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13 August 2018 @ 09:45 pm
I had a nice phone conversation with actipton80. I told her about the Power Metal Lyrics Generator that I found a while back ago. So here it is. I think you all might enjoy these.

So yeah pick one word from each column and you've got a great song title or album title.

I am working on a lot of art projects right now. I have finished inking the first two poses of Fear's new character sheet. Three to go then I can color them. I'm very excited about finishing this up. Other than that not much to tell. Bullet is doing well despite her ugly tumor. She's happy, has energy and chirps a lot. She even flies sometimes. My plants are all doing great this year. I haven't had a great nepenthes year like this since 2013.
04 August 2018 @ 04:47 pm
Finally my card is finished. I will be printing this out for friends and business that have treated me right. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Fear is very much amused by a Nepenthes ramispina. I chose this species because it looks so much like him. The pitchers have black skin, green mouths and little hairs on top.

Next is my new budgie phone case.

My old turquoise one wasn't good anymore so I figured it was time for a change. I got this pink one and my phone looks very cool and 80s now. I then added the budgie stickers to it. Only problem is the big one the tip of the tail is coming off. I'm thinking of cutting the tip but then it would look strange with a square end. But it woudln't annoy me on my thumb when I hold it. All the other stickers are doing fine.

Want to say happy birthday to my awesome friend actipton80. And today is another anniversary for me. Chris and I have been together 22.5 years.
29 July 2018 @ 09:52 pm
Today has been an awesome day. Went on a job with Chris and it didn't take very long. We ate at Steak and Shake after that then went to Target to look at Jurassic World figures. They didn't have anything in the stores I wanted. There is an awesome massive Mosassaur figure. I'll have to order it from Target because they don't have it in my local stores anymore. It's 28 inches long and very realistic. Then we came home and made huge progress cleaning the porch. I had to put many plants outside since I was doing shelf moving. It stormed and to work outside I had to wear rain pants and rain jacket. That was rather fun. I got the dinning table changed out to summer decor. August and Sept don't have any holidays to decorate for so I will just keep it a summer theme and may-be get some pirate related stuff to display. Summer Florida Pirate theme sounds good to me.

So here's my Birthday haul so far. More surprises might still be coming in. To me the whole month of July is just one big celebration.

First up on the left are mud flaps from my inlaws. They sent me a Visa gift card and I bought those with it. I have been wanting mud flaps for a long time. I hate mud and dirt flung onto my doors. This will help with that. Ok the big round thing, the book and the pretty green tow strap are all from Amazon and gifts from jokerforever and Chris. I combined the gift cards I got from them so I'm not sure how to think of who got me what. I guess I could say Chris got me the round break light, Joker got me the book and they split it on the tow strap. Ok so the round thing is a third break light that will go behind my spare time. That's going to look cool. The green thing is for towing other cars if they get stuck. You never know when you might need it so it's in my box in the trunk of ever growing safety equipment. And the book. I need to get detailed pics of that but it is a replica of the book Dr. Grant wrote in Jurassic Park that Tim Murphy had in this hand when he said, "I Read Your Book." The inside is just two pages with a forward by Richard Attenborough who was John Hammond. There's an index and then all blank journal pages. This is a fictional book after all so it wouldn't have any real info. Still it's life size and realistic. I LOVE it. The back has a short description and a pic of Dr. Grant out in the field. So yet another movie prop to my collection. I love this thing. Chris also got me Toy Story on blue ray. He's been changing out our DVD collection for blue rays. Not an easy feat as we have such a huge collection. The rest are cards, from my inlaws, from Chris and the budgie one is from actipton80. BTW off topic. Wanted to let you know, Actiption that I ordered a birthday gift for you today. It will be coming from California so keep an eye on the mail.

So not only that but today I finished the game Jurassic World Evolution. I beat it twice. I guess because the credits ran twice. One for when I completed all the missions and again when I got five stars on all the islands. But today I got the "I read your book" gold trophy. Funny this pops up again, that quote. It's probably the last trophy people get since it is unlocking all the info in the Ingen database. I got a 5 star rating on Isla Nublar and as I releasted dinos the last bits of data were unlocked and once I got that gold trophy it automatically unlocked the platinum trophy. I'm thrilled and so proud of myself. This is the first video game EVER where I got 100% game. I never cared about achievements, trophies or 100%. Well this game was special and just had so much I liked that I stuck with it. Great replay value and I'm looking forward to playing on Isla Nublar which is a sandbox island. Unlimited money and no one telling me what to do. I don't know what I want to do actually. I'm trashing everything and starting all over. Perhaps I'll try to recreate the original Jurassic Park as much as I can. Platinum trophy! Woo hoo!! I rock. Ha.

