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17 November 2014 @ 06:25 pm
Jurassic Island and Budgiezilla  
I'm very happy right now and feel so creative. First off I can't believe what I ordered. I have been wanting the Jurassic Park Capture Copter since it came out back in 1993. I saw one today on Ebay new in box. That's extremely rare. I told badcowboy about it and she said I should get it. Then I called Chris and told him. Though it was expensive the price it was going for considering it's new in box was good. Chris goes, "Why haven't you bought the darn thing yet?" Haha. I'm so thankful to have his blessing in these things. Sometimes I worry about buying things that would make me happy because they might be a bit expensive. But I'm always good at managing my money and would never do anything stupid. So sometimes I need that little push to buy stuff and I'm so glad Chris supports me. He wanted me to get it and now though I feel weird having spent what I did I'm sure that will all fade away when a huge box arrives on my door. Gosh I can't wait. What's cool about this toy is that it has a giant net to catch the dinosaurs with and this is the piece that is always missing in the used versions. So now I am only missing one thing from my Jurassic Park collection. I collect the original series of the first movie. And that's the Command Compound. I so want that but it's also rare and expensive and hard to find with all the pieces. Usually the eggs are missing from the hatchery, or the missiles or the fire on the gate. I see people selling the individual parts and I have thought about buying it that way and then piecing it all together. But I think those eggs would be hard to find. That's next on the list and there is one available less than the copter was. I can afford it...I just don't know if I should. I do want it. I have been wanting it for over twenty years now.

So I've been feeling very nostalgic. I have Jurassic Park and Gilligan's Island on my mind. Two of my favorite things. And then I had the crazy idea to merge them. What do you guys think of Jurassic Island? This is a work in progress so yes I'm open to suggestions. I starts with Gilligan and friends getting of the island finally. Somehow the professor finally does manage to fix the boat. I'll figure out how later. So they sail away when a time portal opens up on the ocean during a storm kind of like in the pirate song Back Through Time. They get sucked into the future in 1993 and crash on Isla Nublar. Now here's the part I'm not sure. Should the cast of Jurassic Park be there? Should I have the castaways meet Dr. Grant and Malcolm and "the rest". If you're a fan of the show you'll get that. Or should this take place after Jurassic Park was abandoned. So this is at the end of the first movie and only dinosaurs are there. They castaways think they are on Gillgian's Island until they find the visitor center and have to start fighting for their lives. Being me it will take a dark turn and probably nearly everyone will get eaten. I'm guessing the Howls would be the first to die since they are old and money won't work on dinosaurs. Though Mr. Howl claims he was a big game hunter I think it's all talk and he was just showing off but never did any hunting. So I do think they'd be the first to go. They aren't good runners like the rest of the younger castaways. What do you guys think? Just them alone or should they team up with the JP cast?

And here's another idea I have. I know it's crazy but I'm thinking of making another comic. Budgiezilla. So it's about a Giant budgie that goes rampaging through some cities and no one can stop her. Yes has to be a female budgie because they are bigger, meaner and stronger. I got this idea in the shower and was laughing my head off at a laser spewing budgie smashing building with her wings and stepping on humans. She'd throw tanks and have dog fights with F-22 raptors. Her screams can shatter glass. And it won't be like the cheesey 60's Godzilla but more like the 90s version where there are serious explosions and people dying. I don't know if I'll actually make that but it's an awesome concept that would be so funny. I wonder if I can make it look like old comic book style too and make the white borders look like paper.

See what I mean about I'm really creative today?

Current Mood: Energetic
actipton80actipton80 on November 18th, 2014 12:56 pm (UTC)
That's funny about Budgiezilla, and I bet she would be white with tan markings too.

I can't comment about the JP/Gilligan's Island crossover because I'm only familiar with JP. I've never watched Gilligan's Island. I like to be familiar with both series in a crossover.
Des: Budgie Bitchthagirion on November 18th, 2014 04:04 pm (UTC)
I think it would make a very cool comic. Hehe tempting to make her be Bullet but I think one colored like Babi would be great. Yellow with green.

Oh, well I think you'd like Gilligan's Island. It's a very innocent slap stick show also some play on word humor. What do you think about shows in black and white? I think it was you that said you liked the Stooges. If you like them you'll like Gilligan.