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06 April 2015 @ 10:18 pm
Late Happy Easter  
Well I don't often talk about religion. To me it's something personal that I keep to myself as it's a private relationship with the Lord I don't need to mention to anyone else. I talk about it even less than I talk about politics but because it was Easter and I have been talking to a friend that has come to me and asking me questions about Salvation, I decided to post that in outline form as it's easier for me to break things down to explain this. Well you guys know how I am about breaking things down hehe. I can then just point people to that post in the future if any questions come up as I don't feel like reposting and researching everything every time.

So I had a nice time though Chris has been sick with allergies. I've been taking care of him doing my best to make him feel better and recover. Made him some hot teas and other little home remedies. He felt well enough that night and we went to walgreens and he bought me this big bunny.

It was the only one in the store so I didn't have a choice of colors or sizes. No chick ones. But still it was so cute and soft. I love Peeps so Chris got that for me. I have more pics I'll post a bit later. I'm just very tired right now.

I felt well enough to go with Chris on some jobs today. We went all the way down to Osprey and I got to walk through a lovely subdivision. I got some neat pics of gators and a giant dragon fruit cactus. It was growing all the way up a mature long leaf pine. I've never seen one like this. It was gorgeous. My three plants are wimps compared to this thing. Then on our second job in Brandon I got to see a mango tree. So cool. I'd love to have one in my yard. This one had fruits that were about to ripen soon. I don't know if we're too far north to grow them. I bought a baby one once and it died in one of our bad winters. But Chris started to feel bad and had to go home early.

We just watched Night at the Museum 3. We watched all 3 in order. I think part 2 is my fave. Three wasn't bad but it seemed like it was a bunch of characters thrown in with no explanation about what they were. The first two were about education and history and who everyone was. But watching all three back to back helps keep everything fresh and the trilogy does tie in nicely. I didn't like the son in part 3 either. He became a whinny insecure teen. I hate how so many films and shows push dysfunctional families when they should set examples about families that are right and work. They do exist.

I ordered some hiking boots from Amazon. They came in the other day and look nice. They are black leather. They're a bit big as in wide but I can't go down smaller as they are the perfect length. I have skinny feet. I'm still breaking them in as they do pinch my ankles. But I think that will get better with time. I'm hoping to use these when I go up to Georgia. Oh speaking of getting things. I forgot to say Chris got me another of those talking budgies today. He got me one of the pink ones at Target. I don't remember her name. I need to get her out and and find batteries for her.

Tomorrow I will call Black Jungle Terrarium Supply. Remember those two plants they were supposed to hold but sold on me? Well they said they were going to get new plants in April. I have not heard anything nor do I see my plants back in stock so I will request a full refund. I need that money and can put it towards something else.

Oh and my hens led me on an Egg hunt on Easter.

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earthmother45earthmother45 on April 7th, 2015 03:14 am (UTC)
I Like how you know all your chickens and can identify which ones lay which eggs. I enjoyed the video very much.

We are going through the allergies here, too. Not quite as bad this year as last year.

Happy Easter to you both. That is a giant Peep you got there.

I go through Osprey whenever I go to Venice Rookery.
Des: Floridathagirion on April 7th, 2015 11:38 am (UTC)
Hey nice to see you. I've missed you and been thinking about you. I called you twice btw. First time I had a question and second time was just to chat.

Yeah I've learned to tell them apart. The eggs I can't always tell apart yet as I have several normal brown egg layers now. I'm glad you liked the video.

Thanks. Happy Easter. Yeah it's a funny giant Peep. I love it.

Oh that's neat. I was thinking about you a lot yesterday as we were close. You'll like the pics I took and I will post them soon.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on April 7th, 2015 12:09 pm (UTC)
I do not feel the need to go around talking about it all the time and have it be 100% of everything you do and think about. My mother was like this and I hated it. Drove me nuts. Worse than Ned Flanders and it was one of the big fights we had (though anything would become a fight when I was in my 20s) and I didn't agree with everything she believe anyway.

Yeah he's better today and heading to work. Hopefully he'll be ok all day.

It would be nice to grow mangos. Perhaps one day I will buy another tree and try again. Kabuldur is right. I have to protect it for the first three years till it gets a thicker bark to resist the cold better to an extent.

Yeah, that kind of tention was not needed. He was fine in the first two movies when he was a kid but then he turned into a stupid teen.

I still need to open that new budgie. With four now I can have some funny conversations with them all. Yeah there are more rocks up north so it should be good to have strong boots.

Yeah I need to deal with that today. I hate talkng on the phone. IT takes so much energy but it was a large amount of money so I need that back.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on April 7th, 2015 07:11 pm (UTC)
Oh that episode is funny where Lovejoy was a young preacher and so wanting to help people then he met Ned with all his stupid obsessive questions and he became hardened and uncaring about everything because of him.

Kabuldur is a girl. Yeah hard to tell online when we don't show pics of ourselves. It's ok.

I'm still fighting it. I'm going to call again in a little. I asked for a refund and they canceled very quickly but no return on my paypal yet. WTF? I don't understand what happened. All my past experiences with this company have been good until now.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on April 8th, 2015 12:35 am (UTC)
I finally got my return thank goodness. So glad that bad ordeal is over with. I can put it towards some different plants instead. I'm in need of water plants for my ponds.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on April 7th, 2015 09:55 am (UTC)
I loved you video and love your chocolate brown, blue and green eggs.

It would be really cool if you could get a mango tree to grow. We do have them here, even though it frosts in winter (but not much). Maybe you just need to cover your's for the first three years of its life on nights when it might frost like a jacaranda tree.

