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08 August 2019 @ 09:53 pm
Saturday Chris took me out to another shell store in Largo. The owner there was very nice too. He took us into the back room and showed us some newly arrived king's crown conch. This is a type I have been looking for. We got to pick out our faves from a bucket full that had just been cleaned. I bought some lovely cones that I had had on my list. I also got a small horse conch and some more nautica shells. We had a very nice date on Wednesday. I will have to definitely do a updated video on my collection. Plus I found some neat shells that I had collected years ago.

My budgie has learned to talk near the mic finally. Nautica ripped the wind muff so I hope I get those replacement ones soon. Here is a video of Minion talking.


For new words and phrases we're working on
Little Evil Budgie
Scary Fear is here
How are you?

But I'm open to suggestions. What would be cool things for him to learn to say? Funny enough I'm drawing a blank on JP quotes because they work in conversations not as stand alone quotes I guess. "Quiet all of you!" Might be funny. Or "No wonder you're extinct".

I've been most active on youtube lately. I'm working on the next driving compilation. It's the one for June. I need to finish that and July and at last I'll be caught up on my driving videos.

Ok just wanted to post a quick update tonight before going to bed about Minion.
01 August 2019 @ 12:31 pm
Happy August everyone. I have some neat photos to share. Yesterday we got the new entertainment set for the bedroom. I have been wanting this for over a year and after all the birthday money and cards I got I finally ordered this. So here are some progress pics.

Here's the old set up. My PS4, Xbox, bluray player and accessories on two fold out tables. This has worked, but it was messy and small. It was time for a change. Especially after Chris got such a nice Entertainment set in his room.

More picsCollapse )


Here is a video of my trip to Treasure Island. First time officially shelling. I'd love to go shelling once a week but driving that much in Pinellas county would make me a nervous wreck. Florida drivers are bad but Pinellas is one of the worst areas. Probably third after Miami/Dade and Orlando. It does not help my driving phobia at all and any peace I find on the beach is quickly gone after I get home. Anyway, so I'm thinking maybe do a coastal trip twice a month. Seems more reasonable that way. I got a cool app for tides that is very helpful. Here's the app
I don't don't use many apps but the one I do get I like to pay for so I won't have any ads. Well let's just talk about apps. One of my all time faves I use a lot now is My Radar Pro.

I bought all the add ons for it except the aviation pack. It's my most "expensive" app at $7. Totally worth it. I love this radar and the maps and it is high definition. I have mine set to globe and love to spin the earth. I can also turn on hurricane tracking, earthquakes, fires and even see photos people have uploaded of weather.
31 July 2019 @ 08:21 am
Hey guys. Things have been going very well. July was a great month. Yesterday I went out to Treasure Island and went shelling on the beach. I found some neat stuff but not too many shells. It was mostly a bivalve (claims, oysters, scallops) beach. I don't find those very interesting. I am most interested in gastropod or marine snails. I found only two. I will make a video because I had a very good time and I went back to the shell store and bought some gastropods that are native here to make up for the lack of ones I could find. I'm hoping Chris and I can take a few days off to got to Sanibel Island which is supposed to be the best place in Florida for shells.

Minion my budgie is doing great. He's not a coward anymore and has become very friendly and bonded towards me. He's a talking budgie now too. I'm thrilled. So funny because I bought him to be a breeder but ended up keeping him in my room. He became a pet and I never expected to have him become a talking budgie either. Two bonuses. I don't know if I'll breed him. His second beard dot has come in and I hope he gets a pretty dot necklace once all four dots are in. Here's what he's learned to say so far

I love you
Come 'ere
I can talk can you fly?
Gimme a kiss
MUWA! (kiss sound)
Ahoy there

Beware is part of a phrase. I was trying to teach him "Beware of the black hole". Phage used to say that, but Minion doesn't get the rest of it. We're also working on "Welcome to Jurassic Park." So far he's learned to say Jurassic but pronounces it badly so still working on that. I'm also teaching him "Fear is here!" I think I've heard him say Fear once but also poorly pronounce. So we shall keep at it.
Unfortunately there's been a role reversal. Nautica has become scared and runs from me. I have no idea why as I have treated both the same, give them treats and attention and out time. I don't know if this first molt is affecting her but she's not so nice right now. I don't get it, but I knew parrotlets are a difficult species.

