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16 January 2015 @ 10:40 am
Breaking down an article and new header image  

I found this article today on my yahoo science news. Just by the title alone I knew it was a load of BS but I will post it here and break it down.

In U.S. academia, fields that cherish sheer genius shun women

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For academic fields whose members revere a "spark of genius" above all other qualities, there is a disquieting message at U.S. colleges and universities: Women need not apply.

That's the findings of research published on Thursday that sought to get to the bottom of why women are under-represented in a range of academic disciplines including some in science and math but also in other areas such as philosophy.

The researchers surveyed 1,820 graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and faculty members in 30 academic disciplines at public and private institutions around the United States. They were asked to identify the attributes needed to succeed in their academic fields, which spanned natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, engineering and others.

The fields whose members said they most valued sheer intellectual brilliance such as philosophy, physics and math were the most likely to have fewer women in their ranks. The disciplines in which the "spark of genius" was least emphasized such as education, psychology and anthropology had greater numbers of women.

"The problem lies not with women's aptitude but rather with the 'brilliance required' attitude," said Princeton University philosophy professor Sarah-Jane Leslie, who led the study with University of Illinois psychology professor Andrei Cimpian.

When those in certain disciplines send the message that raw, inherent brilliance is required for success, such views combine with existing cultural stereotypes to suppress women's participation in the field, Leslie added.

Cimpian said the researchers are not arguing that women are less brilliant than men or that brilliance does not matter.

"The reason for this pattern of results is that our society associates men, but not women, with brilliance," Cimpian added. "We found that women were indeed less likely to obtain Ph.D.s in fields that idolize brilliance and genius."

The researchers said the findings, appearing in the journal Science, seemed to debunk three other hypotheses on the gender gap in academic fields:

- that women really are less brilliant than men;

- that women are unwilling or unable to put in the long hours some fields require;

- or that men are more suited to fields requiring abstract and systematic thinking while women are more suited to pursuits requiring empathy and emotional understanding.

The survey focused on gender gaps but unearthed racial issues as well, finding that the fields that covet brilliance also had lower numbers of black participants. The researchers say they plan to investigate that issue in future work.

There are many things this article leaves out and shows that it has an agenda. If intelligence is all that is needed then people regardless of gender get into the fields based on their grades. There is no discrimination. Colleges be they public or private are there to make money so they are not going to turn down paying customers. It's not that females are not as as smart as males but these fields like science and math usually don't attract the interest of females. These people are pushing for equality which is a ridiculous notion that does not exist. When it comes to things like engineering you not only have to be smart but you have to be strong. Most of the equipment that is deal with is heavy and pulling that jet engine on a chain to place it on the aircraft takes strength women just don't have. If you're going to say this article isn't about strength I just mentioned that engineering requires both so this would limit intelligent women to the theoretical work only. Too bad for those that like applied. I didn't get many jobs because though I knew more about birds than the owners of some of these places, well I can't lug around a 50lb bag of seed and they needed that more. Annoying but I've been there. When I was in college I was actually disappointed at how many more female students there were than males as I enjoy the company of males more. Kind of the same shock I had when I joined the internet and I thought it was male dominated. I was wrong and found the opposite to be true.

About the three points. The first is true.

- that women are unwilling or unable to put in the long hours some fields require;

No it's that women again aren't as interested in these fields. My mother is a doctor she made it and put in those long hours at med school. My grandmother was a nurse. I come from a very successful family full of intellectuals and professionals on both sides of my family.

- or that men are more suited to fields requiring abstract and systematic thinking while women are more suited to pursuits requiring empathy and emotional understanding.

This IS true. Women are wired more for feelings and empathy. Read the book The female brain written by a woman researcher and psychologist. Clearly she made it through college. The way the brain is wired females are more geared this way. Personality makes a difference too but there are way more feeling types both male and female than thinkers. And the number of female thinkers is even smaller in females than in males so the very rare types like INTJ and INTP are extremely rare as females. Personality plays a huge rule in the disparity of gender in the upper ranks.

