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17 April 2018 @ 07:48 am
I found this video a few days ago and was laughing so hard. It's difficult to make me laugh but this had me nearly on the ground in tears. I can't relate to most fears and certainly not fears of things that I love; in this case birds. As a thinking type I have a hard time reading or even seeing obvious emotions in others with one exceptions. Fear. That is the one I have always been able to notice instantly since childhood. This reporter didn't seem afraid at all but when the rooster started flapping he completely lost it. This was utter terror on his part. It's so funny to me. I don't understand how he held such a big chicken in the first place. Didn't he know roosters flap their wings? Had he been suppressing his fears and just lost it then? It's interesting he did let it down gently like he used all his strength to control the fear as much as he could but it was too powerful then he ran off screaming. And the screaming! It's my fave thing. Great deep scream. I have been laughing on and off for the last two days just remembering this video throughout the day. I have to share it with all of you. This definitely should inspire some art. Oh Kabuldur, do you know this reporter's name? This happened in Australia but I can't find any info on when this happened, who that is or why. Anyway enjoy the video.

10 April 2018 @ 10:15 am
It's been a rainy last two days, but this particular storm is nice and relaxing. I'm gaming still and wanted to show some of the pics I got the last time I was playing Dragon's Dogma.

George and Schuyler walking past a castle. I was talking with Joker that this is the best George I have made in any game. It's too bad that hats don't work for him. The closest thing to a cowboy hat in this game is a witch hat, but guess what happens? Yep he loses his hair so no hats for George.

Here I've had Schuyler cast his little lightning balls that protect him. I was so happy you can do this in this game because if you remember I had drawn him with some protective orbs in the drawings Welcome to the Terror Sfear.

Here we have Schuyler, Owen and Ophidius. I love in this game you can add heights and they are pretty accurate. They are in cm unfortunately and you can't pick exact measurements there are preset ones. But you try to get close after converting feet. I love it when Schuyler and George stand together. George towers over him and it's a great sense of scale for when I have to draw them.

Schuyler in a battle. I posted this pic because you get to see his feathered cloak that looks like his wings. Too bad this isn't black because for a game from ancient times it looks close to his modern day coat.

I started working on the drawing for my Jeep's door yesterday. Oh man I have so much work to do to get the proportions for it right. The annoying thing is I think I did all the mask layers wrong. I put them on Fear when I should have put them on his wings. I hate to say this but I think I have to redo it yet again. I'm quite sick of drawing this thing over and over already, but I need to have it be perfect. It needs to be print worthy.
08 April 2018 @ 08:07 am
So things have been going pretty well. The weather seems to be holding. I've got nearly all the plants outside and don't think I have to bring any in the rest of the year. I hope winter is gone for good and that spring is officially here. I got an order of live gourds the other day. I forgot I have preordered those during the winter. I was very impressed with how the came packaged. I have cleaned off the fence and think I will plant them in large pots so I can still move them if need be until they get big enough to climb and stand on their own. I'm excited about growing plants this year. I really want to build some hoop tunnels in the yard to grow gourds and tomatoes over. My amorphs are starting to come up. I need to buy new soil and pot them up. I think this year I'll grow them all in the patio so they won't get lost, fall over too much and I can hopefully keep them labled. Because I did lousy with them last year I know for a fact none will flower this year. This year I have to keep a weekly fertilizer schedule with them.