Today I am waiting on a new entertainment set to come for my room. We've been using folding tables for my game systems and other electronics and there's not much room. This will help things look much nicer, be better organized and I'll have more room to display things like shells or planets.

And here are two videos of my John Hammond things I got this week. I love these.



I'm so happy with how my Jurassic collection is coming along. Just wish the cane wasn't so stinky. Stinky things have been a problem lately. I will post more on that later. Time to get the day starts.

Oh lastly the subject of this post. Today is a black moon. That's like a blue moon but with new moons. Two new moons in the same month. Can only work if there are 31 days in the month. Too bad I can't get to a beach as new moons and full moons have the highest high tides and lowest low tides. But that's why I went yesterday. Close enough to a new moon.
22 July 2019 @ 06:06 pm
I got a cool cabinet the other day. Been wanting this for ever. It's to organize my bird supplies. It's for a bathroom medicine cabinet but I tend to end up using most things not for their intended purposes. Here is a video showing how I put it together.


I found out something weird about livejournal. If you make a locked post and you're not logged in you don't see the day of the calendar lit up even if that's the only post you made. I don't like that because then it's not accurately logging you posted something even if it's locked.

Yesterday was like another birthday for me. Well this whole month is one big celebration be it birthday or anniversary. Chris worked a half day then came home and we just hung around. His parents had invited us to a birthday meal at Alexander's steak house. Chris and I both love that place. He had to drive me as I still didn't get my new drivers license. This was the year to renew it and though I sent it in two weeks ahead of time it's a government run organization so it took way longer. I finally got that today so I'm legally able to drive again. YAY. But it's ugly. It has a retro look. The old license was so Florida with the sun set on the beach and the green header at the top. This looks like a 70s government document alright. Boring. So we had a really nice meal there and I got two more Amazon cards. I still don't know what I want to get with them or hold on to them until Christmas to get something big. I really want an entertainment set for my game systems and dvd player. Not sure I can hold out that long or for the next sale holiday. We'll see. So after that we came home and saw a lovely storm. That night we watched Danger Bay and talked.

Today some delayed gifts finally came in as well as stuff I treated myself to. I got my first half sider Nautilus. I didn't know there was such a thing. I know about white ones and normal ones but this is the best of both worlds. One side is polished white. This is quickly one of my faves. I'm not a fan of polished or pearlized nautiluses but I've never seen one like this. Even the natural side has a nice gloss that makes it nice to touch. I don't have a good pic of it yet but here it is in the new budgie cabinet.

It looks very nice there but that may not be its permanent home. With all this nautilus collecting I'm doing I want to make some changes to the house. I was having a conversation with jokerforever about making part of the house into a mini natural history museum. I already own neat stuff like a cat skull, shells, feathers, dried pitchers, minerals etc. So yes, having something in that's patterned after a museum and nicely organized would be great. When I was a kid I remember having collected feathers and things and taped them to card board and named them with scientific name and location. I had one side of my room set up and remember thinking I wanted a real display in my house. Well I'll keep that promise to myself. I was the kind of kid that I made serious long term promises like that and people thought it was just my imagination. No I'm making good on those now. So I want to eventually get some nice glass display cases.

Since I'm getting into shell collecting I found this journal showing a room set up this way that's so nice.
Of course mine won't be just for shell. But I love the white and blue thing going on here. I am planning to get those white book shelves and replace the black ones I have.

So I also got John Hammond's cane today.

Here is a close up of what I call "the egg".

And here is the whole thing. Ok the good stuff first. It looks really good. It's the right length and the handle part looks like bones or bamboo. The fly is in great shape. I love the bubbles in it too. All these are unique and no two look alike. It is also a functioning cane. I can put my weight on it, though it will be on display and not to be used. I already have my walking staff for that. Now what I don't like about it.

