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08 September 2014 @ 09:27 pm
Found some Rage coins  
Today has been a very interesting and productive day. I'm still working on that budgie drawing. I did part of one wing pattern. I hope to finish that wing tomorrow and perhaps start on the back. I must remember to never draw a normal budgie again. Gosh they suck. They are as annoying and hard as snake scales. The background was so easy compared to the budgie. I got some decent writing done too.

Ok time for some interesting back story on Chris and I. Very early on when we were dating. Possibly 1996 we were both big into Primal Rage. There was an arcade in Tampa Bay Mall that had these very rare coins of each of the characters for Primal Rage. Seven total. I would love looking at them and wanted them. Well Chris managed to get a hold of them somehow. The guy that worked there knew he loved the game and let him have them. Well Chris really loved me because Talon was my favorite character and he let me have that coin. I knew he loved me because he separated the collection and took a big risk since we didn't know each other well yet that if we hadn't worked out well I wasn't going to give it back. The Talon coin as far as color was the ugliest one though. Silver. All the others were pretty colors. So for all this time I had that coin as mine and he had his. A few months ago I found the Talon coin and asked him where the others were. We were married and never going away it was time the collection was complete again. But he didn't know. Oh no!!! Well today he found them at his parents' house. I was thrilled when the told me that on the phone. But I can't find the Talon coin now. I had it on my desk for months. I don't know where I put it. I'm sure I put it somewhere I thought it would be "safe" but that's no good if I can't remember. So the collection has not been reuinited yet. Gosh I was so excited about this. I felt like they were the medalions in Cities of Gold. The pieces at last reunited after years and something amazing would happen like the doors to the city of gold would open. Ha but the pieces are still missing. I will find my coin. It's around.

Speaking of things vanishing. The blackhole strikes again. The other day a bird hangy cup vanished. I don't now how. I always rotate these four hangy cups. Two in the cage and two drying on the wrack for the next day's use. But the tan one vanished. Then my stool vanished. It's not outside. It's not in the garage and it's not in any of the rooms. I need that to reach tall places. WTF is going on? Now my Talon coin. Stop it already. Spit all my stuff back out!

But Chris brought back a bunch of my old posters too. Unfortunately I was a bit mad that his parents let many of them get crushed and ripped. The ones that weren't in heavy tubes were simply rolled up but had had heavy things placed on them. How can one not notice or think? I hate it when people don't understand these simple things. I wonder if my rare cockatiel poster in there somewhere and hopefully still in good shape. My Jurassic Park ones took some damage too. I'm not happy. Perhaps it would have been best if I had not found out about them.

And I am annoyed with myself because today I was feeling great physically finally but then I did some excersices with my staff and hurt a muscle in my upper back. I was lifting it over my head. I didn't do it for long. Less than a minute. I had no idea that's what had caused it until I mentioned to Chris that upper back pain was new for me. He said that's usually from doing stuff. I didn't remember what I had done at first. Then I did the motion of raising my right arm over my head. Ouch! Yeah that's the motion alright. So no arm excercises tomorrow. I hope this won't last long but it hurts to move it and it hurts to breath. I didn't really do that much it's dump it's this bad.

But yeah I've had a very good day despite that. I hope I can write more tomorrow.
Current Mood: soresore
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on September 9th, 2014 08:50 am (UTC)
I'm glad you had an interesting and productive day.

How nice of Chris to give you a coin way back then. That meant he really loved you!

I'm sorry things are going down that 'black hole' on you. There's always been a black hole around here :)

What a pity your posters got crushed. Yes, it would have been better of you had not known.

That sucks that you pulled a muscle when exercising. Just when you got better, too. I hate that when it happens to me.
actipton80actipton80 on September 9th, 2014 12:23 pm (UTC)
That was nice of Chris to give you that coin when you were dating, but that sucks that you can't find it now. I'm glad the black hole doesn't usually steal my stuff.

It sucks that you hurt your arm too. I hate injuries because I need exercise. Exercise helps me combat the as-yet-unknown pain I have.