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21 June 2016 @ 08:58 am
For Your Reading Pleasure  

A quick log of the little gift art problem that happened to my friends RollerTroller699 and JokerForever303 on DA.

I am posting this journal to help out my very good friends :iconrollertroller699: and :iconjokerforever303: who have had a form of art theft through "gift art". Their characters Vice and Misery were actually drawn without permission in these pictures.

This artist is one of those misguided people that would hide comments and put threatening comments on her profiles when people thanked her or said anything there. That IS the point of the profile comments. When you do something nice you'll get thanked. If you do not want that then do not fave things. She was watching me as well but I blocked her for breaking my clearly stated rule too many times to not fave my art without commenting. I also asked her why she liked my drawing and she hid my comment. Last straw there so a block went in. I will not have anyone like that watching my art. I am thankful she did not draw any of my characters.

Now to the heart of the matter. Neither RollerTroller nor Joker had given permission for their characters to be drawn. This is part of their rules too. And they too ask to not fave and run but they have had several pics faved with no comments. Joker left this comment on her profile before blocking her to have his faves removed. She was blocked also because they like I do not want her watching them anymore.
Comment was screencapped.
Link is here http://comments.deviantart.com/4/21437082/4156348226
I find it funny that she featured his comment. But she refuses to take down the art. If these were truly gifts then she would honor their request. I have asked people to take down bad gift art before and they have had the decency to do so as I have say so over my gift. But this one not only drew these without permission but now refuses to take down the art. No. That is wrong and they need to go down. In the deviations she proceeds to refer to Joker and RollerTroller as swine. The fact she drew these characters out of nowhere without knowing my friends seems like she's the type to draw a simple drawing to get something in return. A watch back perhaps which she never did. None of us are flattered and we can not be bought with gifts. Don't get flattered if you get a gift art or think you owe anyone anything just because they made you something even if it's good quality. I do not fall for that type of thing and I have had to ask people to take art down.

EDIT: Ok the art is gone now. She took them down. Hopefully she will also take down the whinny journals she put up regarding my friends. Pearls for Swine. I had left this comment to her and received this reply as well.

I was not able to reply because she took them down quickly. Well that is all we wanted. So thankfully she finally did the right thing. Thank you to all of you that would have helped. Art theft is not to be tolerated.