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25 July 2014 @ 09:11 am
No Longer One Chapter 4  
Previous chapter http://thagirion.livejournal.com/771559.html

    Leeanix sat on the log looking out across the grass field. The feelers on the end of her tail waved gently back and forth as they perched slight raised off the ground. Her antennas also flowed back and forth with her hair in the wind. It was a sunny warm day. But that familiar shadow soon came over her. She turned and looked up to see George Smith standing in hybrid form. His antennas hung out from the back of his hat and he had a very serious look on his face.
    “Come with me. Time to train.” He said nodding in the direction they should go.
    “Right now?” Leeanix asked surprised.
    “Yes now.” He said sternly and walked off. Leeanix stood and followed. She felt nervous worrying she would not live up to his expectations. He stopped in front of the house. Leeanix stood stiffly a few feet away from him. George lifted his left arm up in front of him an placed his right behind him. His tail raised up as a counter weight.
    “Now attack me.” He said.
    “What? I…I can’t.” She said.
    “Why not?” George said as he stared at her.
    “I don’t know. I…I don’t want to hurt you.” She said softly. George laughed when he heard that.
    “You won’t. Now attack me however you wish.” He said.
    “Alright.” Leeanix said unsure. She pressed her centipede tail hard on the ground and ran at George. Her tail giving her an extra burst of speed. She had no idea what she was doing. Should she punch him and keep running past? Should she punch him and then stop? And where should she punch him? In the stomach? That might hurt. Before she knew it she was on him and then felt herself flying.
    “EEP!” She let out a little scream as George side stepped shoving her to the ground with one hand. She slid on her stomach like a baseball player and came to a stop in a puff of dust. She coughed.
    “Oh.” She said as she rolled her side and looked at the sky. George came into her field of view.
    “Now why didn’t that work?” He asked.
    “I don’t know! You’re stronger than me!” She said annoyed. George put his hand out to her. She took it and he pulled her to her feet.
    “What I did had nothing to do with my strength. You will learn you can defeat enemies far larger and stronger than yourself. Come on. I’ll teach you how to block.”

    Over the days George taught Leeanix different ways to defend herself and attack. All in his unique brutal fighting style. She was getting better and slowly gaining confidence with the moves. She watched him as he showed her some deadly moves.
    “And that’s how you break a neck.” He said. She stared wide eyed only slightly disturbed.
    “George?” She asked cautiously.
    “You kill people, don’t you?” She finally asked. He turned and looked at her with a smile.
    “Yes.” He said confidently. “And you will too.”
    “I don’t want to kill anyone.” She said unsure.
    “You’re a predator. You’re going to have to at some point. Best to be ready.” George told her. “You’re much stronger than humans your size. I think you could easily lift your own weight.”
    “Wow really? I never thought about what the heaviest thing is I could lift.” Leeanix said excited by the notion.
    “Come on. I want to teach a very effective built in deadly move.” George said as he walked off. Leeanix smiled and followed him. Out in the field George had set up a scarecrow. “Now your venom will take down any human. There is no cure so pick yer targets wisely. Hitting the enemy’s head would be ideal but that’s the smallest target.” He said as he knocked the head with his hand. “Limbs are pretty small and hard to hit as well. So go for the center of mass. Ram both feelers quickly into the chest, inject and quickly pull out. Like this.” He took a few steps back then ran at the dummy. His tail was at the ready and once in close he stabbed it in and quickly pulled it out. Stuffing went everywhere. “Now it’s your turn.” He said. “Remember, when you run to lift your tail off the ground. All those little feet can’t keep up with your big ones. Also when your tail is raised it’s at the ready. Now attack!”