The worst thing is the egg is slightly scratched. The top is cloudy and the side with the bug's face has some deep scratch marks. Second, the egg is too small I think. Have a look at these scenes from the movie.

And last complaint is the texture. I thought it would be smooth feeling like bamboo or glossy bones. I was expecting it to be like my staff. Nope, it's rough nasty wood fiber feel. Good thing I'm not using it as a real cane. As annoying as these things are I'm not going to ask for an exchange or refund. This is the best cane out there. Better than the official replica that costs way more. Not that this was cheap. Far from it. It is a display piece so I can live with the flaws. Oh also with my bug had all his legs. He only has two instead of six. But the pose is perfect. So it's not an exact replica but darn close.

OK, switching gears now to birds
Nautica and MinionCollapse )
21 July 2019 @ 07:24 am
I had a very nice day. Here's a video showing most of what all we did.


And yesterday I spent most of the day putting together a wall cabinet for my bird supplies in my room.


I'm loving how it looks and this will certainly help to organize things better in my room. I'm thinking of getting a standing one for the living room because the bird supplies there are a mess too.

I've been thinking about the theory of the five languages of love. Here are my results from a quiz I took.


Can vacuuming the floors really be an expression of love? Absolutely! Anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on an “Acts of Service” person will speak volumes. The words he or she most want to hear: “Let me do that for you.” Laziness, broken commitments, and making more work for them tell speakers of this language their feelings don’t matter.

Sorry no link to the quiz. Can't get it to work.

Which one are you? BTW the stupid code doesn't works so I just copy and pasted the text and linked to the picture so you can see the result the right way. The five possibilities are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Gifts and Touch. I definitely am Acts of Service because I am happiest when Chris helps me not just with chores but with projects and creative stuff. This includes asking for ideas and advice to help me come to a decision. It is why I often ask for advice here on my journal from you guys. I like that this quiz counts all love not just romantic love. So this includes love of friends. The other categories are Words of Affirmation where you prefer compliments, encouragement and no criticism the most. You need to hear it from others. Billy Joe's Tell Her About It is a song that comes to mind that fits this type of love. Quality time is easy. You enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones most. This has nothing to do with being introverted or extroverted because love transcends type. All types need love just express it in different ways, but when we are socializing because we want to and because we love someone this is most appreciated. Gifts is another easy one. You like getting nice things from others as a show of love. Touch is when you like to be hugged, kissed etc.

I actually do all of these two some degree except for touch. I rejected all those questions as I don't like to be touched at all. I can't stand how it feels and it makes my skin crawl. Chris is the only one and I have had to work hard on letting him in. Quality time funny enough is my second strongest. I enjoy being with Chris or with people I like. Despite being an introvert all the way I am extremely selective of my friends and the few I do have I want to spend time with doing nice things with. There's the whole doing thing again. Acts are most important to me. So it is one reason I love travel and visiting others. Words of Affirmation. I'm 50/50 on this one. Chris and I say "I love you" constantly, we compliment each other deeply and strongly and we also encourage each other. I don't like that this quiz focuses on compliments. When it comes to friends I do like compliments but they have to be meaningful and true. I have dropped many an idiot online that latches onto me and just compliments me constantly when they don't know anything about me. Also in real life I cut these people off rather quickly. Puppy dog boy comes to mind if any of you remember him. Actions are louder than words and most people that pledge their undying allegiance to me I quickly put to the test with something hard. They don't last long. People have to prove themselves and they have to earn my love just like my respect. In fact my respect comes first. A lot of these people I've cut off I've out right told them I'm not their best friend back and that I am many people's best friend but it does not go two ways. You can only have one best friend that's why they are the best. And lastly there's gifts. I do love gifts but this is kind of like the words thing too. I like meaningful gifts from those that have earned my respect (notice I didn't say love) and I also don't expect gifts though I do hope for them on the two major holidays. Birthday and Christmas. Two ex friends would get me stuff because they had to. One was definitely an S type. I hate getting junk especially now that I'm trying to get junk out of my life and I do not care for crappy gifts. Funny enough because of my ego and because these people weren't my friends and had no respect the Daffy Duck son Chintzy applied to them. HERE is the Song. This version of Daffy is ENTJ. I love ENTJ's as they are very similar to us but more energy. I can so relate to this song and have done this because Daffy and Porky aren't friends at least in Daffy's eyes. Porky hasn't earned Daffy's respect and therefore not his love. And he never will because he's weak so his respect can't ever be obtained. Been there done that. Ha actually after watching the video again I can relate so much. I had an exfriend once give me a bad photo of herself as a gift. I reacted like Daffy. Ugh. Why? Yes it was trashed and some of the other bad gifts were donated to charity.

