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24 April 2015 @ 09:12 am
Dreams and trip supplies  
Been a while since I've posted. A lot has been going on. First off want to write down two dreams I had. I've forgotten most of the older one. My mind made up a new species of bird. I was holding an auk like bird. It was black and white. Kind of like the Razor Billed auk but the size of the extinct Great auk. I was holding it in my arms. But when I opened its wing it had a weird thing. The secondary feathers were like those of a mallard. White with a metallic blue box. I was very puzzled by that. That's all this dream was about and all I remember. I know I dreamt about this because this was when I was catching Latte and putting her under the hose trying to break her of her broodiness. She would scream and escape from me she was so strong. It was funny how she's be calm then scream when wet. So my mind made up this fictional bird. I love that latte doesn't have a comb or wattles so she doesn't look like a chicken. She does look like some kind of prehistoric bird like a small moa.

The second dream I just had. I was Ophidius and I was traveling in South Africa. I remember being very happy about being in a place I had never seen before. But I was on a bus on the cliff side of the road and couldn't see the grass lands on the other side. This annoyed me. Darn short Frenchman. We arrived at this lovely plaza and I was with someone else that had the power to turn into a bird like I could. The wind was blowing hard and we talked about flying off on our own. We'd be able to come back but screw the tour. So we climbed up on the wall of this building and got to the roof. I forgot what she was. A golden eagle I think and she easily took off. I on the other hand had to find a good launching point. I wondered why this was but I had to have the wind to my back. I did find a very windy point and jumped. I turned into an Andean condor. YES! Now that's now Ophidius's power as he's a Queztal but now I knew why I needed the right take off point. I soared into the air and could see everything. It was so lovely. I was so excited and the condor is one of my favorite birds. Definitely my favorite vulture. I should draw one. I haven't drawn one since high school. Well this condor dream went much better than the last one where I was a juvenile female and I crashed into a mountain. I dreamt about Africa because I'd seen a documentary about killer whales killing dolphins there. I can usually figure out why I've dreamt something since they are affected by things I think about and see over the last few days.

I got my budgie comic in the mail the other day. I need to scan it and show the story here. I know Gamma wanted to see it. I didn't like the ending though. I personally would welcome budgie overlords.
I also got a new luggage for Chris and packing cubes in the mail the other day. I like this bag much better than mine actually. It's the perfect size for a carry on for a plane and I like the amount of pockets it has on the inside. It's green and hard shelled. So I need to get one for myself. They make it in blue too but I think it's a pale blue not a cool aqua or turquoise. I still don't know what the difference between turquoise and aqua is and I've been using the words interchangeably not sure which word I prefer yet. Anyway the pale blue is what put me off but I've been looking and looking and for the price it has the best pockets, wheels and size. I don't like spinners as they add inches to your bag which is the problem I have with mine. Gosh I LOVE the color and the pockets but the wheels won't let it work as a carry on. There is another one I'm interested in but it's also a spinner and more expensive and I wish I could just see it in person. A lot of things you can't just buy online because you don't know what they are like til you get them. Photos may look nice but sometime might not be good until you try it out. Then returns suck and it's wasted time and money. But what's annoying is stores don't always carry these things either for you to look at. I've had that happen where I got to a store and they tell me to go online. GAH!!!

Ok and the packing cubes I LOVE! They did come in the perfect aqua. I got four and they come with a dirty laundry bag. I'll have to get green ones for Chris. You fold your clothes into them and they save you a lot of space. I pack very light but I want to do even better. Last trips we took one carry on and one 25 inch bag. No more. I want to do just carry ons for both of us. Although Chris has bigger clothes that takes up more room I think these cubes will fix that problem so that we can get everything into small suit cases. So the most annoying thing will be the laptop. That's how I want it. I want to travel like a man not a woman. Which I already do but I need to get even better at it.
But back to my stuff. I think I'll put up with the not so nice color because I like everything else about it. I could get another green one too but that would be a bit confusing. Though I could put stickers on it that would tell them apart. Mine could have budgies on it. Oh but the other problem is Amazon ran out of the blue ones. I have it in my wish list so I'll keep an eye in case it comes back. I'm worried it's a discontinued item so I really do need to get it.

Some of you wanted to see what Latte looks like in the cage. Here's a short video. Sorry it's loud. It was raining.

EDIT: Forgot to mention a few things.
The Bullfrog came back. She was in the pond last night. But now that the water is so clear she only stays at night and leaves in the day. Yeah big frog in my pond and she wasn't full size yet. Powerful swimmers I love bullfrogs.

Funny thing I was talking to BadCowboy about. Chris and I aren't a typical couple in that our color preference is not Blue for boys and pink for girls. It makes shopping for us hard since his favorite color is toxic green with black and mine is aqua. I hate the pink that's popular right now. That breast cancer awareness pink that looks like pale peptobismol. Eew. It's not even the cool hot florescent pink from the 80s. I hate the girl guns that are out with that sick pale pink and camo branches. Why can't they make a nice bright blue gun? Not just that but yeah finding our favorite colors is hard so I get excited when I can get the right colors.