I'm on a Jeep kick again too. I want to save up and buy some nice accessories for it. I got a new cover for it that I really like. It's to keep the sun off the paint job. Clean out of the garage is coming along slowly but surely. Hopefully we can get one of the vehicles in there in a month or two. It's supposed to be a two car garage but even if everything were taken out I don't think two cars can fit in there. Not our two cars anyway because they are so big. Especially Bruce, Chris's tuck. But anyway back to accessories. I'm thinking of painting some of the trim inside turquoise. The trim is silver which is nice but I now think a whole blue trim would look pretty cool. The hardest thing will be removing the AC vents. They are fragile and I need to be careful not to break them. One annoying thing about the cover. I have to take the antenna off and it's much harder than it should be. I have to use players to unscrew it. It doesn't just unscrew. I don't know why. This should be something simple but it's a chore for me to get the antenna off each time. I have ordered a cheap stubby antenna for now. I don't use radio anyway so I won't be losing anything. I always run my usb mp3's. This way I can leave an anntena on and the cover shouldn't be an issue. Most people don't like the long factory antenna. I don't know why. I love it. I won't change it once I no longer need to use the cover.

My time lapse experiment with my nepenthes was a bust. I made a bunch of beginner mistakes and though I still rendered a video it's not upload worthy. Six days of filming. Well I will try again. I need to pick a nice plant to film. I don't know why one yet. Preferably one that grows relatively fast. I don't want to do one that everyone's done already. That would be N. sanguinea or N x miranda/maxima. Sanguinea is what I do have though that's probably my most prolific pitcher maker right now. I really wanted to show my lovely hybird truncata x inermis. It has two new pitchers coming in but I think it will take weeks for them to form and fully open. The biggest issue was the battery dying. I don't know why when I had it plugged in. The battery should not even be an issue. I didn't want to move the camera tall for the whole take. I downloaded the app to my tablet so I wouldn't have to touch the camera and move it on accident from turning it on and off. But even that is glitchy and it keeps wanting me to update my camera. Hell no. I wish the new Gopros came with remotes like the old ones did. Screw apps. I even hate that word. They aren't apps they're programs. And games aren't apps they're games. PS4 should ask me if I want to turn my GAME off.

Here is a pic of my truncata x inermis pitcher. It turned out nice. My first big bell shaped pitcher. It's about four inches tall.

And here are my Pluto and Venus globes. Hopefully I can get back into collecting these again as well.

I have one more Saint's Row 4 video to share. Check out Mr. Scary as the President of the US.

I love the part when the alien said this was no place for Fear. That just worked in too perfectly. That anti air canon in red white and blue was awesome. I loved how beautiful it looked and the awesome transforming eagle seat. That was my fave part of that mission. I also enjoyed watching Fear get his butt kicked. I hate quick time events though especially in the cinemas. There should not be any in the cinemas because that's the point when I have put my controller down and I'm trying ot enjoy a mini movie and not participating in a game. I didn't do so well in the game because that was my first time and I was getting used to the controls. I'm much further along now, as you saw in the previous video, and much better with the controls. Though sometimes it's funny and annoying that I'm used to another game's control. I don't know why one. I think it's Fall out and I keep thinking weapon select is L1 but in this game it's circle. So I hit L1 and run or fly giving away my position and messing up a target I had perfectly aligned. I need to stop doing that haha.

Lastly I can't wait for Jurassic World Evolution to come out. I thought something was odd when on youtube they are saying to preorder now but there's nothing on Amazon or Game Stop. The only place to preorder is on the developer site and it's in British pounds. This made me worried the game was a download only. I like having a physical disky to add to my collection on the wall. I like going into a store and picking up a real game that I pre-ordered. There's hardly any info on the game that isn't directly from the developers but Chris finally found some answers. I was right. The game comes out June 12 as a download only. There will be a physical copy released to stores July 3rd. Why so far apart from the first release? So now here's my new concern. If you preorder the deluxe edition that comes with extra dinosaurs will there be a deluxe for the disk version? I worry there won't. I just want to pre order a disk now from Amazon, Best Buy or Game Stop. Why is this such a hard thing? So for now I'm still waiting to hear more on the subject. I have a feeling this game will be good. It better not let me down. From what I have seen it looks amazing.
05 April 2018 @ 10:00 pm
I finally get to show a little bit of this guy here. So I'm fully into the game Saint's Row 4 now as Scary Fear. Here are a few screen caps of him.

