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26 July 2014 @ 07:34 pm
No Longer One Chapter 5  
I like this chapter because George opened up so much. Also I have art to go with it.

Days Later

    Leeanix sat on a chair inside the house. She had set up the radio that George stole for her against a small table next to the window by the fireplace. She leaned in and listened to the music enjoying herself. A commercial came on all too soon. She frowned a little and turned the knob to the next station that didn’t have any talking. She kept doing this because she never wanted the music to stop. She paused when she found a power classical station. Finally music and not commercials. A moment later George walked into the house.
    “Hey little missy. How ya doin’?” He asked. Leeanix looked up at him.
    “Hi George. Good. I’m listening to music.” She said.
    “Is that so?” George said taking note of how she sat there quietly. He pulled up a chair next to her and sat down. Both of them stared at the radio as it played. George turned his attention to Leeanix watching her behavior closely. She was concentrating so much. He could almost see her thinking. She had a smile on her face.
    “You like that, huh?” George asked as he listened as well.
    “Uh huh.” Leeanix said nodding but not looking at him.
    “Wait just a moment.” George said as he got up and left. Leeanix turned her head as she watched him go in his room. A second later he came out holding a classical guitar.
    “I think I can do that.” George said. He began to pluck and soon found the scale the song had been written in. He followed along quite well. Leeanix stared wide eyed.
    “Wow that’s amazing!” She said. George smiled proud. Leeanix switched the dial to a jazz station. “Can you play that?” She asked. George listened a moment.
    “Not really my style but yeah I think so.” Again he plucked around and soon figured out what the artist was doing and was able to keep up.
    “George you’re amazing.” Leeanix said happily. “I didn’t know you were a guitarist. How long have you been playing?” George looked up at her and hesitated.
    “A very long time.” He said.
    “What else can you play?” Leeanix said as she turned in her seat to face him. He had her full attention.
    “Well, I don’t really play other people’s music much. I mostly play what I have written for myself. My preferred style is Spanish classical.”
    “And you’re a composer! Oh please play me one of your songs.” Leeanix begged.
    “Sure.” George said happily.

    George played many of the songs he had composed over the decades. Some pieces were fast while others were slow and meaningful. Leeanix sat quietly but transfixed. She loved the complex patterns and constantly changing melodies that George had created. They really made her think and conjured up all kinds of mental images for her. His music was so beautiful and full of emotion. On the faster pieces she would tap her feet; including some of the feet on her tail. George noticed and smiled. He played for nearly twenty minutes. When he stopped Leeanix clapped happily.
    “My goodness. That was beautiful. George, you’re amazing!” Leeanix said.
    “Aw, thank you kindly.” He said just eating up her compliments. He knew he was good but he could never share his music with others because of the plates on his hand. It was nice to have someone that not only appreciated him but understood him. Someone that was almost like him. Leeanix reached out for his right hand and pulled it towards her. George watched nervously but said nothing. She felt around each knob with the tip of her index finger like a needle going around a record. She then held out her own right hand and looked at the back of it.
    “I like these.” She said as the felt the plate on her back. “How come I don’t have these on my hand?”

    “I think you’ve got enough to worry about with the ones you do have.” George said amused by her.
    “May-be only males get them on their hands.” Leeanix added. George laughed when he heard that.
    “I don’t know.” He said.
    “What else do you know? You have to have more songs.” Leeanix asked eagerly.
    “Well.” George said reluctantly. “I do have this one piece that’s very special. I have never played it for anyone else.” George began to play a lovely haunting piece. It was beautiful but had a loneliness to it. Leeanix was instantly frozen the moment he began to play. She felt relaxed like nothing else mattered. George noted that, surprised she would be so taken by his piece. It had its strong moments as well as sad ones. The song seemed to rise up at the end in anger and determination leaving the sadness behind in powerful strokes. When he finished Leeanix didn’t move for a while. Then she clapped happily.
    “Beautiful. That is my favorite so far. What is that called?” She asked curiously.
    “I call it…Centipede’s Lament.” He said. Leeanix stared at him with concern.
    “Are…you the centipede?” She asked slowly. George suddenly felt over exposed.
    “What? No! Of course not!” He said frowning then looked away. Leeanix watched him worriedly. His angry expression melted to a tired release. He sighed. “Well, alright. Yes.” He said reluctantly.
    “Are you ok?” Leeanix asked as she put her hand on his shoulder.
    “Don’t worry about it. It…it was a long time ago. I’m tired now. Why don’t you listen to your radio. I need to go outside.” He said as he got up and put his guitar away, then he was gone. Leeanix sat staring at the door. She then turned to her radio and began her search for music again.


