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05 October 2014 @ 09:06 am
Freddy Dream and Parrot Paul dream  
I had a crazy dream the night before last. I was Freddy Kruger and I was fighting with the Queen of Hearts. She came at me but I did a leg sweep and knocked her down. Then I started kicking over and over taking turns with each leg. It went faster and faster until I was doing the Russian dance. There was is even loud fast classical music playing which made it really funny. It was Hungarian Rhapsody No 2. The fast part by a full orchestra. I wasn't afraid it all but having a blast because I had all of Freddy's powers and knew I couldn't lose. This is one of those dreams I almost woke up laughing. Well Freddy laughs at all his kills.
Here's the piece. I cued it to the right moment as the first part is too slow. http://youtu.be/uNi-_0kqpdE?t=8m00s

Last night I had a crazy dream about my gamma_wings's character Paul the hooded parrot. I'm not sure I'll write everything that happened as this dream was bizarre. They were in this dark room with wood walls and he was with another bird. An owl I don't remember what type of bird he was. But the other bird was a British bird and he kept saying how he and Paul had the same voice and accent. I listened to both talk and no they did not. I even said Paul had a more nasal voice and this guy had a deeper voice plus the accents were totally different though both were kinda nerdy. Then Paul got annoyed with all the insisting and we throw the owl out the door. Then it turned into this weird thing about directing these whales out of elevated channels back to the ocean. There were killer whales and big baleen whales too. But they'd get smaller and smaller as you got close to them. They had to go over a waterfall and then they were free. Oh and the channels had 90 degree turns every few meters or so. I left a lot of stuff out but that's about it for last night.
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gamma_wingsgamma_wings on October 5th, 2014 01:29 pm (UTC)
xDD I'm laughing, these dreams... these dreams are amazing! I'm actually laughing out loud, yes they are that funny.

The first dream was hilarious. Hehe, that's funny how you were fighting the Queen of Hearts. I didn't expect for the dream to have you as Freddy Kruger. That must have been really cool! What's even funnier is how you were doing the Russian dance under that piece of classical music. When I listened to the piece and imagined Freddy dancing, then I started to really laugh. Ha, wouldn't blame you for almost laughing when waking up. I know that I'd be laughing if I had such a dream.

Hmm, British nerdy owl? What on earth was Doctor Hoo doing in your dream? xD That was hilarious how both you and Paul just threw him out the room that he was so annoying. xD Hehe, Paul wouldn't usually do that but I'm sure he would if the other bird gets too annoying. And yes that's more than correct that Paul doesn't have a British accent at all. It's actually really awesome that you had a dream about Paul. I occasionally have dreams about being him, but I never thought that other people would also have dreams about him. o.o" And well, this dream was very funny to read. xD Huh, that's odd how you had a dream about miniaturizing whales that you needed to get to sea. It's funny how in dreams when you get closer things get different sizes and all sometimes.

My dreams weren't too interesting today and yesterday. Yesterday I had a dream about blue and white budgies of different sizes, today of buying Giant Microbes in a store. xD Meh.
Desthagirion on October 5th, 2014 02:25 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you found these funny. I've had dreams where I laugh so hard IN the dream it wakes me up. Then I'm laughing in real life then mad because I didn't get to finish. Yes usually I am the characters I dream about. My main power is shape shifting. I've been Freddy several times and always such a blast and he's so powerful. That classical music is soooo funny. I often have soundtracks in my dreams to make the story more exciting like a movie.

I think I dreamt about an owl because Asherman's new drawing of the barn owl holding a gun made such an impression on me. Yeah I know Paul's a nice guy but INTP's get annoyed too they just don't show it. So with two of us I'm sure he'd do it. I grabbed one arm he grabbed the other and literally out the door. haha. And now I must ask. What do you imagine Paul sounding like when he talks? Yeah dreams do weird things like that like size changing or walls moving so the layout is not consistent.

Oh a microbes dream. That's great. I have a dream every night but they have to be really good for me to log. I almost didn't write this one but it was fresh in my mind and it was your character so you should know.