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28 October 2014 @ 10:46 pm
Cruise Day 3  
Today was a pretty good day. Spent all day at sea as we head to St. Thomas. I got up early and walked around the Promenade around 6am. It was great as there was no one around other than the crew swabbing the deck. Literally. We’re on a ship despite being inside and they were cleaning and soaping the floors. So they were swabbing the deck. I took some nice pics and video of that. Nice to see everything without out tons of strangers in the way. Then we got ready for the All Access Tour. That was incredible and the best part of the day. We went to the galleys, “Hwy 95” which is the main road for traffic on the ship for the staff, Engineering, the laundry, the helipad and the bridge. We took it easy. I went off on my own to take pics of other Halloween doors. Sadly there are very few. I’ll get to that in a minute. And then in the evening we went to see the play Chicago. I did not like it. It was not what I had expected. I thought it was a girl that ran a gang in the 30’s. Instead it was about women murderers in prison and in court. I was expecting police chase and gun fights. Not quite. Also what was very disappointing was the lack of things changing on stage as far as background. I know they can move things round because they did on Oasis with Come Fly With Me where they had an airplane on stage. So yeah was disappointed in that.

The All Access Tour was great. It was cool to see them making food in the galley and how hectic it can get with waiters going in and out. Engineering was awesome with all the cool computers they had. The laundry was neat too because it was on deck 0 underwater. I could hear the waves hitting the side. Also the temp down there was the right heat and humidity for me. Most people would probably hate it but I loved it. Oh we went into some giant freezers and refrigerators too and saw where they store the produce and meats. The Helicopter pad had a great view but it was too windy to really enjoy it. And of course the bridge was just so awesome.

I’m still hurting on and off though it seems less. While I was lying in bed resting I was watching the ocean from our balcony. I was thinking about the birding tour and how I enjoyed that and that I probably wasn’t going to see any new birds today. Suddenly something huge flies past the window.
“WHOA!” I yelled.
“What was that?” Chris said as I jumped out of bed and ran to the door.
“A booby!” I yelled all happy.
Turns out it was a juvenile brown booby. Another lifer!! Last year I saw a red footed book while at sea. This time a brown booby. That’s just so awesome. I got great video of him and Chris took pics.

Check out some pics now.

This is how the sunrise started this morning. It looked like a volcano erupting. I have never seen a sunrise like this. I love sunrises at sea.

Here is a photo of the bridge. They have the best view of course and such cool computers and things up there. We got to see things very few people get to see on this behind the scenes tour. This was like being on the bridge of the enterprise.

Juvenile Brow Booby. He was a very good flyer. Too bad I didn’t see other pelagic birds.

So tomorrow we are going on a Snorkel, Kayak and hiking tour. I think I am up to it. I can’t wait to see more birds and wildlife. I’m feeling pretty good right now so I hope no other pains will keep me from doing stuff tomorrow.

Oh more Allure vs. Oasis comparisons. Well I have decided that Oasis is WAY better than Allure in so many ways. Besides being laid out the same and being the same ship over all just things like this one having a Mexican Restaurant and Oasis having the seafood one well I prefer seafood. I’m allergic to corn so that makes 90% of Mexican food bad for me.
Well I went exploring for Halloween doors today. I found only one other person on our deck, deck 6 that had any. I went through 7 and 8 and so far 8 is the winner but not by much. On Oasis all the doors were decked out for Halloween from day one. That’s when I found out you could decorate stuff. Tomorrow I will go through a few more decks. Or actually the next day at sea. But this ship has such an air of stuffiness and boringness to it. Everything seems so froo froo and no one knows how to relax and have fun. Oasis was a fun atmosphere and I’m not the only one that’s noticed. There was a youtube review that covered this. Well time’s ticking I’ll write more on this this later.

Glitter yes agree with everything. I’m glad you like the list I got this time around. The Ani’s were so cute. Big noses. Oh man, yeah Oasis is just better in soooo many ways. I need to find time to draw though.

Thanks Calzephyr. The birding was excellent. You’d have loved it.

Earthmother, thanks. I’m so glad you like my vacation posts. I love sharing my experience with you. I wish you were here so I do my best to explain things this way. Yes lots of new “Lifers” for my list. I was so happy and I had not heard of these birds either. Thank goodness she gave me a check list because I would not have remembered what we saw.

Kabuldur. Yes the best thing so far about the trip.
Yes the sand and the water was awesome at that beach.

Tipton, yes quite the list. I miss real bookstores.

AudeS, yes it’s been great. Well I like Oasis better. It deserves to be the flag ship as it was better. But apart from the few annoying things on Allure it’s still be an awesome vacation so far.
The internet is really stupid and now it’s worse it’s even more expensive than last time. But yeah as always I’m find ways to get around things. I love my Reaper door cover. Looks very metal.
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ericrovveericrovve on October 29th, 2014 07:36 am (UTC)
Very much enjoying your posts, thankyou! And that awsome bird list...!
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on October 29th, 2014 10:59 am (UTC)
Cool that you got a tour of the ship. Amazing that that they really were swabbing the deck! That control centre is cool. Just like Star Trek. They really got the future right, there.

Sorry Chicago was not good. I wish they wouldn't change things like that!

And cool you caught a booby on the wing :)

actipton80actipton80 on October 29th, 2014 11:45 am (UTC)
The bridge is cool. The only ship's bridge I've seen was on an old aircraft carrier that is now a museum. This one looks better because people are working in it, and all the neat monitors are on.

That's a good shot of the brown booby.

Also, Happy Birthday Chris.
(Deleted comment)
gamma_wingsgamma_wings on October 30th, 2014 12:19 am (UTC)
That sounds like a cool tour throughout the ship. :D Cool that you got to see all those places.

Wow that's so cool how you got to see a brown booby! That's funny how it came when you thought you weren't going to see any new birds, and yet you did. Nice photo too!

I hope you see more birds the next day! (so today. XP)

That sucks how the Allure is more boring overall. That just comes to show that the Oasis is much better.