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21 February 2018 @ 09:45 pm
I woke up happy again today for my second Fear dream. This one was not as good as the last one but still good. I dreamt I was back at work at the science museum. There was a band there and we were trying to get people to sign a petition to reinstate Pluto as a Planet with this fund raiser concert. I came on the stage while they were singing the song Wild Child and I was Fear. I grabbed one of the mics and started singing. The band was surprised but since I did it so well they soon liked it. The lead singer and I were trading lines back and forth. I remember thinking to myself that I couldn't believe I hadn't been kicked off the stage. Also that I knew the lyrics. I was figuring them out based on what rhymed. I just remember the thrill of being in front of a crowd and being part of a whole making awesome music. It was great. Here's the song for those of you that want to hear it. It's a metal band with an 80s fee. Wild Lixx.


Speaking of songs I had something hilarious and mind blowing happen to me today. Chris and I went to eat at First Watch. We were talking about Australia for some reason and I told him about a video I watched that they have this jelly spread that goes on bread called Vegemite. They say if you're not an Australian you'll hate it. Not for foreigners. I had found a video of this couple that tried it and the husband nearly lost it. It was so funny. Chris didn't know it was a real thing. He said he thought it was something made up in the song Land Down Under where they mention "A vegemite sandwich." Ok it was at this point I had my mind blown. WHAT? I have known that song forever. It came out in 1981. I thought he was saying, "I betcha' my sandwich" Here are the real lyrics

"I said do you speaka my language
And he just smiled
And gave me a vegemite sandwich"

My version

"I said do you speaka my language
And he just smiled
And said I betcha' my sandwich"

Which makes total sense. For 36 years that's what I was sure it was. So at breakfast I could not stop laughing about this. It's almost as shocking to me as pluto getting demoted. I must have laughed for 10 minutes straight over this. Chris was so amused. I was so tired though after that laughing fit. Rarely do I laugh that much but I bet there are a bunch of lyrics in this song that I don't know as half of it I never did understand but never questioned it. It's a great song. Here's that song.


I finally got my Pluto globe today but man did I have a scare. The tracking said it was on my door step but there was nothing there. I was worried it had been stolen. I called UPS and told them about it and they told me they'd get back to me. A while later there's a knock at our door and the UPS guy had our package. He said he accidentally had left it at the wrong house. I was so thankful. I'm just glad it wasn't lost forever because these things are expensive. I opened it up and it is a lovely little thing. It had to charge up in the room but now is spinning nicely on my dresser. It came with a scratch but I'm not going to send it back as it's not too bad. It took long enough to get here. I will try to do a nice video review on it soon.

I haven't done any art today. Just been doing other stuff. Don't know if I will tomorrow either. I'm getting ready to go out and try to film the International Space Station. Please pray that there are no clouds and it's perfect weather. I hope this works out. This is going to be way harder than filming the eclipse. It will be over in about a second literally. It's a solar transit so that makes it hard having to have solar paper as a filter again.

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm very proud of our president. And because of his actions things are getting better for us. Our bank gave us a refund check. We also got our mortgage lowered. We make more money now because we pay fewer taxes from the tax cut. We also got a refund from another bank out of nowhere. Thank you bank. I don't care why but that's always a welcome gift. And with all this space stuff I think patriotism is very high right now. At the monster truck show it was great to hear the national anthem at the start though I missed seeing it as I got there late because of traffic. The lady had an awesome operatic voice.