    The ugly, chubby bearded man reached in his pocket for his phone. He punched in a number that very few knew of and waited as it rang. At last they picked up.
    “Yes it’s me.” He said in a creepy accent. “Those strange reports that have been circulating around about a centipede monster? They are true. I have tracked her movements, and can bring her in for you.” He paused while he listened to the response. “No, she is not one of us. She is a gifted so you may do with her as you please.” Another pause.
    “Excellent. I will have her for you very soon.” He said as he hung up the phone. “And I hope this will bring you much grief, Gallemotch. Oh yes. Much greif.”

Late Morning

    Leeanix headed outside. The day was sunny and bright. It was lovely. She wondered where George had gone off to. He hadn’t gone out that night like usual. She went around to the back of the house and saw him standing far away on a rise in the land. He had his back to the house and faced the expansive prairie. The wind gently flapped the tails of his duster. Leeanix slowly walked up beside him and looked up at him. He stared ahead at the horizon with a melancholy look in his light brown eyes. Leeanix’s own face held concern when she saw this. He sensed her presence and at last looked down at her.
    “What’s wrong, George?” Leeanix asked worried. He closed his eyes and sighed. “Please tell me. I probably can’t help but I can listen. You’ve helped me so much it’s the most I can do in return. Please tell me about you.” She gently persisted. George thought for a moment. He knew more about her than she knew about him. He did feel at ease when she was around. He felt he could trust her. He was sure of that. She was basically one of his kind. Almost one of his species if that were possible. He’d always been a species of one. But perhaps he was no longer one. He just feared how she might react to everything. Would she stay with him or would he be abandoned like he had those other times when he had dared to open up?
    “Alright.” He said reluctantly. “You should know since we are so much alike. This place is not my home. I can’t ever go home although I am constantly searching for a way to return.”
    “Why can’t you go home?” Leeanix asked confused.
    “Well, I don’t exactly understand that myself. But basically I was cast out. See there is nowhere on this Earth that I could settle down and be completely happy. The reason is that I do not belong here. I’m a demon, and Hell is my home. WAS my home.” He said correcting himself. Leeanix just stared in wide eyed amazement. She was silent just listening to him. George was pleased she wasn’t afraid and hadn’t run off. “I was very powerful. I was 4th in command. Kind of like a General. Just over 200 years ago I was given the ability to take human and hybrid form by Thagirion himself. My master. I was so proud going around collecting souls he had contracts on and delivering them to him. I was very good which is why he took note of me in the first place. There was even a time when I worked with the 2nd in command, Sorath. His human name is Solan Rah. We were friends and we brought in some of these contracts together. Oh those were great times.” George said smiling as he remembered. He paused a moment.
    “So what happened?” Leeanix asked eager to hear more. George had to admit he liked that she wanted to hear more and was enjoying his story.
    “Number Three happened.” George said with bitterness in his voice. “Three was a treacherous serpent named Quetzalcoatl.”
    “The Aztec god?” Leeanix asked surprised.
    “I…what the? Yeah he paraded around to many as a god. How did you know that?” George asked surprised.
    “I read about him in the new books you got me. They were much more interesting than those tax law ones.”
    “Really? Did I get the right ones this time?” George asked. Leeanix nodded affirmatively.
    “Yes. History and science. I love them. So what happened to you and Quetzalcoatl?”
    “Right. I don’t know why Thagirion kept him around. Everyone knew he was a traitor and wanted to take command. Shoot he’d even caused a civil war once in the late 1600’s. I was very actively involved in that war and killed many that were sided with him. I even saved Thagirion by stepping in the line of fire for him from an attacker he hadn’t seen. Then in the 1800’s Three vanished and abandoned his post. No one was doing his duties and my master was very angry. And this is where I made the biggest mistake of my life that I’m still paying for to this day.”
    “What did you do?” Leeanix asked as she leaned in intently.

    George looked down and rubbed the back of his head. It was clear he was pained by this. Leeanix just watched him quietly realizing this was not easy for him to express. At last he spoke.
    “I asked Thagirion if I could become Three. Damn it! Change is never good. I should have never done that! I had it perfect where I was. I thought since Three was gone I could just move into his spot. But no it was not that simple. Thagirion said I could become Three but I had to find Quetzalcoatl and defeat him in battle. I couldn’t kill him though. I had to ‘send him a message’ is how he put it. When one demon challenges another they must be defeated in battle this way for the next rank up. The snake had been good at hiding but I was the expert at tracking. So I found him in the saloon of an old West town and easily defeated him as I trapped him in human form. Plus he did not know it was me. He had never seen my human form nor even knew I had been given one. For a very short time I was Three. I can’t understand why Thagirion always let that traitor live. I hate the bastard. He returned at last and demanded a rematch against me. Thagirion allowed this and we had another battle down in Hell. Only this time I lost.”

