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10 October 2014 @ 09:21 pm
Silly microbe songs  
Today was a good day. The main thing I accomplished was washing the front patio. I even filmed a before and after because I thought it was very funny to bring the hose through the house.

After that I had a text Skype chat with gamma_wings for four hours. I gave her a bunch of metal songs I hope she'll like. We talked about birds, Myers Briggs, idiots and I also showed her some videos. It was nice and we're both tired from it.

Then I decided to look for something to watch on Netflix and found a movie called The Hit List. I really liked it. Full of action and wit from the start. I had picked another movie before it that sucked was slow and boring. I can't figure out why that was under "action". Sometimes you take a chance when you pic these movies but I'm glad my second choice made up for the crappy first which I didn't even finish. I'm always on the look out now for inspiration for George as he is a hitman too. I also liked that the guy in the movie seemed like an INTJ. He was very cold and calm and funny because of that.

Later Glitter posted a video about microbe songs and I have to share the lyrics here.

Paramecia Song - sung to Oh Christmas Tree

Paramecia, Paramecia,
How lovely are your cillia
Paramecia, Paramecia
How lovely are your cillia

They help you eat and to move
The food goes in your oral groove
Paramecia, Paramecia
How lovely are your cillia

Euglena song - sung to Home on the Range

Oh give me a home where the euglena roam
Where the night is as light as the day
They'll make their own food
With flagella they'll move
Their red spot will find them the way

Home, home in the pond
Where the amoeba and euglena play
Where seldom is seen so many creatures as keen
As the ones we will look at today

Amoeba song - Sung to Jingle Bells

Dashing to and fro
Amoeba like to play
In a Petri dish
Dividing once a day

Nothing less or more
But I looked through the microscope
and counted up to four

Oh, single cells, single cells,
See how they divide
I saw one the other day
And now it's multiplied
single cells, single cells,
There's nothing much to do
But swimming in a petrie dish
Dividing into two.

Well there you go.
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