So yeah things are going very well.
I'm still waiting on one final gift to arrive in the mail. It should be this week and then I can make a haul photo like I do every year. I've gotten everything from you guys here online so thank you and I look forward to revealing what I got from you. I've been thinking about my door art. I think I thought of a way to make the last edits to it much easier. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. I've redone this stupid pic so many times each time doing it slightly easier and easier but I guess never an easy way. I hope this is it and I'm done with it. But won't be today as it's a day off.

It's early in the morning and I'm waking up now. I have to take the jeep in for an oil change. My oil changes have been very far apart. I took it in once at the three month time but they told me I didn't have enough miles and sent me off. Ok. Well I don't drive a lot so it takes me forever to get each of those five thousand miles added on. The car is going on two years and I barely have 14,500. It's still a new car. I may be able to reach that on the way to the dealership today but definitely not the 15,000 I need. Even with last year's trip to Canada it only added about a third of the miles I have now. I have one last free oil change after this one but that expires next month so it is wasted in a way. No way I can add another five thousand miles in a month.

I did run a lot of errands this week. Things like going to the bank. I got very stressed driving and then got very weak. I almost want to say I got sick but it wasn't an illness. I just had a very bad loss of energy for three days straight. I couldn't drive anymore and I could barely do anything at home. I mostly gamed but even had my moments where I could no longer hold the controller or think. I tend to get this way when I return from a vacation but it sucks. I shoudln't be losing so much energy. I'm almost recovered now and hope this will never happen again. Speaking of gaming. I have been playing a lot of Jurassic World Evolution. This is the first game where I have cared about achievements and trophies. I want to get 100% completion but it's been hard. The only things left to do are to unlock all the info in the Ingen Database. That's stuff like characters, locations and memos. I'm working on the memos. You have to get perfect ratings with the three factions on all five islands. So I'm playing through all the five islands again in order so I don't miss anything. As for characters and locations tough that's harder. No one really knows what to do to unlock them. Some are random events like a ceratosaur eating a guest or selling Barbasol in the gift shop. I'm afraid this will keep me from getting the last stuff I need because how am I supposed to know what to do? But once I get that it's my last gold trophy and then the platinum trophy automatically unlocks for doing everything in the game.

Ok so I haven't uploaded the pics like I said I would but here is a video of the cool cake I made.


It was way too much cake for two people though and we ended up giving it to our friend Mike. We know he'd love it and he did.

Kabuldur and I were talking about the Australian dash cam videos so finally here's a good one I want to share that I found last night. It's funny to me to hear them swearing. I love the Australian accent. Some of these crashes are amazing. Oh and like I said every country has a certain theme when it comes to these compilations. Chris and I noticed that in Australia it's white flatbed trucks/service trucks. Most of these accidents involve a white flat bed service truck or there is one present at the scene. There are fewer in this compilation but still they are there. They are a menace. Add them to the list of stuff to be wary of when you visit Australia. Haha.

19 July 2018 @ 09:52 pm
Well I had a very nice birthday this year. I don't feel any older, but then I've never felt old and I never will. Life is good. Got lots of nice birthday greetings and nice cards in the mail. I got some nice gift art I will eventually post to DA. Chris and Joker got me Amazon gifts. I've put in my orders there already and am looking forward to the neat stuff I should get this weekend. I can't wait. I still have one gift card from my inlaws. I think I know what I will do with it. I've had to chose things carefully. It always boils down to either buy one big expensive thing or buy lots of little cheap things to make you feel like you got a lot of stuff. Always a hard choice. This year I think I'm going for the one thing. And this time I've mostly concentrated on Jeep parts. Though Chris ordered me all those plants. Eventually I'll do a haul photo once everything comes in. So thank you to everyone that contributed.

This is the first time that I also got a custom cake. I'm not a fan of cakes actually but this year I wanted one because I wanted to draw my own art on it. I had picked out a Ninja Turtle themed one that was pink and blue. But they told me they couldn't do it the way I wanted. So I picked the next one with was blue and green. I told them to leave it blank and only have the text Happy Birthday 2018. I wanted to lower the price that way and have room to paint stuff myself on it. So we picked up black, white and blue icing. The next day I made a joke to Chris that it would be funny if they got it wrong and added all the extra stuff even though I told them not to. Well when we got the cake that's exactly what happened. It had the four turtles in the sewer and the city. I didn't care. It was a neat figure to have. I took it and removed the turtles and washed them off. They are now displayed in the game room and look nice on the shelf. I fixed the hole in the cake and then used the icing and drew Fear on there. I'm very proud of this cake and think I did a very good job for my first time. I didn't know how to control the tubes but with practice I think I could get this and do better next time. By then end of it I was already doing better. I didn't have any red for his hair. Just blue so I did all of it in blue and his eyebrows in blue. If I liked sweets and cakes I probably would keep practicing or get better tools, but it turned out quite well. He's creepy. I will post a pic next post.