So I don't know when I'll get a chance to work on art. If not tomorrow then perhaps Friday.
20 February 2018 @ 05:59 pm
I've been working on the update for Conspiracy nearly all day today. I have a major headache from it. It's been a lot of problem solving. I have noticed my art is complex because I have a propensity to draw things both in front and behind each other. The hug drawing from my dream is a good example of this. So on top of having many layers I also have many masks on the layers so I can conceal or show certain parts. Adding his wings has made a huge mess. The secondary feathers are behind his cloak well between the cloak actually. The primaries are in front of the cloak. Then I added a light reflection layer and I had to figure out how to add a mask and how to figure out if the lines for the wings are covered or not. And which layer is causing issues. I can't wait to be done with this but it's looking amazing. And I thought that drawing couldn't get better. Since I'm doing this to potentially be a giant print I'm thinking the ravens might make things too cluttered. I may remove some and all need to be lightened up. They also have to be spread out more. And when I show this to the print guys I know I'm going to have to redo it yet again because I'm going to have to make the space background match the door and the door is wider than this vertical page. Perhaps they can give me the template for a Jeep door. I really do have a headache from this. I've had to stop so I'm typing up this post. But I do like a challenge and I do enjoy this. Oh you guys get a sneak peak. You might have noticed my icon changed and now has a green mouth. It's so much better this way. When he had a blue one you didn't notice and it blended in too much.

I hope I get my Pluto tomorrow. I will do an unboxing and a review. I found this funny but cool song on youtube about Pluto is Still a Planet To Me because yes that's how I feel about it. I don't care what some scientists say. I was taught 9 planets and it will always be that way for me. I won't put the word "dwarf" in front of it. The video is stupid though with guys dancing around like morons. So just open another browser and do something else if that's distracting. The music and the lyrics are good though. I love hearing the scientific terms in it. This should be made into a metal song and it would be loads better.

I love the parts
No longer 1 of 9
In the Keiper Belt you could scream and shout
Rotate and revolve and keep your orbit in lock.

OMG I love that last line. Ha ha.

I forgot I had a third dream too. Last night nothing happened. Too bad I was hoping for another awesome Fear dream. But before the last two I posted I had a dream inspired by my conversation with actipton80. I dreamt I was in bed lying on my back. I woke up and on my right side were three huge owls perched just looking down at me. The middle one was the biggest. They weren't real owls my mind made up species. Non had ears. They were all very round headed like great grey owls. But I was happy they were there and I lifted my left hand and petted the big middle owl. He was sooooo soft and fluffy. And that's all that dream was. Chris said it was creepy. Yeah I guess it would be to most people but like all my "nightmarish" dreams I wasn't scared and enjoyed it very much.
19 February 2018 @ 12:28 pm
Most people when they dream of Fear have a very bad night. Not me. This was excellent. Here are some doodles of my fave scenes from that dream. Wings are not anatomically correct because these are just doodles so I won't forget these scenes. Though I love some of these so much that it's tempting to flesh them out properly and color them.

1. This is when I first saw Chris up on the pole. I got very excited. Flew up half way then started to struggle in the dream with gaining altitude. I became lucid and pushed through this problem and made it to the top.

2. At the top of the pole and Chris and I are very happy to see each other. I rushed him in a hug and knocked him off the pole.

