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07 February 2015 @ 07:40 pm
Annoying thinking types  
I have finally finished that commission for my friend AudeS. You can see it Here. I find it annoyingly funny how so many focus on Conrad the badger being so huge. I guess I never had much of a reaction as I'm just used to dealing with giant monsters anyway. But I think they're missing the point that Nathanael is the main character and the neat effects I put into this pic with the lightning and glow effects.

Which now brings me to my rant. You probably never thought I'd complain about thinking types. I tend to rip on feeling types. Well everyone has flaws and can be annoying. Just some types are less annoying than others. Well specifically Godzilla or kaiju fans. You guys that have known me a long time know I like to rip on kaiju fans because they are the biggest loser fandom I have come across. It's 99% horny loser males that if any female is in the fandom she becomes a target for them to "fall in love" with. I know I've been victim of that a few times and had to rip some hearts for it. Kaiju fans are mostly thinking types and also tend to like dinos. Not a difficult jump from monster reptiles to real extinct reptiles. I come from other direction. Dino fan that got into kaiju. The younger fans haven't learned to hone their thinking skills and use them properly. They think things through analytically and can come up with theories for how things can work. The problem comes when they meet another fan with conflicting theories and of course there's no way to prove who is right even if they have plausable science to back their claims. The reason is none can be right unless the creator says they are right. They also obsess so hard they think they can convince you with their "logic" that you must LOVE these things too it's not just a feeling it makes sense and here's why. Again they have not honed their skills to make a good argument and when confronted with a counter argument that they can not beat they become like NF's holding on and refusing to see the light.

So I'm dealing with a kaiju fan again on DA. Strikerprime. He has been commenting on my stuff and he had decent art so I added him back because I like to watch people that are good commenters even if I don't like their art. He had another kaiju fan bugging him to get into another fandom and he didn't want to. Same thing I said above and the guy kept pestering him. He told me about it and you know though he didn't name names I knew who it was because I'm observant. I talked to him through notes and gave him advice that this person was not a good friend and he got rid of him. But not long after he starts to do the same thing to me trying to convince me that the show Adventure Time is something I would like. I had already told him I don't have TV so I can't watch anything anyway. And from the little I have seen as I can't seem to avoid it any less than I can avoid ponys another terrible show, I have seen screen caps and fan art of the show against my will. I'm smart enough to be able to tell by the crap art and the characters that it is a fantasy show I would not like. So when I told him I was not interested and did not like it he posts a pic explaining why it was so great. I called him out on it that he postd that because of our conversation and he asked my opinion so he shouldn't get upset and defensive about his stupid show. I reminded him he was being as bad as his exfriend.

So now he comments on the drawing I just made, you can see the comments yourself, and it really pissed me off that he told me Conrad should have been a Honey Badger. WTF? First of all it's not my character. Second it's my friend's character and he can make him be anything he wants. We are not here to please him or anyone else. We write stories because we like them and the right people will come to us. I've told him this. If someone doesn't like it I dare them to do better. He doesn't even have any original characters. And it's based on an Irish Myth. As a cryptozoologist he should appreciate that. This is the kind of stupidity and annoying pushiness that pisses me off about kaiju fans. I'm starting to regret watching him now to because he doesn't draw the cryto animals that much, again I'd rather see OC's and he's been posting screen caps instead of original art. If it were original characters from a game that's different he made those but these are screen shots of movies. I end up deleting most of this stuff which bothers me as I don't like dumping thing without commenting. What's wrong with me lately? That's two screw ups adding people. Smileykaya and now this guy. When he's good he's good. I know he really likes my art but when he's bad I want to break his neck. I'm not helping him anymore with problems with other people either. I only help those worth my time and he's not proving to be that.

Ok but today has been a good day despite all that text I just wrote. Just takes a while to get it all written out. Chris came home early and it's been so nice being with him. We watched a weird documentary about Australian Cane Toads. I thought it was the old one from the 80s I loved with the cute little girl playing with her big toad named Dairy Queen. Well I was surprised to see this was lie Part 2 of that as they mentioned dates like 2007. I had no idea they'd made a part 2. And they showed the girl all grown up and the original footage of her and Dairy Queen. Wow that made me so happy. You know you get used to people in a movie and they're immortalized that way. They never age. But to see her grown up was neat because it felt like I knew her as a childhood friend. So cool.