Now another thing I found interesting about this quiz was most of the questions where based I think on how you like to receive love. So I am Acts of Kindness for sure first and then a very close second quality time, followed by Words of Affirmation, then gifts then touch which is basically not at all for me. BUT I also wondered while answering if I should consider how I GIVE love because I think the order totally changes then. Quality time might be first in that case and then gifts. I love to give good gifts to friends when I am able to. I think about it all the time and if I had tons of money you guys would be getting more stuff in the mail. Gift giving IS an act after all so I'm following through on how important acts are. Because I am action oriented and don't put too much stock on words, giving or reviving, words are not something I do. But yeah you guys know I like to randomly give stuff. Chris knows this especially as we buy stuff just because. It doesn't have to be a holiday. And also something not covered here is loyalty that I highly value. Hence why I stand up for my friends against jerks both online and in real life and sure as shooting I expect my closest friends to defend me equally as hard when these things happen.

So yeah this is another branch of physiology I find very interesting. I suspect your language of love might be different when it comes to how you give and how you like to receive.


Here are the remaining results since no one knows how to use html anymore.
Last Four ResultsCollapse )
17 July 2019 @ 07:16 am
Well I think I'm mostly done repoting nepenthes. Chris bought me two expanding cubes of coco coir and now begins the repotting of the amorphs. My back and side started to hurt bad the other day. Probably from all the standing I've been doing. I think I'm having a fibro flare up because my left shoulder started hurting for no reason and yesterday I developed a head ache despite having eaten. I won't let it interfere with my special day today though.
Yesterday I went to see my jeweler friend and had a very good time there.

Today the plan is to go to Pinellas county and check out an orchid store (hope they have nepenthes or something cool) and then go to a shell shop. I never cared much about shells as they are just everywhere here and boring. So common. Except for one. The Nautilus. I have always loved Nautilus shells and when would go to Tarpon Springs I would always see them in a store. Always wanted some but they were expensive. I finally bought one years ago and told myself I'd get a white one and two half ones. I kept putting it off because they were expensive. When I took Peregrine this past June I asked about them at the store and found out that what they have is it and they won't be able to get more in because of stupid laws. I hate it when something you think will go on for ever suddenly goes alway. Now I'm kicking myself for being cheep and not having bought them all those years ago. I did get my goal though and bought one white, one normal and one half white and one half normal. But since they are going to become rare I am now collecting them when money permits. So that is why I specifically want to go to shell stores. The first nautilus I bought I remember going through the whole store to pick the perfect one. It's big and beautiful and I think they are hard to find at this size and a decent price. So it's another reason to collect them as they will probably become very valuable. Again if I had known I'd have bought them in the past. The white ones are polished and pretty but they are not like that in the wild. I kinda don't like that they are more common as I'd prefer realistic ones as they are in the wild.

I found out that Mattel has finally made a John Hammond figure from Jurassic Park. I've only been wanting one since 1993. The bad news is he's a San Digeo Comic Con exclusive and limited numbers. You have to preorder and pick up at the show. They're already ransomed on Ebay before they are even out. I already paid a ransom to get one. Birthday gift to myself. I also hope to get a replica of his cane. Been wanting one of those for years now too just like the replica of the cryocan.
09 July 2019 @ 06:18 pm
I'm very late with this post but I had a great time and a great 4th of July. Here is a video of the fireworks we saw. We did end up getting the spot we wanted.


I won an Ebay acution for a female Nepenthes ventricosa. I hope I can keep her alive but been wanting one a long time. Now if I get another one it's likely it will be a male since males are more common. I'd be so happy to have a breeding pair.