For being a game about creating humans I love how he turned out. I love his off black skin tone, his pointy face and white glowing eyes. I love this particular screen shot because he looks so much like my icon from Conspiracy. I'm impressed.

Even the hair is something I'm pleased with. I flattened his head as much as I could as Fear has no cranium. His eyes are his head. The blue hair is nice as he has one blue hair and the red bandana is like his one red hair. Too bad there wasn't a purple one and he'd have all three colors but I'm very pleased with this representing his dendrites.

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03 April 2018 @ 11:14 am
My Mr. Burns icon is perfect right now. This is how I feel since yesterday. I'm very weak and tired. Been doing my exercises and my shoulder is slightly better. I can sleep on it for a bit longer. I felt great yesterday so naturally I over did it. I went to the dump my myself. Was happy to get the trash out. Then I washed my jeep in the drive way. That should have been it for my activity but no. Then I went out again for a humburger. So that's two drives in one day which for me and my condition I guess was too much. But that's not all. I got the cover for my Jeep that I've been wanting for a while. It was a huge box but I had to try it out right away. It was the point of washing the jeep so it would be clean under the cover to protect it from the sun. Well it's WAY harder to put on a jeep cover than it is for a short, flat sleek Camaro. It took a lot of pulling and pushing and holding and I should have waited for Chris but that's so typical with me being a J I had to do it RIGHT NOW! I was thrilled I finally got it on but I started to feel it right away. And when I got inside I had shallow breathing, and muscles that felt like jelly. I had to lie down as even sitting took too much energy. I've made some doodles of Fear limp and on the ground because that's how I've gotten. Annoying when my mind is fine and wants to keep doing stuff but my body gives out. Good thing Chris finally came home. Today I'm still weak but trying to regain my energy. I'm sure this still has to do with my surgery and my energy level won't be right for a while. For a normal person what I didn't wasn't that big of a deal. I want to get back to normal. Before my surgeries this stuff probably wouldn't have phased me. Oh and on top of that pretty bad back pains when I still then get up and I can't move because it hurts too much. But I've had that for years and I'm used to that. Wish that's all it was. Having no energy sucks.

Chris bought me Saint's Row 4 for PS4 so I'll be starting that today with my own Fear character. I know what missions to avoid too so it should be a fun game. I'll have to get some screen caps of that for sure. Tomorrow we plan to work around the house and try to empty more of the garage. I'm working on a time lapse video of a pitcher opening. It's my first time so I've made some mistakes like bumping the camera, changing the frame rates and then technical problems like the camera not wanting to record. It thought it had a low battery when it's been plugged into the wall the whole time. Battery should not be an issue. I hope it turns out decent at least. The pitcher has opened already but I don't know how long it will take to put the lid back all the way if at all. So I'm still filming it though I'm tempted to stop it.
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30 March 2018 @ 07:32 pm
This is about the JP vs Fear wrap I hope to do this year. I found this site that shows a JK, a 2016 (same year as mine) wrapped in the JP colors. Here is the link.


I have a very hard time imagining things and I've been looking and looking to see if anyone had done a JK in this style. I was hesitant to lay down a large amount of money for a wrap that when done I might not like. And I don't like this. I wish he hadn't done the hard top. The original jeep had a tan top and was soft top. That's all they had back then. I'd leave mine black. Funny enough I don't know how to photo manipulate stuff so I could paint that black so I can sort of imagine what mine would look like. The other problem is the huge door. The original jeep had half doors. You can get half doors for a JK. In fact it's an expense I planned to make for the dry season when I can drive around and not worry about rain. So I still have to imagine it with no top and half doors which I can't quite imagine. Seriously I have like no visualization. I'm starting to think this is a bad idea now. It's the wrong model of Jeep. I wish I could get a hold of a YJ but I've gone down that road already of the huge risk of buying an old 90s used car and that they're not reliable as a daily driver which is what I need. If anything I'd have to find an already built YJ as a Jurassic Vehicle and buy that. I'm not a mechanic nor do I care to be fixing my car all the time myself. I want a JP vehicle that works. And then there is the other problem. 90's tech. It was top of the line at the time but I need my GPS and USB mp3 player with hundreds of songs. I can't g back to cassettes. I don't think these jeeps even had CD players. I'm sure Hammond would have spared no expense on that but the park workers having CD players was probably not on the list of things to buy. I also love my digital display speedometer. If I got a hold of a jeep in great condition I'd probably only use it occasionally for fun. Yeah it just doesn't seem like it's working out now. I'd love to see a JK with half doors and soft top/top down so I could know exactly what it looks like.