Now I need to start to think about my own art and getting back on track after finishing a big project is always hard so to organize my thoughts a bit I'm just going to write whatever comes to mind that I need to work on.

* Edit Innocence Lost
* Write George's Saga
* Keep working on the galaxy painting (I started it)
* Renegade (Oh gosh! I haven't even thought about it. More on that later)
* Ink demon 10
* Design demon 11
* Ink Gallemotch vs Sandstorm
* Sketches for a meme
* Draw Leeanix for her character sheet

Hum that's all I can think of for now.
Oh gosh I haven't even thought about Renegade. That's bad when it's not in my thoughts. I think it will be better once I can finish inking this one annoying frame. And I'm thinking since I'm best at drawing perhaps I should just try to draw the whole thing on paper. Finish it. Get to the last verse on paper THEN worry about inks and colors. If I can finish it on paper then it will be finished and there's a good chance it will all get colored eventually. What do you guys think of that?

I'm working on a meme too. I tried to draw the answers in digitally but I got super frustrated. I can't. I just can't do it. I suck. So I started to draw them on paper. Was thinking of scanning them in but then that would look terrible paper pasted on digital. So I may trace them by hand digitally instead of with the pen tool that takes a long time. They'll still look bad and wobbly but better than cut out papers. At most I may do flat colors on them. This will take me a long time perhaps as long as it took me to fill out the 35 expressions with Ophidius.
Oh one more idea I really SHOULD do. A wanted poster of George. He's an outlaw. He needs one. I just need to learn how to make the background look like old paper and how to make my line work look like that brown ink. You know George kept some of those old posters to this day he has them folded in a box.

EDIT: Ok yeah he's really bugging me. I just got this note and I replied to it. Again trying to shove stupidity down my throat.

Re: Check this out! ^_^
from Thagirion
to Strikerprime
If you know I don't like pokemon why would you show me more? I can't stand the art it's garbage. It's anime which I also don't like. I like realism and awesome looking creatures. All those creatures are so messed up.

Strikerprime said the following:

Hey Thagirion,

Check it out, Pokemon has their own Centipedes! :D There's Venipede, Whirlipede, and the final evolution, Scolipede!


Now I know you said you don't like Pokemon and not into it anymore. I am no way trying to force my opinion onto you. I just figured, since you like Centipedes so much, I'd show them to you. Thought you might like them. ^_^

Hope you enjoy.

A variant on the original phrase Squidward said when SpongeBob kept trying to force Krabby patties on him.

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actipton80actipton80 on February 8th, 2015 01:05 am (UTC)
I think you should just draw all of Renegade before you ink and color any more of it. That way the sketches will be there for people who have been following it. You can color it later, and put the sketches in your DA scraps as you replace them with finished pages.

Yes, George needs a wanted poster. You probably could figure out how to do the whole thing in sepia tones, but since I don't know squat about drawing programs, I wouldn't be the one to ask.

I've been thinking about Peep a lot for some reason. I guess it's because Nadia is fluffy like he was in his last picture. She and Izzy are both molting right now, but I think she's molting a little worse.
Des: George Grinsthagirion on February 8th, 2015 03:37 am (UTC)
I think so too. I'm fastest at drawing and can do one or two frames a day. I can post the sketches here as I don't want to spoil my watchers on DA and my LJ watchers get special privileges.

Hehe glad you like the idea of a Wanted poster. I found a tutorial so I will read it tomorrow and see about drawing him in the right pose for that.

