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16 December 2016 @ 03:00 pm
Another drawing  
For those of you on DA you already know this but Chris and I got new phones. Chris's old one wasn't working well anymore and I'm not happy with my provider. That reminds me after this I need to call them and have it canceled. Again not a good provider and then I called yesterday they said they'd call back but never did. So now I have to call again. But the new phones are very nice. I got a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Chris got a Samsung Galaxy J7. His is so huge. I could have gotten the S7 Edge but it was too big, too heavy and I don't like the look. Actually this one is big compared to my old one. My old one was the perfect size, weight and shape. I'll miss that but I need to be able to block things. But no phone will ever be perfect I see. I already have an idiot calls me twice a day. Chris thinks it's a friend of whoever had this number last. Sigh. At least I finally blocked that today. Take the hint I'm not picking up if I don't know you. And I'm still getting spam but I don't think I can do anything about it. It's from T Mobile. "Take our survey" "Did you like the store?" I have a question. How do I shut that up? I will have to ask but they're probably going to tell me I can't. Other than that the phone is good. I like that it is water proof so that's good I think. I really don't use phones the way everyone else does. To me it's there for emergencies and business calls. I only use the internet if I have to look up a number to call. I don't need to play games on it. That's what the PS4 is for. I don't need to listen to music on it. That's what my car stereo and laptop are for. I don't need to check the time constantly, that's what my watch is for. The ap I use the most is the weather. That's about it really and then I have the ones that came with the phone so no need to download anything else. I don't want to put an email on this phone either. That's what the PC is for.

Ok have another drawing to share. This is part of the scene from when Fear got sick of people being afraid of him in the market.

It's pretty wicked. I changed the background and made it into this year's card. In fact I need to post a list for myself here next so I know who all to send cards to. I'll post that drawing there. Here's the description I had on DA about this pic of Scary Fear.

So Scary Fear decided to wear this cloak to the market as the Triangulum Resistance team needed parts for their ship. Fear had noticed how others feared him even when he wasn't doing anything scary on purpose. It was rather amusing at first to see so many aliens cower or run just at his mere presence. But after a while it also became annoying. But he is fear itself so he knew he couldn't do anything about it...unless. He thought if he could hide his scariest parts (eyes, teeth, claws) things might go better for him. Ignorance is bliss after all. So he figures a cloak would cover him nicely and he goes about doing normal things like the rest of his team. But when he goes to pay for something from this vendor the guy is still afraid. More so than before it seems as he can still see those features, the eyes glow more in the dark hood and he's got a creepy claw being held out at him. When Fear asked him "Will this suffice?" And the merchant couldn't answer him but only mutter gibberish and the fact Fear's been reduced to doing mundane things like using coins and shopping after having been a force of life, he kind of lost it. Furious by the lack of a normal response, Fear pulls his hood off showing his true features and sprouts his wings as well. If this fool was afraid for no reason now he would give him real reason to fear. "I AM FEAR! He yells as he flies onto the guy's table. "I'll give you something to REALLY be afraid of!"
"Fear, NO!" Korsho yells but it is too late. Scary Fear uses his powers on the guy. The problem was that Fear was still in the process of gaining control of the powers he had lost and what should have only affected the victim of his focus was completely over done. Fear lost control of his powers and a wave a terror sweapt the whole town. Everyone ran and screamed for their lives until Korsho, Fear, George and Paul were the only ones left standing in the village market. Fear steped off the table and looked down ashamed of himself and just walks past the others. But when he passes Korsho he says, "This whole Cloak thing isn't work." In a controlled angry tone. "Apparently not." Fear replies not bothering to hide who he is any longer. He ponders if he should just stay on the ship from now on.
Desthagirion on December 17th, 2016 12:07 pm (UTC)
They are good for the few bad things they have there is more good. But yes spam from the company I'm with. No happy about that. Yes a phone is a phone and not a computer or a game system. I don't like how people are so addicted to their phones it's stupid.

Thank you. It's been a fun story.