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19 December 2015 @ 09:44 am
Tropical Terror short story  
This is a story about Fear and the first time I've written about Gord.

        The trench coated man screamed as he was dragged up the hill by the light purple monster. He wore a dark grey coat, black pants and black tennis shoes. He looked like a stereotypical detective except he didn’t use a hat. He had white skin with brown hair.  His name was Gord. No last name as his creator Charlie had not given him one.  He was by no means charismatic.  He had been created to be ugly; freckled face, plain brown eyes and bad teeth.  Charlie always placed him in the most difficult of stories and drawings.  He was glad when the host wasn’t thinking about him.  But those times of peace had vanished after having been  discovered by the monster that now had him in his grips.  This monster was the dark emotion Fear.  And he knew what Gord feared most.  

        Gord continue to scream as he was pulled through the tall thick grass.  He was tied up with a heavy rope and could only kick his protest.  Fear’s raven feathers would sometimes brush up against Gord’s face as they went higher and higher.  It felt horrible. The inky feathers made his skin crawl.  He was not sure if Fear was doing this intentionally or not as the broad wings rested against his back. He was being pulled by the rope with his right hand and carried up as though he were a child’s wagon. Eventually they reached the top of the plateau yet still Fear pressed on. The ground became rocky and sandy.  Gord could hear the sound of birds squawking.  Sea birds flew over head. He continued to struggle and call out for help.  Suddenly he came to a stop and was spun around on his haunches.  Now he was staring directly into the face of Fear.  It was truly horrifying.  He hated this tall, skinny, decrepit monster so much.  

        Fear wore a pair of pleated dark blue pants. His feet were covered by a pair of glossy black dress shoes.  He wore a light weight long sleeve shirt. It was pale blue with even lighter pin stripes.  Over this shirt he wore a hounds tooth sweater vest. He had a dark red bow tie around his neck.  His skin was a shade of light purple and effervescent. It seemed to boil with molecular energy. Particles would sometimes waft off of him and vanish into the air like the bubbles of a fresh glass of soda. His head was long, thin and tipped with an equally long thin nose like the beak of a hummingbird.  On the top of his head were two huge round eyes.  They were spheres rested on their pedestal. The purple skin covered the back, but not the front where his eyelids rested.  The eyes themselves were white and glowed with energy from within.  There were no pupils but the white lights in his eyes seemed to fill that vacant role. Both eyeballs gave off a purple aura so long as they were open.  His purple light would go out ever time he blinked making it difficult to look at him directly. Over these disgusting balls for eyes floated two jagged furry eye brows. They were a much darker purple than Fear’s flesh.  If this visage wasn’t horrible enough, his mouth was lined with several long, pale yellow conical teeth like those of an angler fish.  His smile was as wicked as his gaze. A single strand of purple hair protruded from the back of his head between his eyes.  It was long and changed shape based on his mood.

        Fear also had a pair of black raven wings that were fully spread as he loomed over his victim. The sun to his back, he cast his shadow over the frightened man.  Fear raised his hands towards him as though he were going to grab him. His five fingers were tipped with long purple claws; the same color as his skin.
        “Would you please stop screaming already?” Fear asked frustrated.  His voice was slightly high pitched and seemed to have a quiver to it; a sort of resonation. Not at all what one would expect a creature with his frightening face to sound like.  “Silent terror. You really should try it sometime.  This place is too beautiful for you to be disturbing the peace and quiet.  Besides there is no one here but us.  Now SHUSH!”  Fear added.
        “Please have mercy!” Gord whined. Fear sighed exasperated.
        “I already told you I am not going to kill you. Begging for mercy implies that I am. I promise I won’t kill you today.”  Fear said as he closed his wings on his back.  Now Gord could see where they were. They were out by a gorgeous aqua ocean at the top of a flat cliff.  I stretched out for several feet ending suddenly at the beach.  But the worst thing for Gord was he’d been placed right in the middle of a nesting colony of seagulls. Gord had a deep seated fear of birds. He began to scream again when he saw them. On top of that  he had a fear of heights so being on this cliff was horrible for him.
        “You’re going to leave me here for the birds to eat! I want to go home! I want to go home!”  Gord screamed over and over.  Fear back handed him.
        “Quiet.  The birds would only eat you if you were dead and I told you I am not going to kill you. Goodness you’re so irrational.”  Fear said as he turned away from him.
        “Don’t leave me alone with these birds. Don’t leave me up here!  Why are you doing this to me?”  Asked Gord frantically.
        “Now you’re also afraid of being alone? You do have issues don’t you? I’ll have to remember that.” Fear said.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cloth. “Now I am serious about wanting to enjoy the peace and quiet here.”  Fear then proceeded to gag Gord. Satisfied that he was quieter, though he was still moaning through his bindings, Fear spread his ebon wings and leaped off the side of the cliff into the valley below.

        What Gord did not know was that his worst phobias were what gave Fear his powers.  He did not naturally have a pair of black wings.  It was Gord’s own fear of birds and heights that gave Fear this ability. Fear had only manifested himself in this form to Gord.  His’s powers were also based on the range he had to his victims.  There were two ways Fear could handle a victim he intended to frighten. He could get inside their minds and conjure a scary fantasy that may as well have been real to the victim. In this state Fear’s powers were virtually unlimited.  The other way was to manifest the fears for real.  In this scenario he was limited by range and by the intensity of the fears.  It was risky to go flying for real like this but with Gord being at the top of a cliff Fear had increased the range substantially. Gord had become his broadcast tower.