    George sat down on the small hill and patted the ground so Leeanix would do the same. The grass around him was completely dead from his mere presence and the circumference of dead plants was expanding with George’s foul mood. Leeanix sat down Indian style next to him.
    “You lost?” She asked worried. George swallowed hard. These memories were very painful for him and they haunted him every day of his life.
    “Not only did I lose…I died.” He said looking at her with mournful eyes. “Sorath brought me back to life. But because I had lost so badly my punishment was I must never return to Hell and I no longer was a ranking member of the Hierarchy. I was outcast into the human world to forever walk the Earth. I was their shame, and it was supposed to be kept secret. None were to know I had come back to life. That wasn’t supposed to happen. That kind of loss is unforgivable. But I think Thagirion owed Sorath a favor. So this is the thanks I get for millions of years of loyal service. The demon that is willing to take over and wishes to kill First and Second is allowed to return to his honored place while I who did nothing but follow all my orders, even to fight him again, am cast out for losing. For a while I was even angry at Sorath for bringing me back to life as this life seems like a fate worse than death. If I had never asked to be Third I’d still be doing what I always did, proud and respected!” George said while shaking his hands like claws in front of him. “I never would have gotten in trouble! Stupid of me really! I want nothing more than to return home. I do not even want my position back as 4th. I just don’t belong here. More than anything in the world I desire, I LONG to go home.” He said as he placed his right hand over his brows and shut his eyes.

    Leeanix was at a loss for words after hearing that story. All she could think of to do was give him a quick hug. She put her arms around him. George’s eyes snapped open. He had not expected that and thought to resist at first. But it did feel nice and he felt weak and tired for that moment. He loosened his muscles and gave into the hug and just let himself be held. It didn’t last though. Leeanix let him go and sat up. She had to think. He had told her so much.
    “It seems you do have the weight of the world on your shoulders.” She said and continued to process the story. “Did you lose any of your powers when you were cast out?”
    “No.” George said.
    “Well, I think that you’re still the same then. Other than losing your home and your title nothing else has changed. I’m sure it must be terrible to not be able to go home again but why not let it go. Accept that this is your home now. May-be find a place you really like.”
    “I can’t and I think you should understand why. These aren’t my people. They are my prey. I can never be accepted for what I really am.” He said frustrated. “Besides even if I made friends here they all die on me of disease, murder or old age. It’s not meant to be.”
    “Where you accepted back in Hell?” Leeanix asked.
    “No. I always felt I was different even down there. But I belonged there at least. Anyone that bothered me I just put in their place. Anyone except the first three that is.”
    “But you do the same here. You don’t let anyone mess with you.”
    “But I belonged there.” George persisted. Leeanix shook her head. She felt she was not going to get through to him that way. He was stubborn not realizing if he did let that go he could have a nice new life the way she had accepted what she had become. She had been right. She didn’t think she could help him because he didn’t want to be helped. But she would listen to him since she had promised to do that.
    “Well I’m very happy I met you.” She said to him. “I’m sorry this happened to you, but it is not your fault. You were treated wrong. You were just doing what you were told so you should not have been punished for that. Seems this is all Thagirion’s fault.” George gasped when he heard that.
    “Don’t say that!” He said almost frightened.
    “My goodness, you are angry at him and you owe him nothing but you’re still loyal to him?” Leeanix asked surprised.
    “I don’t know. I am angry. I know it was wrong but he’s too powerful to go against. He’s our creator and was here first.” He said nervously.
    “Well I hope he’ll see the error of his ways and lets you go home. I can see what that means to you. What was it like there?” She asked. George chuckled.
    “I had a cave. It was big and like a long tunnel. When I needed to be alone and quiet I would go there. Few dared to bother me. The view was nice. It was away from the cities out in the wilderness.”
    “There are cities and habitats?” She asked.
    “Oh yes. It is as diverse if not more than this surface world is. Funny when I was trying to adjust to living here I found a similar cave out West and lived there for a few decades. Oh and I guess I should tell you. My real name is Gallemotch.” Leeanix smiled at that.
    “Gallemotch.” She repeated. “Well, you’ll always be George to me since that’s how I came to know you.” George chuckled.
    “Heh heh. Very well. I can live with that.”