And they had to throw in race into the mix which is typical of a liberal agenda for false equality. There were many black guys when I was in college so much I even dated two which would seem to say there were more black guys than white guys to choose from. If they want to get into racial issues here is one that can not be denied. Eastern Indians are the most intelligent race. So many professors in my college were Indians. It's not a stereotype that they are very smart they are and who knows why. Wish I were that smart. There were female students in my class that were Indian that were so smart. I also had a female Indian Professor as for other races I had Asian, German, Black and American professors. In fact one professor that is not only someone I look up to but became good friends with was Dr. Eugene Clark the Shark Lady from National Geographic that founded Mote Marine Labs in Sarastota Fl and had to fight her way to get her degree I think in the 50's being female and Japanese yet still made it. Back then there were problems but now a days no. She even told me it's good that I have it easier. I have no doubt I could get a PHD and the only reason I did not was because of finances. I'd love to go back to college. I miss it.
Going back to abstract thinking vs emotions and empty. One example that my high school physics teacher mentioned and is so true and I see it a lot now is men are better at estimating things. He pointed to the telephone poles outside the window and asked us to write down how many feet tall we thought they were. All the girls were way off including me while the males were very close to spot on. That' type of thing is sexual and nothing will change it. That is a skill need in fields like engineering and a physics. I always ask Chris to estimate things for me as he's way more accurate and I know I suck at it. I am not inferior for that. It's a female short coming. Males and females are not equal. I have a better artist eye than he does. Women that feel inferior have only themselves to blame not men. These are the fact that have to be accepted.

These types of articles show no numbers and no facts. They are written in such a way that the title alone incites anger in types like NF's, uneducated liberals and bleeding hearts that react and don't think. They only want people to feel not think and go into rage mode. If the title alone gets them angry mission accomplished the article doesn't even have to be read. The U.S. is actually the best country in the world for women and minorities to get ahead. Despite what our awful ape of a president has done we are still the best with the most freedoms and the most opportunities.

Ok now onto the other topic. I have changed my header image finally. Gosh it's been so long and there's been no reason for me to change the CSS of my journal once I basically brought it to perfection that I forgot how to access the advanced page. I had to go through my tags and found it. This is much better as my old one has bad shading and poor line quality. I have been meaning to change it to something else for a while now and I'm happy to have Thagirion and Gallemtoch there. I also changed my xbox widget in the sidebar but it's not working half the time. I wish that website would fix their problems because it's the only one that lets you customize your gamer tag that way. I changed it from my Owen account to my Gallemotch one that is now my primary account.

I feel a little better today but think I still have a ways to go to recover.
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actipton80actipton80 on January 16th, 2015 05:48 pm (UTC)
Blah on this article. I had the brilliance, certainly enough of it to still have an A- average even with my retardedly bad lab grades. I think women just have different priorities, and the ones who want to be in the sciences can do it, but I think most of them don't want to. Partly because they aren't wired for it, and partly because a lot of them (not you or me) want kids, and they want to raise their own kids instead of dumping them off on someone else.
Des: Biologythagirion on January 16th, 2015 05:51 pm (UTC)
It's a stupid article I had to tear it apart. Yes those that want to can make it. But most don't want to. You're right I hadn't thought of that since I don't think about kids. You and I certainly are smart enough.
actipton80actipton80 on January 16th, 2015 06:12 pm (UTC)
I read another article once that addressed why there aren't more tenured women professors in the sciences. Someone posted it on the CHMINF-L list several years ago, and it said wanting a family is a big reason why there aren't a lot of tenured women professors. They get the adjunct and the non-tenure track positions so they can have time with their kids. The ones who do put in the hours are single, don't have kids, or they let the day care people raise their kids. They also talked about why there aren't more women on review boards. I think this might be due to women wiring, but once there is one woman on the board, she is usually hostile to other women who want to be on it. I think this might be the same wiring that makes middle school girls so nasty and back-bitey, and cliquey. It's that social stuff that I don't understand.
Desthagirion on January 16th, 2015 06:51 pm (UTC)
Very interesting. Well I can understand being hostile. Suddenly you're the big fish in the small pond. You don't want competition that it was hard to get into. Attention doesn't have to be loud and in public so even having just a Hello in the halls is not something they'd want to share.
(Deleted comment)
Des: Thagirion Moltenthagirion on January 16th, 2015 06:07 pm (UTC)
That's a good point I forgot to mention. Equality is not necessary nor needed. Correct that to even things out you'd have to force people to go into fields they are not interested in. For males that would be more librarians and elementary school teachers which are female dominated careers. This is one thing that I hate about liberal agendas how they cover things under "equality" which idealistically sounds nice. But idealism does not work and to make it work it becomes socialist with freedoms out the window and people have to do things so everyone is equal. Hell no. There is no equality, I intend to keep my individualism as well and those that are truly spectacular will rise above the average mundane crowd. Yes for anyone that takes a moment to read this and to look at reality this is an article merely to sway those that get easily emotional.