For now I will share some cool pics of a jeep I saw in a parking lot.

I love this white and turquoise combination. Those grille inserts are my fave. They must have bought them and then custom painted in blue because I've never seen that color for sale.

It's very nice. I was definitely walking around it and checking it out.
Well originally I was not going to change the wheels on my jeep. Just the tires. I like the ones it came with and the cute hidden jeeps on it. BUT, then I found one quite by chance worthy of Fear himself. Check these out.

Made by Fuel Wheels it's called the Cleaver. The F could stand for Fear and it's in an aggressive font that looks like it could be his. I need to find out of these will fit my jeep and if so then well I will save up for them.
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13 July 2018 @ 07:47 am
I had a great dream last night and want to write it down before I forget it. I was actually multiple dreams and I know why I dreamt about all this stuff. The first one started in this huge house looking at antiques. I can't tell if I was watching a cartoon or I was in the cartoon but it was something my mind had made up by Disney. A snake appeared. It was green and very cool and evil looking. I was so impressed and mentioned that I couldn't believe this was a Disney cartoon. It was more like my art style and way too scary. Well to scary for them, I was loving it. And then they started doing something I don't remember what but also something that would never happen in a Disney movie. Probably out right killing people in plain sight with their venom. It was awesome.

In the second dream, there was a shadowy character running.The first part of it started like a movie I was watching. It was Dr. Claw and he had lost everything. His castle had been destroyed, who knows where his awesome transforming car was, but he had finally done it. He'd killed Gadget and he'd taken his coat and hat just so he could sneak past the police and into the city. I caught up with him in a back alley and told him I was there to help. In my mind Dr. Claw's face was always in plain sight though you never saw he himself on the show. To me his face is the Mad symbol so he's actually a demon. Demon head with human body. But in this version my mind added something new. He threw away the hat and coat and when he did he had these grey/silvery wings. Beautiful. Add wings to anything and it becomes many times cooler. I was thoroughly impressed. And that's where the dream ended. I spent the time thinking about what to do and wasted the dream time. A flaw that happens often in my dreams.

Ok I know why I dreamt all this. The snakes in Chris's game made an impression on me for some reason and I've been reading the Jungle Books to him. Not sure why Claw was in my dream as I hadn't thought about that show much but he was my first fave villain as a very young child. My first obsession so he'll always be there for me. BUT the wings. I know why I dreamt about that. I'm working on the jeep door art and Fear's stupid wings are being a total pain to work with again. I've only got one to go but that stupid drawing was giving me a majorly hard time yesterday. So that's why they showed up in this dream. The aggravation will be totally worth it when this is all over.

Oh and I just remembered another tiny piece of the dream. I think this happened before everything else. I could fly. I wanted to go to some place across the city during the day and didn't know who to get there. Someone said, "Just fly it will be fast." I wasn't sure because I wasn't supposed to let anyone know I could. I always flew at night. But aw Hell ok. So I did and I just took off in broad daylight despite everyone freaking out. It was fun haha.
10 July 2018 @ 11:10 am
So things are going pretty well. My plants outside are doing great. The N St. Pacificus is growing its first pitcher under my care. The one it came with unfortunately died. This one is solid green and I worry it may not get the pretty orange or tan color of the original. But I think that's because it's in the upper pitcher stage. Upper pitchers are shaped differently and usually aren't as colorful as lower pitchers. But it's forming a basal so that's like a whole new baby plant and I should get those nice colors on those. Though right now they are very small. I was very excited that my two big amorphophallus out front would finally produce a flower this year, but now I think they won't. A new shoot broke out from the ground but I think this is the second leaf now. They've both gotten taller. Too tall for a flower. What fooled me was that they were so thick but the main stalk is thick so I should have known. Again I must quote Malcolm. "Boy I hate being right all the time." I think it's the case that when they first come up is when it flowers. If the first thing to come up is not a flower you won't get a flower that year. I was hoping this was an exception. I'll keep at eye on it but got excited over nothing. Now I think this is the second leafe and the first one will die back.
Here is the second driving compilation. I may start to work on the third one today.