Aw, I'm glad you've been thinking of Peep. I do miss the little guy. Oh I hope she's only fluffy because it's cold and not anything bad. Bullet went through a molt and poor Peep died in a moult so he had pin feathers.
actipton80actipton80 on February 8th, 2015 01:25 pm (UTC)
Nadia is fine. She's just fluffy from the cold and her molt. Both of mine are molting right now.
(Deleted comment)
Des: Owen Painedthagirion on February 8th, 2015 03:21 am (UTC)
ARG, I JUST saw that other comment. That kid is a grunter. Also a fan but never says anything with substance. Just one word posts like "Good" "Awesome" Which tells me nothing and is only slightly better than no comment but not by much. Since you fielded that one I will just not comment back to him. This is very annoying. And I see you confronted Strikerprime who's still annoying me. Check out the edit I made to my post here about the note he just sent me. He KNOWS I don't like Pokemon but STILL. What's wrong with him?
So there's a honey badger meme going around? I have no idea since I am not in those circles. But I like that comic you showed me and I faved it as my art has fallen victim to something I don't even know. I have seen a documentary on Honey Badgers and that's all I know about them. And yes it's annoying about Wolverines too and only that super hero showing up. I learned about the animal long before I knew about the hero.

Yes I think you may be right. I draw pretty fast and it is my best skill so I should probably finish coloring this page then just focus on making the comic pages. There's a higher chance of it getting done that way than doing it page by page in color.

I'll take the same approach as I will with Renegade on the meme and just draw everything on paper first then see how I go about inking it.

Everyone seems to love the idea of a Wanted poster for George. A winning idea it seems so I shall look into how to make it all tan and stuff.

Ophidius would love to draw his own mustache on everyone.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on February 8th, 2015 01:49 pm (UTC)
Ha, yes indeed. Negative reinforcements is more effective than positive reinforcement. I used to watch Pokemon and had the first game on game boy. But then they started making more and more stupid characters when 100 was enough. And the plot never changed. It was the same thing over and over so it was boring and had nothing to hold my interest. Plus I was an adult by then and needed something more realistic and aggressive. Yes that's called respect something he doesn't seem to quite understand even when he's been disrespected in the exact same way.

Oh no, voice over of a documentary that sucks. Hum, I've had something like this happen to me as I've gotten refs about a centipede song on some of my art. I finally checked it out and it wasn't that great but not terrible either. I only listened to it because someone uploaded a Beat Hazard video of it and I was like, "Ok I'll bite." I knew right away where they got the sound bites from as I'd seen the documentary they used. What has me worried now is that people are going to think I took the idea from the song for Leeanix as she's a tropical centipede and that's how it starts. No I decided that long before I even knew about this. It's a nice thing to contrast with George who's a desert centipede.

I first learned about Wolverines from the disney show I think called Buddy the Wayward Wolverine. He was traveling lost trying to find his way home. He didn't know he was strong and could be mean and at the end had to have the courage to face a bear. All filmed with real animals the fight with the bear left a huge impression on me. I wish they'd release all those old Wonderful World of Disney shows about animals as they were amazing movies and you learned stuff.

Ah, dueling. A typical cowboy thing that George does not do. I've had a few people ask me about that. I need to write a short story of why he does not do this.

HA, yes it would be like Megamind and everyone would have a mustache.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on February 8th, 2015 04:24 pm (UTC)
Sigh that kid is still being such a pest but nothing worth banning over yet. Perhaps today I will log into my Sorath account and stay there all day just to get a break. I think I need to catch up on comments there anyway.

I have some of the eps. I so regret not recording them when I was a kid as many were never released on VHS and are super hard to find. Since I don't have TV I don't know if they still air on the Disney channel though I'm sure they don't as that channel is garbage now from what it used to be. I mostly have the bird episodes some in bad quality.

Yes Megamind is one of my favorite modern movies. Just so creatively done.

(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on February 8th, 2015 04:57 pm (UTC)
Oh no. I hope he won't pester you too now. I was telling Chris he's turned into a puppy dog kid. I had one of those in real life. I had to tell him to leave me alone. I call people that love you so much puppy dog people they don't leave you alone. Because you know how puppies will follow you everywhere even to the bathroom.

