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26 September 2014 @ 10:07 am
Dept 56 Wishlist  
This is a list for myself so I can remember what I want to buy each year.

Halloween Village

Spooky Schooner
Captain Black Bart's Ghost
The Pumpkin House
Ship of Sea Phantoms
Jack's Pumpkin Carving House
Set of 6 pumpkins (no faces)
Halloween water tower
Halloween ravens
Ghostly landscapes set (for 6 pumpkins)
Headless Horsman
Jack and his lanterns haunted rails
Toxic waste car
Glares and Stares House

Snow Village

Coca Cola Corner Founatain
Coca Cola delivery truck
Ed's dinner
Harley Davidson Snow Village
Harley Davidson billboard
Harley Road House cafe
The Griswold Holiday House
Tod and Margo's house
Tod and Margo
Griswold Family Christmas Tree
Cousin Eddie's RV
Cousin Eddie
Griswold Sled Shack
How Tweet it is Wild Bird Store
Tweet treats
Our Lady of Grace Church
Shelly's dinner
Out for a Drive

New England
Chesapeake Bay light
The Jefferson Library

Dicken's Village
Christmas Carol Vist
Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim
A proper cup of tea
Old Scrooge house
Crachit's house
Scrooge and Marley's counting house
The Three Hen's Market
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