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27 July 2015 @ 11:57 am
Inside Out Review and Speculation  
Ok now that one of good friends Gamma has seen Inside Out I'm going to do a review since I'll have at least one person to talk to about this. Spoilers so everything is behind the cut. Loooooong. You've been warned.

When I first heard about this movie and saw the cutesy characters I was instantly turned off of it. I was disappointed that Pixar being so great at animation was down grading making such simple characters. And they were emotions which I'm just not into. Also Joy looked like a bad Marge Simpson rip off. But I didn't know much about the film and didn't want to pass judgement without knowing the full story. So I looked up the trailer. This is why I am a thinking type and not a feeling type. I don't give into initial reactions like that and gather info before I pass my judgement. I'm glad I looked up the trail. Ok so the silly looking simple characters are only part of the real world. They are inside the main character's brain; a girl named Riley. The human characters and their environments are extremely well drawn so that makes up for the fantasy look of the emotions. But I quickly fell in love with the concept that the emotion are controlling Riely and everyone else by using a console in the brain. There are five basic emotions. Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. They all work together to help Riley out.

So the movie opens up with her being born. As a baby only Joy is there for a short time. Sadness shows up second. Time fast forwards and you meet Disgust and Fear. I think the last one introduced was Anger. They showed how each one plays a roll in helping Riley like Disgust protects her from gross foods, Fear keeps her safe from doing dangerous things and Anger is against injustice. All very healthy ways to use your emotions. The mythology of this universe is interesting because it is based on psychology and biology. Depending on what the emotions do to the console a memory sphere is created for that moment of the day. They are all placed in the HQ and each has a color representing that emotion. Yellow for Joy, Blue - Sadness, Green - Disgust, Purple - Fear and Red- Anger. At the end of the day when Riley or anyone goes to sleep the memories are dumped into long term memory. I suppose while they are in HQ they are short term memory though that was not explained. The really important life changing memories become core memories and are placed in a special holder....which actually reminded me of the cryo chamber in the first Jurassic Park that held the dinosaur embryos. So very cool. A possible JP reference and most Pixar movies have a JP ref which I always enjoyed. The core memories are what help define the personality by creating islands with themes out in the brain. Riley had Friendship Island, Family Island, Hockey Island and Goofball Island.

Riley's life was perfect until she had to move. Then everything changed for the whole family. They moved from their established home in Minnesota to San Fransisco California. They move into a tiny dirty apartment nothing like the nice big house they had in the suburbs before. Their furniture was lost in the move and the dad is having problems with work as well. Riley had to deal with losing her best friend and going to a new school.

In the HQ the Sadness kept getting in everyone's way being annoying when she wasn't needed. The emotions can select a memory and project it on the screen which is how we have memories come up. The screen btw is the inside of the eyes which works as the eyes are directly attached to the brain. BTW, emotions are seated in the brain not in the heart. The heart is merely a pump. The majority of Riley's memories were yellow or happy especially all the core memories. Sadness touched one and it started to turn blue. Everyone got worried but Joy managed to fix it and turn it back. The next day was the first day at a new school for Riley. Joy who is the lead emotion gave everyone a job. I love what she did to Sadness because everyone needs to do this really. She drew a circle around her and told her that was the "Circle of Sadness" and her job was to keep all the sadness inside. She also gave her the boring job of reading the brain's manuals. Busy work to keep her out of everyone's way.

So they were watching a happy yellow memory but Sadness had to go and touch it when she's not supposed to turning it into a blue memory. Everyone freaked out for her messing up the memory. And Joy could not change it back. She then bumped the core memories and they all rolled away. Sadness still trying to help keeps making things worse and did not get the message to stop doing stuff and both her and Joy were sucked out of the memory tube into the brain's long term memory. Anger, Disgust and Fear realized now they are in big trouble as the emotions are not complete to properly run Riley.