Thank you. Nice to have my main character shown on my journal. In a way it was kind of a trick on poor Gallemotch. He did not bother to warn him of the name he had chosen or that later an abnormal and frightening form would work against him when searching for acceptance. Thagirion does not divulge things like this.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on January 17th, 2015 09:54 am (UTC)
I would agree that fields that have less women are not necessarily shunning women. I think it is because they have kids and their careers get interrupted and they just can't work long hours even when their kids go to school or daycare because most like to spend SOME time with their children! In my country I have noticed that women who take a few years off have trouble getting back into their chosen fields and have to study again to get a job. I think that is wrong. They just need a little updating. An example: One woman I know had a science degree and then took a few years off to have kids. They she couldn't get back into her chosen profession. So, she studied for a completely different field. I don't understand why she couldn't go back with just a refresher course.

I think women and men are equal but different in some ways eg men are generally stronger. But to come to the conclusion they did in the article is just plain wrong. I hope they never legislate to make more women be in certain professions and vice versa just because. It should be based on merit.

I'm glad you are slowly getting better. May it continue!
Desthagirion on January 17th, 2015 03:30 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you agree. I think this is true of anyone not just women. I've heard about that if you leave your job too long you have to go back to college. That's really stupid. That after like 10 years your degree is outdated. That's terrible. If you keep up with news in your field this shouldn't be the case. That makes no sense at all.

Merit and choice. We can chose to work where we please.

gamma_wings: Reaaaallygamma_wings on January 17th, 2015 04:34 pm (UTC)
Aaaa, so much liberal crap I cannot take it!!! Dx

Thank heavens you debunked that post, hehe. I agree with what you stated.

Yes I'm sure that there's no discrimination of who can enter collage/university. As long as you have the money and grades you're legible to join. However it just happens that women aren't interested in theoretical scientific fields like physics. Whoever is can get into them if they wanted to. Women really are more fine tuned to emotions and helping others. So naturally women are prone to fields like teaching, nurses (among other medical fields), and human rights activists. I observed this first hand, actually. In careers class we have to present our "dream job". Not surprisingly most of the girls wanted to have a job that involves helping others in some shape or form. To them it's rewarding. But that's typical and natural of females.

However I kinda am an exception to the rule since I don't want any careers that involve helping others. I'm much more interested in careers that involve science and theory. But that's just me being an INTP. Which, as you've mentioned, is such a rare type among females. not surprising since females aren't really wired to *be* thinking types. Hence the smaller number of female thinkers over male thinkers.

As for race, I really don't think that race should matter in this. Who cares what colour of skin you have? If you're smart and willing to get into a scientific field, it really shouldn't matter. That's cool that you had professors of such a wide variety of races.

In short yes, males and females are not "equal" like the liberals want it to be. They're different and are wired for different things. However the liberals can't accept this and want women to be "equal" with men, even though that's impossible. I think that men and women should have a choice to go wherever they please. If a woman wants to be a teacher, then let them be. Don't force them to become a physicist if they don't want that. Stupid liberals shouldn't force their views into us.

Your new header looks very nice and is definitely an improvement over the old one. I once thought as to why you didn't change that image, actually since it was so old. But the new one is very nice, especially because it illustrates both Thag and Gallemotch. :D
Des: Ophidius Artistthagirion on January 17th, 2015 05:20 pm (UTC)
Yes that is totally correct. These kinds of alarmist articles bother me and if you take time to look they can be shown for what they really are.

Yes our countries have come a long way from what it used to be a few decades ago when things were harder for women. Really this is not even an issue anymore for the US but liberals like issues and making victims that are not there.

Yes you and I are exceptions being thinking types. Definitely people should not be forced to do what they do not want just to even out the numbers.

And yes race is not an issue either for getting accepted. It's your grades and your money that counts.

Mostly it was because I was lazy and I had to wade through so much code before I could find where to change this. I had almost forgotten how to access the control panel it had been so long. But yeah this is now much better and more up to date.
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on January 17th, 2015 05:28 pm (UTC)
I hate alarmist articles, too. They're quite annoying and don't show enough fact. They're just there to rile up feeling types. I just find them kinda annoying and usually ignore them.

Yes indeed. Women now have equal opportunities to go wherever they please. It's a lot easier to get into a field of interest. Definitely not an issue. I always hated false "social justice" crap. And frankly I never really bothered with "issues" like this either. I don't get why liberals are oh so obsessed with issues and have to make some if there aren't any there.

Yes indeed we are. I agree, forcing people to do what they don't want is like slavery in a certain sense. No people should go into their chosen field because they want to, and not for the sake of "equality".

Ah I see. I don't blame you for almost forgetting all that stuff. I sometimes forget things too if I haven't done them in forever. It's definitely much better now.
Desthagirion on January 17th, 2015 05:46 pm (UTC)
I try to ignore these too but that title was so wrong I had to read it. Well it did rile me up but in the other direction to show what liars they are.

Well a long time ago I saved a text document of my code so if I ever screwed it up I had it to put back in as it's hard to see what change in all the text. I now need to update that text file since I changed stuff.