Well I feel like the decision has been made for me now. It looks like Fear will win as far as taking over my jeep. But I have one final obstacle to over come. What do I do with the passenger door? BTW I bought these awesome raptor eye valve caps for my tires. They work great for either theme because they are creepy eyeballs on my tires haha. I must say I am loving the idea of blue and black and getting my pretty blue seats, blue handles and a few other blue accents. YAY. I'm not calling it official just yet but it sure is leaning towards Fear being what I'll do.
29 March 2018 @ 04:39 pm
Not much going on today. I'm trying to learn to use the time lapse features on my gopro. I've got a very cool pitcher coming in I'd love to film. There are two ways to do it. The old photo way or the video way. I'm going the video way because it will be easier hopefully. I have an empty 32 gig card a direct connection so I'm not relying on the battery. I'll only film during the day. Not sure how many days this will take but seems like the pitcher is growing very fast so perhaps a few days should be it.

Today I worked a bit on my drawing of Thag. I hate working with him. I'm doing his wings first then I'll do him. I foresee this drawing taking a very long time to make because I'm never motivated when coloring Thagirion. You guys know I'm a fan of Mova Globes. They do have a section for custom globes. And you all know how I am about customization and putting my own spin on things. I have considered how to make a Fear globe ever since I discovered what these things were. But like with all things Fear lately I have no idea what pose to draw him in and what to have him doing. This also becomes extremely difficult because it's super hard to make a flat image into a sphere. I've seen globe makers cutting parts of the globe into these little skinny ellipses. I'm not sure how I'd go about drawing this. And then of course it's super expensive to get a one of a kind. About what it costs for a cruise in the Caribbean for two. I'm just thinking ahead though. I always keep my options open for these things. No way I could afford something that high at the moment but in the future yes very possible as life is just a big Sine wave of events. Which brings me back to my other Fear project. I realized the other day it's actually way more likely I could do my Jeep as Jurassic Park than Fear because I have no idea yet for the passenger door. If I do one door I have to do the other at the same time. I don't want a lop sided jeep. I'm so back and forth on this. I know I had considered Phobophile for the passenger door but I need to fix that up still. Major changes include the shape of his eyes being wrong. I think I can still make him look happy and proud but with his wider eyes. But I'd rather have a whole new drawing like the one I made for the hood. I just am not getting any ideas.