Lastly we had a funny gross event happen that's probably typical of NT's that don't care too much about things becoming a mess. Something got really smelly in the fridge. I opened the door yesterday and EEW gross gag! It was like a peppered meat smell. I couldn't find it but it was so bad it stuck up the whole living room and kitchen. I didn't dare open the door so I couldn't get my food or drink and I was living off water and cookies. Chris came home and found it. It was like a two week old steak. We put it in a sandwich bag to contain the smell. I'm going to have to clean the whole fridge though. Wash all the shelves by hand. Soap down the walls because it's still bad when you open it. We can be as bad as the Weird Al song Living in the Fridge. Yes wooly mammoth steak. Go listen to that song if you haven't heard it. It's so funny.

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actipton80actipton80 on April 24th, 2015 02:00 pm (UTC)
Latte in the cage. I love it. She's so fluffy.

I probably could stuff a week's worth of clothes into my carry on sized suitcase. I've put 10 days worth into the equivalent space before.
Desthagirion on April 24th, 2015 02:05 pm (UTC)
I thought you'd like to see her. She does go up and down the perches too as her food is on the floor. Hopefully I can let her out in a few days.

That's what I'm going for. A long trip in a carry on can be done. I don't know why so many girls have to have huge bags of totally worthless junk. BTW, I was typing an edit while you were making this so I added a few things.
actipton80actipton80 on April 24th, 2015 03:03 pm (UTC)
I do have to have my sound machine and my Bible though, and those take up space. I like bringing the plush parrots too, but if I have no choice but to pack light, they stay home and Ear Ache goes. I take advantage of the fact that they let you have two carry ons. Clothes and toiletries go in the bag. Meds, money, gum, ID's, cell phone, go into the little purse.

Give me a good neon green or budgie blue. I was totally into pink when I was little, but now I'm pretty indifferent to it. If I have to go with a girly color, I'd take purple over pink.
Desthagirion on April 24th, 2015 03:50 pm (UTC)
Perhaps you can get one of those little E books and put a Bible on that so you can look up verses. Chris took a tiny New Testament with him on the last trip. I like bringing plush toys sometimes too. But yes I do need something smaller than my cute parrots. Microbes seem to work well.

Yes agreed there's and green and blue we all like so much. And yes I think I'd choose purple though it's still kind of close to pink on the spectrum.
actipton80actipton80 on April 24th, 2015 05:07 pm (UTC)
I'd get a tablet if I wanted to pack really light. I think the HCSB Daily Chronological Bible that I am reading through right now does have an app. Microbes definitely work when all I can take is a weekend bag. If I get carry on bag and a backpack, the parrots go, and if I get to use my big suitcase and my carry on, they definitely go. Both parrots plus Ear Ache went on my last trip.
audes_ljaudes_lj on April 24th, 2015 03:18 pm (UTC)
This is certainly interesting. Auks are very cute birds, but if you would add metalic-blue feathers, then it certainly would be even better. Mallard and Auk in combination. And at a closer look... yeah, she does indeed have unusual features, or a lack of certain ones to be precise.

I would assume that the people would be quite confused when they saw those two birds flying around. I would say however that the worst killers here are not the whales... it's the traffic. As you can see, your bus was on the side of a cliff, which is certainly not the safest idea (coincidentally South Africa has one of the highest fatality rates in traffic world-wide as well). So I definitely recommend becoming a bird and to fly instead. *chuckles*

All Hail to the Budgie Overlords... would have been quite a twist-ending, but since it is a continous series that would be counter-productive... too bad.

Hmm, luggage that even separates the dirty laundry. Quite useful. I assume that of course it would have been best, if they had it right there in the colors you wanted... but usually it's online, if you want it.

Gender-associations of colors are a folly anyway. In western cultures pink used to be a male color, blue a female color. Now it's reverse. So, the lesson of the story is... designers should use more colors for Pete's sake, because pink is just not a good color for everyone.

Old meat... not the best smell, hence I usually buy meat for immediate use.
Desthagirion on April 24th, 2015 04:13 pm (UTC)
Perhaps I should make a simple version in flat colors of this bird. My mind has created many new species that I have since lost. Sometimes even naming them. This should be easy. Draw an auk and paint the wing like a mallard.

I was worried about that actually. Golden eagles are native there but hehe Andean Condors are obviously not. Being the largest flying bird I was worried about being noticed. Ha yes probably safer to fly than to be on those scary narrow roads.

Yes. Well I wanted the budgies to win. Gosh it was like going back in time and watching those cartoons and being so frustrated because the good guys always win.

