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30 January 2016 @ 11:22 am
Fear lost memory story issues  
Ok this story is so fragmentary. I want it to work out but I'm just having problems with it. The biggest problem is I have no clear goal. What is the point of this story? Is this another pointless thing just for me to hurt him and why it's going nowhere? Like the one about killing Riley's Fear I had to scrap completely? I think that's the main question I need to figure out and all else will start to fall into place. Like Phil Collins said, "So how's it end?"

OK here's what I DO have.
Fear is falling for some reason. Breaks his fall with a tornado as it was a fear someone had on the ground. But he still gets badly hurt as he lands in some trees.
He's stuck in scary mode when he loses his memories and is far away from his city.
Ends up in a small town. Crawls in and no one wants to help him at first. They are afraid of him. But finally someone realizes they can't just let him die in the street.
A doctor answers some of his questions but he ends up with way more than he had. The town's people avoid him because of his looks.
I'm guessing eventually the town does accept him because I've drawn a scene where two walls are closing in and he's holding them off with his electricity and others are running out from under him. I like the idea that he doe sometimes do good deeds though it's rare. But how did he get into such a mess is the question for that scene too. See my mind hands me scenes and then it's up to me to work them into stories. I've got another great scene where he's being air lifted as a building explodes below him. I don't know what's up with that other than it's awesome. I don't know what story that would fit into.

OK back to this one. I'm thinking this town is part of a system that must be run the same everyday. The digestive system. Another button pushing job type thing. But it has to be done the same and by the book. Boring. But I didn't want it to be a super vital system like respiratory or circulatory because if I have closing walls and explosions Charlie won't die. Two days without food and he'll be ok. Because you know there has to be destruction. My hunger is broken. I have to remember to eat because I don't feel hungry or I start feeling bad and getting weak and I don't know why. Perhaps Charlie is the same way after this.

Those of you that saw the sketch dump this is also the story where he's on a cliff trying to save someone. Someone fell off a cliff and Fear tries to save them. Of course when they see an ugly scary monster at their only means of escape they are afraid. If you didn't know who he was I wonder how many people would trust him or chose to fall to their deaths? In this case they choose to die. Fear is hurt by this. Not because they died. Despite having lost his memory he hasn't lost his personality. He's still very cold. He just can't understand what is wrong with him that everyone's so afraid of him. What I love is that he has no idea he's fighting his very nature, his own name, which one should never do or you'll always lose. He IS scary. But he doesn't know who he is. His protective nature as being in charge of safety is also still in tact so that's why he tried to help.

Ok so I think that's everything I have on this story. What a mess. Yes please suggestions if you have any.
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Desthagirion on February 1st, 2016 01:49 am (UTC)
Yes technically he could travel anywhere in the body though neural pathways. Yes this town would be full of boring S types I'm sure. Perfect for that kind of job. Yeah that could be.

I find that amusing about falling into the stomach acid. It's not easy on Fear but it is funny to us that everyone is afraid of him. Too bad he wasn't stuck in normal mode but then that would be a boring story.

Oh gosh. That would be so stupid if this city were set up like tat HQ.
gamma_wings: Nerdy Feargamma_wings on February 1st, 2016 07:23 pm (UTC)
Hmm, it's true that hurting Fear pointless doesn't make for a good story... but I suppose it is possible to turn this concept into something really good, if you come up with a reason. Let me see what I can say about your ideas so far.
I like that he ended up stuck as Scary Fear, that makes for a much more amusing story than if he were just plain old normal Fear. It's interesting that he lost his memories. The citizens are obviously terrified of him, but Fear cannot figure out why. Of course, there needs to be a reason that he fell into that city to begin with. Makes me wonder whether it was due to a fight or something else? Hard to say, but it was clearly something highly dangerous and Fear failed to deal with it. It would be awesome if something explodes, but of course the reason is why? Maybe it's somehow related to what caused him to end up there in the first place. I like that it's the digestive system, as that shows you're developing the idea beyond the brain. I don't think anyone has done that yet. Indeed, best to do it there in order to not kill Charlie is explosions occur. Seems to me like all the cells and such there would be boring S types, just following what the brain tells them to do.
Desthagirion on February 1st, 2016 10:48 pm (UTC)
Yes the fact these things don't have a reason bothers me and can't be made into a story. I love having him stuck in Scary Mode. Makes it worse for him to gain trust and make friends. Yeah I need to figure out why he fell. I'd like to think his wings vanished but that won't work because in the time line Gord's already dead. So he had to have fallen out of an air craft or been fighting a flying creature like you said. I definitely want the closing walls to happen. The explosions might be something else in another story. Don't know yet. Yes there more beyond the brain so I'd like to be the first to do this. Yes they'd definitely be boring S types.