This one has some funny conversations. I talk about Jurassic World Evolution which I have been playing a lot lately. I have all the islands unlocked now. I got five stars on Isla Tacano. That was super hard. I think that will be the hardest island. I started Isla pena but got a bit bored with it since I haven't unlocked everything like the transport balls and dinos like stegosaurus or Spinosaurus. But that's on Isla Sorna which I'm working on now. One thing I wish they'd update is the stupid feeders. There should be an option to level them so they don't run out so often. I'm sick of constantly getting empty feeder notifications. It's worse than the disease out breaks. At least that I can control by giving stronger immune systems to the dinos. I may consider that as that's the next most annoying notification. Whenever I get new disease research I open that first so I can have my ranger teams be able to have medicine that can cure anything.
So I'm excited about my birthday next week. Chris ordered me some plants. Can't wait for those to get here. I wanted to do a big jeep order but that didn't happen. Not this month anyway but hopefully soon. So that's been about it. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I'll edit or make another post if I remember what it is.

Edit: Ah I know what it was. It was this awesome photo I took of a tiny newly hatched lizard. A Cuban Anole on my tiny N. Sibuyanensis x raffelesiana. Pitcher is 1 inch tall.

09 July 2018 @ 11:49 am
It's that time of year again. If anyone wants to get me anything here are a few suggestions

Amazon Gift Card
Ebay Gift Card
Native Exotics Gift card https://nativeexoticsonline.com/product/native-exotics-gift-certificate/
Quadratec gift car https://www.quadratec.com/products/GIFTXX_PG.htm
Extreme Terrain Gift card https://www.extremeterrain.com/xt-gift-certificate-mailed-gcxte.html
Carnivorous Plant Nursery Gift https://carnivorousplantnursery.com/collections/gifts/products/gift-certificate

Here are some nepenthes I would love to add to my collection.
N. glandulifera
N. clipeata (especially clone U)
N. trusmadiensis
N. sumatrana
N. tobiaca
N. sauroguinensis
N. neoguinensis
N. spathulata
N. burbidgea x viechii

Gift Art of Scary Fear or George Smith

08 July 2018 @ 09:23 am
Wanted to share my first dashcam video I made a while back. I am making these not just to show accidents and odd things on the road but also we can finally capture some of our awesome conversations and show people how well we get along. Talking with Kabuldur made me realize I hadn't shared these. So here's the first one.

07 July 2018 @ 08:23 am
Hope everyone had a great 4th. I did and had so much fun I needed a few days to recover from it. Chris and I went to Fred Howard Park to watch the fireworks on the beach. We had a great time there. A big storm came in, but it ALWAYS rains on the 4th of July in Florida. It also usually clears out before the shows begin. We parked in a decent location and had a pretty good view. Here is a video of some of the fun stuff that happened.


Things are going well and this was also a very nice anniversary.
29 June 2018 @ 04:01 pm
Finally this is finished. My latest drawing of Scary Fear. It took me way too long to do. Was supposed to be a simple piece. Yeah right. There are no simple pieces when it comes to my art.

Fear is ready for a night of stalking. He sits on a power pole at the top of a mountain and looks down on the cities in the valley below. I love how sinister he turned out here. Lots of people are going to have a very bad night.
25 June 2018 @ 08:53 am
Even though I've been kind of sick the last few days things have actually been going great. I have a lot to catch up on here so we'll see if I remember everything. Chris and I went to see Jurassic World 2 on opening night. The movie itself was ok and a bit of a disappointment. I won't go into details yet since it's a new movie and don't want to spoil it but I'll post a review later on with spoilers behind a cut. Unfortunately many things were't a surprise for me since I'd gotten so many spoilers myself. I really tried to avoid it but it was impossible with youtube "recommending" videos where the thumbnail and the title showed me stuff I didn't mean to read and with "friends" telling me about it because they know I like Jurassic Park. Very annoying. Oh and even walking into the stores was a spoiler because I couldn't look at the toys but well I saw them all. But more on that in another post.

Chris and I built a fire pit out of cinder blocks. We had a fun time going back and forth from Lowe's and buying all the blocks and caps. I enjoyed painting them with spray cans. We have a lot of debris to burn so it will be very helpful. Unfortunately it rained and all the wood is too wet to catch fire now. We finally got around to buying some cheap outdoor folding chairs so we can set and enjoy the fire. We plan to clean out the old pumpkin patch garden and add some outdoor concrete couches and concrete raised beds. Get rid of all the grass and just have gravel or stone walk ways. It will be a slow process but it will be nice when we finish it up.