    Leeanix pushed off with her centipede tail for that extra bit of speed again. She lifted it as George instructed and instantly saw the merit of running this way. She closed the distance between her and the dummy very quickly. Leeanix whipped her tail around and jammed it perfectly through the chest.
    “Good! Good now pull out quickly.” George ordered. Leeanix removed her tail from the opening and more stuffing fell to the ground. Instinctively the tail curled up and the little legs began to remove the pieces of cotton stuck to the more jagged parts of her exoskeleton. George walked over to inspect the scarecrow. He placed his hand in the hole.
    “You didn’t inject your venom.” He said disappointed.
    “Venom? You didn’t say anything about venom. I don’t know how anyway. Plus I think he’s dead.” She said nervously. George shook his head. There’s a small chance he could survive and be dangerous. Wounded prey is the most dangerous especially humans with weapons. With venom there’s no chance he’d survive.” George replaced the stuffing and closed the shirt up as best he could. “Now once more. This time when you stab think about how you want this guy dead. Feel anger, hate, sadness or anything that will trigger it to go off.”
    “But I don’t feel any of those things right now. I can’t force myself to feel things that aren’t there.” She said confused.
    “What? That’s crazy. Sure you can. What do you feel right now?” George asked.
    “Content.” She said flatly.
    “Content? Not even happy?” George asked prying for a stronger emotion. Leeanix shook her head no.
    “Happy is too heightened of a state. I’d get tired. I’m content and glad to be out here with you.” She responded. George shook his head in disbelief.
    “Well Content and happy wouldn’t cut it anyway.” He said trying to think how to get around this problem.
    “How does our venom work?” Leeanix asked.
    “I don’t know. It just does. Instinct in the heat of battle. Or getting angry and suddenly stabbing someone hehe.” He said with a chuckle. Leeanix frowned as that didn’t answer her question, but she said nothing. George looked up finally having an idea. “Dummies are boring anyway. Perhaps you need live prey.”
    “WHAT? No. I’m still a beginner. I can’t do this right yet, so how could I do it on real prey? No I need to learn how to even use my venom first.” Leeanix said nervously.
    “I could wound it for you.” George said happily thinking about it.
    “You said that was more dangerous!” Leeanix said annoyed.
    “Not if I break their legs and take all their weapons. Hehe, besides I’d be watching to make sure you’d be alright.” George said showing his triangular teeth. Leeanix shook her head. Her antennas twitched nervously.
    “No. One step at a time. I’ll figure out this venom thing first.”
    “Alright. Let’s call it quits for now and we’ll continue tomorrow.” George said. Leeanix nodded liking the sound of that.


Evening of the following day
    George Smith pulled up to his house and dismounted his Fatboy motorcycle. His hunt had gone well and he was in a pleasant mood. The turned and lifted a brown cardboard box from the passenger seat and placed it under his arm. He was looking forward to relaxing and talking to Leeanix. She was pleasant to talk to and he was starting to enjoy her company. George went up the few steps to the front door and pulled out his key. He paused a moment as his antennas and tail emerged from behind him. He then placed the key in the lock and opened the door. His smile quickly faded into a frown with what he saw.
    “What the blazes happened here?” George asked annoyed. There were dirty plates on the table, on the chairs and even some on the floor. Juice boxes, half drunk soda glasses and partially eaten food were in different locations around the living room. Some of it was even placed on the mantel of his fireplace. He almost stepped on a tennis shoe. Just one. He wondered where the other was.
    “LEEANIX!” George growled when he saw her leaning on a chair with her feet propped against the wall. She had her back to him and hadn’t seen him come in. She nearly fell backwards out of her seat and let out a shocked screech.
    “George, you’re back.” She said catching her breath after having been frightened.
    “What happened to my house? Look at this mess!” George yelled angrily. Leeanix looked around not seeing the big deal.
    “I was going to clean it up.” She said.
    “When next year?” George said as he picked up a cup of soda and sniffed it. “This has been sitting out almost a week!”
How could he know that? Leeanix wondered.
    “Sorry.” She said timidly as she held one of her arms.
    “How could you let it get like this? Once yer done you clean up yer plates then put them away. That’s not so hard is it?”
    “Right away?” She asked.
    “Yes right away. Always right away. Then you won’t forget. Now pick all this up! Had you done it right away then it wouldn’t be such a huge chore now.” George said as he watched Leeanix walk past him with her head down. He set the box down on the kitchen counter then sat down in his favorite chair next to the fireplace.