I pulled out all my sculpting stuff today and was hoping to get started on a figure of Fear. I can't believe how much stuff is needed. Unfortunately my aluminum wire has vanished. Add that to the stuff sucked into the black hole like my budgie key chain. So no sculpting. Either I have to find where it went or buy more which would suck because eventually it will turn up then I'll have more than I need.

So my birthday is next week. I'm looking forward to it. My wish list is pinned to the top of this. Hopefully this year will be a nice haul.

I've been enjoying coffee from Starbucks but also bagels with cream cheese from there. Chris suggested to put vegemite on it. I actually like it so I tried it and now I eat it with tiny amounts of vegemite too. It's funny I'm one of those rare Americans that liked it on the first try though it was strange I didn't react strongly to it like this guy did.

Skip to 2:50. I found this hilarious and what an over reaction. Another thing I find odd is that everyone describes it as salty. It's not salty at all. I thought it would be like anchovies which are so gross. But no. It does have salt but it does not taste salty. Anyway point is I do have a little jar and I do eat it. Ha here's one of a news crew eating it wanting to celebrate Australia Day. https://youtu.be/64uz0SaqddY
I just love seeing people gross out. Funny enough I don't like British Marmite at all. I didn't react like anyone here but don't like it.
03 July 2019 @ 03:58 pm
Tomorrow if 4th of July and our anniversary. Chris got tomorrow off instead of today and we plan to go to Fred Howard Park again and watch the fireworks. We'll be there all day basically just so we can get a good parking spot on the water. Here's a map showing what a neat place this is.

You can see where we hope to park. If you look up last year's 4th post you'll see the video of the island and the fireworks show. I have to empty my memory card and bring the tripod. I hope this year the filming will be better than last year's.

Today I repotted many of my nepenthes. I made decent progress but still have a long way to go. I've also moved them outside to get more light. I took down the top shelf that I have in the patio and moved it out there. I cut some basals too I hope those will take root and do well for me. Not much else to tell. Just been busy playing with my birds, my plants and making videos.
29 June 2019 @ 09:02 am
I've hurt my right shoulder. I was working on the next driving compilation yesterday and the way the mouse is on my desk is not good. I had my hand out for hours and last night my shoulder started hurting badly. I have a torn rotatory cuff in that shoulder and it probably set off the fibro too. It hurts most in my shoulder blade. So I did not sleep well and it still hurts. I have the mouse in my lap but it's still uncomfortable. I remember when I sat on the couch the mouse was besides me so lower than my legs. I may have to not use my main computer for a day or two which would be very hard on me. Use my tablet or just game as Chris suggested.

But it's not like there isn't plenty of other things to do. Nautica and Minion keep me busy. I could go back to training Nautica. The lotuses are doing great. Lots of flowers right now. I love how fast they grow but wow I feel I have to keep updating my videos, but don't want to bore and flood my watchers. But it does look totally different in just a day or two. Today my first Dreaming of 6th Dynasty opened which is a pale yellow lotus. My Rhynchostyllis retusa orchid is almost opened. I'm not an orchid person but when I saw this way back on my first visit to Atlanta I had to have it. I like pretty much anything in that genus and luckily unlike nepenthes there are only three species. Unfortunately I have some bad news. I have no more fish. My female Molly just died one day. I found her floating. The lovely white male I have had since all this started that had survived so much just vanished. He's gone. I blame a racoon because my gourd plant next to the pond was trampled. I hate racoons.

I'm looking forward to the 4th next week. I don't know what we're going to do yet but I'd love to go back to Fred Howard Park. And I'm looking forward to my birthday too. I've updted my Amazon wishlist. Hope I'll get some neat stuff off of that.
The black hole strikes again in my house. I've lost me very cute budgie keychain. I worry I might have unknowingly thrown it out. And they are gone on Etsy. That bugs me so much. Also I had some numbers for my mailbox that also vanished. It does make me wonder if those ended up in the same place together but they've been lost a long time. I can order more of those at least.
25 June 2019 @ 10:12 am
Yesterday I let my birds play with my phone. Nautica has really fallen in love with it. She likes to look at pics of herself and other budgies. She pushes the screen and bites the lens and I happened to get this one awesome photo of her.

