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10 December 2013 @ 11:01 am
Leeanix Again  
Was too tired to post again last night but I did some practice art and am very happy with how most if it turned out. I drew the three views of George's Fatboy. It was hard. I also drew Leeanix form the front for the first time. She's also hard. I have a very hard time with women. But I like all of these but one.

Click for Full size. The bike isn't bad. I may make it in his colors as Gallemotch. Yellow hubcaps, brown and dark red on the rest and chrome. And I like Leeanix. I think she turned out very cute and pretty. She really looks like me only did a few things different on her. I don't like the upper right. Screwed that one up. My fave is upper left. And I LOVE her and George together. George, let her have those budgies. He's such a grumpy puss. Hehe. And she's trying to get out of his grasp. I like how her tail is walking over him pushing into his duster.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It's a day off. Not sure what I'm going to do today. I think I will try to work on the Renegade comic since I didn't do that last night. I think I thought of what to draw on that frame I was stuck on. I might game with a friend today. And I have started writing Leenaix's story. I need to draw some new characters too. So much to do.
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actipton80actipton80 on December 10th, 2013 08:04 pm (UTC)
She really wants those budgies. Should be interesting to find out how she came about in universe, since she's obviously not a normal human being, but most likely not a demon either. I can see her annoying him about not getting the budgies.
Des: Laughingthagirion on December 10th, 2013 09:07 pm (UTC)
Well I'm working on that story. But you're definitely right about that. She does annoying him at times. She'd probably talk about the budgies all day and how cute they were and how she wishes she could have touched one.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on December 11th, 2013 04:25 am (UTC)
I think you've got that Fat Boy down very well.

Leenaix is very pretty. I especially like the middle upper one.

And I'm really looking forward to Leenaix's story!

Edited at 2013-12-11 04:25 am (UTC)
Des: George Smiththagirion on December 11th, 2013 01:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I still don't feel comfortable with it, but the more I draw it that will change.

Thank you. Yeah she's cute in that one.

I'm glad to hear that. I'll definitely post it once it's done.