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15 April 2015 @ 09:25 pm
WTF DA?!  
Well I'm here now because DA logged me out WHILE I was replying to a note. I got to log in and it's in then a pop up shows up to register. There's an option to say already have an account. But if you do that it just kicks you out again and asks you to log in. So you're caught in a mouse trap. Same thing for Chris. And it won't work on another browser. So that tells me it's a DA thing and I'm sure they're "improving" something and I think everyone must have been kicked off just now. Great how long before they fix this and when will this be fixed?

Well good news is I finally finished the first frame of Renegade. YAY!! Gosh that was hard and took a long time. Now I can start on the second and last frame. But I need to work on a George drawing since the 17th is his 2nd birthday and I'd like to have something up for him. Assuming I can post it with DA being an idiot.

I'm tired too because today I thought I'd have to get into a real argument. Last week I sent an email to aquariumplants.com and asked if I could do a local pick up. A guy named Mark emailed me back and said yes. I then called to confirm. Today I called and made sure we were on for it and I got the address. We get there a bit early at 3:45 and no one is there so I call again and the guy picks up the phone and is like, "What are you talking about? We're not supposed to have local pick up." Then he hung up on me. Sounded like he was mad that someone gave the Ok for this. Finally a guy comes out and tells me his name is Randy and he's the one I had talked to this morning that I gave the address. I was in fight mode because I didn't know if he was the jerk on the phone. If it was Mark since he claimed he was the owner the email was his that he oked all this from the start. But Randy was nice and gave me my plants, said he threw in a different one and would refund me for one Sarracenia they didn't have and for the shipping. I was still ready for a fight when I left though. I looked them up on Dave's Garden and they have bad reviews that the guy Mark is rude and even cusses out his customers. That didn't happen but it pissed me off how rude he was. I also looked them up on BBB and they have an F rating. Seems this guy is worse than the guy from MyPetFlytrap. He never cussed me out just you couldn't reach the guy and he made excuses. They did make the excuse they didn't want people on the property because they don't have insurance. I don't buy that. What business doesn't list their address anyway? Besides I can get it from BBB just look it up. They're in Plant City FL. Chris thinks that the pond plants might be a front for illegal plants. And you have to be smoking something to say it's ok then not remember your own words that are in an email as proof. But I did get my refund and his employee was very nice and gave me a substitute plant. So I have mixed feelings. I want to review and leave a bad review but there's nothing to review that way. I'd love to file a complaint on BBB but again there's not really anything to complain about since I got plants and my money back. And Randy was nice and said I could come back if I place another order. I don't know if I'll order again. They do have stuff no one else has, but so did pet flytrap and I don't know if it's worth putting up with an asshole just for that. If I only have to deal with Randy from now on that would be ideal. I just don't understand how places like this stay in business. You do bad service you need to go under. I just don't get it.

But I've had a good day despite those two bad things. Chris made some awesome progress in the yard for me. He helped up root some really bad plants. Now I can get some of my cucurbits into the ground.

Oh I got my new luggage in the mail today too. It's really nice but with the external wheels it's too big for carry on in flights. So if I ever have to go on a plane I will use the old one. I never want to check in bags again. I want to get a hard shell case for Chris and I want to get some of those packing cubes to organize things better. I booked a hotel in Atlanta so we're definitely going on this trip in July. That's very good news. And Mike will be taking care of my birds while we are gone.

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kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on April 16th, 2015 08:17 am (UTC)
That dA thing does sound annoying and probably they are changing something. I hope you can log in on there again soon and put your art up. Hooray on finishing the first frame of Renegade!

That guy from aquarium plants did sound terrible. Maybe the boss. But the guy Randy was really nice. It is he who is probably keeping the place afloat. If they are only mail order then there may be a case for no public if they don't have insurance. Also, having people there is an inconvenience as they would keep being interrupted in their work of sending stuff out and tending to their plants etc with no staff to deal with the public. It may be no more than that. It certainly be good to pick your stuff up rather than it being sent in the post but with one good guy and one angry guy you never know which one you are going to get if you do pick ups!

I'm glad you got your new luggage although it is too bad it is too big for flying. Maybe you can use it on some of your other trips such as the Atlanta one. What a nice time of year to take a trip!
Desthagirion on April 16th, 2015 12:27 pm (UTC)
They are back this morning thank goodness but that was very annoying. I couldn't get in all last night. Yes I'm so happy that hard first frame is donw.

There's no excuse for it. I don't believe the insurance thing at all. I had people come to my house and buy my birds when I was selling and had no insurance. I think Chris might be right about them doing something not legit. What business doesn't show their address? That's dumb. And he himself sent me the email saying I could pick up because shipping is like $40 which is stupid if they sent stuff priority mail it would be way less and still arrive in two days. A lot of stuff points to something suspect going on. The guy is a jerk.

I forgot to mention that. I am keeping it because I love the space and color but will only use it on road trips and ships.
kabuldurkabuldur on April 17th, 2015 01:59 am (UTC)
Thank goodness dA is back up and running again!

Hmmm...Chris may be right, then.

And cool that you love your new luggage and can use it on road trips and ships :)
badcowboybadcowboy on April 16th, 2015 12:11 pm (UTC)
Wow, that was just ignorant of that plant guy to behave like that. Talking like that to customers isn't a good idea at all. You could always ask for the highest up ranking person to talk to about it, unless of course, this guy's the owner then there is no one higher up. Just about everyone does have a boss so it'd be worth it to look into. Wow, that even got ME angry!

