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30 December 2014 @ 09:18 am
Food poisoning  
I had a terrible night last night. I had a bad soup for dinner and got a tummy ache right away. I thought it was just gas at first but it got worse and worse. Then it was extremely painful. I threw up but didn't get it all out. The part that stayed went lower. Throwing up is gross and feels horrible but it's over quickly so I'd rather have that. I have a moment of relief but then my tummy started to hurt so bad again. I'd have to wait for it to pass and I rarely go to the bathroom that way so even worse. I was moaning all night and didn't get any sleep. Poor Chris was so upset and he only got a few hours of sleep. And this morning wasn't much better. Still no stool and I asked to be taken to the hospital. My balder was hurting where my tummy hurt and I was worried it might be something worse than pressure pushing on it. I'd peed but still felt full.

I took my pillows and blanket and Chris wheeled me up in one of their wheelchairs. We explained what was happening also after throwing up my hip was hurting because it was making my fibro act up. They took my blood, a urine sample. I got some IV for dehydration which I don't think I was but the worst was a shot in my leg. I guess it feels like a bee stink. I've never been stung by a bee or wasp but first you feel the stab then the burning. I did scream a few times. It burned a lot. I had a choice of leg or butt. I'm glad I chose leg or I'd be sitting on it and it still hurts. The IV felt cold and also hurt to move my hand.

Blood work all came back normal. It does hurt less now they gave me that stuff. Well my leg was hurting worse than the stomach pain. I can't feel for than three pains at once. Sometimes I wonder if it's to distract you form the main pain. I do have some kind of urinary infection so they prescribed antibiotics. Chris is off getting them. I hope they aren't too big because I can't do giant pills. 200mg is my limit and these are 500.

So another financial set back but I was pretty scared as I didn't know if there was anything else. Chris got a pic of us on his phone when I was on the bed. I didn't look as terrible as I thought I would. Right now I still feel stabs in the tummy around the belly button but nothing like it was last night. When I threw up I felt my stomach contract really hard and wonder if that was what hurt me.

I feel bad still and sucks that I can't work on my art yet again. Might not make that new years deadline after all.
Current Mood: nauseatednauseated
badcowboybadcowboy on December 30th, 2014 02:50 pm (UTC)
Oh gosh you poor thing :( I've had food poisoning many times before, but I ride things out. I'm a self healer as best as I can. That's awful they jabbed you so much ow! I'm also with you there on pills. I can't swallow any I bite them. I find ways around swallowing if they're big, but still what a bother. Ugh. I really hope you get better soon. How odd you got sick from soup. What kind was it? I got sick off a frozen dinner so things do happen. It still sucks. I really hope you'll get better right quick. That sucks about your art deadline, but take care of yourself first. You are way more important ;)
Des: Owen Not Well Sick Weakthagirion on December 30th, 2014 04:44 pm (UTC)
This one was really bad and I didn't think I'd get better on my own. I was afraid there was something wrong with my bladder and you can die from that. But luckily it wasn't the case and glad my blood work is normal and healthy.
You too huh? Yeah my throat is too little. Gosh these are bigger than headache pills so we'll see if I can do them. I used to be better at swallowing pills but have gotten worse about it over the years for some reason.
It was the frozen De Lish soup from Walgreens. It's always been yummy and good but I didn't finish this bowl and noticed it didn't taste right. I should have stopped even soon. Almost every time I can taste the poison but silly me kept eating.
Yeah I feel bad right now still. My tummy is still stabbing me. Yeah if I'm better by tomorrow I might be able to finish that colored pic. I know I can be better once I use the bathroom I just have no urge to go which sucks. It's the one time it's a disadvantage to have such an efficient metabolism when I'm sick as the poison stays in my system longer.
badcowboybadcowboy on December 30th, 2014 08:46 pm (UTC)
I have a fear of the pill getting stuck. My throat seizes up on me from time to time and I pray it's something you'll never see with me. You'll think I'm dying, but it's best to let me be I'll be fine ;) Those bouts are just annoying. I also had a problem with a pill ages ago where I swallowed it, snorted and it came back up and went through my sinuses and BURNED. So yeah, I'm not swallowing pills any more.

That's too bad about De Lish. I love the ice cream. Gah...I hope it'll get better for you. The bouts I had with food poisoning really sucked. Once from Long John Silvers (same as you the food tasted very funny to me but I kept on eating) once from Arby's, and the recent one of the Boston Market frozen dinner. The Arby's one was the mildest of the three actually. I am really sorry this happened to you. Since it happened to me those times I know what pains and horror it can be. I ran a fever with mine and that only made things more miserable. I'm not sure if that's a common thing, though, but it happened to me. Good luck with those pills. Maybe you can cut them in half? Or even quarters. I can't do capsuls for those reasons nor gelcaps. Well, yet another thing we got in common, too bad it's icky lol
Desthagirion on December 30th, 2014 09:01 pm (UTC)
I have gotten pills stuck in my throat then I'm gagging to spit them back up. Never up my nose that would suck and it can happen. Chris blended the pill for me. Next time less juice so I don't have to swallow as much. Try to do it in one gulp is best, but it's horrible.