Joy and Sadness have to find their way back to HQ and Joy finds out that Sadness knows the way because she did read the manual after all. But true to that emotion Sadness is useless because instead of helping she selfishly falls over wallowing in self pity. Joy can not do this alone and her job is made all the more difficult because now she has to drag Sadness's fat blob all over the brain. Along the way they meet some characters that keep the archive of memories and sort them. The memories that are very old and no longer used get tossed to be forever forgotten. This was a great joke because they tossed all the presidents except Washington, Lincoln and "The fat guy." I guess that's Roosevelt. Yeah those really are the only ones people remember as they are the only ones that get attention unless you specifically study the history of presidents. One other great joke that was made was they never tossed the memory of this annoying gum commercial song. And for laughs they'd send it back into HQ once in a while thinking they'd love it up there. All the emotions hate hearing that song and this explained why we get songs like that randomly stuck in our heads. That was awesome! I also liked that these characters were shaped like proteins. One of those things that if you're into psychology and biology you'd get that joke and appreciate it.

Eventually Joy and Sadness meet a pink elephant named Bing Bong. A very annoying character that from the start I did not like. He was Riley's imaginary friend she had outgrown. He looked like he was stealing the memories and acted very suspicious. Joy being happy and trusting all the time totally missed this and thought he was someone new to trust and make friends with. He had a bag that never ran out of room and she put the core memories inside to make it easier to carry them. Bing Bong said he knew his way around and could take them to the Train of thought that would lead them back to HQ. This is the only time that Sadness was useful, or would have been useful but Joy did not listen to her. She knew that going into this room clearly marked "DANGER" was bad. While Bing Bong who can't read or was up to something said that the sign said Short Cut. This is the one time I sided with Sadness and it bothered me that Joy did not listen to her. She had read the book after all. It reminded me of the scene from Finding Nemo where Dory told Marlin they should go through the canyon and not over it but Marlin did not listen to her. I have also always sided with Marlin on everything except at that point. So they all go through the door and get squashed inside abstract thought which was kind of funny. Well emotions and thinking do not mix well. They just made it out before they got turned into polygons.

They end up going through different parts of the brain like imagination. One of the best was Dream Production which was set up like a movie studio. This was one of the funniest and darkest scenes because Joy and Sadness disguised themselves as a dog. What happens is the proteins act out the dreams but the camera projects the acting as real things so they seem real in the dream. For example one dressed as the teacher so the teacher was projected like the real one and not a protein with a wig. Well when Joy and Sadness were up there they couldn't decide which way to go and the costume split in half. In the dream the dog split in half and you could see all the meat inside of him which I found super hilarious and dark for a Pixar movie. I loved that part and was really laughing about it. They were trying to give Riley a bad dream so she would wake up because the train of thought did not run when she's asleep. They wanted to use it to get back to HQ. Since the "scary" dream of the dog was not scary enough to wake her they had to go into the subconscious and bring out the giant clown. Apparently Riley has a phobia about clowns. They led him to dream production and that was enough to finally wake her up.

But with only Fear, Disgust and Anger running things back in HQ Riley got the bad idea to run away and go back to Minnesota all by herself where things were better. It was Anger's idea. All the emotions are actually not developed. Riley is a child so they are all children too and have not learned the proper decision making process. Anger's thought was things were better in MN, so going back will make everything like it was before. Nice try but not quite right. When there is an idea they stick a lightbulb in the console. Eventually they realized this was not right but could not remove the idea no matter what they tried. Because Riley was running completely on unfounded emotions the Train of Thought stopped and Joy and Sadness who were on it could not use it to get back after all. They went back to the brain which btw was very well rendered. Don't know how many people noticed that the long term memory archive was shaped like the grooves in the brain. And the surface they were walking on was pink brain tissue.

At this point Sadness flips out and all the personality islands were falling into the pit where memories are forgotten. Even the console in HQ was breaking down and turning black. The three emotions could not fix it. All this was making is much more difficult for Joy to rescue everyone. While attempting to cross the last tube connecting the finally remaining island to HQ Joy and Bing Bong fell in to the forgotten memory abyss. They could not get out and Joy realized the hoplessness of the situation. Riley was doing something bad, and she could not be there to help and now the core memories and herself would be erased unless she found a way out. But luckily Bing Bong found his flying wagon. The tried to fly out many times but were too heavy to reach the top. One last try he told Joy she'd make it this time. They were going up and half way through he jumps off lightening the load which allowed Joy to make it out. She had no idea he had done this until she landed. Bing Bong faded away but asked Joy to take care of Riley for him in his absence. Joy also came to the realization that there are those few times when Sadness is necessary.