3. A close up of the hug. Had to not draw two of their wings or you wouldn't be able to see anything.

4. Over head view shows better what's going on as we rotate and slowly float down over the parking lot.
19 February 2018 @ 09:25 am
I've been having some amazing dreams lately. But last night's was the best. You guys know I have been saying I'm long over due for a Fear dream since I gave him black skin. Well I finally had one. It started off that I was going to a big store like a mall with Chris for some reason. He went inside and I was supposed to drive and park his truck. The reoccuring theme happened that the breaks didn't work. I was in the passenger seat alone for some reason and trying to push the break with my hand. It was hard and would not go in. The truck was driving slowly through the parking lot. I managed to get in the driver seat and put my foot on the break but it would not go all the way in so the truck kept going slowly. I kept pushing and pushing on the break and it became about driving around things and not hitting them because though it was very slow you never stop. I have had this dream so many times always different but always the same theme of breaks not working and going slow or crashing slow. So I avoided other cars and somehow finally managed to get the truck to stop into a parking spot. When I got out I was Scary Fear with my cool black skin, wings and colored hairs. I don't remember if I had my raven feet or boots. I don't remember seeing my feet but I think I did have raven feet. I was worried about being alone in the parking lot and if the truck was ok. I pulled out my cellphone and was texting Chris to come get me. I have no idea how I could do that with my long claws haha but it seemed to work. I love the detail in my dreams as it was my blue cellphone with art of myself since my backgrounds are of Scary Fear. As I walked closer to the store there were some telephone like poles really close to the wall. I looked up and on top of one Chris was there and he too was a Fear like me but he was still purple. I guess the dream did that so we could tell each other apart? I don't know but that was the only difference we looked exactly the same. We were even wearing the same blue outfit. I got SOOOOOOO happy at this point. I opened my wings to join him and took off straight up. But I lost momentum and hovered about half way up the pole. Oh no! I didn't want to get stuck here. I've had those recurring themes too about losing altitude and not being able to gain it. I knew this was a dream at this point and in my mind said NO I will not let this stop me. I have wings. I flapped hard again and looked up at Chris. I got a boost of thrust and made it up to his level. I hovered in front of him for a moment. He was courched down in a cool creepy pose. I lunged at him in a hug knocking him off the post. He put his arms under my wings and I under his and we just hugged and held each other in the air. My gosh it was beautiful and we both slowly spiraled down, wings out to the parking lot below. I could see all the white lines of the empty parking spots and the street lights as this was at night when it happened. Two Fears together male and female. The short bit of flying I did felt wonderful. This whole dream felt wonderful and then I woke up around 5am and recorded this on the voice recorder. I didn't mean to wake Chris up but no choice since I had to talk and my phone was lighting up the room with white light. But we've talked about this. He told me to do this and I have missed dreams before because I didn't want to wake him and I thought I'd remember but don't the next morning. This was so special I had to do that for the first time. Then I hugged him in real life for a long time. He was so happy for me because I have been trying to have a dream like this every night for months. Before we go to sleep he always asks me, "What do you want to dream about tonight?" And I always say, "I want to fly as Fear." I had no idea it would be this cool though. I thought I'd just be flying through pretty landscapes like in my art when I finally succeeded. I must draw these scenes even if they are just doodles. Dreams do weird things that make no sense. In my real universe there aren't many entities of Fear and this dream changes nothing. There is only one, the Ancient Scary Fear that affects all throughout the cosmos. But I liked the dream very much as it showed so many of my loves.

And that's not the only dream I had last night. I'm dreamt I was back in my house in El Salvador. This is another reoccuring theme about the small house being way bigger and having a secret area that's huge. So I went to this house and was so happy to be there. And I went to the backyard and yes the house extended and there was way more stuff. More rooms, more people. There were redwinged blackbirds in a cage, a holding area for homing pigeons, and pets and livestock everywhere. Everyone knew me and greeted me when I went by. Then I went out further going through the tropical trees. It was a beautiful day. I could see the beach and the ocean. Now in real life this house was inland. Nowhere near the ocean. But when I got there it was strange because there was very little beach. In the distance I could see a tall rock island and I loved how it looked and wondered how I could get there. But why was the beach so small? I figured the tide was coming in and it was the waves were getting bigger and closer. Too much I ran back up. There was a security guide and I asked him about the tide coming in. He got worried and said that wasn't the tide. OK time to start running I figured. Then I ended up in an amusement park and had to find my way back. This amusement park featured in another dream I had before of this same house and I had to go through it to get to the beach. And another time I dreamt about this house I think I logged it here but there was an enclosed front patio with green plastic that let sun in and there were beautiful nepenthes hanging everywhere.

So yeah I woke up feeling like a million bucks today. Now I want to share a video I found since St. Patrick's Day is coming up next month. It's about a very cool parade in Boston.

I think it's great this Ghostbusters club put on this parade and that people were dressed as Star Wars. It was just fun I can tell. So many American flags at this thing.
17 February 2018 @ 08:29 pm
Well I know you guys thought the Pluto globe was neat. I really can't wait for mine to arrive. I figured I'd share a video that shows all the planets in this series. They're so beautiful.