    George looked out the window and relaxed. He could hear Leeanix cleaning up in the kitchen and chuckled to himself. He hadn’t needed to come into the house much since he protected her from the outside while she slept him his room. He had no idea she was making such a mess.
    “I’m done!” He heard her call not long after. He walked in and looked around.
    “Good. Very good.” He said pleased. He reached for the box, opened it up and pulled out some books. “I brought you something. Here. Read yer….tax law?” George said when he looked at the cover of the books. He slowly handed them to her and she just frowned. “I uh, I guess I shouldn’t have killed that librarian right away.” George said ashamed. He had just started grabbing the nearest books not thinking much about it.
    “Geeeeeorge!! I’m boooooored!!” Leeanix groaned as she dropped the books on the hard floor. They made a loud thud when they hit.
    “Alright, alright littl’ missy. I’m trying.” George said as he raised his hands up trying to calm her.
    “I miss the city and going out.” She added.
    “Hum.” George said as he brought his hand to his chin and thought. “Ok how about this? I take you out tonight instead of doing training.”
    “YES! That would be wonderful!” Leeanix said excited.
    “Ok. I take you back to Dallas BUT while there I will show you some new training. Not fighting but something that will come in very handy for when you’re in the city on your own.” He said with a toothy smile.
    “Oh that sounds great!” Leeanix said very pleased. She couldn’t wait to go back to all the lovely sparkling buildings.

    That night the two got on the motorcycle and headed into town. It didn’t take them long to arrive. Leeanix looked up at the tall buildings. She was happy to be there again. The night was clear with few if any clouds. George pulled into one of the back alleys similar to the one where he had first found Leeanix in. The two dismounted. Leeanix could hear the cars roaring by on the busy streets around her. She was very happy but her smile soon faded.
    “I don’t like these parts of town.” She said disappointed.
    “Unfortunately you’re going to have to rely on them. But they are not the only means for you to travel by. I want to show you another.” George said as he walked over to a fire escape. “Now follow me.” He said and leaped up grabbing the first rung. He pulled himself up and began to climb up the side of the old brick building. Leeanix walked up under it. She knew she wouldn’t be able to reach it from a stand still so she backed up and ran. She jumped and just managed to catch the rung. Her feet kicked and her tail lashed back and forth as she tried to pull herself up. After struggling for a while she finally managed to get one hand on the second rung and was at last able to bring her feet up and climb up. George was waiting at the top when she pulled herself over the ledge. She dropped on her knees and breathed a while. He walked over to her, took her hand and helped her to her feet.
“This agility training will help yer strength and endurance. In time you will not get tired like that.” George changed into hybrid form before her eyes. She always loved watching him transform so that they looked the same. “Have a look.” He said as he held his hand out to the city.
    “Oh wow!” Leeanix said as she took in the lovely sight.
    “We’re not just limited to skulking in the alleys you know? Roof top travel is very convenient and you will find fewer humans here than even in the alleys. Now come on yer going to follow me to that other building. This is an easy one to jump to for a beginner.” George said as he looked down at the street below.
    “Jump? No. I can’t do that.” Leeanix said nervously. Her tail backed up first then she took two steps back. George turned to look at her and raised an eyebrow.
    “Yes you can. It’s time you tapped into your true potential. Yer centipede side is what gives you strength. I know you can easily make that jump. In fact with time you’ll be more agile than I am. Most people think I can’t do things like this. I enjoy surprising them. Hehe. Now come on.” George said as he ran to the ledge, hopped on it and leaped forward into the air. Leeanix watched amazed as he cleared the one lane street below and landed gracefully on the other roof top. He turned and motioned for her to join him.
    “Wow.” Leeanix said as she stared in amazement. “Ok. Yeah. I think I can do that.” She said nervously. “Just gotta run real fast, right?”
    “Hurry up already!” She heard George yell from across the way.
    “Ok.” Leeanix said to herself quietly. She lifted her tail and began to run to the edge. She was frightened. It was a scary thing she was about to do. But George was right. If he could do it so could she. Or did he just make it look easy? Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. She was at the ledge sooner than she realized. She stepped up, leaped and let out a scream. She was floating through the air across the street many feet up. And then she was over the next building. Her feet touched down and she fell forward into George’s arms.
    “THAT WAS AMAZING!” She yelled as she stood and got her balance. “I can’t believe I made it!” She said looking back from where she had been.
    “I told you. And look you cleared a good distance further than the width of that street. But we need to work on that landing. You need to land on your feet so you can keep running. Come on. Follow me back over and this time try to not fall. Keep yer balance.” George said and suddenly he was off. Leeanix was amazed how fast he was. She had never seen him in action. No wonder humans were shocked by how he moved. She watched him position himself in such a way that he’d catch her if she fell again.