Eventually they do make it back just in time and Joy tells Sadness she needs to fix the console. Sadness manages to pull out the light bulb and Riley realizes she's made a mistake and goes home. She asks her parents to not be mad at her and that she misses her old home. Being a healthy understanding family they aren't angry and support her as all three are not happy and stressed by the move.

In the end the proteins come to fix the damage and install a new, larger more advanced console for the emotions to work with.


So I was very impressed and I really liked this movie. Oh and before I go into my own theories and questions I want to say that this movie also has the best short film I have seen of any Pixar movie. It's called Lava and is about a Volcano in the ocean hoping to find love...er lava. He watches the animals on him, whales, birds, turtles all have partners and live happily. He wishes this everyday for millions of years but eventually begins to sink into the sea before the next volcano comes along. If it had ended there I'd have been happy and in fact my dark nature was hoping it would because that is the fate of volcanoes born on a hot spot on the ocean plate. This really made me think of the Galapagos islands as there is a crecent volcano there that is sinking and no longer active while a new island is forming. But no it's a kid's cartoon can't be that realistic I suppose. So she gives him her lava which gives him strength to rise back out of the ocean and they are happy together. The scenary was lovely like the tropical mountains in the Caribbean. And though these are based on Hawaii I will think of them as the Galapagos. I have an edited version of this btw so if anyone wants it let me know and I will skype it to you. The song was very good too. Usually I hate musicals but this was well done.

So back to Inside Out. First thing I noticed that I love about this movie is that it acknowledges my theory of everyone regardless of type having a default emotion. Or lead emotion. I've never heard anyone mention this but me so it's my own theory but to see Pixar put it to light without directly mentioning it makes me very happy. Riley was born and her first emotion was Joy which leads me to believe that the first emotion that shows up at birth in this mythology is the default emotion for that person for life.

Now let's talk about the consoles. I love the birth scene because nothing has been established yet. There's no huge wall of machinery in the background, no personality and no memories. The console itself is simple one button for smiling and crying. Sadness was the second emotion to appear. Typical and normal of babies. This is healthy.

Here we see when Joy first appears. The wall lights up for the first time and it is simple as this is a new born's brain. Notice the tiny console with the one big button.

Joy controlling the console for the first time. The other emotions came into the picture after this.

This is once Riley becomes a child. The console is bigger and much more complex. Joy is the default emotion and in charge most of the time. But here's another fascinating thing. I sooo loved they showed the emotions of the parents.

These are the mother's emotion. My fave is Anger. I had not seen a female anger and it's really funny. I wonder what happens to her hair when she blows her top? Notice the huge console for an adult. Her default emotion is Sadness. Now the mother has developed healthy emotions and a full console. I liked this Sadness where as I wanted to strangle Riley's Sadness. As a child everyone shared the same controls it seems but as an adult each emotion has their own mini console on the big console. The mother's second emotion is Joy which is nice.

These are the father's emotions. Anger is his default emotion. And I loved that Fear was his second. Notice his console and control room are also huge but very different. His is more angular and masculine where as the mother's was more curvey and feminine. As a female I am drawn more to this room because I am normal and prefer masculine things over feminine things. Human brains are wired even at the subconscious level to be attracted to these things which is why most sports cars are aimed at men and are curvy sexy feminine cars. Again as a female I'm draw to the masculine cars like the Lamborghini for it's angles. This is the family argument scene and it's so funny the dad has just put his foot down and you see the foot icon on the monitor. This really made me laugh.

Now you'd think that having Sadness and Anger as default emotions would be bad. Yes it is if you have not learned to control them and use them in a healthy manner. What all feeling types need to strive for is to learn to use their feelings correctly to make the right decisions in life. The mother's Sadness was not pathetic, always depressed and useless like the child's underdeveloped Sadness was. The father's Anger isn't raging out of control. He actually used some thought to make his decision about putting his foot down. He had order and discipline from the other emotions that followed his lead. He's clearly in charge. I also loved the Father's Fear. He too was not running around crashing into things like the child's Fear was. He was annoying when he did that. But I liked her fear when he wasn't spazzing out. The scene of him watching the dreams was a great example of what he could become. It's interesting too that the father's emotions had the sparkly colored hair but the mother's did not. I wonder why that is other than they wanted the mother's emotions to look like her.