    “So you have one more form.” Leeanix said thinking about it. “Can I see your true form?” George stood up and helped her to her feet.
    “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said in an uneasy tone.
    “Why not?” Asked Leeanix.
    “Because, everyone that has seen what I really am has turned on me.” He paused a moment. “Well almost everyone. Only my brother in arms accepted me for everything I was. My fellow gunslinger. Gosh I miss him. My only real human friend. Shame he got old. Actually amazing he got old with the life he led. I miss that bastard.”
Leeanix laughed when she heard that.
    “I’m not afraid of you. I can be like your friend. Besides we’re already friends. You’re my best friend.” Leeanix happily said.
    “I’m your only friend.” George replied. He still didn’t think it was a good idea.
    “All the more reason to not lose you. Again, I’m not afraid of you. And since we’re best friends we should be open and honest with each other. Friends don’t keep secrets from each other. They share them and keep them. I’d like to see what you really are.” She said confidently. George couldn’t believe he was getting lectured by a “child”. But she was wise despite her youth. Apart from returning home, his next greatest desire was acceptance. It’s possible it was his first desire as he never felt accept or quite right even when he was in Hell. But his power and rank kept that feeling from becoming too bad. Everyone he had met he had tried to tell the truth to only accepted him for a human. Some even accepted him as a “bad” man. But none could accept him as a demon or even a centipede. There had even been one unusual reverse incident where he was accepted for his true form but once found out that he was an outlaw, a murderer and other “horrible” things that rising friendship was soon over. Only Jerone Thanatos had had no problems with his two halves. Running with him had almost been like running with Solan. Possibly a bit more fun on a limited human level though. Leeanix was still waiting.
    “Alright little missy. If it will make you happy.” He replied. At least he hoped it would. Truly he was very afraid this could be the end. “Just so you know I’m huge and not a pretty sight.”

    George held out his arms and his transformation began just as it always had when he took hybrid form. His antennas and tail emerged first. Nothing that Leeanix hadn’t seen before. But instead of stopping his tail continued to grow out behind him. The change was rapid as all of him elongated and grew. He gained mass quickly not only becoming longer but wider. Soon the 36 foot long plant centipede stood beside her. He had a brown, three lobed bulbus plant head. His segments were the same as those of her tail except the third through sixth segments had long modified arms. Instead of the normal pair of yellow legs they were arms that ended in three finger like projections. His antennas were long trailing down over his sixth segment. Leeanix slowly approached him.
    “Wow!” She said. Gallemotch positioned his head down towards the earth as though he were ashamed and trying to hide. “You’re beautiful.” She said. His antennas twitched. It was not the reaction he had expected.
    “So you’re not afraid after all.” He said in the same voice he had when he was George Smith.
    “No. I told you I wouldn’t be.” She came closer, and slowly walked around him. Gallemotch raised his eyeless head watching her go around him, and then return to stand before his face. “May I touch you?” She asked.
    “Yes.” Gallemotch replied.
Leeanix reached up with her right hand and placed it flat on his snout. She rubbed it up and down the way one pets a horse. She thought he was amazing and that she was so lucky to know him. She did not understand how someone so incredible could be so down on themselves. But she couldn’t imagine what he had gone through even after hearing his story.

    “When do I get to learn to do this?” She finally said. Gallemotch spread his lobes, reared up and laughed.
    “I don’t think you do. You’re not a demon. Besides, why would you want to look like this?” He said in disbelief.
    “Because I think you’re amazing.” She said. And what she didn’t say was that she was only half of what he was. She truly thought his form was beautiful and admired his strength and abilities.

    Gallemotch reared higher and quickly shrank back down until he stood as George the hybrid. He began to walk back towards the house smiling. Leeanix followed behind him.
    “Oh and now you know why I have not slept in the house since we met. I have been sleeping or standing outside in this form protecting you if anyone came. My senses are much more powerful as Gallemotch. Even more powerful than in my hybrid form.” He explained. No more secrets after all.
    “You’ve been sleeping outside like that?” Leeanix asked surprised. He was amazing. She knew that for sure.

actipton80actipton80 on July 27th, 2014 08:18 pm (UTC)
This chapter has cuteness all over it.
Des: Peep Heartthagirion on July 28th, 2014 12:40 am (UTC)
Yes. Lots of progress on their relationship. I'm glad you like it.
kabuldurkabuldur on July 28th, 2014 09:11 am (UTC)
A very nice story :)
Desthagirion on July 28th, 2014 12:32 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Heh, but you know my style. This won't last.