He replied to an old comment of mine on one of his deviations and asked me if I had created demon 11 and if not he had ideas. I told him I already have it I just need to draw it. Then he goes, "Do you still want to hear my ideas?" That's when I logged out. I told him in a note last night he was pushy and as bad as the friend he got rid of. He knows this so why keep doing it? Seems he so wants to be part of my world. Yes annoying puppy go away already.

Oh I wish I had that show now. Hopefully I can convert the others as I'd like to send them to my friends.

(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on February 8th, 2015 06:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah hopefully he'll leave you alone.
This is one of those that nothing works on him. Telling him straight out hasn't worked which is usually a sure thing with most people. And ignoring him doesn't seem to work either. Kicking might be in order eventually. I'm on my other account as you know and well it's rather boring as I don't watch anyone so I have no one on the friend's list. But at least I've started work on that wanted poster. I've drawn the outlines for George.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on February 8th, 2015 02:12 am (UTC)
I was not expecting you to say that some thinking types are annoying. Especially since you get along best with other thinking types and you're one yourself. But I suppose it turns out that there are annoying thinking types after all...

The Kaiju fandom seems so annoying. A bunch of horny thinking types that force their logic upon other fans, huh. I would not want to run into them. So good thing you left that fandom as they sound pathetic.

This Strikerprime person seems quite annoying. I checked him art, this art isn't all that spectacular I find. I find it stupid how he's trying to force Adventure Time into you. Well from what I know about it, it's a very stupid fantasy thing. It has weird random stuff and a lot of anthro sweets. Just imagine giant talking cupcakes, boring. It seems quite boring and very girly with that princess and those brightly coloured candy people. I've seen some of it and I found it boring, it's just not my thing. I prefer darker more serious and realistic fiction. I hate the overly unrealistic stuff. I don't think that the backstory is all the great either, it's just a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear war. That sounds kinda cliché actually. And why was science and logic thrown out the window after the nuclear war? I just don't get it.

Also it's stupid he said it should be a honey badger. No I don't think so. Badgers are cooler anyways and are probably more powerful. Besides it wasn't his character so why should he decide what species it should be?

That's too bad about two bad watches. Smileykaya and now him? Not so good. Speaking of kaya, are you going to post a flame war log surrounding her? I'm still rather interested to read the flame you two had in the notes.

Haha cane toads. :D I think I saw the same documentary in grade 9 science. It was hilarious and so weird! But I enjoyed it. It was interesting watching about cane toads. It's kinda a classic in my school. :D That's cool they made a part two.

Galaxy painting? My goodness that sounds like a beautiful painting in the works, I'm so looking forward on seeing it! :D The "wanted" poster for George sounds like a great idea, you should do it. :)

Edited at 2015-02-08 02:14 am (UTC)
Des: Out of my fandom!thagirion on February 8th, 2015 03:33 am (UTC)
I thought that might come to a surprise to you. I've met some annoying thinking types and some STUPID thinking types too. Yes they do exist. One of my mottos is I give everyone a chance to screw up.
Kaiju fandom sucks so bad. Be glad you know me as I'm the only sane one I have met hehe. And I can make good art if I wanted to do that again. So yes that's basically what it boils down to. I have wondered why some things attract such messed up minds? Why can't normal thinking types like Godzilla and monsters and stuff?

No it's not good art at all but I liked the cryptozoology aniamls because they had neat descriptions. But nothing on there is his own original stuff. So I'm not really enjoying the art so much now. Yeah he told me it was a post nuclear war thing which is what convinced me even more I hate this show since I hate the environmental message of mankind destroying itself and everything. Yes from what I have seen it is all stupid fantasy and weirdness. I want nothing to do with it. I know Hernezto likes it which is where I've seen so much of this. I'm glad he didn't pick one of those characters for our collab. Check out the edit I just made to my post too.

More of his flawed "logic" "You like centipedes. You don't like pokemon. Pokemon has centipedes. Therefore you'll like pokemon." That's such a stupid line of thinking. I appreciate he wants to please me but he's failing. He's angering me. Had he shown me a photo of a cool centipede then I'd be very pleased. The centipedes and all the animals on that cartoon look like crap.

