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17 September 2016 @ 08:16 am
Scary Fear Dream  
Finally I had a very nice dream about Scary Fear. I don't know why I rarely have these but this is probably my best one yet. Chris and I are already talking about our next cruise. I've started looking around and found one we like but funny enough it goes to Key West. To us that's a waste of time and money as we're Floridians and we've been to Key West. We think it's a bit of a waste to do a cruise anywhere in the United States really (with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii) when you can drive there for less money and spend more time. But anyway, so I dreamt I was on that cruise with him and we were docking in Key West. Like we had talked about we were just going to stay on the ship when we got there. But I love seeing buildings go by when I enter a port and in this dream the buildings were higher than our room so I got to see the roofs and then they got taller til I couldn't see over them. I got excited and I told Chris, "You know I think I will disembark just to see the port. I'll be right back." At that point the dream showed me that I was Scary Fear and I just flew off our balcony. Like all my flying dreams I was thrilled the moment I took off. My raven wings were beautiful so big and broad. I had no trouble flying around and I got to see the ship from over head. It wasn't a Royal Caribbean but a Celebrity because it was smaller white and dark blue. It was so neat to see all the buildings and palm trees from over head. So beautiful and relaxing. I then landed on a dock and was watching other ships come in. Some girls were complaining about stuff and I was just listening. It bugged me because they were talking about stupid things. I should have scared them but didn't think about it. Then I got that worried feeling that I should head back because I had limited time. I took off and everyone was amazed I could fly. I smiled loving that reaction. Perhaps they thought I was wearing a costume. I flew high then got really worried because I couldn't see my ship. Where's my ship? It couldn't have left and even if it had there should be a wake. I can still catch up but there's no trace. Where is it? I landed by some of the dock workers and started asking around where it was. At first no one knew what I was talking about but finally someone told me I couldn't see it because it had gone into a hanger. Well then of course I would never see it from overhead. This was a cue this was a dream because cruise ships are too big for hangers unless they are being built.

So I started going to all the hangers and no luck at first. Finally I found the right one but still couldn't see my ship. Again I talked to some of the workers and told them I REALLY needed to get back on. One told me with a worried look that the ship had just been taken to a lower level. WHAT? Apparently there were some kind of bay doors and the boats could go even lower. Kind of like planes on a carrier. I wondered how does that work with the water. Anyway I needed to get to this next level. They told me I could not because it was a restricted area. All passengers were back on board. WHAT? No they weren't I NEED to get there. There was a big open bay door in this one and I realized something important. "Perhaps I can't get in but the ship can get out. It has to take off, right?" I asked.
"Yes it should be leaving port soon."
"Then I'll see it when it leaves and I can catch it then!" I said happily. The guy gave me a confused expression. "Thanks for the info." I said, spread my wings and flew off out of the bay doors. He was so surprised to see my fly away. So I circled the port and hovered whenever I got a good head wind. I saw other big ships leaving for the open ocean. At last I saw my ship leaving from a covered area. I was so excited. I did two powerful down strokes of my black wings and dove down after it. It was exciting and beautiful chasing down a huge moving ship heading towards the horizon. It was heading south and it was evening. I knew this because the sun was on my right and would set in a few hours. I thought about my landing. I'd never landed on a moving vehicle before so I would have to land at speed. That would be interesting. Also I couldn't be seen since they had no idea I had left in the first place. I decided to go for one of the open pool decks where I'd have room in case I crashed and funny enough I was able to turn invisible. I landed with no problems and then had to find a place where I could become visible again without anyone getting suspicious. I decided to go into the hallways of the rooms. There is rarely anyone there. So that's what I did and it worked out great. I passed by the casino. All the lights were very pretty and I regretted not having my camera. I was hungry. The dream ended with me finding a dessert bar and the person there came out with a huge like five stack of pancakes covered in strawberry, vanilla and mint ice cream. So it was pink, white and green. Oh my gosh I can't eat all this they always give you so much food on these boats but how pretty and what a treat after a long tiring flight. Ha.

So that was my awesome dream. One thing that surprised me was that no one was afraid of me or questioned that a purple and blue monster with black wings was just walking around. The last part of my dream was in first person but I wonder how freaky it would be to see Fear eat, even if he's eating pretty food like a dessert. I also like that my mind totally made up these new places because it is a boat I've never been on so I don't know what it's supposed to look like. I'm glad it didn't set me on the Allure. So yes very fun dream and it's about time I was Scary Fear again
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on September 18th, 2016 11:05 am (UTC)
That was a very cool dream! Lots of detail and a good 'plot'.
Desthagirion on September 27th, 2016 11:18 pm (UTC)
Thanks. It was really fun. I'm so glad my dreams have been so nice lately.
kabuldurkabuldur on September 30th, 2016 11:13 am (UTC)