes I will post pics soon. I did the door handles, the air vents, the small speakers on the dashboard, the passenger grab bar, the small dashboard speakers and the big soundbar speakers. Speaking of the grab bar, I don't remember if I said this but my custom bar should be going into production soon. I have been speaking with the artist and we had the stupid problem that he ordered a "teal" plastic from Amazon for his 3d printer. I approved the photos he sent and was very excited about this. But when he got it it was more of a darker green blue. Heavy on the green side. Very disappointing but not his fault. He asked if I wanted to cancel the order. I said no. So I decided to go with white and I will paint it myself. It will match the color I now have in the jeep. I'm loving how this is all looking but I do now have the guilt that I don't have a JP jeep. Especially when my JP mix comes on the stereo.

So I'm very behind on videos. I've got tons of footage of things majorly backed up. I'm trying to catch up. I need to edit and render several toy reviews as well as the jeep and plant stuff I usually post. My Sony Vegas is acting up badly which makes rendering hard. Actually I think my computer is about to die. I need to make another back up soon. I've been having trouble running my programs like photoshop and Vegas Movie Studio. I can't buy new programs because my puter can't handle them and certainly not a game like Universe Sandbox 2. It's another reason stuff has been slow because it takes four times as long to make as it used to. I'm also having issues with my phone transferring videos. I'm worried my phone is starting to have issues and it's not even two years old yet. What happens is when I plug it into the comp with the cable it asks to allow to connect and I do but then disconnects and keeps asking to connect. I know it's my phone because this happened on Chris's computer too. The way around it is to take out the memory card and put it in directly but the problem with that is it's a pain to take my phone apart. It's not a simple camera slot. I need a special pin I must not lose to open the casing.

On the pet front Bullet is doing great. She actually has been flying the past few days. I'm so happy about that. She's started to make a pest of herself a bit by buzzing me haha. Oh I do have a story to share. I keep the clean bird bowls on a metal shelf upside down to dry. Bullet has a little white dish with goldfish on it. It was towards the back. I put a new clean dish in the front and it pushed her dish off. I knew I'd broken it before it even hit the ground. I was very upset because it's an unusual dish with the art also inside the bowl. It did shatter as it's ceramic. They don't make these anymore. No, not Bullet's special dish! I have found most of the pieces and will glue it back together but it will never hold water again. It can be a food bowl from now on. But luckily I found one on Ebay. I bought it and it arrived very fast. I showed it to Bullet and she was so happy. She's had that since she was a young bird so it's part of her childhood.

This one can be used for water but I won't. Compared to the old one this is so bright. I had not idea the water had faded it. The old one has hard water stains too that won't come out. I'm glad this story had a happy ending.

Lastly I'm waiting for something in the mail. It's JP related. I can't wait to get it. Hopefully today.
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22 April 2018 @ 09:29 am
Things have been going well. I've been rather busy. If you didn't see the post I made about the reporter that got scared by the rooster please check it out. It's so darn funny. Want to hear you comments on it.

I'm making progress on my two Fear drawings. I think I'm done with outlining Fear's feet. Next I need to shade and highlight him and hopefully that will be it. So the passenger door might get finished before the driver door at this rate. But just when I think I know what I'm doing this weird indecisiveness hits me. Well something comes up that makes me indecisive. Remember I said I wasn't sure about a Jurassic Park JK and found those photos where the one looked terrible? Well that's because the guy did it wrong and it looked so bad. I found one finally of someone that did it right and the kicker is with half doors it looks really good. I think only from the front it doesn't look good. Well here are the pics.


This one has the original full sized doors which is what I have. Looks pretty good but still eh. But now look at this one.


Wow the half doors make all the difference. I think the front doesn't look good though. The JK is to rounded and fat. But the sides look great.


I had always planned to get the half doors anyway. But until then have to live with the ugly big doors. Until I found this pic.
So paint the sides of the doors black and it looks like half doors. This could work great on the two door I have.

So now I'm back to the same stupid problem I thought I'd finally gotten past. Fear or JP? GAH! Though I'm thinking my Jeep will end up as a hybrid like ACTipton suggested. Go through with Fear both doors and a turquoise color scheme, but have the JP logo on the back tire, T-rex and Raptor on the back side windows and then a bunch of JP quotes on the back window. I'm going to be coloring the trim pieces soon on the inside. And just yesterday I found out there is a guy that does a custom handle bar on the passenger side in any color with any phrase. Definitely will be turquoise but again stupid Fear vs JP dilema. Might have it say Scary Fear or "Hold on to your butts." since it's the "oh shit" bar as they call them. Chris suggested the JP logo on each side of the quote. I'll have to email and talk to the guy and see what he can do. The Fear font may not work because the F in Fear is so darn long. Other Fear things it could say would be "Fear This" or "Driven by Fear". Speaking of that. I have not installed the windshield banner yet because they made it in a stupid way. The sticker is solid all the way. When you put it on it would cover visibility and it's not see through from the inside. I'm going to see if I can cut the letters out somehow but if not then it's a loss and I'll have to wait and have a temporary one made, or hold out until I can get the wrap made as I know they do make transparent stickers. So that's what's been going up with my updates on the jeep.