This also brings up a very interesting question. Everyone had emotions of the same gender that they were except Riley. Why did she have a mix of male and female emotions? This one makes no sense to me. All the other people they showed the emotions, and they showed several, had the same gender. What makes Riley different? I don't think it's because she's a tomboy as other girls would have had this mix too. It's an interesting inconsistency and one of those things that does not make any sense. Also the emotions don't look like her while for everyone else they looked like themselves. Probably just because they wanted these to be their own characters. I like mix of male and female but at the same time I find this a flaw in the film that was not addressed.

Now about the dreams. I loved the whole dream part but I also found flaws with it. It works fine if you only dream in first person or your dreams are passive and you're just like watching a movie of what is happening. There was one guy playing Riley I guess that was first person. Look down and you see your own feet. But this does not work if you dream in third person like I do where I constantly see myself like in a video game. So how would that work? And what about lucid dreams? In that case you'd be a fully active participant talking to the actors and the subconscious. If someone is writing a random script that makes no sense it would explain random things in dreams but this mythology does not fit in well with what really happens in the brain especially when it comes to perspective changes. I love the the part when Fear is watching and goes, "Pick a plot." Yes because dreams are random and make no sense.

Now let's talk about Fear. He's my favorite character. Took me a while to figure out he was and why. At first I liked Anger best and well I can relate to him a lot as he's my argumentative side and take no prisoners. I found it quite the paradox that of all the emotions Fear is the closest in this universe to logic and reason. This boggles my mind because in real life Fear is the most irrational emotion that can not be reasoned with. It is the most primal emotion we have and it reacts. It is so different from other emotions it has its own little section in the brain in the amygdala where it is cut off from the logic and reason section. The other thing I kept thinking about that was so interesting is that if this were realistic Fear would be the most powerful emotion. Even overpowering Anger not the way Anger beat up Fear in this movie.

I have also never seen a representation of Fear where he was afraid. That confused me as I have always seen it represented as the Object of Fear. That is causing your fear and terror, keeping your phobias alive and making them difficult to over come. To the point that no matter what you try you can not over come it and win. Logic is correct and you can tell yourself you're being stupid for feeling that way. That you won't be afraid there's no reason. That you might be bigger and stronger than what you're afraid of. That what you're afraid of is not dangerous. But when you try to face it you run anyway while still quoting logic like a prayer that does nothing. I relish in the idea of him awaking to this power within himself. As a thinking type I have often posed the question to myself, "If I could remove one emotion, just one, what would it be?" Because emotions are pesky and ruin everything don't they? I thought about it and almost answered "Fear" because it's the one I've never mastered. I pried myself of having mastered Anger which many people never do. Fear does completely grip you and it literally does feel like someone is driving you like a car like in this movie. Takes tremendous energy to fight. But you know what? Fear keeps you safe too Keeps you from doing dumb things like jumping in front of a train...or as many of you know, jumping on a cactus. Fear of losing your job makes you responsible and come into work on time. Fear of getting beat up keeps you from saying inappropriate things. In these ways it is helpful and needed. People that have the disorder of no fear live very short lives. They are rare. Sometimes it's good to be afraid and no shame in admitting some of it. As for which to get rid off. Sadness. It's rather pointless really but that's a topic for another time.

So somehow in this mythology fear is coupled with logic. Ok so I will suspend disbelief and accept this. So if Fear is the most logical one then this makes sense why he'd be my fave. The Father's Fear who was developed shows how he was mostly based in logic and loyalty. In the dream scene the comment again about sticking to a plot shows he likes logic and order. He likes things to make sense. He's smart so easily bored by predictable plots. Gosh I had that happen when a friend years ago showed me a stupid comedy and I said what would happen and he thought I'd seen it before. I told him no, it was just super predictable and I didn't want to see anymore. But Riley's Fear is still a child. When Joy asks him for a worst case scenario he picks stuff that's crazy like Earthquakes and other natural disasters and lumps them in equally with something as mundane as getting picked on by the teacher. That's rather funny to me and shows how he's trying to use logic but hasn't mastered it yet. We've all done that. Even us thinking types. When we're kids it's there but not totally there.