Yeah I'm still hurting and it's hard to walk since my leg was stabbed. Really weird how it's a tiny red dot but fells like it's this huge thing. My right hand is slightly sore too but I was able to work a bit on coloring today. But then had to lie down again. Chris went out to get The Equalizer so I'm looking forward to watching that in bed. I wonder if I can steal the playstation and put in here. Haha it's starting all over again. Last time it was the Xbox going back and forth between rooms. So he got me my own xbox. I need my own ps4 now.
badcowboybadcowboy on December 30th, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
LOL Good way to get your own things, get sick XD I know you're not doing it on purpose, but it sounds like the thing a comic is made of hee hee I hope you like The Equalizer. Maybe that'll make you feel better, especially that last showdown in the hardware place I told you about.

Ugh about your leg. I remember when I got bit by a dog the stupid hospital gave me a tetnis shot and I thought they filled my arm up with hot lead. That's how bad it hurt and my arm got heavy! Never again will I allow that to happen. Disgusting! Next time I'll keep my mouth shut when something like that goes down. Hope you get well soon.
Desthagirion on December 31st, 2014 12:22 am (UTC)
Nah, I'd bring it in here when he's working if I were well too. The Xbox used to go back and forth like that til we got tired of sharing hehe.

I watched it and it wasn't bad. Gosh you're right about the slow start. The fighting scenes were great but the stuff in between was too slow. And he was one of those cold feeling types so that was rare to see. He didn't remind of George but the stuff he did was like George as he could use anything in the environment as a weapon. Definitely an S type taking in all the details and facts.

Well I needed the shots. They did help a little but now they've worn off and I'm getting pretty bad again. I'm scared to go to sleep. Don't want another bad night. I still haven't used the bathroom. That's bad because yesterday's bad food is still in me and now the food I ate today is going bad which is probably why it's hurting again. I hope I can go by tonight.
badcowboybadcowboy on December 31st, 2014 01:43 am (UTC)
I loved the nail gun on the bad guy XD All those moves just reminded me of George, hiding in the shadows and killing those folks and not showing any emotion. I'm glad you did like it.

As for the shots ow...that stinks that you're starting to feel them wearing off. Are you able to eat at all? I hope they did't give you something that was binding. That could be why no bathroom break for you. Sometimes it's best to let things take their course. Ugh...I really hope this clears up for you really quick!!! The most recent bout I had in October I worked through the end of it. I almost passed out coming home and had a 102 fever, but no more bathroom stuff. I got rid of everything and was just healing at that point I'm sure. Not a good situation and I hope that never happens again. Hell, I hope it never happens again for you too!!!
Des: Fungus Steps on Premierthagirion on December 31st, 2014 01:06 pm (UTC)
Yes that was a cool scene. There a nail gun in Saint's Row 2 that's a funny weapon. Yes I love that hardware stores are just full of deadly weapons. I like that when he was killing he was totally emotionless but other wise he was very caring and concerned. I am quite sure he's ISFJ just like George. My gosh what an S type though. The routine he had going to the same places, forks had to be set perfectly. Solan did that kind of thing to George in George's first house. Then George got into that habit of that. It made me think of Solan when he was straightening the first buy's decorations though it was also a warning since they were skulls and he was lining them up.

Yes I can eat what I'm worried about is nothing has passed. I'd like to start passing so I know the poison is leaving my system. No it's not what they gave me. That's just antibiotics and they are helping. Screw natural. I suffered way too much I needed real medicine. Felt like I was dying. There's less pain today so the antibiotics are helping but still not well and need to be in bed mostly
actipton80actipton80 on December 30th, 2014 11:42 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry you feel bad. Abdominal pain is the worst. If you hurt one thing down there it makes it all hurt. I'm glad you found out what it was and got medicine for it.
Desthagirion on December 31st, 2014 12:22 am (UTC)
Thanks. I feel very crappy right now. I hope those antibiotics will work fast.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on December 31st, 2014 10:24 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry you got food poisoning. That was a bad one. It sounds like you were having cramps or worse. Yes, it may be that you have pulled something inside. It will probably take a while to heal. And having your fibro act up as well must have sucked majorly. How loving Chris was. I hope you are on the mend now.

Oh, I'm glad they picked up that bladder infection, too. I ave trouble taking pills also. It is from getting scarring from an oesophagal infection from all the throwing up in my first pregnancy. Like you I sometimes gag, which sucks.

Get better soon! (Going to the toilet always helps pass it through and the medication might have slowed it up further).

Sometimes, like you, I will eat something that doesn't taste quite right and then it makes me sick. When will I ever learn?

Edited at 2014-12-31 10:33 am (UTC)
Des: Checkmate!thagirion on December 31st, 2014 01:09 pm (UTC)
Yes some of these craps are bad. Feels like bites on the inside. Not good when it makes my other conditions worse. Chris has been wonderful and supportive as always through this.

I think the anitbiotics for the infection will help a lot.

Thanks. I haven't been able to use the toilet. Just for urine but nothing else.

I know I should have listened to the warnings. I should have learned this by now too. It's not the first time something tasted funny but I kept eating.
gamma_wings: Puffingamma_wings on December 31st, 2014 04:02 pm (UTC)
Oh no that sounds terrible. :( Food poisoning sounds like such a bad thing to go through. I do agree with you that puking is gross, fortunately that rarely ever happens to me. I knew something was up since you weren't on yesterday for most of the day.
Des: Owen Not Well Sick Weakthagirion on December 31st, 2014 04:52 pm (UTC)
Yeah it was not a good day to start off with a hospital visit. That's why I haven't been on DA much. I still have lots of comments to catch up with but may just dump most things and tell people sorry and why. I'm still pretty bad today. But there is improvement.