And Speaking of Fear, I made Scary Fear in Chris's Saint's Row 4 game. He's not bad for being a human. What is great is that there is black skin in this game, I can make his nose almost raven shape, nearly lose the chin and there are solid white eyes. His outfit is also acceptable. And Chris unlocked many powers for him including gliding and electricity which makes me very happy. I should start my own game though we only have one Xbox and I'd rather have my own to play in my room instead of his game room. Also I hate the capture system on the xbox so no pics of him yet. Better yet the game might be better on PS4. It has one majorly stupid glitch. There are four slots to save custom characters after you make them in the surgery place. I had made Skyler too. I actually made him first but when you save all the features set to default except the hair and clothes you picked. I noticed as soon as I walked out Schuyler didn't look right. What a fatal flaw for the save feature. So so long as you don't save the character he stays right. Luckily I had taken cellphone photos of Fear's sliders and just made him. But Schuyler got lost which sucks. That put me off of the game for a while. But I'm wondering if the PS4 version can save properly. Well I watched Chris play one of the downloads which was about Christmas. I really enjoyed it. And lastly in our gaming news. Chris finally unlocked the final technician in Sky Force Reloaded PS4. We've been playing tournament and helping each other get points by just letting each other win and taking turns. Chris was closer as far as points so we let him win though the tournament makes no sense as sometimes characters with least points would win. WTF? And it's only on weekends so once a week. We were so excited and though it would be so great to get the last guy and all it was was a guy that increases your score. Totally worthless. After all those hours it should have been something amazing like an invincible ship that comes out to help you. Total let down. Our two fave technicians are Burton Panic and Holo Granny. Holo granny casts a decoy that enemies shoot taking the pressure off of you. Burton Panic sets off one of the three power ups you have at random times like shields, lasers or megabomb. He's our fave and most helpful one too. We shortened his name to Burt which sounds like Bert. So we keep saying "Hey Bert." in Earnie's voice like when Earnie would wake up Bert at night to ask if he's sleeping.
27 March 2018 @ 08:17 am
I know the day is now past but I still want to talk about this and bring up some interesting points I forgot to mention in the last post. I found an interesting article on this subject by a British guy of all things. Here is a link to his article and I will post it here behind the cut as well.

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24 March 2018 @ 10:18 am
At last I am done with this. Well mostly. This drawing has been a total pain to revise. But here is my beautiful boy.

Fixed his mouth, hair, shirt and gave him his lovely wings. I also lightened all the ravens that weren't visible enough and brightened the whole thing over all. Now this still may not be the final version because I mainly did this to be the version I'll use on my Jeep. Driver door is where this would go. But the door is wider than this drawing. If I'm serious about this I'll have to get the template from the print place and probably rework the entire background. So this probably isn't done and it's the drawing that never ends. I'm thrilled I've also finished the inks on No Hard Feelings.

I'm still totally undecided if I will make my Jeep all Fear or Jurassic Park still. Yes huge dilemma for me that I haven't been able to figure out for months now. Someone suggested do both. I'd love to but don't see how I could get that to work. Unfortunately I'm eventually going to have to decide one or the other. JP is the reason I have always wanted a Jeep. I just added a guy on youtube yesterday that has a JP Jeep and it got me all excited and thinking about doing mine again. I do feel bad to give up on a dream I've been wanting for such a long time. Decades. But Fear is totally me and it would be a unique one of a kind car that no one else has. Fear is me while JP is part of my childhood so not directly me. And if It were down to just color preference Fear would win hands down easily no thinking because I prefer blue over red/tan. I would put a few dinos on my jeep windows and a few JP quotes but it would not be a JP Jeep. That's the best way I can think to combine them. But the thought of having a piece of the movie is just something that thrills me and something I've always wanted. I've gotten your opinions on this and I thank you. Ultimately the choice is mine and it's one of the hardest choices I've had to make. If money were no option this could be easily solved by having two jeeps. A four door for Fear and the small two door for JP. I wish it were that simple. I even entered a contest to win a new Jeep but no luck there. But you never know what the future will hold. Maybe someone will give me a jeep. People tend to give me things out of the blue. Not holding my breath though. So I will keep thinking about this problem and try to figure it out. Also I have no idea what to do for the passenger door yet as Fear. I'd like to draw something totally new for that but if I can't think of something then I'll have to update one of my other fave drawings then.

As far as my health I'm not doing well. I have a lot of pain and the antibiotics don't seem to be doing anything. But the good thing is the cat scan didn't show anything bad. So maybe the meds are slow to work. I hope they hurry up. It's not fun. I don't have energy to do much so I'm mostly in bed. Don't know if I'll feel well enough to work on art today though I'm highly motivated and excited about my stories.
17 March 2018 @ 10:58 am
Well I'm not doing well today. I either ate something bad or I had relapse. Last night was painful and I had to take some of my medication for pain which I haven't used in a long time. Chris was wonderful through this as always. Hopefully this is nothing serious and it passes.