        Fear crouched on an outcrop of rock in the canyon below.   It led to the ocean in the distance.  At last it was quiet. The birds were far away now and only the wind rustled the vegetation in the canyon.  This canyon was made of limestone.  The vegetation was a mangrove forest. The water from the sea came up into the land through this valley.  Plants hung down from the walls of the cliffs.  It was beautiful. Fear just enjoyed perching on his rock and simply existing in this form. It was a bright sunny day. The sky overhead was as blue as the lovely waters of the ocean in the distance. But on the horizon loomed a dark storm.  It was heading inland.  A large bolt of lightning flashed.  Fear was fascinated by it.  He widdled his thumb and index finger on his right hand sparking his own electricity between them.  He was completely unaware he was generating his own electricity between his fingers. Fear was just lost in his thoughts contemplating.

        Fear knew what he was. Not just the obvious that he was an emotion in Charlie’s mind, but that he was a neuron. Apart from his ability to see and manifest the fears of others he had an inherent ability to use electricity from within him.  It was the one power he could use in both his forms. His current scary form as well as his normal form which Gord had never seen.  As a neuron Fear could generate an action potential when the ions in his cytoplasm became over loaded or polarized.  He could then discharge his action potential with dangerous force. Or not as he could control the intensity of his output. He was limited in how many times he could do this before he became completely depolarized.  But because of this he was immune to electricity from outside sources.  In theory he could take a direct hit from a bolt of lightning and survive. He was sure that he could.  But he was not just going to attempt this to satisfy his curiosity. No it went deeper than that. Fear suspected if he took a hit from a bolt of lightning he might absorb more electrical power than he could muster on his own even when full polarized.  How powerful would his discharge be then? Now that was worth testing out.

        The storm was coming in well enough. Now was the time Fear thought. He launched himself over the mangrove trees as he flew off into the storm. Gord moaned as he watched Fear glide away below. His eyes were wide in horror of where he had been left. Fear loved this. It felt wonderful to fly so fast and low over the trees. Soon he shot out over the beach and found himself above the water.  He was finally under the storm.  He hovered and waited. His black wings beat back and forth in a figure 8 as he held his position. It was difficult to do with such broad wings. They weren’t really designed for this type of hovering.  The only other way was to fly into the wind but the winds were against him this time.  A bolt struck near by but not close enough. He could feel the static build up but it had missed him.  He would have to get one to come to him. Waiting wasn’t going to work.  Fear began to slowly discharge his own lightning.  He didn’t want to waste it all at once.  Small electrical hairs wavered from his arms and chest. It looked like he had cilia waving over most of him.  He was producing his own static while doing this as well. Then he felt it. Powerful static was building around him much more powerful than he could cause without discharging.  And then it happened. Everything turned white and it felt like he’d hit a steel wall.  Thunder cracked and Fear found himself spiraling out of control.  He didn’t know what had happened. He couldn’t think. Everything was moving too fast.  Then he hit the water.  His own feathers gently floated down to him as he lay on his back on the rocking ocean.  His vision faded and he passed out.

        From the cliff top Gord couldn’t believe what he had seen. What a stupid emotion.  And he had called him irrational? If he could fly he knew better than to fly into a storm. He hoped Fear was dead. It would serve him right. But in case he wasn’t he had to find a way out of this.

        Fear woke up on the warm wet white sand of the beach.  The morning sun had warmed him enough to cause him to awake. Morning?  How long had he been out?  He pushed up with his arms. Everything hurt.  He slowly sat up on his knees and held his head in his hand.
        “Physical damage. Right. I never seem to learn that lesson.” He thought to himself. The experiment had failed. He hadn’t absorbed any of the lightning’s power. He hadn’t even been in its direct path.  It had just scraped him on its edge but the force was enough to knock him through the air. There was no transfer of energy. It was as though he’d flown into the force field of a space ship. He had been nothing but a fly to be swatted out of the air.  He looked himself over.  His wings were gone.  Fear then looked at his hands. No claws. That means he’d gone back into his normal mode and was no longer Scary Fear.  His eyes now had sparkling purple irises.  His teeth were flat, square and normal white. He was completely normal looking once more.  He tried to take Scary Form again and form his wings but he could not.  No wings. That meant he was out of range.  He looked down the beach.  The canyon he had flown through was not far; within walking distance.  So he was at least still in the same place. But this meant Gord had escaped.  He’d have to walk back to headquarters.  This experiment had definitely not gone well.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on December 20th, 2015 11:26 am (UTC)
I like Gord. He seems to me to be perhaps a little thick and maybe like a hilllbilly that you have over there.
Desthagirion on December 21st, 2015 12:48 am (UTC)
Yeah I think he's a bit dumb like that. I'm glad you like him. Though I created him to be a bad guy and hated hehe.
kabuldurkabuldur on December 21st, 2015 10:13 am (UTC)
And now to see what you do to your character, hehe :)