I went out the other day to the petstore. I was coming back out and a guy comes up to me and goes, "Please can you help me?" It totally took me by surprise as I was day dreaming and it popped my bubble. My first thought was, "Why me? I doubt I could help. I hope it's nothing serious." Well turns out he wanted his battery jumped because his truck wouldn't start. He said he had his own cables. I got annoyed but the begged so I said ok I would help. I had parked far away since I like to park under trees in the shade. As a native Floridian I know the best parking spot isn't the one nearest the store. It's the one in the shade. But when I came over some old lady had pulled into the parking spot I was going to take. He asked her to move and I pulled in finally. Very annoying.

Well I must say I enjoyed this. He loved my Jeep and told me he owns a CJ. I got this pic and then realized how appropriate this was that Fear was giving him electricity. We shook hand and he left. I hope he made it to somewhere he can get a new battery. I also went to Target and picked up the new Jurassic World toys that are out. I got Grant, Muldoon and some small cars and trucks. These are Target exclusives called The Legacy Series which is putting out all the Jurassic Park original stuff. Ellie is the other figure that's out, but they didn't have her at this location.

Yesterday I decided to go out and have some fun. I went to Key Vista Nature Park. I'm rendering a video about that and it should be up soon. I just have to find music that will work with the footage. I had a very nice time. I went during the high tide and did not know it. I've never seen the water that high before. There was almost no beach. The beach is usually wide enough but that day it was like two feet wide. That didn't stop me from getting in there and exploring. I almost had it all to myself which is what I love about this place. There were two osprey pairs nesting. One pair had a nest already. The other must be a new pair because they were trying to build in a tree and doing a terrible job of it. They would bring in huge sticks and drop them. Then the sticks would fall to the ground and they'd look down all confused. I told Chris it will be Christmas by the time they get it right. I have to go back sometime and get videos of this pair. I didn't bring my tripod and my footage came out horrid. I got to see a dolphin coming up the channel. That was so darn cool. I was totally alone and was in a forest with a salt water inlet and subdivision on the opposite back. So how many places can you say you saw a dolphin while in a forest? Only the Amazon comes to mind. I love Florida. I love the sound of the blow hole. The first time I heard that was while I was kayaking and a dolphin surfaced near me. I guess cause I've only ever heard it on documentaries and suddenly you find out it's real, not just something on TV. Like all things it's just totally different to experience it in real life. No film can do it justice.

Here is a view of the beach from the lookout tower. You can see how the tide was up to the steps. Basically no beach. So it was a very nice time for me.

So we've been on the hunt going to different Targets. Chris found Ellie in New Port Richey. Hurray! I will post a pic of my JP Haul soon as well as do a video review on the toys and why I like them so much.

Oh and Happy Earth Day everyone.
17 April 2018 @ 07:48 am
I found this video a few days ago and was laughing so hard. It's difficult to make me laugh but this had me nearly on the ground in tears. I can't relate to most fears and certainly not fears of things that I love; in this case birds. As a thinking type I have a hard time reading or even seeing obvious emotions in others with one exceptions. Fear. That is the one I have always been able to notice instantly since childhood. This reporter didn't seem afraid at all but when the rooster started flapping he completely lost it. This was utter terror on his part. It's so funny to me. I don't understand how he held such a big chicken in the first place. Didn't he know roosters flap their wings? Had he been suppressing his fears and just lost it then? It's interesting he did let it down gently like he used all his strength to control the fear as much as he could but it was too powerful then he ran off screaming. And the screaming! It's my fave thing. Great deep scream. I have been laughing on and off for the last two days just remembering this video throughout the day. I have to share it with all of you. This definitely should inspire some art. Oh Kabuldur, do you know this reporter's name? This happened in Australia but I can't find any info on when this happened, who that is or why. Anyway enjoy the video.

10 April 2018 @ 10:15 am
It's been a rainy last two days, but this particular storm is nice and relaxing. I'm gaming still and wanted to show some of the pics I got the last time I was playing Dragon's Dogma.

George and Schuyler walking past a castle. I was talking with Joker that this is the best George I have made in any game. It's too bad that hats don't work for him. The closest thing to a cowboy hat in this game is a witch hat, but guess what happens? Yep he loses his hair so no hats for George.

Here I've had Schuyler cast his little lightning balls that protect him. I was so happy you can do this in this game because if you remember I had drawn him with some protective orbs in the drawings Welcome to the Terror Sfear.

Here we have Schuyler, Owen and Ophidius. I love in this game you can add heights and they are pretty accurate. They are in cm unfortunately and you can't pick exact measurements there are preset ones. But you try to get close after converting feet. I love it when Schuyler and George stand together. George towers over him and it's a great sense of scale for when I have to draw them.

Schuyler in a battle. I posted this pic because you get to see his feathered cloak that looks like his wings. Too bad this isn't black because for a game from ancient times it looks close to his modern day coat.

I started working on the drawing for my Jeep's door yesterday. Oh man I have so much work to do to get the proportions for it right. The annoying thing is I think I did all the mask layers wrong. I put them on Fear when I should have put them on his wings. I hate to say this but I think I have to redo it yet again. I'm quite sick of drawing this thing over and over already, but I need to have it be perfect. It needs to be print worthy.