Yes that honey badger thing pissed me off and it's not even my character. I'd have been really pissed if someone said it to me like "George shouldn't be a cowboy. You should make him a policeman." He has no right to tell anyone what species to make their characters. We're not here for their entertainment.

Yes I will post the fight with Smiley and I have to post the fight with the guy that rejected my pic on that group. I haven't forgotten I've been busy with this commission which takes priority since I got paid and I haven't been well. But yes I will post them hopefully soon.

That's cool you've seen that documentary. Why is it made so weird? It's like a pot head found all the creepiest Australians and interviewed them. But it was so strange I couldn't stop watching. Morbid fascination like a train wreck you can't look away. So yeah I liked it just for the bizarre factor.

So far I only have the ground and the sky. Not textures or plants yet so I hope I can make this as beautiful as I imagine it.
I think the Wanted poster for George will be a big hit if I can do it.
gamma_wings: Confident Claragamma_wings on February 8th, 2015 04:05 am (UTC)
And you were right! Usually I think very highly of thinking types and I'm always very surprised to see idiots say they are thinking types. I'm always like "no that can't be, thinking types are usually intelligent". But I suppose that this isn't always the case which is too bad. It's always so weird seeing stupid thinking types, but it seems like the Kaiju fandom is full of them.
Yea and you're probably the ONLY Kaiju fan that I'm friends with. xD But yea, that's a good question to ask... why are Kaiju fans all so messed up? Now although I'm not really a fan of Godzilla and stuff, I do think that large monsters are cool. Although I still find it odd that such sick minds are attracted to Godzilla.

Ah so it's the descriptions you liked. Well yea, I do agree with you that mythical creatures are very cool to read about. I'd like to learn more about them myself. But it's too bad that he never posted any original art. I never really saw anything special with his art. So no surprise you don't really like it. Oh god, I didn't even think of the environmental message bit but you're right. I only bothered look at how cliché it all is since I don't care about that show. But yea I always hated messed up Liberal environmental messages saying how we'll "eventually destroy the planet" and crap like that. That's all that it is really, weird fantasy and weirdness. I hate that stuff. I hate randomness. It's why I get so annoyed by the "funny" videos some of my irl friends love to watch. I don't find them funny just stupid. I don't watch Hernezto but I did see his adventure time art. Yes thank goodness he didn't draw an adventure time character.

I did. :D I love the Spongebob image and it describes the situation so well, hehe. As for his logic, yes I agree it's full of flaws. It's like saying I'll like mlp because it has some birds in it. -_-" No it doesn't work that way. Just because some crap form of fiction has a tiny thing that you'd apparently "like", won't result in you liking the show. So the note he sent you was so stupid and unnecessary. Did he really think that you'll love those pokemon centipedes? Yes the centipedes in that anime do look very weird.

Wtf, someone told you that George should be a policeman? -_-" What right did they have to say that? Heck no that's so wrong. The only person who should decide what species to make their characters is the creator themselves!! Yes we're not here to entertain. Besides by doing our own stuff we'll eventually attract the right crowd.

Ah ok, well good to know that you'll post it soon. That makes sense about your commission taking priority. And it was certainly worth it.

:D Yea that documentary was so messed up but in a good way. All those Australians he interviewed were quite.. special indeed. And I watched it mainly because it was shown in class, and well I found it very fascinating too. Hehe. Well morbid fascination is something I'd quite familiar with, or rather merely fascination with my "enemies". But yea that cane toad documentary was very bizarre for sure.

Ah well I hope you succeed in doing so. :D I bet it's coming along well.
I'm sure it will be. :)
Desthagirion on February 8th, 2015 04:29 am (UTC)
Yes there are bad annoying thinking types out there. Chris is also a kaiju fan so you know only two.
BTW, I was reading the replies to your poll and there are way too many INTx's. I think people are not answering honestly because that's the "cool" type to be. That last person, phinas farb fan or whatever is setting off warning signs. The icon looks like something krumson would have and ghoul claimed once to be ISTJ. Why has this person never commented before? I'd get rid of them. Magic Birdie is not an INTJ. INFJ. She had too many depressive comments to avian and agreeded with her vents instead of telling her to stop crying like an INTJ would. I'm surprised you let that slide.