    Once again Leeanix ran. This time she was less afraid although it was slightly different from this new perspective. But it was still the same jump and distance she told herself. She looked down at the street below this time. It felt like she were going in slow motion. Leeanix cleared the distance between both buildings easily and she concentrated on landing. Soon her feet hit the ground and she began to run again. She felt herself falling forward but put her arms out to her sides and balanced herself out. She came to a stand still next to George.
    “Not bad. Yer a fast learner. A few more times and I think you’ll have it. Now come with me. I know a route that should be easy for you.” And then he was gone. Leeanix couldn’t believe how quickly he’d taken off again.
    “Alright!” She said excitedly and ran after him. George leaped to a new roof top. Leeanix followed suit and did the same. George bounded across a building. His tail flowing in the air behind him. Leeanix was almost along side him now. He jumped to the next building sailing over the street. He knew to stay in an area where the roofs were fairly level. He’d teach her about jumping to lower levels later on. And once she’d mastered that he’d teach her how to go up. Leeanix was enjoying herself. It was so fun to go so fast with her best friend. It was almost like flying. She knew there was no way she could have done anything like this in her past life.
    “This is great!” She yelled to George. He looked down at her as they ran and jumped over and over.
    “Pretty good. Alright. Now keep up with me if you can.” He said with a hint of competition in his voice. He suddenly sped ahead of her and cleared three buildings.
    “HEY NO FAIR!” She screamed and tried to run faster.
    “Come on. I know you can catch up!” George yelled. For once George was having fun being chased. No one had ever been able to do that on the tops of buildings. He always easily lost anyone that may have been after him and then he’d turn the tables. He chuckled and went on, his duster’s tail flaying out behind him. He landed on another building when he heard a scream behind him. Instantly he stopped and turned back. He hadn’t been paying attention and entered a more difficult area. Leeanix had jumped an area that was too wide for her. She just missed the ledge and had attempted to grab it with her hands. George flew over the side going down after her head first. The poor thing was terrified as she fell. George caught up, reached out and grabbed her right arm with both hands. He brought his legs down in front of him and spread all the legs and terminal feelers on his tail. Eventually they came to a jarring stop. Leeanix let out a high pitched scream again. Concrete shards rained down on them and onto the street below.
    “Oh MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH HELP ME GEORGE!” She cried. George Smith was standing on the wall as though it were a safe horizontal surface. Leeanix was dangling against it. Both of them were being held up by George’s thick centipede tail. All his sharp feet had dug into the wall. Some were propped on window ledges and bricks that stuck out away from the rock. A trail of deep furrows could be seen behind him where his feet had slid down and stopped their fall. George was calm as he looked down at her.
    “It’s ok. I’m not letting you go.” He said and he pulled her in close. She wrapped her arms around him and her tail coiled around his back. “That’s it just hang on.” He said. Slowly one centipede foot would take a step back, find a secure hold and then another would do the same. All of them did this and after a while George was able to take a step back with one of his human legs. It took a while but he was able to walk backwards up the wall. Eventually they reached the ledge where his tail clenched the top of it. “Alright Leeanix. Climb up over me and get on the roof.” He said.
    “I’m scared! I don’t want to let go!” She yelled. George could feel the death grip she had on him. It was hard to breath. He was thankful his plates were so hard that he still could.
    “I can feel that.” He said. “In more ways than one.” He said under his breath. “But you have to or we’ll be here forever. Just get on my back and then crawl onto the roof. Now go!” He ordered. Leeanix pulled herself up. George gave her human feet a push. Her tail feet were digging into his chest and stomach. It hurt but he grit his teeth and bared it. Leeanix grabbed the ledge and rolled over it falling on her face to the ground. George felt the weight off of him at last. He turned, crouched, grabbed the ledge and elegantly hopped over onto it. His tail legs had left deep grooves in the concrete wall when he let go. He looked down and saw Leeanix crying on the ground. He tipped his hat up and scratched his hair under it, feeling bad for her but not exactly sure what to do about it.
    “I’m sorry about that little missy.” He said. “I forgot those buildings were further apart. But you did great.” She didn’t react but kept on crying and shivering. George looked around uneasy. He finally kneeled next to her. He put his hands around her shoulders and lifted her to a sitting position. “Hey, be glad you’re safe now. We made it. It’s ok. Danger’s over.” She looked up at him with wet eyes. “Come on. On yer feet.” He said as he lifted her. “We can’t stay here. We made too much noise. Just come with me for a little more. I promise nothing like that will happen again.” He said. She nodded but was still clearly shaken. George stayed at her side the whole time and helped her across three more buildings. Satisfied with a quiet area of town he took her behind a large AC unit.
    “Alright wait here. You’ll be safe. I’ll be right back. Just take the time to calm yourself.” Again she nodded. George smiled at her and ran off.