So today I want to talk about Alligators. Not the animals themselves but the word and it's fascinating origin. It is a Spanish word or more accurately derived from a Spanish word. When the Spaniards conquered Florida in the 1500's they came across our giant reptiles. They were everywhere in our water ways. They called them "Lagartos". "El Lagarto" is the Alligator. Well English settlers that talked to them mis-heard the word as Ellatago. And being the way we Americans are we made the word our own and improved upon it. It quickly evolved into Alligator. The American Alligator is a monotypic genus. Alligator mississippiensis is the scientific name and there are no others in the genus Alligator. Crocodiles have several species in their genus and have very differently constructed skulls than the very wide American Alligator skull. They tend to be more aggressive too than the more relatively docile Alligator. Seen from the sides Alligators have teeth that point all down while crocs have teeth that point both up and down giving them a more fierce aggressive look.

So there's a little history on where the word Alligator came from.
15 February 2018 @ 09:33 pm
I'm doing a lot better now but still wake up with a sore throat every morning. But things are going great. I'm quite excited about many things going on. A few days ago Space X launched the Falcon Heavy rocket here. I can't believe I missed it. It is visible from Tampa and I was out and about that day. But I did see it on youtube and it's very exciting that I felt like I was there. Florida is known for exploration and its space coast. I've always wanted to go see a launch in person. I have seen several space shuttles take off but not from the East Coast. I plan to rectify that this year. So next launch I hope to go to Titusville and watch a rocket take off.

Chris and I celebrated Valentine's on the 13th. Turns out he had to work on his usual Weds so that screwed this up for having Valentine's off. But we went out and he bought me a tripod for Valentine's day. I love it and I needed it. Well I still have to learn how to work it. One reason I asked for that was because I found out the International Space Station will pass over us next week and do a solar transit. I wish it were a lunar transit but it's a solar one. I can't believe I have to find my filter paper from the eclipse. I never thought I'd be doing that again but I hope that I can film it going across the sun. Please pray that there will be no clouds and perfect weather for me on the 22nd. My gosh I feel like it's the eclipse all over again. I'll take all my sun blocking clothes with me too and set up in the parking lot of a local church. It's right in the path of the center line. I wonder if I'll be the only one there or if others will set up too. I don't think anyone knows about this and I'll probably get people asking me what I'm doing. So I am very much on a space kick lately. I have been learning about the CEO of Space X Elon Musk and really starting to like him and look up to him. I respect people in power like him that have worked their way to the top and are innovative leaders. He also owns Tesla which is why he was able to launch a Tesla roadster into space with a dummy spaceman driving it. I have no idea what the point of that is, totally pointless, but it's so awesome. There is an awesome car flying through space right now with beautiful footage of the earth. Just that alone got me all excited. The other amazing thing is that this rocket has reusable boosters that land back on earth. I never understood why they couldn't do this in the past. It was such a waste of resources and money to let them burn up and fall into the ocean. We're getting that much closer to living in the age of Star Trek. It is so amazing and exciting for me.

AND while look up all this stuff I found out about these amazing globes of the planets that spin by solar power. They are inside a glass shell suspended in liquid of some kind. So that and the earth's magnetic field helps them turn. They are so cool. I have ordered one and can't wait to get it. I have ordered Pluto. Here is a video of it.

I hope to get back out to the lake where all the white pelicans were too. Would be a great place to use the tripod and get photos and videos. I'm so behind on videos. I need to make the one of the monster trucks and of the pelicans.

Lastly I'm working on art again. I'm reworking and updating Conspiracy as it's possible I may use that for my driver side door of my Jeep. I'd like to come up with all new art actually but that is probably my best drawing of Fear. With Fear's art it's constantly improving and updating it seems.
09 February 2018 @ 08:58 am
Been a while since I've updated but have quite a bit to say. Things have been going quite well. Last Weds I found this lake in Lakeland that has tons of birds and at last got my white pelicans. I got tons of pics and videos I have to sort and upload eventually. I was so happy to finally see these giant birds up close. But they can swim faster than I can run so I wasn't able to keep up wih them the whole time. I walked opposite of the circle they were making. I got to see three different swans. Mute swans, black swans and black headed white swans. Don't know the actual species names of those or if they're variants of the mute swan. I did see a dilute black swan. That was neat. He was grey. I picked up two new lifers at this lake too. Lesser scaup and Northern Shoveler. Unfortunately I was't feeling well. I woke up with a sore throat and have been in bed since then. Chris and I gamed and watched stuff. We're watching bother seasons of Travelers over again. Yesterday I was in bed all day and just watched shows on netflix. OH we watched Cars 3. I liked it. Not as good as the first one but I enjoyed it. I have no desire to see the second one as I know it was so bad. The only thing you need to know from the second one was that Doc died. A stupid move really which shows me that movie was screwed up from the start. This third movie did copy some of the stuff from the first. I hate it when they do that trying to still reap rewards from the original formula. No you have to do all new things with some ties to the original to make things good.