I'm enjoying my new Venus globe. It's in my room gently rotating. Ok so the subject of this post is travel plans and I do have a lot of things I want to do. Kabuldur's budgie post got me thinking about Australia and how I've always wanted to go. There will be a total Solar Eclipse there April 2023. This is the site I've been using to find eclipses.


So I want to go there to see this eclipse. I think it will be very hard to get there and will probably need a travel agent to help me figure it out. It's on the west coast only on a tiny peninsula. The nearest town looks like Exmouth. I'm sure I have to take a plne to Sydney and then another to Perth as I don't think planes fly from the US to Perth. Then I have to rent a car and learn to drive on the left side. It sounds hard and overwhelming but I really want to do this. I know Australia as a continent is the size if not bigger than the US. So it will still be a crazy drive to Exmouth from Perth. I should stay a day in Sydney too to see the sights. Opera house is a must and the othere thing I'd like to do there is walk on top of the bridge. There is a tour there when they tie you in a harness and you walk over it. And there's some kind of tower that the floor is made of glass and is supposed to be scary haha. I want to do it. I may have to make two trips. I hope I can. I've found most countries take two visits from me to see everything I want. I've been to St. Maarten three times now and can basically cross it off as there's only one fort I haven't seen. But anyway the other must do of Australia for me is seeing wild budgies. I'm still researching that. The flocks happen in the summer which over there is Dec - Feb. But that makes me wonder where are the budgies the rest of the year? Maybe they say see them in winter at watering holes because that's when they swarm. I mean they have to live there year round. Where else would they go? So with fewer at other times they'd be hard to spot. So with the Eclipse in April it's the wrong time. I'd definitely have to come back another time just to do budgies and the desert. Another town I thought to stay at was Carnavaron. But that seems like still a long drive to the peninsula. Well I have several years to figure it out.

Speaking of astronomical events. This month has a blue moon. That is two full moons in the same month. So March 31 is the blue moon.
I worked a bit on my Fear touch up art yesterday but his stupid wings are giving me a hard time. This will be harder than usual to get it to look right. I've all these layers that are messing everything up. But I wont work on it today since I'm not well.

Happy ST Patrick's day to everyone.
12 March 2018 @ 07:44 am
I am doing much better now from my surgery. Not much has happened since I have mostly been in bed recovering but I have less pain now and I'm able to get up and about. I drove for the first time the other day. I went out and got some wipers for my Jeep. The old ones were falling apart. I got some nice high end ones. I've never done that before and it was rather funny how they were square instead of the normal arc shaped. I wasn't sure what to think at first but then realized they match the rest of the car so that's good. They are unique that way. I have yet to test them out as it hasn't rained though today we finally got some heavy rain because it's coming ahead of yet another cold front. My poor plants. When can they ever go back outside? I am sick of this low 40s upper 30s night stuff. It's Spring already this should be over with.

I have no idea how I missed this, but this is the most awesome commercial I have ever seen for the new Jeep.

It's awesome Malcolm came back to play this part. I loved the transition from the original movie to the new modern jeep. And it's nice that the JL looks like it would fit right into Jurassic Park even without the paint job. I found out about this when I saw a still frame and noticed the LED headlights. That's not the original Jeep I thought. So I started to investigate and found this awesome commercial.

