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01 December 2014 @ 02:24 pm
Another reference for myself because I always forget how to color buildings.

Make a sky background.
Make the square shape.
Then paint it black.
Select the side and make a new layer for windows. Select hard round brush of appropriate size and click outside of where you want the windows. Hold Shift and then click on the other side. It will make a perfect line. Do this with the mouse for the same thickness. For perspective use the pen and click hard outside the selection, shift and hold then click soft on the opposite side for a line going thick to thin.

Once all the lines are made and parallel to each other then take an eraser and do the same thing to separate the lines. For perfect horizontal click with mouse outside selection, hold shift and drag across. It will make a perfect horizontal erase. Same for vertical. Clicking makes straight lines in the direction you want.

Once all windows are separated take the magic wand and click the window you don't want. Hold shift and keep clicking all the windows not wanted. Then hit delete.

Now duplicate sky layer and place between black building and windows. Select the windows with ctrl and in the sky layer expand selection by as many pixels as needed. Now Gausian blur as needed. Set the windows layer to overlay so the color shows through.

Make a new layer and select the windows again with ctrl. Contract selection as needed then feather selection as needed. Fill with white.

Select another color and make a layer under the windowsky layer. Select windows with ctrl and in the new layer fill with color. Deselect then gausian blur as needed.

Beneath the black layer duplicate or select it and then color with full building glow color and guasian blur as needed.

Then color the lines dark grey almost black.
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