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04 December 2013 @ 10:50 pm
Feed store, gun store, plant store and art  
I had a very nice day today despite ODing on caffeine. I got one of those big cups of mocha at IHOP and basically drank the whole thing. I forgot I'm only supposed to drink half and take the rest home for the next day. I got the fun hyper moment but then I paid for it as it did the opposite and zapped all my energy. But the worst was the pressure in my ears and I couldn't hear right. They kept popping. I felt pressure all over and the awful tingling mostly in my hands. I drank lots of water to detox.

But it was a good day at the dump. Got pics of some vultures and I think a neat one of sandhill cranes. I'll have to get it off the camera to see. Then we went to Alex's to pick up the CD. That was quick in and out. We deposited money at the bank for me. Then we went to Tampa to Worm's Way. Chris bought me some new square pots I really needed. That was cool. Then we went to the feed store and got some budgie food. Lastly we went to Shooters World. That was a lot of fun. I enjoyed looking at all the taxidermy animals. I enjoyed talking to three different members of the staff there. They were helpful and nice. Well Chris didn't and it was one of those incidents I was oblivious to because I don't notice body language sometimes. Though I think it was a matter of personality clash. There was a guy working by the shot guns and Chris asked him about one. He pulls it off the shelf and hands it to him then goes off to help other people. Chris was telling me some stuff he was wondering about and I go, well let me get someone to answer the question. So I went back to the guy. He asked me if we were going to buy the gun. I go no just a question. I thought it was odd when he got there that Chris asked a totally different question but didn't think anything of it. He then proceeded to show us parts and a whole new gun. I did notice he was mostly talking to me and making eye contact with me and not at all with Chris. I'm just absorbing what he was saying and still oblivious to what was going on. Once that was over we walked off and Chris whispered, "I just wanted to get away from that guy." I'm like, "Huh? Why?" He told me he was rude and condescending. WHAT? I didn't think that at all. How so? He said that everything he told us was in a tone as though we should have known that. He said he moved his head back like annoyed and rolled his eyes again like he should have known that. ??? Really I didn't see that. May-be because I do make minimal eye contact I missed all that or he wasn't looking at me when he did it. I thought he was helpful and informative. Again I was just absorbing new information. But I did notice he was loud and it could be perceived as pushy. I told Chris, "I think he was an ENTJ." I know that personality type rubs Chris the wrong way big time. He was like Owen in a way after I thought about it. But I get along well with ENTJ's because there's only one letter difference. I just thought that was really fascinating. I enjoyed talking to the "jerk". Oh well. The other employees we talked to were nice and Chris liked everyone else. I got some pics with the bears which I thought were cool and scary at the same time. One even had a calm face and he was still freaky because of how big he was.

Speaking of bears, Chris is very excited about possibly visiting his aunt in Georgia this summer. She's invited us to her house and she has huge land in the woods. Chris wants to bring the guns and do target practice. I'm looking forward to that too. I'm already planning how to go about it. The only thing is there are bears, cottonmouths, cougars and boars. The mammals scare me more than the snakes. Actually the snakes don't scare me at all. I need to get some high boots is all. But yeah I'm walking around with my gun the whole time I'm out in the woods for defense. I'll have one magazine always full of high powered rounds just for emergencies. Chris says he'll be with me the whole time too. It's not like I'll be alone and he'll have his shot gun which is better against big mammals than my little .22. Though if I have to I'll empty all 10 rounds, load the next clip and empty those 10 rounds into anything that dares to come after me. He's also hoping he'd have saved up enough to get a 12 gauge by then.

Oh and about the gun store again. They had some desert eagles in a glass case. They had the largest ones which are the .50 caliber. That's the gun that George uses in modern times. Holy cow, I was impressed with them. They are huge. Actually there were lots of huge hand guns. I couldn't believe some of the stuff I saw. Biggest I have ever seen. But yeah the desert eagles were just so lovely. Nice big gun.

We went home and I was still feeling pretty bad. So we started to watch Moby Dick with Patrick Stewart. I LOVE that movie. Best version of Moby Dick. We'll watch the rest later because it's a 3 hour movie and they still didn't cover everything that was in the book.
It was so cool to look at our underwater pics finally. Alex did a kick ass job. We're so happy. Free camera rental after all the trouble. What happened was they laid two tracks on a DVD that isn't rewritable. The photos we took then a bunch of promo photos on top and it screwed up the disk. So yes I will eventually post those. And I do want an underwater camera.