I was very impressed with the textures of the emotions. They had this velvety texture. Some more than others like they were made of atoms and you could see each atom and its electrons. Parts of them did float away from their skin. This can not be reproduced in toys sadly. They all have to be smooth. I loved the textured hair too. And Fear was cute he only had one hair strand that curled and changed shape with how he felt. The texture on Sadness's sweater was amazing. She was the most plain of them all but that's in character as she's down on herself and lacks self esteem. Let's hope she'll get some and become like the mother's Sadness. Of all the types she was clearly an ISFJ. Not so sure about the others yet. Fear is INTP. Of course the family were all feeling types. I think the father was ISFP and I think Riley's a P since he's a tomboy. Probably an SP. Perhaps ESFP. Hard to tell. I'd have to watch the movie and they may not give enough clues to type the parents.

EDIT: Jan 7, 2016
Another problem I had with this movie is that the memories are in 3rd person. I prefer 3rd in dreams and video games. But if you see the world through your eyes memories will not show what you look like. You would not see yourself. You'd see only your hands and body. This bugs me and is a few in the ways the memories are recorded. The most accurate memory is the first one that you only see the parent's face. You wouldn't see the baby.

I liked the ground they were walking on was like brain tissue. And thought I like most of the characters I still think this film marks the decline of Pixar by getting so lazy with such simplistic characters. I can draw them so fast and easy to compared my my Thagirion characters which tells you a lot. This becomes worse in the next move The Good Dinosaur. I have no interest in seeing but will review it if I ever do.

I hated the lesson of the movie though as it is wrong. That Sadness is good. If you look at it Riley made all the wrong choices and over reacted for no reason. The others were right to try to stop her from crying in front of everyone. Moving is not the end of the world. It's Sadness's fault all the memories got sucked away and like I pointed out she made Joy's job harder getting back. Running away as another stupid selfish emotional reaction and she scared her parents who don't deserve it. Had the parents been abusive then it would have been different. But one thing I did love about this movie was that this was a functioning family. The parents loved each other and they had not problems among themselves. The problems were all external just like with Carl and Ellie in UP. I'm always happy to see strong working couples because people don't know that is real and I am living that reality. And Riley's a jock. Didn't care about the whole hockey thing. Boring. And her mind is actually very boring too. It's fully of boyfriends and gross romances. Fear's worry at the end of the film was very appropriate but Joy shuts him up that she loves all of it.

I did not like Riley as the main character. She has a simple and boring mind. Again potential was lost instead of using the mind of someone with worlds up worlds in their heads. Actually Riley had a better imagination as a baby with all the lava games and even Bing Bong's space adventures. Though I don't like Bing Bong he brought her better things than what she became. I know she is based on the creator's own daughter but well he has a boring typical daughter. He should have chosen a better subject.

So now that I have had time to think about this movie and finally understand it from all angles I rate this movie as Good but not great. 3.75 of 5 stars.

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actipton80actipton80 on July 27th, 2015 04:38 pm (UTC)
They look so plushy. I don't know if I will get a chance to see this in the theater or not, but I definitely want to rent it when it comes out on DVD.
Des: Biologythagirion on July 27th, 2015 05:12 pm (UTC)
Yes they're all very cute. I hope you can see it because it's worth it in theater. If not I hope the DVD comes out in Sept and not Oct.
badcowboybadcowboy on July 27th, 2015 07:38 pm (UTC)
This is certainly a movie I can't wait to watch again. The bootleg I watched was very poor quality so I couldn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked visual wise. The story is still the same so that is all that counts right now. I'll look forward to getting this when it does get released on video. I'm not sure what emotion I'd like to kick out..maybe disgust because perhaps then I can eat seafood lol

I had gone into watching this movie with the thoughts it was going to be corny or stupid. However it IS Pixar and they seem to be the only company that gives characters quality and heart, but with them being bought by Disney always gives me worry that something is going to get stupid and slip through. As always they didn't disappoint.

