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23 June 2013 @ 08:16 pm
Nice day. New web cam  
Today has been a great day. Chris called his boss and asked if he could get the morning off so we could have breakfast. He said yes. Moments later the phone rings and boss says, no sorry there's a morning job. I hate it when that happens and we both got pretty mad about it. I think he could hear it in Chris's voice because then he told him to do that job and take the rest of the day off. That sounded great to me! I didn't mind giving up breakfast for that. One job so we're still making money and then the rest of the day free. We'd eat when he got back. So I did morning chores and then went outside and weeded the front desert garden. I know I said I wouldn't do any hard work, but I can't help it. And I think the way I do it isn't that hard on me. I know when to quit. Then I did take a break because it got too hot and I was getting tired. I came in and watched cool youtube videos of cruises. I started to shade Cope on the Break In drawing so yay art progress if only a little.

Then Chris came home and I showed him the videos I found. We had a shower then headed out to eat. Lunch was good. I had a chicken sandwhich and then some tieramisu (sP?) pancakes for dessert. We went to the dollar store and I found some cute little plastic American flags and Red White and Blue garden stakes. I put most of them out front. I need to finish that desert garden before I put all the flags outside. I have decorated a bit for 4th of July inside and out. Not a lot because I don't have a lot of decor for it. So I may do a short video or take a few photos. Then we watched two eps of Cities of Gold. Loads of fun for me.

We went out again to Lowe's because I needed a new hand shovel. I lost the other ones I had. My favorite black one is gone. I don't know what I did with it. It was plastic so it was light. This new one is metal so it's a bit heavy for me. Last we went to Staples and got a new web cam for Chris. We need it for when I go on my trip. We tested it out and first there was no video. He could see me but I couldn't see him. Then I could see him but not hear him. He could see and hear me fine. I tried it on my desktop and same thing. I thought it was my account again because I have had this problem before. But he finally figured out that for some reason it was trying to pick up the sound through his protools interface instead of his mic. So he unplugged it and then it worked. How stupid. I'm glad we figured it out because the whole point of this was to stay in touch while I'm gone and that we can see each other. It works on the laptop. We were thrilled about that! This will be so cool! If he's home during daylight I will turn the laptop to the window so he can see what I see as I travel on the train.

I am worried about Henrietta while I'm gone on both trips. Chris has to work so he can't be home all day like I am to cater to her every need and she's super spoiled. The daily ritual is she comes into the house for a bug treat. Then she goes back out. Then she comes in in the afternoon to lay an egg. She may or may not go in the box. If she doesn't she has to be physically put in the box then covered with a towel then let out once she's laid the egg. Yeah it's that bad. If you don't let her in the house for egg laying she'll jump the fence then you have to call her and let her in the front door. If you don't sometimes she'll come to the back and look in all the windows looking for me. But usually she comes through the front door. Then she comes in again in the evening for her last treat of bugs and seeds. If she doesn't get any of this she screams non-stop and even outside you can hear her in the house. It's awful. She's such a priss. A little queen that gets her way. Sorry but Chris can't do that. He won't be here. So I'm thinking of making a pen in the garage with shavings and a nest and she can stay there the week and scream all she wants. That's because of the fence jumping. None of the other hens jump the fence anymore which is great. So she's the only one that worries me while I'll be gone. And when we go on our cruise no one will be here to let her in. I think putting her in the garage is best. My friend Mike (responsible Mike) will feed our birds, but he can't come here to let her in three times and it's inconsistent when she chooses to come in.

And I've been having fun on DA. Have made some new friends there and made two new groups. One is called Budgieness and has taken off quite well. It's for budgie photos and art. I took all the members from a budgie group that was abandoned by the admin so nothing is being approved. I think everyone's glad to have an active group. The other one is for Moby Dick. I don't expect much activity but I have invited a lot of art already and met one other fan. That's been fun talking to her about the story and we both love Ahab.

Here are the 4th of July solar stakes I got for the front yard. I have placed them out there. They are very nice. I wish the lights were red and blue. Only my Halloween stakes are cool like that, being purple and orange. Well that's it for now. We still have a lot of time to spend together.

I've been thinking about starting Sims 3 over. I want to play as the Stunt Scabs this time. I need to update the mods then because I heard if you don't, since the game has updated the mods will mess things up and could ruin your game. Cheezey, if you see this I don't remember how to do that.

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The Silver Wolf of Darkness: Cool Zoraksilvolf on June 24th, 2013 08:17 am (UTC)
Sounds like you've been busy. I hope Henrietta will be ok while you're away.
I like the solar lights!
That's annoying about Sims, I'll have to play again too and see what it does to my game. I hate updates like that.
Des: Davon in The Sims 3thagirion on June 24th, 2013 11:08 am (UTC)
Yes, I have been very busy. I need to start building the new chicken coop too. May-be today. I think the best thing to do is lock up Henrietta in the garage.
Thanks. I really like having those out front now.
Yeah, whenever there's a new patch and update you have to update the mods too or they can mess things up so be careful if you play again.
actipton80actipton80 on June 24th, 2013 01:08 pm (UTC)
Those are some cute little lights.

Henrietta is really spoiled isn't she? I hope she doesn't hold being gone against you. Nigel went with us on my last trip, but he stayed in KY with dad and Dixie while mom and I went to IN and OH. He didn't seem to mind though. He liked being out on Grandma's screen porch because she has a lot of bird activity in her yard.
Des: Henriettathagirion on June 24th, 2013 01:31 pm (UTC)
I really liked them. They had a bunch at Dollar General.

Oh gosh yes. She's like a cat. And she's so loud. None of my other chickens are like that. Even Cheeper who was also a RIR wasn't that loud. At least budgies are easy travel buddies. That's great he had fun up there.
kabuldur: Asterkabuldur on June 29th, 2013 09:58 am (UTC)
That's great that you will have the web cam to keep in touch when you go on holidays!

Yeah, I think keeping Henrietta in a pen in the garage the whole time while you are away would be best. You are lucky to have Responsible Mike to help you out with your pets while you are away.

Your desert garden sounds cool and your lights pretty :)
Desthagirion on July 1st, 2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm looking forward to talking to him at night on the webcam.

Yes, she won't like it but it will be best for everyone. I'm so glad Mike will help us out again.

I need to take a pic of that desert garden. It's so cute.