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07 January 2015 @ 04:40 pm
Getting further in the game  
It's a bit early in the day and not much has happened yet but it's one of those days. I have very low energy today. It really sucks and has nothing to do with hypoglycemia as I ate very well. It's probably fibro acting up with does make you weak. Again on a day off. I haven't had a nice day off with Chris I've been able to go out on for three weeks now. Bad timing I missed both Christmas and New Years. I had more energy yesterday but also more pain. I feel like I could fall asleep right now. We watched the first ep of the islands documentary. I've been online and I did game some today.

As far as Beat Hazard Ultra I have gotten very far. I got Elite in the ranks. So points are kind of pointless now except for getting the challenges. One is get a million points in one song. Well I have gotten very good. I'm playing on hardcore mode now and I've done like three easier songs on insane mode. Mainly the Jurassic Park song because it's so nicely balanced. I really want to get that El Gato capture card so I can record some of this stuff. The highest rank of Boss Rush was 14 bosses for me and I can't seem to top that. Also doesn't help no matter what song I pick the second one it gives me is Alestorm's Back Through Time. It's got that quiet intro with the waves hitting the ship and then the pirates start to scream. Too much silence and I get killed and lose. Can't get past that. Why pick that song each time? So I may remove that and edit it. I'll have to cut out the slow intro like I did for Sonata's Losing My Insanity which is PERFECT for Ophidius. It's one I want to draw as the lyrics are insane and make no sense. And I guess if Ophidius fears something it's becoming sane and turning into Solan.
Oh another slightly disappointing thing about the game. I watched the review again and saw the guy had a folder icon. That means they weren't just individual songs but I guess on PC you CAN make a playlist. I made one on PS3 but it won't show up. So no playlists in my game still. I'd love to do the Gallemotch soundtrack. To test it I made a list of fast stuff just for Boss Rush but did not work. How annoying.

And speaking of games I have a rant. I forgot to talk about this on DA. I knew I'd forgotten something. I'm so sick of hearing about this stupid Five Nights at Freddies game. All I know is what has been forced in my face from other people on DA. I see this ugly robot fox or something everywhere even one of the people I watch was drawing it and now my good friends are starting to talk about it that don't even own consoles. Noooo. I've always been resistant to things that are mainstream. I guess it's a horror game. I don't care. The characters are ugly and crap. But it appeals to all the furries so it's plastered all over DA. Not sure what's worse that or ponys. I really don't know how to answer that yet. Would I rather be annoyed but deformed colorful attempts a horses or a bunch of ugly creep animal robots and need to be smashed or machine gunned to death. I'll come back to that later.

And I have one person I made the mistake of adding to my watch. I'm usually very good at listening to my intuition but there's that 1% of the time when I don't listen to myself. I don't like her art. It's ugly. She doesn't comment to me though she has told me many times in private that she "looooves" my stuff and is a fan. She's going to draw George and Ophidius in a collage thing so I said I'd add her just so I could see when that went up. Big mistake. Her journals piss me off and her art is ugly and now she draws those robots. Why didn't I listen to myself? Oh and she's an INFP. My least fave type. I am going to remove her. Perhaps even before she puts that up because I'm not enjoying anything else by her. I do practice what I preach in that if I watch you I will comment and be active and it's also bothering me that I'm not commenting to anything she's posting because I don't like it. Also I'm the type that if I don't have something nice to say I don't say anything UNLESS someone says, "What do you think of my drawing?" Well now you asked for it. So not being true to myself is more reason to stop watching her. She added all my good friends to her watch and doesn't comment to them either which pisses me off. I went to a Crazybirdlady's profile today and saw she changed her icon to something hideous that doesn't even look like her own art. Yeah just I've had. I'm fixing this screw up after this journal. It's not worth it for a pic of George. Never is. At least I can fix this mistake. Gamma, see I couldn't take it. You were wondering how long I'd last. Not long.
Current Mood: sicksick
gamma_wings: Puffingamma_wings on January 7th, 2015 11:05 pm (UTC)
Yay that's great that you got Elite in the ranks! That's also great that you got a capture card. That's too bad that the intro to Back Through Time is so slow. I think it would be a good idea to edit it. As for Ophidius, yea I suppose that turning into Solan wouldn't be great... at least for him. But fortunately they're almost opposite personality types anyways and I doubt that Ophidius can ever be like Solan.