    Leeanix sat down and rested her back against the noisy unit. She whipped away the tears with her hands and did try to calm herself. She knew it was an accident and George hadn’t meant it. And he was right. Nothing happened. She should be happy she was alive. He did come back quickly and saved her. She smiled when she remembered. Her rescue had been amazing. She had a first hand view of George coming over the side of the building down towards her.

    George slid a metal panel off of a roof. He was able to fit with no problem and dropped down into the store below. It was completely dark but that was no problem for him. He could see just fine without any light. He looked around to see what security was in place. Not much. He smiled and could help himself. He hadn’t planned on doing a burglary that night but it was just the right thing to do given the circumstances.

    Leeanix felt a little better though she was now extremely tired. She felt she could fall asleep right where she was.
    “Hey. Hey wake up!” She heard George’s voice. He hadn’t been gone long. She looked up at him. “Look what I got you?” He said smiling and holding up a long box.
    “Wha…what’s that?” Leeanix asked as he handed it to her.
    “It’s a radio.” I figured it would make up for the crappy books I got you. Now you can listen to music at home.” He said happily.
    “Oh thanks!” Leeanix said pleased. Now things wouldn’t be so boring when he was gone.
    “I’ll pull the bike around the side.” George said pointing behind him. “There’s a fire escape you can easily climb down and meet me.” She liked the sound of that.

    The two peeled off down the road on George’s motorcycle. Moments later an ugly chubby man stepped out of a dark alley and watched them leave.
    “Gallemotch has another of his own kind now? Interesting.” He said under his breath. “I know some people that might be very interested in this.” He said then vanished back into the shadows.

actipton80actipton80 on July 25th, 2014 01:42 pm (UTC)
I think Leeanix crossed the line between slob and gross with all the dirty dishes and half eaten food left out. I'm okay with my bedroom being messy and every surface in my bedroom and bathroom being cluttered up with stuff, and I don't notice dust until it gets really bad, but food related messes are a huge pet peeve, and I think the person who makes them should clean them up as soon as they are done making them.
Des: George Grinsthagirion on July 25th, 2014 02:14 pm (UTC)
Hehe, NT's can be slobs. It's funny she got in trouble.

What did you think of the roof top training and rescue?
actipton80actipton80 on July 25th, 2014 02:44 pm (UTC)
I say ouch to the training. Just reading it makes me sore. She learns fast though.
Des: Embarassed Gadzooksthagirion on July 25th, 2014 02:53 pm (UTC)
I like that for the first time George showed real concern and guilt for messing up. Yes luckily she is a fast learner.
kabuldurkabuldur on July 28th, 2014 08:24 am (UTC)
I like how George's centipede feet backed up the wall just like a tractor! Although his feet have the added advantage of being able to feel grips :)
Desthagirion on July 28th, 2014 12:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Yeah that part was very neat and I can picture it like a movie.