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04 May 2014 @ 03:32 pm
Photoshop tips and Tricks: How I color Thagirion  
Ok this is a post for myself because I always forget this and it's such a pain and I'm working on him again right now which I'm not too pleased. But it's always worth the effort.

Select his lines and spaces between limbs. Inverse and contract.
Now on a new layer all of these will be under the lines fill with Red.
On the layer on top of that fill with black.
Now do ctrl c on the lines layer. Add another layer over the black layer and fill with red. Now do a Gaussian Blur at a 1 or 2. This will make a red outline on his lines. Keep filling with Alt Backspace until the red shows over the lines. This makes it sharper and nicer than a blur.
Add another layer. Now with a fuzzy brush add orange to the edges with a good sized brush.
Add another layer. Now do the same with yellow but with a smaller brush
Add another layer and add in the red membranes.
Add another layer and add in his white claws.
Add another layer for the white shines on his skin.
Add another layer for the shading on his broken membranes and shading on the claws.
Go back to the first red layer. Add a Gaussian blur to give him his over all red glow.

That should be it. Doesn't sound hard written out but it's a total pain.
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