This looks like a scene from the hungry shark game. I was on the phone with ACTipton when this happened and we were laughing so hard.

Few more picsCollapse )
24 June 2019 @ 10:43 am
It's been a busy last few days. Yesterday was a day off and we really enjoyed it. I went on one job with Chris and finished reading most of my Parrotlet book.I know a little more about breeding them now but still unsure if that's what I want to do in the future. Still bugs me Melville is taking up space and eating food. What a mistake that was. I love Nautica and may not want to breed them together since there's risk involved to the females of egg binding. Even without a male I worry so much about her coming into maturity at one year since they don't need a male to lay eggs. I had enough of that with Punkin my pigeon and some scares with Bullet that luckily she pulled through. But Natuica is doing well. I have taught her to hang and to wave. We're working on shake which she doesn't like. But because she has learned hang she finally knows how to use the ladders on the cage to get back down and into her own cage. Before she would just jump off the play guy which is like jumping off a four story building. Then she'd climb up the ladder on the ground.

As you can see I made a new icon of her. I have regretted not making one of Bullet though I had tons of pics. I don't know why I never did and to do so now would just be a bad thing I think. It would make me down to use her icon. Not making that mistake with Nautica so here is a pic of her. Though Chris suggested I should draw her as the Empress and use that. That could work since that's a fictional cartoon version of her. One thing I don't like about Natuica is I can't touch and pet her. She does not like it and bites. I also can't brag her like I can most budgies. I can even grab Melville and he doesn't bite or struggle. But perhaps I can train her to like it by using a skewer and the reward method. It will definitely take a long time but it could work. When her first molt comes I'd like to be able to preen her with my fingers.

Here is the pic I used as the icon. I noticed my camera really pics up the blue in the room from the walls and the cages. They come out over saturated in blue and green. So from now on if the photo is worth it they will be color corrected. This one looks like real life finally.

More pics of birds and gardenCollapse )

Well the lotuses aren't the only things growing fast. So are the weeds. My poor front garden is not as nice as it was in Spring and I can't keep up with it. Grass has popped up everywhere. Disgusting bugs are out for summer. Stink bugs, leaf footed bugs and for the first time this year a type of ridged black beetle has attacked my tomatoes. My four plants are a loss. I got to harvest some tomatoes but the plants are bug eaten and diseased. I have new plants on stand by but worry I would be wasting them planting them. I did some research and found out the problem is other than cherry tomatoes, tomatoes don't grow in Florida in summer. All this time I've been planting on a northern schedule the rest of the country follows. But I've now realized the "typical garden info" does not apply to FL. We're totally different from everywhere else. Here's what I learned about growing.

* North Florida - Tomatoes may be planted between February and April
* Central Florida - between January - March
* South Florida - between November and February. They may be planted for late season crop between August - September.

I'm Central Fl so I planted in April. Way too late. Give this time table to any other state and they'd laugh because you'd be hitting their winter. August is the worst month but perhaps bugs will be on the way out by Sept. I could try for end of August if I can keep my current plants alive. Cherry tomatoes are year round.

I also found out about a native tomato that grows in the heat called Everglades. It's a tiny cherry. I'll try to get some of those seeds as well as a small sized tomato called Floridade. Developed in Dade county which is Miami to withstand the heat. Well heat is fine but bugs are another matter.

Last thing. Chris downloaded the game on PS4 called Hungry Shark World. jokerforever, I think you told me about this game a while back. I was a cellphone game that I guess is now on PS4. So much better that you can have a big screen and a controller. Anyway you play as different cartoon sharks and level up by eating to unlock other sharks. You find things to wear that give you different abilities. The art style is very funny and cool. It's definitely a dark funny game. Chris got as far as the Megamouth shark and unlocked the arctic. I may play this and start my own game. Oh gosh that means if I do everything will go on hold. Haha.
22 June 2019 @ 10:30 am
Got two videos I want to share.