Chris and I had a very nice day off yesterday. Oh only one minor annoyance. His phone has been having storage issues so we took it to T mobile to have it looked at. They told him the update he's been avoiding was just a T mobile update and not an os update. So he finally allowed it and well turns out it was an OS update. That's what happened to me last year. I was so mad that now it happened to him too and he doesn't like it either. So he got upgraded from Marshmellow to Nougat. I have been avoiding the update on mine because I'm afraid mine will be worse. I had already been put on Nougat and Oreo is out now which is even worse. I don't want that on my phone. They've also been pestering me to upgrade to the new phone. I do like some things about the new S9 but not enough to switch. I love my phone, it works fine and I like how small it is. The new one is too big and I don't like the edges of the screen. Looks like it's melting off without a decent frame. So I'm going to avoid the update as long as I can and keep my phone that I like as it is. Suck's about Chris's phone. They destroyed his clock on his lock screen and there's no way to fix it.
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22 February 2018 @ 09:02 pm
Well I had a very successful day. I managed to film the International Space Station. The day got cloudy in the afternoon but I went out anyway. I was very worried but when I pulled out my camera the clouds vanished and the day was beautiful Here is the video I managed to get.

And that's about it really. I've just been preparing all day for this and haven't done much of anything else. I did get quite the rush knowing I had captured this. I had that church parking lot all to myself. Too bad no one else knew about it though.
21 February 2018 @ 09:45 pm
I woke up happy again today for my second Fear dream. This one was not as good as the last one but still good. I dreamt I was back at work at the science museum. There was a band there and we were trying to get people to sign a petition to reinstate Pluto as a Planet with this fund raiser concert. I came on the stage while they were singing the song Wild Child and I was Fear. I grabbed one of the mics and started singing. The band was surprised but since I did it so well they soon liked it. The lead singer and I were trading lines back and forth. I remember thinking to myself that I couldn't believe I hadn't been kicked off the stage. Also that I knew the lyrics. I was figuring them out based on what rhymed. I just remember the thrill of being in front of a crowd and being part of a whole making awesome music. It was great. Here's the song for those of you that want to hear it. It's a metal band with an 80s fee. Wild Lixx.


Speaking of songs I had something hilarious and mind blowing happen to me today. Chris and I went to eat at First Watch. We were talking about Australia for some reason and I told him about a video I watched that they have this jelly spread that goes on bread called Vegemite. They say if you're not an Australian you'll hate it. Not for foreigners. I had found a video of this couple that tried it and the husband nearly lost it. It was so funny. Chris didn't know it was a real thing. He said he thought it was something made up in the song Land Down Under where they mention "A vegemite sandwich." Ok it was at this point I had my mind blown. WHAT? I have known that song forever. It came out in 1981. I thought he was saying, "I betcha' my sandwich" Here are the real lyrics

"I said do you speaka my language
And he just smiled
And gave me a vegemite sandwich"

My version

"I said do you speaka my language
And he just smiled
And said I betcha' my sandwich"

Which makes total sense. For 36 years that's what I was sure it was. So at breakfast I could not stop laughing about this. It's almost as shocking to me as pluto getting demoted. I must have laughed for 10 minutes straight over this. Chris was so amused. I was so tired though after that laughing fit. Rarely do I laugh that much but I bet there are a bunch of lyrics in this song that I don't know as half of it I never did understand but never questioned it. It's a great song. Here's that song.


I finally got my Pluto globe today but man did I have a scare. The tracking said it was on my door step but there was nothing there. I was worried it had been stolen. I called UPS and told them about it and they told me they'd get back to me. A while later there's a knock at our door and the UPS guy had our package. He said he accidentally had left it at the wrong house. I was so thankful. I'm just glad it wasn't lost forever because these things are expensive. I opened it up and it is a lovely little thing. It had to charge up in the room but now is spinning nicely on my dresser. It came with a scratch but I'm not going to send it back as it's not too bad. It took long enough to get here. I will try to do a nice video review on it soon.

I haven't done any art today. Just been doing other stuff. Don't know if I will tomorrow either. I'm getting ready to go out and try to film the International Space Station. Please pray that there are no clouds and it's perfect weather. I hope this works out. This is going to be way harder than filming the eclipse. It will be over in about a second literally. It's a solar transit so that makes it hard having to have solar paper as a filter again.