My plants are all doing great. Many of my nepenthes are pitchering. I've also built a very nice three tiered shelf that I painted pretty tropical colors. I will get a pic of that soon. I think all the amorphophallus have come up now too. No flowers this year. I was bad last year and neglected them so my biggest ones actually shrank and were set back. But this year I will take good care of them, fertilize them once a week and hopefully next year I'll get my first flower because of that. I don't remember if I talked about this or not but I also built my first trellis for dragon fruits. I hope to plant another set of dragon fruits so it will be nice to make another set.

Bullet is doing well despite her illness. She's been very happy and screaming happily. I'm so glad of that. She flies around and plays with her toys. I hope this tumor won't affect her too much.

And I have been playing Jurassic World Evolution PS4 which is way better than the movie. I've unlocked Isla Nublar now which is my 4th island. I'm very happy about that. That's a sandbox version. Not sure what all that means yet. I know what sandbox games are but perhaps that's the actual Jurassic Park with everything already built for you and you can just explore and manage. I need to review this game too though I haven't finished it. I got my first T-rex on my first island which I think is Isla Matanceros. I was so happy about that last night, but it was late and I had to call it quits. Time flies when you play this game. You don't realize you've spent hours in it because it's not a fast game. I am enjoying managing ever little detail of all my islands. Though I'm getting annoyed at my big herbivore cage how often feeders go empty. Man those trikes, and duck bills are gluttons.
25 June 2018 @ 08:35 am
I had a bunch of awesome dreams last night. Let's see if I can remember them all. I dreamt I was in a movie theater and there were these two really annoying fat bully boys next to me. They were being loud and wouldn't shut up when I asked them to. I almost got up to leave when I realized I was dreaming and I could do anything I wanted to. So when they said nasty things and got loud on me again I pulled out a big knife and rammed it under the chin of one. The blade came out behind his eye and I then twisted the knife to finish the job. I think the other boy ran off at that point when he saw I meant business.

The dream changed a bit then behind me in one of the seats was George. There were these people wearing wings like the old presidents and they kept asking George where he got his hair. He was getting annoying saying he hadn't "gotten" it anywhere. It was his real hair. Later on he went up to give a speech on a podium and mic. He was reading from some book and he was in hybrid form. I was really taken by this and wondered if it was some hell book he was reading from, though I couldn't hear what he was saying. Very out of character for George to give a speech.

Then I was outside on the roof of a building in a city. I knew I could fly so I took off straight up. I love the thrilling experience I get when I fly in a dream. I was still lucid and made myself go higher. But what was weird about this was that I wasn't flying my normal way. I was doing the Iron Man thing with jets in my feet and hands. WTF? I then flew over to where I worked as a co-worker of mine, some black guy my mind made up, said he wanted to show me his vehicle. Ok sure. There was a big tent and I landed on it. I was guessing there was a jeep under there so I pulled back the fabric and hopped down. To my surprise it was a purple Lamborghini. I don't know what kind it was, just that it looked very nice. I was thrilled. He then told me he was going to take me for a drive so I was like "oh yeah!" I was thrilled. I'd never been in a Lambo. I've only seen them from the outside. I pulled out my camera and started filming but there was no memory card. Oh no!! I had to figure out a way to get it to record to internal storage which was limited. I was so mad I didn't film the first part of the drive through a big huge sparkling city. But I loved the ride and was checking out the dashboard and interior of this awesome car.

And that was it. So I had a great night and woke up quite rested and thrilled this morning for so many good dreams. And George is featuring a lot in my dreams lately. I like that.
21 June 2018 @ 04:31 pm
Want to post some of these not only to share but for my own reference because I'm always losing where these are as I tend to memorize the messages and not verse numbers.

Favorite versesCollapse )
19 June 2018 @ 07:11 am
I had this dream two days ago. Should have written it down then but it was Sunday so I was super busy all day and then yesterday was a very low energy day for me. I don't have much of the dream left now but I'll try to write what I can remember. This dream was like watching a movie. I wasn't any of the characters I don't think which for me is very strange as I always participate in the dreams. It took place in modern times in a big shinny city with tall buildings. Possibly Dallas. George was with Leeanix and they were enjoying their time together. They were inside a restaurant or a bar or something. There were glass windows and you could see outside. This was on the first floor at street level. Someone must have threatened Leeanix or started it with George because it turned into one big fight very quickly. George took hybrid form and I was just amazed at his awesome fighting skills. He could block, evade and use his tail as a shield. I don't remember if this dream became gory. I don't think it did. I remember George rolling over a counter top to avoid an enemy. And his thick plates protected him the few times he took a blow. His fighting style is just brutal. Nothing graceful about it. Power hits, punches, kicks and tosses. He killed everyone by the end of this fight and I think he just walked out.

Not much else going on at the moment but I had a great Sunday and will make a separate post about that.