I'm with you about the checking in luggage. I try not and have any myself when I fly. It just depends on the situation. When I used to visit my folks in Ohio I'd check in something if I flew because I knew I'd be bringing back LOTS of stuff lol What are you planning to do in Atlanta?
Des: Ophidius Incredulousthagirion on April 16th, 2015 12:24 pm (UTC)
That was the owner. Nope not everyone has a boss. When I used to sell birds I was the boss. Technically Chris was my employee but I decided on sales, prices, where I sold and who I sold to. But I just knew without being taught that to run a good business not only do you need a good product but you have to have great customer service. You have to make your customers happy so they want to come back and they will tell their friends to buy from you. You don't want bad being spread. I don't understand how these people can stay in business cussing out customers. Though I'd like to report unfortunately there's nothing to report as everything was resolved short of the owner admitting he was wrong. Which won't happen. The Randy buy really fixed all the short comings of his boss. I think he should take over and run it all himself.

It never used to be an issue. I loved flying but I never saw the point of having giant bags to weigh you down. That's stupid. A small bag is all you need. Though I did run into the problem on our last trip of if you buy something there's no room on the way back. I bought a model of the ship and it was like, "Where do I put this?" Luckily it fit on top of my luggage.
badcowboy: wtfbadcowboy on April 16th, 2015 01:50 pm (UTC)
Ugh, owners like that staying in business do boggle the mind! The only time I ever had a bad run in with someone was some woman that was taking care of my unemployment case back in the day. She was rude and talked over me or interrupted me and I told her she was very rude and unprofessional. She even more or less was calling me a liar at a few points. When I did call back and someone told me I need to talk to that woman as she's my case worker I said if I talk to her ever again she will get fired and told them why. Just horrible. I always wonder how these people keep their jobs or businesses talking like that to people and then they wonder why people go postal and torch the place :P

I fly light. I know how to get maximum space with my clothing and things to where I don't need to check a bag. When I fly to Montana for that horse herding thing I certainly will have to check a bag. All my cowboy gear won't be good to keep in a carry on. Plus with how irritating airlines got, I might get in trouble for bringing aboard spurs, a rope, and a whip lol
Des: Owen Painedthagirion on April 16th, 2015 01:59 pm (UTC)
I don't get it either. Just totally sucks they should not stay in business. That woman should be fired. Don't put people on phones that don't like talking on the phone. Like me I'd be lousy at it. I'd probably be rude since I have no patience but then I know better than to get into a job like that.

I want to get some packing cubes. I think they are cute and really help with folding clothes and keeping things from getting all tangled up. Ha, yeah that would be bad. At least wear your hat and boots. Always wear your biggest stuff so there's room on your bag. If I take tennis shoes and flip flops I wear the tennis shoes because they are bigger.
audes_ljaudes_lj on April 16th, 2015 01:15 pm (UTC)
Hmm, I wonder what that was about. I have not been finding any changes so far... which probably is for the better. We have seen the last few improvements and... it makes you wish there were changeable styles on demand.

Well, that is good. And I guess that an extra drawing of George is certainly going to very nice for tomorrow. And the next Renegade page will also be nice, I am sure.

Well, I would say you were lucky to have encountered the nice guy Randy. But that Mark dude was very much a jerk with a rating of 10... a very douchy jerk. Thus I guess he deserves the bad ratings. And if there is a problem with insurance... there are friendlier ways than just hanging up without an explanation. But in case Chris is right... I guess there is an explanation for them staying in business at least.

Ah, new luggage. The one with the duck design? Well, that would be quite nice, if it fit as hand luggage. Well, it may still work well for trips with the car or for a cruise.
Des: Ophidius Incredulousthagirion on April 16th, 2015 02:04 pm (UTC)
No one could get in last night. I talked to Badcowboy on Skype same for her. You'd log in and get booted right away. I just went to bed. Was getting too angry and wasn't worth it. Mostly because of the whole plant thing that angered me.

We'll see if I can get that drawn by today to have it ready tomorrow morning.

Yes I wish Randy was the owner. Here are the reviews on Dave's Garden.


Hopefully I won't need anymore water plants and I can propagate these myself.

No it was a small blue bag. This one.

It looks big but it's not. I think this will be nice on the trip but I will get some hard shelled ones that meet the airline specs for Chris and myself. I know I can't avoid flying forever.
audes_ljaudes_lj on April 16th, 2015 04:34 pm (UTC)
Hmm, good thing I was sleeping at that time anyway. Else it would have been quite annoying.

Well, they certainly have a rating that you would only get, if you were extremely incompetent in everything... well, I guess that s probably the case.

Ah, I was wondering since that would be quite a fast delivery of just two days max. But I guess this bag is pretty nice. I got a similar one from SwissGear.
actipton80actipton80 on April 16th, 2015 04:58 pm (UTC)
I think this is one reason why I avoid DA. You aren't the first who I've read their complaints about DA "fixing" things that aren't broken.

I don't get it either, but I guess if that owner is selling things that no one else has, I guess he thinks he can get away with being a jerk. At least his employee was nice.

I don't like flying. If I can get somewhere without flying I will. It's too expensive, too crammed, too much hassle with security, and I'm usually hungry, cranky, tired, and sore when I get off the plane.
Desthagirion on April 16th, 2015 08:31 pm (UTC)
I wish you would join. You told me you would and I'm still waiting. All places do this. I have not been on one site that doesn't "improve" and piss everyone off.

Yeah his employee made up for it.

I haven't flown since 911 so I do miss it when it used to be fun and easy.