Ah, Five Nights at Fred's. I have no idea why I got into that in the first place, but fortunately I've basically gotten out of it recently. I was annoyed at myself for being interested in it, and for what? So I just threw out all my thoughts relating to that game outta my head since I'm kinda sick of it. It got boring... and it made me a tiny bit scared of going to sleep (because I don't want nightmares of that)! I don't want that in my life! Fortunately I was never really into it all that much. Besides yea those animatronic things are so creepy and ugly. And it has a bunch of random paranormal stuff. People claim the plot to be complex, buuut after thinking about it, it's really quite simple. Not nearly complex enough for me. Same thing with ponies. Bronies claim the plot and characters to be complex, but once again, their world just isn't complex enough for me.

I even know who you're talking about. I got bored of her. And frankly I don't appreciate her not commenting to me. I should stop watching her soon, too. I can't say I'm a huge fan of her art, the way she draws her dragon heads is weird. Her icon really is bad, I don't like it at all. I wonder why on earth she bothered change it? At least her old one was her own art.
Des: Thanatos Agreesthagirion on January 7th, 2015 11:25 pm (UTC)
Oh I didn't get a capture card but I hope to within the next month or two. Thanks. I'm proud to have made elite status. I think Ophidius does fear turning into a boring guy at some level. He doesn't like what Solan is and hates him though he hates Thag more.

Silvolf said this other game was "intelligent" but well we know the kind of games she likes. I'm sure I'd be bored. People now a days don't know intelligent or complex and deep so when they see something they've never have seen before they are amazed because this has become a society of mediocrity. When people like you and I do something it's amazing because we are way above mediocre and we require the same in return. Usually if it's main stream it's not good. And from the little I've seen it's garbage. Chris plays real horror games and after hearing me rant he decided to watch a video of it and thought it was stupid because there was no plot and no exploration. It was standing in one room doing nothing and he'd had enough too. So yeah it's fad and I can't wait for it to be over. Unlike ponies I do see this going away once it burns out.

Yeah I removed her after making this post. I wrote way more bad stuff than good. I don't think I wrote anything good actually and now I feel way better about it. It's ok to have a healthy ego but don't be flattered or let your ego get fed or stuff like this happens. I pride myself on not falling for flattery which is a trait I gave Owen despite his raging ego. When someone actually starts to butter him up he gets very defensive unlike those stupid ego based villains that blindly take it. Yeah so much for her big thing about unknown artists need more attention so she watches them. Watching is not enough and if that's (which I doubt she does if she doesn't dump all her inbox)all she does it's not good enough. At least I fixed my mistake and if she asks me why I stopped then I will tell her.
gamma_wings: Confident Claragamma_wings on January 8th, 2015 12:47 am (UTC)
Oh ok! Well at least you will get it so that's great! ^^ You're welcome, yes you definitely should be proud. Yea seems like it, and frankly I don't blame him. I don't wanna be a boring person either. It's just more fun being... interesting so to speak. I couldn't handle being dead on serious all the time. Unless I want to that is, heh.