So today I'm still going to take it easy. My throat still hurts and it's hard to talk. I've downloaded google translate on my phone and LOVE this app. I hope they never screw with it in an update. It as a talk feature which is perfect for when I'm sick. I just type what I want to say and push the speaker button. Then it says it for me. Gosh we're living in the future. In my story Innocence Lost I had a think that when Cope would lose his voice he would type on his small laptop and it would talk for him. It was so futuristic and now that technology is here. I love it and I don't. I love it because I always wanted that for myself and now have it. But my story is no longer sci fi and out there in that part of it. I think I need to put that on my tablet though because I hate the text pad. I hate texting. Only my table I have a real keyboard where I can type almost full speed that I do on a real keyboard. So I hope to post my pics soon on flickr but now while I'm sick as the tablet is not as good as a real computer. That reminds me. I had mentioned to Chris one thing I loved about monster truck shows was when the trucks would jump the stadium would like up like a galaxy full of flashes. So pretty and sparkly. Well no more because everyone was using stupid cellphones for cameras. Chris and I were the only ones with real cameras and probably the only ones that got quality close ups like the official news crews do. I'm proud of us. The guys sitting behind us were definitely checking out our gear. We showed off. Chris zoomed into the driver's seat since he knew they were watching us. Haha.
29 January 2018 @ 05:26 pm
Hey guys. So things have been going fairly well. A few days ago I did a trip to Orlando to check out a kayak store. I had a very nice time and love all the kayak and camping gear they have at this place. I went specifically to look for a backpack. I've been wanting a small travel day pack. I love my big Farpoint 40 by Osprey. They do make awesome stuff and I got the Daylite Plus in Eggplant purple there. This will work for our trips and curises to stuff it in the big back then use it when we go on shore excursions to carry small stuff like cameras, snacks or anything else we might need. So even though I had a great time the drive there was very rough on me. I needed the following day to recover from driving stress. Orlando is one of the worst cities if not the worst city in Florida to drive in. I also drove on I4 for the first time which I had been warned about avoiding at all costs if possible. Well this time it was unavoidable. Unlike when I met Peregrine this place was much further north and no way to get there but to go on the interstate. My right arm and shoulder still has not recovered from the time I hurt it back in Dec watering plants and all this has caused my fibro to go off very badly. So the last few days I've either been in a lot of pain or not had any strength or energy to move. It's sucked because my mind wants to go out still and do more fun things but my body just can't. The arm thing has gone on too long and probably I'll have to have it looked at which I'm not happy about. But I have not slept well over a month now because of it.

Other than that things are going well. I game once in a while. I got the first badge on my main account for Weekend hero on Sky Force Reloaded. We've got another cold front coming through again. This won't be good for my physical conditions either. I can't wait for Spring. I hope I can put the plants back out soon. Oh speaking of plants. I got my plants from CZ plants. Two of them and they came in terrible shape. One I think is dead because the growth tip is black. I don't think there's hope for it. It also had no roots. So despite the leaves still having some green it looks bad. The other plant is sick looking but once it makes a new leaf I may be able to save that one at least. Here's hoping. Shame about the other one as it was a rare N. campanulata. But it was an over seas order and I knew there was a risk of this.

