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07 November 2015 @ 12:04 pm
Lots of Inside Out art  
I'm still here. Just so much has been going on. I finished that commission finally. I'm so happy to be free and now to be able to go back to my own art. Chris and I finally went to Sea World and I'm soooooo tried still. I'm recovering from too much excitement. You can read about it here.

I'm almost as exhausted as that time I rode the helicopter. I think I needed 3 days of rest. This time seems like only 2. But yes though I had fun this is why I don't like strong emotions. Even extreme happiness can drain me for days and I don't like paying for it afterwards. Wish I could just keep going.

Anyway got another page colored. I didn't like this page when it was in pencils but now I'm surprised how nice it turned out.

I'm happy with the colors. That last panel took forever but it's the best. And I'm happy with the new lightning background.

Well I have skipped far ahead in the story. About 3/4 ahead and am drawing the big battle and rematch with Anger. I have 3.5 pages done so far and Hope to draw more soon. I'm hoping to finish out this scene.

I have no idea how long this battle will be but I've been day dreaming about it so much I need to get it out while inspiration holds.

Panel 1: I can't believe it. There he is!
Panel 2: Anger, WAIT!
Panel 3: Joy: Wait for us!
Sadness: He's already half way there.
Disgust: How are we supposed to get up there?

And that's it for dialog on that page. So Fear left quite some time ago to live in the Amygdala. Anger couldn't stand that he left and sent an army of proteins and microbes after him. But his city is an isolated place and not easy to get into Fear had his own army ready and sent them out. Not only that but he may as well have two other armies as he's also using the fears of his own troops and those of his enemies. Anger's losing the battler. That's why there are monsters and natural disasters everywhere and Fear's just conducting it all from the top of his wall. But he didn't think Anger would come after him from the cliff.

Panel 3: Thinking: "Anger"
Panel 4: Thinking: I'm hurt pretty badly.
Anger: FEAR!! You're coming with me!
Panel 5: I'm so mad nothing will scare me now!
Fear thinking: My fear powers aren't working on him. Since I'm wounded I have a very limited amount of action potentials. Fewer than normal. That means I can't miss. He's got to be close.
Panel 6: GET UP!
Panel 7: Please. Please don't hurt me.
Panel 8: I'm sorry. Have Mercy.
Panel 9: Oh brother. Even with your new powers you haven't changed. You're still a pathetic coward.

I LOVE the panel where Fear is falling on fire. Nasty hit in the back. Lots of pain. And I love Panel 5. Fear looks so wicked there despite being hurt. He's still not afraid.

Panel 1: No. I'm Fear!
Panel 2: AAAAAHHH!!!
Panel 3: What the Hell was that?
Panel 4: You're not the only one with powers. I am a neuron after all.
Anger: Well this has to stop. You've become evil
Panel 5: I'm not evil...not all the time.
Panel 6: You keep scaring us on the monitor. You're scaring Charlie. Things have been worse since you left.

This will be cool colored. Fear discharges all his energy. Now both he and Anger are wounded pretty badly and the fight's only just begun. One cool thing Chris suggested is that anger should bleed fire. So when some of his blood drips it will have sparks to show what he's made of. Same with Fear he's sparking through his wounds a bit too. Now last drawing so far.

Fear actually wins the fight but it cost him dearly. He summons Jangles before he passes out. This is actually the first drawing I made. I love how powerful this image is, that evil Jangles could care so much about anyone. So I've been drawing trying to work my way to this scene. I'm not officially numbering these because I have no idea how far into the story this is and I'm still working on the actual page 7.

OH and I'm working on a parody of Victorius's Dreamchaser album cover. So instead of a reaper it will be Fear standing with a mass of ravens around him. And instead of a storm I think I'll have it be a space background and more colorful. It's inked so I hope to color that next. I just don't know how I'll color the ravens yet as they are all black. Shades of grey of course but I think it will be tricky. I kind of don't now what I'm doing. Oh wait. No it's not inked. What was I thinking. I still have to ink 3 more ravens. Sigh.

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Des: Fearthagirion on November 7th, 2015 07:58 pm (UTC)
Yes. Yes Anger is out of control and he's gotten worse without having Fear around to punch when he feels like it. I just finished the page where Fear counters everything Anger just said. Anger is not designed for a battler of words. He loses. And then the fun begins with a real fight that should be really nasty. Yes exactly. Interesting Jangles is the bringer of safety to the safety expert. I'll show earlier on how Fear befriends Jangles and that is why he cares. Yeah he looks sad yet still frightening. Chris described him as a Gorilla giving you a sandwich. You don't say "no" to him but it's also nice.

It's going to be nice. I'm looking forward to coloring it.