Yes indeed. I wouldn't think that anything that Silvolf finds interesting actually *is* interesting. At least not to us. But unfortunately most of society is in the "average" intelligence range. There are a lot less people that are in the intellectual category. I usually look down on average folk, they're boring. Yes that's very true, it's a shame that people don't know about intellectual complex things these days. Frankly I'm not like that and I NEED more complex things or else I just get bored when I discover everything there is to it. So basically I like things that are complex enough for me to discover new things for a very long time span. And of course things that trigger deep thoughts are also great. I guess that's another reason why I'm not impressed by most popular "funny" YouTube videos. And especially why I'm not impressed by cat humour (I HATE cat memes!!). Yes that's very true, people do get impressed by our stuff because our stuff is very deep and complex... and varied. I'm working quite hard to make my stuff as complex as possible because that's a quality I like to see in other stories and such. Yea mainstream stuff tends to be bad. I sometimes get curious and see what all the hype is about, but usually I just see mediocre stuff. Yep the game play in that game itself always seemed boring to me. It's why I would have never played it even if I did have a console or something. I wouldn't wanna be trapped in a small room. I much prefer exploration anyways. I wanna see the world whilst being badass! :D Certainly a fad, just like angry birds was. Now almost no one likes that once popular game. Hopefully it will vanish eventually. Probably after the 3rd game (yea there will be a 3rd one), since after that I don't know what else they could add regarding the "lore" behind it all.

So did I. I got bored at looking at her stuff, and don't really care to see more. Yea you didn't write anything good about her. Not that I saw at least, just bad stuff. Yes that's very true, taking flattery too easily isn't a good thing. I'm quite wary of flattery actually, well and people in general. I just don't trust people too easily after all the flame wars and stuff. Oh gosh, I always found it so stupid how villains take flattery too easily! That's quite an irrational thing to do, and I always think that they're smarter than that. Really flattery often leads to their fall. Yep just watching someone is never enough. You need to be active too.
Des: Fungus Yes I AM the Best!thagirion on January 8th, 2015 01:46 am (UTC)
Yeah I can't have fun conversations with normal people. They are having fun but I am not and they probably can't even tell. I'll never forget when I was a teen I watched an interview with Billy Joel who I was a huge fan of at the time. He said his music wasn't that great but it was better than average. Everyone else is writing mediocre stuff so when he put his music out of course it was like a shinning gem because people weren't used to that. That's how I feel about our stuff. We have awesome things going that will blow people's minds. We require mind blowing awesome stuff too so we have a high standard for what we like and who we interact with. It is good that we say, "What's the bid deal?" Because sometimes there are exceptions but usually not. In this case it's the usual our intuition was right it sucked. I didn't know there were three games hehe and only just now seeing it everywhere more evidence it's a hype and not that great.

Oh good thing you removed her. Was just aggravating her art and her journals. I'm sure she'll mention me when she does finish that thing and I'll find out then. I think this is better now that it's fixed. I do feel better about it.
Yeah the typical ego villain or annoying kid that isn't so evil goes around being a jerk about how great he is and has some dumb lacky that believes him. The only person in town. He thinks he deserves more attention. Usually they are an extrovert. But when it comes time to do it they fail at everything they said they could do and then they are sorry. I have always HATED that type. It's not realistic. The arrogant people I have met in real life can back up their words and rarely have to eat them. But that's never shown in cartoons. So that's why I created Owen. I always wanted those characters to win. Why would they claim to be good at things they are not?
audes_ljaudes_lj on January 8th, 2015 04:00 am (UTC)
Hmm, that sounds kinda familiar to me. Not right now, but the short days here in November did make me tired very quickly, since my bio rythm needs time to adjust to it. It is very annoying, since you spend your freetime a bit slower than usual. I guess it is a downside to winter that I have to admit.

You already play on Hardcore? I must admit that I have so far sticked with normal, so perhaps I need to try increasing my paste a bit. And I am also at Elite Rank. I think right now I can only level up the Shadowrank.
Hmm, I always wonder how games can manage to screw one over the same way over and over again. More about that in the next paragraph, I guess.
And yes, I think a folder is used like a playlist in this case. At least I think it is. Well, I do have to admit that PS3 should have been able to handle it in it's own way, but apparentely they haven't programmed it like this.
By the way, the intro of Losing my Insanity, as well as the entire song, did remind me of Ophidius right away.