So yeah I am gearing up for a trip but I have no set plans for this year. I don't know if I'll even travel this year. I'd like to but I need to save money so I don't know. Perhaps a short cheap trip. But we do have the monster truck show coming up soon for our anniversary. I am very much looking forward to that.
25 January 2018 @ 08:16 am
Well I haven't posted much because despite having some good days they've mostly been gaming so not much to tell. And they are airplane shooter games so no funny random stuff happens like in sandbox games. But Chris and I have been having a blast helping each other with Skyforce reloaded. I'll get to that in a bit. I want to log a dream I had yesterday that was too funny. It was inspired by the game because the final boss looks like Megatron from Transformers. I only care about Gen 1 because that's the show I grew up with and the only real one to me. So final boss looks like him and from fighting him so much I dreamt about Megatron and transformers.

I dreamt that Megatron got sick of Starscream always trying to over throw him. So he just told him he could have it. He could be leader because Megatron had been leader long enough. Starscream and the rest couldn't believe it. In fact Starscream got so happy about it that he died. Right there and then. My mind said it was a heart attack and I instantly wondered what is the equivalent a robot heart attack? Central processor shut down? Anyway that's what happened to him. I bet Megatron had wish he'd thought of this earlier. Well once that happened everyone was impressed. So much so some of the autobots like Bumblebee and Ironhide switched sides and joined the Decepticons. Then Optiums Prim showed up asking what the heck was going on. And Megatron shot him in the hand with his laser and melted his hand off. I was laughing so hard at this point. To me this dream was a comedy. It had so much sensless violence. I loved it. Another part of the dream had to do with a hyacinth macaw that was on the ground. He walked between my legs. I wanted to pick him up but was a bit afraid because he had a huge beak. He was bigger and chunkier than a real macaw so I should have been clued in that this was a dream. I totally missed that dream sign. Then I spent the rest of the dream looking for this macaw that vanished. I hate it when my dreams take this turn as it becomes the pointless wasted time and it happens to me too much where I focus on one detail for the rest of the night. So the Transformers part was the best part of the dream.

So back to Sky Force. One thing Chris and I could not figure out how to do was beat each other in tournament. Well you can't play two player in tournament like you can the rest of the game. It made no sense to me. I figured to beat each other in this kind of game it meant who had the most points, who picks up the most stars, who rescues the most humans etc. But no nothing like that. You just enter the level and play by yourself. The level repeats and gets harder and harder so it's like a Groundhog Day level. Screw that so I just helped Chris get the medals on his two accounts which was enter the tournament 100 times. So I got the weakest plane and just crashed as soon as it started over and over. I did it 300 times. His two accounts and mine. Well turns out the tournament ends at the start of Tuesdays. And it takes three people to get the other badge. Suddenly Chris got it because he "beat" me. WTF? So to get it you have to enter, it depends on who gets the highest score and you find out who "wins" after three days. That's so stupid. Since Chris's main account is the only one that played the level normal he got the most points from me doing the enter 100 times thing. The bad thing is you need to win 5 times so for us to get this badge it will take months since you can only win once a week. This will be the hardest badge to get only because it takes so long.

Yesterday we went to a park because I read somewhere that it's a place where white pelicans sometimes come. I want to see some this year and get good pics for once. No luck with that but it sure was a bird day. We saw glossy ibis at the dump, sandhill cranes and killdeer in huge flocks. At this park we saw lots of normal white ibis and other waterbirds. It's winter so we've got all the migratory birds down. I hope I can find those pelicans. I may have to go to Sarasota for that and go back to Leffis Key. I need to get out and drive more. I live in a beautiful state with so much wildlife. I need to get over the driving thing and just go. Well I am making a long drive today. I'm nervous as always but it's a one day thing so hope it turns out well.
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18 January 2018 @ 06:48 pm
Ok so I have been having a very nice time. I've been wanting to talk about last Sunday but I have either been busy or cold. When I'm cold I don't want to do anything. Sunday was a great day and when I think about what I will write for the end of this year as far as first time doing something I've already done two things I have never ever done before. First was pulled a small trailer. Not a big deal lots of people pull stuff behind their cars but it's my first time and I made mistakes but also feel I did very well for my first time as far as backing up goes. Chris and I got rid of a good amount of yard debris, leaves and branches doing this and I look forward to more. Our friend Mike like us borrow his and then he invited us over to his house later that day. He has a lot of land and one of the cool things was that he owns a cow and a bull. I got to feed and pet the bull. It was something I never thought I'd do as I know to keep my distance from bulls but he told me it was nice and they'd raised him from a baby. So I fed him some dried berries in a bucket and touched him. That was pretty cool I must say. After that we shot targets with his son and a neighbor friend that came over. We had some nice conversations and they all liked my jeep. They encouraged me to keep going with the Fear theme or something I had not even considered. Do both JP and Fear. Why didn't I think of that. Though I'm unsure how I would do that as Fear is a blue theme and Jurassic Park is a red theme and adding red to the Jeep would not look right. But I now have a third option.