Yes his descriptions are fun to read but his art needs a lot of help. I tried to help him once but he wouldn't listen. Well his loss. I know how to make traditional art. He apologized for his note so hopefully no more annoying stuff.

Ha, I made that Spongebob ages ago for someone that thought they were so important. Great to use in a flamewar and it pissed them off.
No, no one said that about George. I brought it up as an example. That no one has a right to tell us how to make our characters. Yes agreed.

Yes so far it looks ok.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on February 8th, 2015 04:46 am (UTC)
Yea and that's too bad I find. But eh, annoying people are everywhere. Oh right I forgot that he liked Kaiju stuff. So yes that means I only know two.
Yes you're right, there are. Which left me somewhat surprised. I do doubt that some of them are INTx types since some who commented just don't really resemble us. I hope that not all of them are lying but who knows. As much as I love NT types, I usually don't think of us as "cool", popularity wise. I mean weren't we called nerds in a negative light before? People make no sense. When I say phinas's icon I immediately had the feeling of shock and thought that a flamer came out of nowhere. Then calmed down after realizing that it's not a flame. But you're right, I should remove her as I don'y trust her in the slightest. As for Magic Birdie, perhaps she really is an INFJ. Funny how she claims that her T is one of her stronger letters. But who knows. Maybe her functions are messed up. I remember reading Tipton's post about these secondary function anomalies, where the second and third functions flip. So perhaps for some reason her functions are actually Ni,Ti,Fe,Ne. Ok that'll explain why she's so messed up and why she thinks she's a thinking type. Or maybe she just doesn't know herself well. I mean, her page is full of randomness that I wouldn't expect from an INTJ.

That's too bad that he didn't listen to you. I'm sure you would have been of huge help. Yes hopefully he'll stop being annoying.

:D Hehe, well that image works very well for various flame war related issues, so it's a very successful image you made.
Ah ok, well then that's good. Yes very true, we're allowed to make our characters however we want, as long as we're not ripping anyone off that is. And glad you agree.
Desthagirion on February 8th, 2015 01:35 pm (UTC)
When Chris and I first met he really got me into kaiju. It's funny because my room was full of dinosaur figures and his was full of monsters. He was so impressed with my collection.
Yeah another is FGPinky or whatever with that blue icon. I doubt is an INTP. I think people are picking these types wanting to be like you and please you. Yes being a nerd used to be a bad thing but now that seems to have changed quite a bit even with shows like the Big Bang Theory putting them in a good light. The way the questions are worded on that test too makes people not want to pick the questions admitting they are emotional or sensing types. People answer how they'd like to be instead of how they truly are. And that's a problem with the person not the tests.

kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on February 8th, 2015 11:01 am (UTC)
I saw that footage of the little girl in her back yard with her cane toad, and I loved it, too. It's cool she is now all grown up. Boy, time passed fast! I love cane toads, btw, even if they are an invasive species. You gotta love their ugliness :)
Desthagirion on February 8th, 2015 01:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah I couldn't believe seeing her grown up. Good thing she stayed pretty. Well they don't belong in Australia. Sucks for West Australia that's trying to keep them out.
kabuldurkabuldur on February 19th, 2015 10:46 am (UTC)
They don't belong in Australia.

Yeah, I wonder if WA will keep them out? they didn't succeed in the Northern Territory.
(Deleted comment)
Desthagirion on February 11th, 2015 01:45 am (UTC)
Yes I prefer thinking types but they have flaws too as you saw here.

Yeah he's annoying but at least he's not a jerk or mean. I can tell he really wants to be my friend but going about it all wrong.
Ha, yeah SpongeBob kept trying to make Squidward eat the Krabby Patty. Giving it to him near the toilet isn't going to be any better so that's what this was like haha.

I post my art here as I have different people that are not on DA watching me here.