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19 January 2015 @ 10:58 pm
Little bit of gaming  
I didn't know today was a holiday. So I was on the phone on "hold" for 10 minutes with the bank. No mail today. Martin Luther King is a pointless holiday that banks and mail should not close for. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. I didn't find out til Chris got home and told me.

I've started to play Beat Hazard again and I suck now. I was playing on Insane and I was good but now I suck. Well once my joints stop hurting I need to get back into it and get my skills back. But I did get some achievements today like the one for listening to the tracks in the credits. I could not figure out how to do as you can't click anything and I would scroll through and hit all the buttons and nothing would happen. Made no sense. Then today I just left the cursor on one of the song and it started to play and I got it. WTF? Ok well that's done now. Chris has been helping me with the ones like 10,000 reflect shields. I had 8,000 and he helped me get the last ones. We're working on 10,000 ultra beam kills. I still say the hardest one to get is 150 enemies with one ultra beam. I found out they can stack so if you have all 9 you can hit the button fast and it counts as one and lasts a long time. I guess that's how you can do it if ships keep coming at you. But even on the highest difficulties I've never seen 150 ships all at once nor would I know that. I'd love this to be my first 100% game and not like it if I got stuck with 39 of 40. Chris found the perfect song for me to do survive 60seconds without firing. It's a one and a half minute song. And I found out the song by Manticora called Nowhere Land was perfect for getting four bosses at once. The first one that comes out is the armed centipede. So I just got close and he balls up and does nothing. He does come closer so you have to keep pulling away. Then a large stubby pede came out then a second subby pede. I just avoided them all and then two ships and I got it with 5 bosses on the screen.

I made some sketches today. I drew another frame of Renegade and I am working on a sketch dump. I don't know if I will do my 52 sketch challenge this year or not. I have more than enough stuff for this month already. That's been about it really.

OH, actually I had an interesting thought question today. How does George wear his guns? He still dual wields at his side like a traditional cowboy. BUT do his guns face forward so he has to pull them out the way they do in a duel? Elbows go back and each hand gets the gun on that side; right with right, left with left. OR does he wear them backwards modern style and reaches across him like with swords. So right to left and left to right? I'm leaning towards this option. I think it's faster to reach across hence with swords were worn on the left side. George could pull them out faster and since he's an atypical cowboy he'd probably like this better.
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kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on January 20th, 2015 08:53 am (UTC)
That sucks that you didn't know it was a holiday and ended up on 'hold' for 10 mins and got no mail. Did that make it a long weekend? I guess some people got to enjoy it if it was.

Hooray for getting some sketches done :)

An interesting question about George. I just imagined him doing it the traditional way. I didn't realise other ways were faster.

Desthagirion on January 20th, 2015 01:25 pm (UTC)
Yes I'm sure some people enjoyed a three day weekend. I just don't think it's a major holiday to stop mail and banks.

Yes some nice progress was made last night.

Perhaps he picked that up later on. I'll have to figure out when he changed styles.
audes_ljaudes_lj on January 20th, 2015 09:08 pm (UTC)
A right, that is a holiday... hmm, I guess that I forgot that it is in January.

Achievement farming extreme. I have to be honest, this sounds like you have been more succesful than me with that... although, I haven't been playing for almost a week I think. I do think I don't have many 100% games either. Only 5 so far I think. Anyway, I wish you good luck with that goal.

Renegade, commited the ultimate sin! Good to hear that it goes well. ANd I am curious about sketches.

That is a good question indeed. I have to say that drawing the guns like a sword is by far more effective than the way you know from movies. In fact, you might see some modern hitmen depictions pulling them from their jackets in a similar fashion (well, the guns need not to be obvious, if they plan to use them). It is a moment he saves by pulling them out that way as he can aim within the same motion. In Western you see them pulling them upwards and turn, which is taking a bit more time overall than the method you think of for George. In a duel or open fight it can be quite helpful.
Des: George Grinsthagirion on January 20th, 2015 09:34 pm (UTC)
I forgot about it too. Well there should be mail today.

I'm so close to this. I'm looking forward to doing 100% if possible. Usually I don't care about achievements in games and always have a very low percent completion. I just don't care. But with this one there's just not much else to do than to try to get these.

Yes, must draw one more frame and I can start a new page. The hardest thing is designing all his victims to look unique. Making characters from scratch is not really my forte. Hopefully I can post those sketches toon.

Yes something important to figure out. I think it's stupid the way cowboys do it in the movies. Like you said when you're drawing your gun is pointed down half the time instead of at your enemy. And I think it would look way more bad ass if he crossed his arms and pulled out his guns from under his coat and had them both aimed at you. You'd be apologizing very fast. I'm thinking he probably didn't start this way though. I wonder when he picked up this newer style of wearing his guns. So the pic of him George Fallen might be wrong the way I have his gun facing. And it would be wrong in one of my Renegade scenes too. D'oh!