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29 September 2013 @ 09:06 am
Gaming mostly  
So I finally posted the new grid for the secondary functions. Check it out. I think this one is more understandable than the last one I had. Depending on your type you have four of those 8 functions in a certain order. The order determines what you are like and which functions you use most. So your first and seconds are your main ones and your strongest while 3rd and 4th aren't so strong. You can develop your last two but a lot of times people don't especially the last one which is why I say whatever your last function is you basically do not have. So I will list some of the types that I know of here.

INTJ - Ni, Te, Fi, Se
INTP - Ti, Ne, Si, Fe
ISTJ - Si, Te, fi, Ne
ISFJ - Si, Fe, Ti, Ne (so many ISFJ's on my Friends list hehe)
ENFP - Ne, Fi, Te, Si
ENFJ - Fe, Ni, Se, Ti

I think that's everyone. If I left anyone out let me know. I'll go into detail next time. It's morning and I need to wrap this up and feed birds. I'll compare and contrast INTJ and INTP because we have all the functions between us and though it looks opposite because we're both NT's we compliment extremely well and they are types that get along excellently. The key is in the big letters where there is only one letter difference and we are basically the same.

So no art again yesterday. My back hurts in the morning so it was kind of a forced in bed gaming day. I had fun and made it to level 23. Not bad for gaining normal experience. I wonder how far I will make it today. The goal is to again reach 27 at least. The higher you go the harder it is to pass each level. Gosh how I wish they'd do a double experience but it probably won't happen until Halloween and I won't be here anyway. I'm determined to get to 50 before we go on vacation.

I got in touch with my friend Mike P. He's still on to take care of all my birds and pets. So awesome. I think I'll leave out a big bowl of candy for him and his kids for Halloween. I'm getting so excited about the trip. I need to book at least one more shore excursion. I'd like to get the helicopter ride in Jamaica. I'm just waiting again because I need to see how bills turn out this week before I spend lots of money. I have been very good and just saving nearly everything I get. It's been hard as I got emails from my favorite plant stores about new nepenthes they got in. One is a species I have been wanting and is finally available again but UGH, I can't. Even though it's affordable now even $50 is a huge thing for me. I can't. That sucks.

Good news and not so good news. I found the Mordecai Mansion. Woo hoo! But the grim reaper and the orange pumpkin are still missing. I'm starting to think *I* moved the pumpkin. I really remember worrying that they would bump each other and went to look for bubble wrap but didn't find any. So what did I do after that? I only remember thinking that but not what I actually did. So where is it? Why would I leave something half done? I'm starting to get annoyed at myself.

So that's it for now. I don't know if I'll work on art today or not. I don't feel the energy there still. I hope I do. I'll try. May-be I can at least write.

I had a short dream about pumpkins last night I really loved. I saw a wall with shelves and they were full of different kinds of pumpkins. I got so excited I accidentally work up but I made myself go back to sleep right away thinking I could pick up where I left off and I did! So there were normal ones, white ones, long ones, green ones, striped ones and one too many's. It was a very short dream where the camera panned the shelf but it was so lovely it made me very happy.

Current Mood: Happy
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on September 30th, 2013 08:57 am (UTC)
That was a cool dream and as it turned out, a premonitory dream. Even more cool!
Des: Cope Thumbs Upthagirion on September 30th, 2013 12:33 pm (UTC)
It was nice to wake up to that feeling. It was a very relaxing dream and yes turned out to be one of those premonition dreams.