Chris and I have been playing Sky Force Reloaded on PS4 and having a blast with that. It's a air plane shooter game and I like that it's like an old style game where I can join in on controller two in the same room on the same tv. None of this multiplayer BS where you need your own console and TV. Because of that we've been having a lot of fun with it. I may likely buy this game for my own ps4 eventually.

Then on Wednesday we went out to this orchid nursery. It was really nice and something different to do. I enjoyed talking to the owner. I'd love to have a huge greenhouse like that. But it was the day before the frost so he was getting his plants inside too and covering the ones that can't come in. After that we checked out a new hydroponics store. It was ok. It didn't have the right supplies I needed but neat to see. We ate at Longhorn which we haven't done in a while. I had the Big Sky Burger and oh my gosh that was divine. I have not had a burger that delicious in forever. It was amazing and I rarely ever get that excited about food. I'll have to get another one sometime. The parmesan fries were awesome too.

Chris filled the birdbath last night because we were going to drop to 26 for our low. This morning it was frozen but the neat thing is because there is an island in it when it melts a bit you can pull out this huge ice donut. I took some pics. It was so funny. I will have to post those eventually.
25 December 2017 @ 09:04 pm
Merry Christmas everyone. I had a very nice one. Chris and I celebrated yesterday at his parents. We had a nice time and I helped my mother inlaw set up her google home mini. That was a lot of fun and I showed her some fun things to do like find out what Santa is doing. I got gift cards to Amazon, Ebay and other places. I'll be using them to get some more nepenthes for sure. I just need to figure out what is the best way to go about spending them. I always enjoy the strategy of prioritizing what I want vs what I have. There's not going to be much of a haul pic this year because everything I asked for was digital and the stuff that I am getting will be slowly trickling in through the mail over the next few days. Poor Chris is still not well. I hope he gets over the mild cold or whatever it is soon. I've still got pain in my shoulder from a muscle I pulled. I think that's what happened. As far as art goes not much happening at the moment. Still reworking older pieces but I'm thinking of working on Triangulum Resistance again. I love that story.
23 December 2017 @ 07:04 pm
I've sent out all the Christmas cards now. ACTipton I got your card in the mail today. Thank you. I liked it. I showed it to Bullet and she actually looked at it and was curious. The drawing was so cute.
I got three of my plant orders today. One was two days late. I was going crazy waiting for the mail to arrive which was also two hours late on top of that. This is one of the plants I got today.

This is N. truncata x inermis. It's one of the ones I got as a gift from Chris. I also got N. truncata x spectabilis (Titanic Savior), N. raffelesiana, N. bicalcarata red, N Lady Luck. The raff is in kind of bad shape though so I need to keep it under lights and warm. I hope it will recover. It looks like it was taken out of tissue culture too soon. I've got some orders that are still coming in and some that one of the sellers messed up and still hasn't sent. I'm still trying to sort out that mess before I place another order with him. I'm not too upset. It's one of the worst times of year to put orders in since no one's working and the mail is backed up and slow. I'm thrilled because last night Native Exotics put up new plants for sale and I managed to get a truncata alba that I had missed out at from another seller. Finally. I can't wait to get it but I don't think it will ship until the new year because of priority mail being backed up right now. The adult looks like this.
So cool it's all light green. No other colors. Mine's a baby so it won't be this spectacular for several years unfortunately. But that will make my 5th truncata. They grow so well for me. I wish I had 5 merrillianas though.