I keep forgetting to mention that I'm very proud of our president. And because of his actions things are getting better for us. Our bank gave us a refund check. We also got our mortgage lowered. We make more money now because we pay fewer taxes from the tax cut. We also got a refund from another bank out of nowhere. Thank you bank. I don't care why but that's always a welcome gift. And with all this space stuff I think patriotism is very high right now. At the monster truck show it was great to hear the national anthem at the start though I missed seeing it as I got there late because of traffic. The lady had an awesome operatic voice.

So I don't know when I'll get a chance to work on art. If not tomorrow then perhaps Friday.
20 February 2018 @ 05:59 pm
I've been working on the update for Conspiracy nearly all day today. I have a major headache from it. It's been a lot of problem solving. I have noticed my art is complex because I have a propensity to draw things both in front and behind each other. The hug drawing from my dream is a good example of this. So on top of having many layers I also have many masks on the layers so I can conceal or show certain parts. Adding his wings has made a huge mess. The secondary feathers are behind his cloak well between the cloak actually. The primaries are in front of the cloak. Then I added a light reflection layer and I had to figure out how to add a mask and how to figure out if the lines for the wings are covered or not. And which layer is causing issues. I can't wait to be done with this but it's looking amazing. And I thought that drawing couldn't get better. Since I'm doing this to potentially be a giant print I'm thinking the ravens might make things too cluttered. I may remove some and all need to be lightened up. They also have to be spread out more. And when I show this to the print guys I know I'm going to have to redo it yet again because I'm going to have to make the space background match the door and the door is wider than this vertical page. Perhaps they can give me the template for a Jeep door. I really do have a headache from this. I've had to stop so I'm typing up this post. But I do like a challenge and I do enjoy this. Oh you guys get a sneak peak. You might have noticed my icon changed and now has a green mouth. It's so much better this way. When he had a blue one you didn't notice and it blended in too much.

I hope I get my Pluto tomorrow. I will do an unboxing and a review. I found this funny but cool song on youtube about Pluto is Still a Planet To Me because yes that's how I feel about it. I don't care what some scientists say. I was taught 9 planets and it will always be that way for me. I won't put the word "dwarf" in front of it. The video is stupid though with guys dancing around like morons. So just open another browser and do something else if that's distracting. The music and the lyrics are good though. I love hearing the scientific terms in it. This should be made into a metal song and it would be loads better.

I love the parts
No longer 1 of 9
In the Keiper Belt you could scream and shout
Rotate and revolve and keep your orbit in lock.

OMG I love that last line. Ha ha.

I forgot I had a third dream too. Last night nothing happened. Too bad I was hoping for another awesome Fear dream. But before the last two I posted I had a dream inspired by my conversation with actipton80. I dreamt I was in bed lying on my back. I woke up and on my right side were three huge owls perched just looking down at me. The middle one was the biggest. They weren't real owls my mind made up species. Non had ears. They were all very round headed like great grey owls. But I was happy they were there and I lifted my left hand and petted the big middle owl. He was sooooo soft and fluffy. And that's all that dream was. Chris said it was creepy. Yeah I guess it would be to most people but like all my "nightmarish" dreams I wasn't scared and enjoyed it very much.
19 February 2018 @ 12:28 pm
Most people when they dream of Fear have a very bad night. Not me. This was excellent. Here are some doodles of my fave scenes from that dream. Wings are not anatomically correct because these are just doodles so I won't forget these scenes. Though I love some of these so much that it's tempting to flesh them out properly and color them.

1. This is when I first saw Chris up on the pole. I got very excited. Flew up half way then started to struggle in the dream with gaining altitude. I became lucid and pushed through this problem and made it to the top.

2. At the top of the pole and Chris and I are very happy to see each other. I rushed him in a hug and knocked him off the pole.

3. A close up of the hug. Had to not draw two of their wings or you wouldn't be able to see anything.

4. Over head view shows better what's going on as we rotate and slowly float down over the parking lot.