I must be honest that the secrets behind the game are interesting to me... but that's about it, as overall it is neither the type of game I play, nor the type of anthropomorphic characters I like (animatronics creep me out, actually). So it has nothing besides that for me. And the fanart... well, let's say that I don't want to say exactly what is creeping me out about it. But I will put it like this: how can people come up with that?*shudders*

I do have to admit that the name is slightly familiar. The type of name you might have seen once before and then never again. Oh well, that kinda shows just how active she was overall on your art. Barely at all. I should say that this happened to me before as well. Not with the same issue, bit it ended with the same thing. It is better to get rid of things that don't do us any good.
Des: Exploding Whalethagirion on January 8th, 2015 01:50 pm (UTC)
It's just an annoyance of also having fibromyalgia. Weak days are part of the symptoms. I felt like I could fall asleep most of the day. I finally got normal energy in the evening.

Yes I'm trying to get three stars on most of the songs. I'm very proud of the few that have four. I did the challenge of play a four minute song or more on Insane. I think I did it with one of the songs that came with the game because it had a good beat for my guns but music wise was kind of quiet so enemies were slow. It's the song that plays at the start when the guy says, "I know you're going to like this." Last challenge of that kind is another four minute song on Suicidal. I don't know if I can do that but I'll try. I need to find that perfect song which will be hard. Chris told me some good advice. Even if you don't like the song use one that has the right dynamics to get your goal.
Congrats on also getting Elite. Yeah it's funny you keep getting points but there's no more leveling but the bar keeps filling up. It's really a shame the game couldn't use the playlist on the playstation. I was on google looking at screen caps last night and see the PC does have some things extra that are nice. There is a dragon ship which is what I think you have and a gold ship. Supposedly you get card rewards too and something else I can't remember now.

Oh did I give you the full version of Losing My Insanity? I cut the intro out before I even got this game though it's nice I want to be rocking out. So I put my version on the game. I'm glad it also makes you think of Ophidius. "No please! I don't want to be normal!" I could hear him begging that with fear.

Well I'm glad you don't like it either. The characters are so ugly and not in a cool monstrous ugly way.

Well I don't watch her now so things should be better.

EDIT: BTW here is the link to my Mass Effect 3 review. As you see I had a really bad day that day.

Edited at 2015-01-08 03:33 pm (UTC)
audes_ljaudes_lj on January 8th, 2015 05:00 pm (UTC)
It certainly sucks for you, since I can imagine that you would rather do something else than lying in bed.

I am quite certain that this can be considered very good. You played on easy just a few days back and now have already gone up two difficulty levels. Or three in some cases. I really have to keep up now.
Hmm, I guess that at least I can keep track of him much I farmed, even if it is useless to me now. But as I mentioned earlier, there is a hangar with ships. Now, they all have different penalties to use and conditions to unlock, but overall they are probably better than the default ship. The Cards could be the Steam cards, which are basically trading items to sell, buy or collect. Or something else that I have yet to explore.

And Mass Effect 3... I will comment on that journal then.
Desthagirion on January 8th, 2015 06:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm other wise pretty active so it does suck. But I'm trying to be productive in other ways. If I can't work on digital art I'll try to draw.

Yes I got my confidence pretty quick in this game and am surprised how quickly I have improved. It's neat there are different ships in the computer versions.
Calzephyrcalzephyr77 on January 16th, 2015 08:03 pm (UTC)
Uggghhhh I had to watch a play through of Five Nights at Freddie's to be polite. One of my husband's nerdy friends stopped by too early once and I wasn't sure how to keep him entertained until Bud came home. There was also some rocket launch game that looked super boring - I can't remember what it was called. I need to be less polite sometimes :D

Edit: The rocket launching game is called the Kerbal Space Program.

Edited at 2015-01-16 11:11 pm (UTC)