I'm very much in a Christmas mood. I'm quite happy. I can't wait to give Chris his gift. Even though I ordered this other gifts early they're still going to be late. One's coming from China. That always takes way longer than it should.
21 December 2017 @ 07:46 am
Happy Winter Solstice everyone. I am more than happy to celebrate the return of the sun. Today is the longest night of the year. For us it's 11 hours and 49 minutes. It is one second longer than yesterday. But starting tomorrow it will be 3 seconds added to the day. I LOVE my Terra Time app.

If you haven't watched the videos of Dragon's Dogma please check out my last post. They will be up through the 24th so get them while you can. I'd love to discuss them.

Chris gave me my Christmas gift already. I got credit to my favorite nepenthes stores and Amazon. So I've got more plant orders coming. I can't wait. Yes they will be late for Christmas but I don't care. I know I'm getting an order today that I had placed so I can't wait for that. Chris has a mild cold. He stayed home from work yesterday and today. I'm taking care of him and he's doing much better. The Christmas cards came in last night so I will go pick them up today at the print shop and stop by a friend's store along the way too. I haven't been feeling all that well myself. Still having pain in my arm and shoulder as well as the usual back pain. Some days I'm better than others and I try to take full advantage of those. I'm updating two drawings of Fear that may potentially go on the doors of my jeep. Working on Conspiracy and Phobophile.
17 December 2017 @ 07:41 am
I think it was this past Tuesday I took the cards out to have them printed. They told me they'd be ready around the 21st so as always cards will be late again this year. I had a very nice time out that day. I got lots of Jeep waves and one guy in a big truck was sticking his head out the window and checking out my jeep. I forget I have a head turner vehicle when I'm driving. He stuck his hand out and gave me a huge thumbs up. Hehe I love that. I'm very much looking forward to getting the doors done next. Just got to fix up the drawings I want to use as I'm not coming up with any new ideas like I had for the hood.

I finally officially beat Dragon's Dogma. I ended up with two hours of uncut footage of cinemas and the two final battles. I'm going to have to break them into chapters no longer than fifteen minutes. My computer is super slow when I use my editing programs now so it will take a long time but there will be seven chapters and I'll share those very soon. I'm curious what the total play time will be for this once it's done. The fight with Grigori the dragon was the hardest because I had to keep cutting so much stuff out but got it to a decent eleven minutes. That one is one that required the most in game footage too.

The weather is finally getting back to almost normal. I think the cold snap is over and I hope the warmth will last. I'm looking forward to getting most of the plants back outside today. All the new nepenthes seem to be doing quite well. I've also had some awesome dreams about plants for several nights now. My mind's been making up species. I really want to get N. ampullaria not just to have it as an interesting plant but that's the one that is used for cooking. In south east Asia people stuff them with rice and milk. I'm not a fan of rice but I'd like to try filling them with other things like meat or I don't know. I'm definitely not a cook or creative that way but maybe Chris can come up with something.

Chris and I are loving our smart lights. We have several bulbs now in the house. We've got both Google Mini and Alexa that are voice controls for them. I love that we can change their colors. That's so neat. Work on the house is going slowly but surely. We're still dealing with my mother's junk but it's now getting to the point where we're seeing some real progress.
13 December 2017 @ 03:40 pm
Here's a simple and quick ref I just made up for Schuyler. I will still make a proper one for him later on as he needs a real turn sheet with more detail than just this. jokerforever, solartornado, and samanthafalco I know you guys were looking for a ref so hopefully this will help. At least with the flats for color picker.

Despite this being basic and put together fast it still makes me happy to see. Oh one thing. I'm thinking of changing his iris color to the off pink. I have to experiment with that as I'm thinking that will really make it look like he has white irises. Only his pupil is black which makes him creepy and hints at his true form.
Some stats.
Height: 5'8" (I think. His Scary Fear height is 5'10" so they shouldn't be the same I suppose)
Weight: 160 lbs
Age: 31
Personality type: INTP