Yeah it's pretty silly and aqua has always been my favorite color since I was a baby. I do like pink but it's not my first choice. Probably my third once blue and green are not available and I like the three combined.

I forgot to eat it and totally forgot it was in the fridge. Haha, we're very bad about that. We're not like a married couple but more like two bachelors.
audes_ljaudes_lj on April 24th, 2015 04:40 pm (UTC)
I am thrilled to see the result.

Hmm, good to know. But I guess that of course you being basically Ophidius at the point, who likes to create confusion, as we know from his trickery with a very young king and an emerald phoenix.

Considering how annoying some of those heroes were... I would certainly rather see the villains win. Seriously, the heroes sometimes are just really bad.

Sounds pretty much like it's working well that way... your relationship I mean, not the steak.

Edited at 2015-04-24 04:40 pm (UTC)
Desthagirion on April 24th, 2015 06:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was strange being Ophidius but also having my own mind to question things. If he could turn into a condor he'd cause all kinds of problems. Ha, yes that's one of his zany stories.

Yes it works quite well for us.
gamma_wings: Kenty the Budgiegamma_wings on April 24th, 2015 09:03 pm (UTC)
Ah you told me about this dream bird before, certainly an interesting combination. :D An auk with the wings of a mallard... interesting. Your second dream sounds cool also. A whole adventure about being Ophidius in South Africa. That's very neat that you turned into a bird along with another bird shape shifter. It must have been awesome soaring above the land and it's certainly far more exciting than being in a tour bus. :D

Ah yes I am looking forward to seeing the budgie comic. Though it is unfortunate that the budgie overlords failed to succeed. Whatever... I'll make sure that the good guys won't defeat the budgies when I get to taking over the world with the help of my feathered comrades. ;P

Latte looks very cute in the cage. ^^

Well personally I don't like the colour pink at all... especially peptobismol pink. xD My favourite colour is blue, especially indigo and turquoise, though I also like green, purple and red. I don't really get why society associates blue with boys and pink with girls, since frankly I find it silly and not at all true. But it's unfortunate that all the marketing thinks that is the case... which just means they're ignoring all the awesome colours out there.

Haha well that's funny in a gross way that you found an old steak in your fridge. xD Well that must have not been all that pleasant, lol! I decided to listen to the song and I agree... it's funny and it suits your story here quite well. Woolly mammoth steak... delicious.
Desthagirion on April 24th, 2015 10:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah it's pretty neat how he looked and it was fun holding a big bird like that. I loved last night's dream. I had such a sense of height and could see the trees and a lake far down below. Another dream I have had that's fun is being a bird flying and I didn't know I was on a plateau. I fly over the edge and suddenly thousands of feet over the ground. I get scared at the sudden height change they fly back to the cliff. Haha. What's funny is I'm already at that "scary" height but didn't know it. I really love being a condor the few times I have been one.

I'll get around to scanning it soon. Yeah it ended like so many of the super hero stuff back then.

Yes she's so cute, but hopefully soon she can go back outside.

I definitely don't like that peptobismol pink either. I do like other darker pinks especially that 80's look. But yes in toy stores the girl section is so darn pink it's annoying. No wonder I have always preferred boy's toys.

Yes it's sad that song fits us so well. It's actually an NT failing that stuff like messes and dirty plates don't bother us and can pile up until things get really bad like this. We are lazy in that regard. But the song is great and so true.
Samantha Falcosamanthafalco on April 25th, 2015 04:15 am (UTC)
Interesting dreams. The one in which you turned into an Andean condor reminds me of a dream I had a while back in which I fell off the Statue of Liberty's torch and while I was plummeting I morphed into a diving peregrine falcon.

I would like to see this budgie comic. I didn't know such a comic existed. Forgive me if I glanced over a previous mention in any of your DA or LJ journals if there were any.

I too pack "like a man" when going on trips. I understand why other women stuff unnecessary items like a million lotions in their bags. I only bring what I really need. My camera, laptop, and phone (for music) are always at the top of my list. That's it. As long as I have those things and comfortable clothes I'm all set.

Aww fluffy Latte. That sucks about the spoiled steak in your fridge. One time we had something foul in our fridge that literally smelled like farts but I can't remember what it was. It was awful, though.
Desthagirion on April 25th, 2015 12:31 pm (UTC)
Oh that's a neat dream you had too. I loved being a condor and soaring over the beautiful land.

Ok I will see if I can get around to scanning it today. No prob. Please feel free to look back and older journals and catch up. A lot has happened.

That's good to hear. I've always been pretty good at it but want to be even better still. Having two small luggages should help me. If it won't fit then I need to rethink it. But I do need my laptop and cameras too so I understand. In fact the only heavy bags are my "nerd" bags full of electronics like that.

She's so cute. Perhaps today is the day I can free her. Need to find out when she went in. IT was gross and funny at the same time. I think the smell is finally gone thank goodness.