And yesterday I drew my dream. I drew myself as a hybrid with tail and antennas like I looked in the dream. So cute! I look forward to coloring that. To make it easy on myself I'm not going to put lots of effort into the buildings. I'm not going to worry about perspective and perfect window this time. The focus isn't the background anyway. It's about Des.
And today once I got better I started the first page of the Renegade comic. Oh, I need to draw a cover for it! I found an awesome reference for the desert eagle that's really going to help me draw it. It's a line drawing showing it from all angles. YES!

Oh and I found the bike I want George to have. I saved a pic of one bike and found out it's called a Harley Davidson Fatboy. That name made me laugh. Perfect for George. Also nice WWII reference. So the one with normal handles not those giant ones will be for him. Once I found out what it was called I did a search and was able to find photos of it from front, back, side and top. Too bad there weren't line drawings like the guns. Those are hard to find. So I need to learn how to draw one of those. Funny enough I think it will be way easier than Cope's bike. I don't know why but Cope's bike is very hard. I don't know what color George's bike is yet. I don't want it to be black, red or have fire. All those are so typical. He's not a fire type anyway. Perhaps a dark red. A gradient of dark red to black maybe. Or perhaps give it the colors of his exoskeleton as Gallemotch. That would be dark brown, tans and yellow. I really don't know. In GTA V I made this truck those colors. So lots of new design ideas. I'm also reworking the tail feelers. They won't be smooth anymore but will be segmented.

Anyway, I drew the first five frames of page one of the comic. My gosh it looks so good! I drew George extremely angry and he looks great. I told Chris that George is my true angry boy. I love drawing Owen angry but his anger is nothing compared to George's. Even when angry Owen is still controlled and there's some thinking. But not with George. He's just raw emotion and extremely dangerous. No thought just action. Someone makes him mad? Start throwing furniture. And he's so powerful so yeah I think he'd be really scary.

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kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on December 5th, 2013 08:57 am (UTC)
Ooops about the coffee!

I think the name of that store, Worm's Way, is funny :)

Hmmm...I wonder if that guy was flirting with you or chatting you up? It was rude in front of your husband. Yes, he's a jerk.

Man, that Harley Davidson Fatboy looks perfect for George! I will be interested to see George's angry expression.
Des: Owen dressed up and sexythagirion on December 5th, 2013 12:44 pm (UTC)
I think I will be better today. Still feeling the effects of the coffee.

Yeah it's such a cool place. They have a cute logo with a worm too.

No he wasn't flirting. I can tell when a guy likes me right away unlike most girls. This is why I was such a heart breaker in college. I was responsive to what he was saying and that probably fueled him to concentrate on me more. He probably was a jerk, I just didn't notice. Everything he talked about was regarding the products.

Yeah I really like the Fatboy. It is perfect for George. If I can finish that page today I'll post it in my next post.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on December 6th, 2013 02:58 am (UTC)
Okay, he must have been doing the salesman spiel. Although he could have answered the question you or Chris asked him.

I'd like to see the Fat Boy, especially the colours you choose!
Des: Ego Tripthagirion on December 6th, 2013 01:18 pm (UTC)
I don't know. I just found it very interesting how I enjoyed that conversation and had no problems with the guy but Chris hated him. Oh well doesn't matter I always side with Chris. :D

There was one time in a restaurant though there was a waiter, Latino so huge ego, that was flirting with me and I noticed right away. He did bug me because he ignored the mean faces I made at him. That's not a cue for more I seriously mean I'll rip your face off if you don't stop. And this in front of Chris. I told Chris this guy was flirting with me and was a jerk so now he was aware of it. He brought our food and Chris had started to give him some verbal jabs already. There was a pepper and he was going on and on about how hot it was and told Chris, "Here bite it." Chris goes, "You bite it!" That was great. I was cracking up and I think he eased up after that. What a jerk.

Yeah I'll have to figure out the colors still.
The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Argit WTFsilvolf on December 6th, 2013 09:07 am (UTC)
That's weird about the "jerk". I notice things about people but that's because I can sense their attitude toward me. It's not always a good thing. It's fine when you want to figure someone out but not so good when you can feel their dislike toward you. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
Bikes are fun to design but hard to draw. I'm planning another pic featuring Kurtz' hov-chopper but it's a pain to draw. I find cars easy though.
Des: Fungus Hugthagirion on December 6th, 2013 01:20 pm (UTC)
Usually I'm oblivious and if I do sense some one (usually a girl) hates me or is jealous I really start to pour it on because I just don't care what others think of me. That makes them more uncomfortable and gives me wicked pleasure.

I need to do some practice sketches of this bike probably in the standard three poses to get used to it. Wheels are the hardest for me on any vehicle.