I love how fast she flaps on her perch. She's such a happy girl and I'm proud that I have been taking good care of her.

I have another driving compilation finished too. I think this is my best one though it's short. I had fun adding animations and funny songs and sound effects.

14 June 2019 @ 06:54 pm
So things are finally getting back to normal here after Peregrine left. I've started training Nautica to do tricks. I've never trick trained any bird so this will be a first. I am finding that doing so causes our bond to strengthen and she's learning to associate her little perch with good things. When I pick it up to clean the table she gets all excited. This is good. So she has mastered the command "Turn Around". We are now working on "Hang" and "Flip". Hang is her hanging upside down from the perch. Flip is an extension of Hang where she will come back up the other side of the perch. So far she sort of gets Hang and can do about a 270 degree flip but hasn't figured out how to come back up. Here is a short video of her doing Turn Around.


I'm also trying to catch up on driving compilations. This is the one for Feb 2019 so I'm finally in this year. I'm very happy with the editing on this one.


Chris and I love watching dashcam and crash videos. I've noticed I'm relying less on text and visual effects like adding little traffic lights and arrows in this. The reason is we both are now better at anticipating what will happen and turning our radios down and narrating. That way if we say "Red light runner" I don't have to put a little red light to make things easier to see like before. Of course we can't always do that but it helps and that's less background music I have to find which is becoming very hard without having to use the same pieces over and over again. Dashcam Australia is still our fave though and then trying to find decent ones of stuff from US and Canada.

The other day yahoo finally got me. I have been avoiding the update to the email. I hate the new inbox. I kept saying No for months and blocking the pop ups with ad blockers and such. But they finally got me where they didn't even give me a choice. I guess they figured out how I was holding out and that I knew how to switch back to the old style. That's gone. Sucks but I'm proud of how long I resisted.

I miss doing art but still can't because I don't have a scanner. I'm also getting really sick of the "art collection" I have amassed over the decades as a traditional artist first. I wish I could draw 100% digital but I'm starting to think that I need to make good scans, keep the good digital in work and crazy enough just throw out the paper version. I'm quite happy with how I've gotten junk out of my life. I don't consider my art junk. I'm my biggest fan after all, but it's eating up my space and really in the end I'm a digital artist. I don't know. It's something I need to think about. Not sure how to go about it. Once I know I have several back ups perhaps do an end of the year toss out? I don't know.
10 June 2019 @ 09:44 am
I'm back. Sorry to disappear for several days but I had a very fun week since Peregrine visited me. Before I get to that want to show the final touches that were made to the Jurassic Park bathroom.

I got the decal for the mirror and it's perfect. Hardest thing was lining it up. I don't see why the other two companies I tried to commission failed at something so simple, but at least this person that did it did a great job.

Sauropod toilet paper dispenser. This is not his permanent place but I put him on the sink for this photo op. He's made of iron and front heavy. I'm going to have to add a weight to his tail because he tips over when you pull on the paper. He's on the floor in front of the toilet. I also put him on a Styrofoam pad because I didn't want him to stain the tiles. I think he fits in well with the JP theme.

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So we had a very fun time.

Then yesterday, Sunday was another day off. Chris and I had a good time. We were both beat for different reasons. Though I enjoyed the company even positive socializing takes it out of me as an introvert. Plus all the crazy driving I did. We spent the first half of the day dead on the couch just watching videos about Myers Briggs. We found a cool new channel to watch called NT Support. We finally went out for lunch. We went to Earth Fare and I bought some sesame and chia seeds as treats for Nautica and Minion. I want to start officially trying to train them to do tricks. Easy cute stuff like spin on the perch and flip around. We ate at Longhorn after that and bought some cool heirloom tomatoes at Earth Fare. That night we watched Gremlins 2 and that was so fun. I like that one better than Gremlins 1.

So yes I have been busy. I'm so tired still. Today if I have energy I need to clean up my room and try to get back into the swing of things. I need to have Alex look at my computer because it's having issues where it shuts down. It's new. This should not be happening. I hope nothing major has to be done to it. It's been a pain installing all my programs.