I Did enjoy Lava when you showed it to me and a friend told me it's now on You Tube, but I don't care. I like what you did for me edit wise and that's good enough. It surprised me with the singing, but very gorgeous animation and I can appreciate that. Plus, this kind of musical I can appreciate more than anything because it was technically just a song made into a video, not a film going on then suddenly everyone breaks out into singing which I cannot stand, especially when it's not necessary or over and over. Very good movie and short and wow this was a read to get through! Good job :)
Des: Biologythagirion on July 27th, 2015 08:01 pm (UTC)
I've seen fragments of that bootleg on youtube since I'm going into conniptions trying to get my fix of this movie. I saw the text was in a foreign language like you said. The first paper Anger was reading said No Dessert. The second one said The World Is Ending when they lost Joy and Sadness. But yeah I can't wait for this to come out on DVD and yes the story is good that it is ok if for now you have a poor quality movie.

Actually I worry about that too. Disney took over after Cars came out and the first bad thing to happen was no more two disk DVD sets with bonus features. So that one I have is the single disk and all the fans were pissed. I am worried that new dinosaur movie they are making is going to suck. The art looks like garbage from what I have seen of the trailer. I heard about them working on it years ago and that they bought Papo toys for refs. So I was happy they would make an accurate movie. Then I see the trailer and unlike with this movie I don't want to see it now. What a let down. I hated Wall E and Brave though. Brave was boring. I'm not a fan of medieval stuff. And Wall E was preachy environmentalist nonsense.

Hum, you'd get rid of disgust. Ha, well maybe you would change your mind then. Or maybe your body will change in a few years. I used to think pickles and strawberries and tomatoes were gross as a kid. Then one day I decided to try and was amazed. What happened? I think it has to do with that whole theory that you get a new body every 7 years. I don't know. So strange that changed though Chris helped me like tomatoes and pickles. Strawberries just happened on their own. I HATED them. Then one year I wanted them and they were good. But they still have to be super ripe. No white stuff in the center. Eew!!

I just looked on youtube and can't find it. Not the full video but lots of the song with still images. I can't even find the footage I used to make the edit I made so I'm so glad I ripped those when I did. I knew they'd get taken down.

I warned you it was long. Thank you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Any thoughts on my speculations? I do love how the consoles change and become complex with age.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on July 27th, 2015 08:36 pm (UTC)
Regarding food and how taste changes, well that recently happened to me also. Before I used to hate fish but then something changed while I was in Florida. I actually started to like fish and I don't really know why. Maybe it does have something to do with the fact that your body changes every 7 years. So yea I used to hate fish but now I actually find it quite tasty.
Desthagirion on July 27th, 2015 09:41 pm (UTC)
It's funny how that happens. I'm glad you like fish now. I love fish and seafood. Always have and hope that never changes. That's the only thing I can think of. All the cells got replaced on our tongues and our tastes have changed.
(Deleted comment)
Des: Biologythagirion on July 28th, 2015 11:43 am (UTC)
I actually hate spoilers and surprises. I did my best to avoid it for Jurassic World, even not looking at the toys. Of course on the internet you accidentally get them no matter how you try to avoid them. But this movie was an exception. I watched all the trailers and wanted to know so much and was so excited about it. Yes I love that Pixar always does research for their movies to make them believable. They consulted with psychiatrists and psychologists. I really liked all the protein people.

I love how they are textured. When they have close ups you can see they are made of atoms. That's impressive animation.
Yeah the mythology is hard to apply to us NT's. I still don't know what my line up is as I'm having a hard time accepting that Fear is also Logic. Logic is not an emotion so it would not be there. So that part makes no sense to me and I can't quite figure out my order. Disgust and Anger when mild work great together and I had a moment last night when I asked Chris which we were using and we weren't sure. Could have been either. After all disgust isn't just for gross things like food. I used to hate broccoli. Kids hate it and most veggies which is why you always hear parents trying to teach the lesson of "eat your vegetables." When I was a kid nothing tasted good to me except junk food. I only liked cookies and would live off of those and fill up. When it came time to eat real food I hated veggies and meats and anything home cooked. Also didn't help my mother was terrible at cooking but thought she was great.

Well I'm glad you read this. It's a very well done concept.