I'm sorry Chris was sick with allergies, though.

He still got you a cute bunny :)

Cool that you got to see a giant dragon fruit plant. Mine has a new leaf and that night cactus I have has just sprouted a new leaf, so it is alive! The yellow one isn't doing anything, but I didn't really expect it to get its life back.

I agree, religion is a personal thing.
Desthagirion on April 7th, 2015 12:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks. All the colors possible except white. I like having a colorful egg basket.

Yeah that's what I didn't do and it was a baby tree and it died. Once the trunks are thick it's not a problem anymore.

He's much better today and I hope he can last all day at work. Yes I love this bunny it's pretty big.

I need to post those photos they are so neat.

Yeah I think so too.
actipton80actipton80 on April 7th, 2015 12:57 pm (UTC)
I want to be a good Christian witness so I think about it quite a bit even if I don't talk about it much. I want people to know it by my actions. But I don't want to be a Ned Flanders. He bothers me.

I watched the chicken video when you put it up on Youtube. I love your chickens and their pretty eggs. I wish I could come down to your house and meet them.

I can tell that's not the biggest giant bunny, but it's still cute. I need to go up to CVS and Walgreens and see if there are any after-Easter markdowns, but I need to get my bike fixed first.

I don't care for teen angst. I've been through that phase although I went through an extended bout of it that lasted well into my 20's. I don't want any more of that. I don't want to see it. No family is perfect, but they could at least put a few on TV and movies who don't have a boat load of issues.

The yellow dust is here. It bothers everybody, even if they aren't allergic to it.
Des: Purple Coneflowerthagirion on April 7th, 2015 01:55 pm (UTC)
That's how I live my life. I lead through example and let my actions do the talking. Ned Flanders is annoying and his wife was even worse. People like that can actually turn people away and my mother almost did. But like I said in the last post I'm thankful to have read the Bible on my own and I could easily tell when she was using it out of context or trying to give me a guilt trip without cause. It's sad there are Christians like that out there.

Aw I'm glad you liked the chickens. Yeah I'm sure you get the email for my uploads and see them there before I can post them here. I don't always post everything here or I forget. Please come down and visit. You're welcome here and I think you'd love my house and all my birds.

I need to show the photo of the BIG bunny I hugged last month. I wonder if they're still around. Gosh it's killing me not being able to drive. Soon, I must be patient. Oh I hope you can fix your bike soon too then.

Yeah it's annoying. I was a good kid. I never acted out when I was a teen in highschool or did other things bad teens do. Yes, no family is perfect but there are families that have no problems at all in their relationships. They have other problems like schoo, work, finances etc. Like with Chris and I. There are no problems between us. We do not fight, we are a team and we get along so well. We help each other out. But we have had tons of problems. There have been issues at work, things breaking at home and financial things and other unseen problems that cause stress. We face those together but despite all that our relationship is fine. That's what I'm talking about and how these families should be on TV. Like I had with the Cope family. They had all kinds of problems but not within their own relations. BTW, did you read the final chapter of that?

Yeah, I don't like it on our car or my coop, fence or other things outdoors. Then the cones get into everything. It is annoying even to non allergy sufferers.
actipton80actipton80 on April 7th, 2015 02:25 pm (UTC)
I almost turned away because I never felt like I was allowed to question, and if I did, the answers were unsatisfactory. I also felt like my disabilities were punishment for some awful sin.

I just check the Youtube front page every day.

I'm going to check at CVS for Easter stuff today when Dad drops me up there. I really want my bike to get fixed. I've learned the hard way that I will never drive, but daggone I want what wheels I can use.

I didn't act out either. I just got bullied a lot, got in trouble because of it, and was in a constant state of overload. I think my family gets along pretty well, but we've been having a rough last couple of months. I did read it.
Desthagirion on April 7th, 2015 02:57 pm (UTC)
There's nothing wrong with questioning anything. Besides people that fear that mean that their beliefs aren't very strong because if a mere question can threaten to undermine everything it's not a strong belief to have in the first place. It's good to question things and the truth will stand up to it. Oh yes that kind of guilt trip too. I hate when people make you think that an illness is a punishment for something you've done. My mother tried that too. No, it's her fault and my father's really for giving me bad genes. You can't be punished for something you haven't done yet anyway. Hum, one of my doctors tried to use that on me. No way he's wrong.

I hope you find some nice discounts.

Gosh yet another thing I hate. Why punish the victim for at last standing up for themselves. I'm all for if a bully tries to beat you up break his nose first. Ignoring is the stupidest advice because it never works. Bullies need to be put in their place.

Ok great. Do leave a comment on it. I'd like to hear what you thought of the end as I think my final battles are what make my stories.
actipton80actipton80 on April 7th, 2015 03:57 pm (UTC)
I don't know if fear was the motivator for that in this case. Maybe it was in Mom's case, but I think Dad just didn't want to deal with it. I don't think anyone made me think that my disabilities were a punishment. I came to that conclusion on my own after life beat me up and no one understood or cared enough to help me.

I got in plenty of trouble for trying to draw lines with bullies. I don't know what idiot thought ignoring them would work, probably someone who never got bullied ever, but he needs to learn what it feels like to be on the butt end of it.

I need to find it first.
Desthagirion on April 7th, 2015 07:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah it's not true that they'll get bored and go away. If you don't react they'll come on harder.

Here's the chapter http://thagirion.livejournal.com/834933.html

And my authors notes. http://thagirion.livejournal.com/835268.html